Second Wind

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“Nora!” My wife clapped her hand over her mouth reflexively. “Uh….”

I turned away from the forest nymph tracing lazy circles on my chest to see what had caught my wife’s attention.

“Jocelyn, what’s a respectable woman like you doing here?” Our young neighbor greeted my wife with her usual playful cheeriness.

“I … uh … we … uh …” My wife was at a loss for words. She who was so facile with the English language could not form a complete sentence. In those few seconds of silence, my wife’s initial shock at seeing our neighbor half-naked was rapidly turning into embarrassment. Even in the dim lighting, my wife’s flushed cheeks stood out like the blinking red lights around the dance floor.

“Your secret is safe with me.” Nora leaned forward, her bare breasts swinging out seductively. “We’re all here for the same thing, right?”

“I … I suppose so …” My wife had progressed from dumbstruck to stammering.

“A soft mattress and a hard man!” Nora threw her head back and laughed at her own joke. My wife smiled meekly and began to relax. Our neighbor’s light-hearted humor was the perfect antidote to our newbie jitters.

The smile on my wife’s face broadened as she looked around at the other scantily dressed revelers at the swingers club. “Yes … Yes, I suppose I am.” She paused to gather her courage and said it with more conviction. “Yes, I am.”

And then my wife did something that surprised both of us. She wrapped her arms around Nora and pulled her in for something more than friendly kiss. “And maybe a beautiful enchantress for my husband?” My wife spoke loud enough for me to hear as they both turned to look at the forest nymph and me.

The forest nymph’s long nipples brushed my arm as she kissed me on the cheek. “Nora! Hope to see you later when its party time, and bring your friends.” The tall woman wearing strips of green chiffon looked back into my eyes after speaking to our neighbor. “I’d like to see more of this one.” Her fingers trailed lightly over my barely concealed erection before she turned and disappeared into the crowd.


By the time Nora had arrived, I was beginning to think the idea of attending a swinger’s party was a terrible mistake. I was enjoying myself, but my wife was not. It did not look promising.

My wife had agreed to come to the club to “check it out” but she had made it abundantly clear that she was coming only as a favor for me. She told me that I was the only man she would ever need. I was beginning to believe her.

My wife had not been shy about sex when we first met. She was an attractive woman with an adventurous spirit. In college, she had sampled a wide variety of men to satisfy her curiosity. After she had found a dozen different shapes and sizes equally pleasurable, she began having sex just to gratify her desires. Her sexual skills had been honed with considerable practice by the time I met her. At least some of that practice had been with the friend who introduced us. I knew because he had told me, rather crudely, that she was a “great fuck” and he was right.

Even in the first year after we moved in together, I knew she occasionally had sex with other men. It was never a big secret. She expected that I would have sex with other women, and I did. It didn’t bother me then and it doesn’t bother me now. I liked the idea that my future wife had a wild side and she knew it. But with two kids in college and beginning a second career, she had almost forgotten how much she enjoyed the thrill of that first time with each new partner.

I thought an on-premise swinger’s party would be the perfect place to rediscover our wild side. I knew other men would still be attracted to her. I certainly was. Besides, swinger’s parties for couples were not as focused on perfect bodies as the typical twenty-something nightclub scene.

While many of the women at the party had changed into costumes that exposed nipples or bared ass, she had attracted attention in a simple black dress with a swooping neckline and a short skirt. She still had the figure to look good in a tight dress. Yet, she had brushed off the men who approached her. When the tall women dressed as a forest nymph began flirting with me, my wife had been pleasant but aloof.

We had talked before the party about what we would do if we met someone we knew. We had only talked in “damage control” mode. I hadn’t considered the possibility that a familiar face would make the whole experience more enjoyable. But here was the proof. My wife was actually laughing as Nora pointed out who was good for one shot and who was good for the night. Nora’s familiarity with the crowd could only have come from very personal experience. Nora’s lighthearted teasing buoyed my wife’s self-confidence and aroused her curiosity.

I had never thought of our neighbors as experienced swingers. Then again, who would have thought we would be there at all?

Nora was attractive but she was not what I thought of as “sexy”. She had large breasts and erotik film izle a round ass to match, but her cherubic face seemed more suitable for hosting bake sales than swinging. I knew she had sex because their 2 kids were living proof. I just never imagined her with her ass in the air fucking for the fun of it. As she stood there with her outsized breasts pushed up by a bustier and the string of her thong wedged between her ass cheeks, imagining sex with our young neighbor was getting a lot easier.

“Is your husband here?”

The question I asked would have been innocent in any other venue than a swingers club.

“Roger?” Nora answered as calmly as if I’d asked about the weather. “Last I saw him, my little Peter Pan was being led astray by Tinkerbelle.”

She turned in a circle slowly scanning the room. Peter Pan and Tinkerbelle had obviously flown off to Neverland for an adventure. I looked at Nora’s full figure in the skimpy Little Red Riding Hood costume as she turned and wondered whether she talked dirty when she made love.

My wife poked me in the ribs just as Nora turned back toward us.

“Don’t stare, Nora’s our neighbor.” My wife chided.

“You can stare as long as you’d like, Steve.” Nora said, as she arched her back seductively. “I’m a very friendly neighbor.”

She leaned in and kissed me lightly on the cheek while my wife watched. Nora was testing my wife’s boundaries. When Jocelyn didn’t protest, Nora put her arms around my neck and gave me a wetter kiss that lingered. Jocelyn’s cheeks flushed again, but this time she appeared more aroused than embarrassed.

“I think I’ve got his attention.” Nora looked down at the tent in my trousers. “He looks delicious, Jocelyn. I hope you’ll share.”

“He really is good in bed.” Jocelyn looked at me approvingly, as if she was bragging about an award I’d won.

Nora gave me a long critical look from head to toe and then licked her lips seductively in approval. I had never been so conscious of a woman appraising my body for nothing more than her sexual pleasure. My cock jerked once and a spot of precum soaked through the front of my chinos. Both women saw the effect Nora was having on me and smiled knowingly to each other. I thought Nora was going to drop to her knees right there and pull my cock out.


The potential for that moment to hurl us into the world of swinging was broken by a huge pair of hands that reached around Nora’s chest and grasped her breasts roughly.

Nora jumped and tried to wriggle free of the giant’s grip.

“Eric! Let go, you lout. Can’t you see I was about to score.”

“Oh, sorry. Who’s the lucky one tonight.”

He looked over her shoulder at me. A giant of a man with a winning smile. Sort of a teddy bear, but a teddy bear with dense curly hair on his chest and an eagle tattoo on biceps as thick as my thighs.

“You’ll like her. She talks real dirty when she’s on the edge of a big one.”

“Like you’d know, big boy.” Nora warmed to her surprise visitor.

“Oh, we’ve had our times together.”

He still held her firmly with one meaty forearm across her chest. As he spoke, his other hand brushed over the front of her Little Red Riding Hood costume and ducked under the small triangle of her thong. She nearly melted in his embrace as his fingers slid between the folds of her pussy and a single finger curled up inside her. Her eyes popped wide open as his hand pulled free of her snatch and the one slick finger touched her lips. Her lipstick matched her costume. Bright red and glossy. She opened her lips slightly and flicked her pink tongue out to taste her juice on his fingertip.

“I think she’s ready. You want to take her back and fuck her? She’s good. She really is.”

He offered her body to me even as she snuggled in his arms. He could have led Nora away with him but he didn’t. Swinging was so new to me that the etiquette of the situation was puzzling. What was I supposed to do?

He moved Nora gently to one side and extended his hand to me.

“I’m Eric. I don’t think we’ve met.”

I took his hand and shook it firmly.

“I’m Steve.”

I could have introduced my wife but I was overwhelmed by the sudden turn in our prospects for the evening.

“And who is this gorgeous newbie?” He positioned himself directly in front of Jocelyn. Although my wife could lift a kayak by herself, she appeared frail next to this giant.

“Newbie? Is it that obvious?” My wife asked, with far greater interest in this stranger than she had shown for any man earlier in the evening.

She extended her hand to him. He looked at her hand and frowned.

“Lady. This is a party. That’s not how you greet a man who just might want to fuck you later.”

Jocelyn’s jaw dropped open. She sucked in a gulp of air and looked to Nora for help. I was temporarily out of the picture.

“That’s just Eric. He’s blunt, but he’ll grow on you if you let him.”

“He’d grow on you, would he?” She smiled at his huge limp film izle cock curled in a mesh thong. “I’m sure he would.”

My wife just stood there for a few moments looking at the big man. There was something familiar about the way she looked at him, and then it hit me. She was appraising him sexually the way that Nora had just appraised me. Was my wife really considering sex with this giant of a man? This wasn’t part of our agreement but the extra-ordinarily improbable now seemed possible and the possibility excited me.

“What would I need to do to be less obvious?” My wife locked the large man in her gaze as she asked her question.

Her question was really more of an invitation and that’s how the stranger took it. My wife’s dress was gathered together by a single clasp in front that allowed a generous exposure of cleavage and then a keyhole glimpse of bare flesh down to her navel. He stepped forward, took the clasp in his fingers and unfastened the hook that held the form fitting material in place.

My wife’s arms hung limp by her side as she watched Eric reach for the clasp. She took a deep breath and sighed as she felt the clasp release. Her breasts had been pushed up and together by the elasticity of the silky fabric. Freed from their restraints, her full breasts spilled out into his hands. He held her breasts gently as she searched his eyes, oblivious to those around her. Then he let her breasts hang free out of the gap in her dress. He stepped back to admire her.

“I’m Jocelyn. I’m pleased to me you.” She said demurely. “You’ve just met my husband.”

Eric turned to me. “Mind if I take her for a spin … on the dance floor, I mean.”

“No. Not at all.” I was too astonished to protest and probably wouldn’t have, even if he had asked to fuck her. I added. “If it’s OK with her.”

“I love to dance. I used to do it a lot more.” She turned and winked at me. “I’m sure Steve and Nora can find something to do while we’re gone.”

She added, almost as an afterthought. “See you at midnight.”

Midnight was almost an hour away. That was more than a couple dances.

What just happened, I thought to myself? My wife was going away with a man who had fondled her breasts and she left me with a woman who had no inhibitions about sex with married men. It wasn’t the alcohol. We hadn’t been drinking that much. The chi of the party must have overwhelmed our senses. We were on the rollercoaster for this ride. I took a deep breath and let Dora pull me into the swirling mass of partially naked bodies.


I am not usually comfortable as a dancer but this wasn’t a typical dance. This was a swinger’s club. No woman was going to be thrown off the dance floor because her boobs wouldn’t bounce in sync to the rhythm. No man’s inept attempt at pelvic thrusting would be met with laughter. The mood was pure libido — and very forgiving. The dancing was as close to the act of sex as a group of people could share standing up.

I felt hands slap my butt playfully and nipples brush against my arm as nearly naked women swirled nearby. Nora shed her costume piece by piece until she wore nothing but a wide belt and her bright red boots. Men brushed against her and felt her soft breasts or bare ass. She responded to the attention of others with kisses and laughter, but always kept close to me. Emboldened by her display of easy affection, I began to caress her body with increasing confidence as we moved together with the music. She unbuttoned my shirt and pressed her full breasts into my chest. I reached around her and grasped a handful of ass in each hand. I pulled her ass cheeks apart as she squealed in delight.

Just as I was lewdly exposing Nora’s puckered little asshole for anyone who cared to look, I saw them off to one side. My wife smiled at me and waved to let me know she was watching. I let Nora’s ass cheeks snap back together, although I kept my hands on her smooth bare flesh. Nora snuggled into me and pulled my shirt off. Jocelyn watched Nora begin to undress me, but did not come closer.

Eric was behind my wife with his rough hands squeezing her breasts as they dangled out of her unfastened dress. She smiled slyly at me and turned her head slightly to say something to him. His hands dropped to her thighs and lifted the hem of her skirt. I could see her full bush of pubic hair as he exposed her to me. He had managed to remove the panties on a crowded dance floor that I had been unable to persuade her to leave off in the privacy of our hotel room. Jocelyn twisted in his arms until her bare ass faced me and whispered in his ear again. I saw his large hands brush over her soft flesh and finger her asshole openly as she looked over her shoulder at me without flinching.

I was a newbie so I got erect every time a naked woman approached me seductively. It was obvious what I had to offer them. Eric was experienced. His cock had been curled up comfortably in his thong, even when he had fondled Nora and Jocelyn. Yet, it was a safe bet that his cock would be seks filmi izle as massive as his physique when he was aroused. Now I could see that I was right.

As Jocelyn moved to one side, what she had been appraising earlier in the evening was on full display. His huge balls were still held in the skimpy thong but his shaft jutted upward like the limb of a tree. She had to stand on her toes to kiss him full on the mouth. Her hand could barely wrap around his cock as she tugged him along behind her and disappeared into the crowd.

Nora had seen them. She leaned into my ear and whispered.

“I think your wife’s got his attention. He doesn’t get it up until he’s ready.”

“Ready for what?” I asked, still not believing in the obvious.

“To fuck, silly. Just like we’re going to do.”

She put her mouth over mine. I felt her tongue part my lips and explore my mouth. She pushed her body away from me as she broke the kiss. I watched mesmerized as she knelt to pull off my pants and guide my cock through the opening in my briefs. We had watched Jocelyn wrap her hand around Eric’s shaft. Now it was Nora’s turn to wrap her hand around my shaft and tug on the foreskin. She smiled wickedly and stood up without releasing her grip on my cock. She gave me another wet kiss as she tucked my shaft between her pubes.

A woman came up behind me and flattened her breasts against my back while Nora continued to probe my mouth with her tongue. There was more bare skin pressed up against me at that moment than I had ever felt in my life. My pole was just long enough that the tip was visible between Nora’s thighs from behind as she pressed her neatly trimmed muff of pubic hair into mine. I was about to squirt my load into the air when the music picked up and our trio broke apart. As I was pulled back into the rhythm of the dance, I looked over my shoulder to see the forest nymph smiling at me again. I had not forgotten her comment to Nora earlier that evening.

The next hour was a blur. The rhythms alternated fast and slow, the whole dance floor bouncing as a group and then couples pairing up in erotic embrace. The DJ kept trying to mix people up in new combinations. Nora and I kept trying to get back together. I danced, ogled and groped with a number of women over a broad range of ages and body types. Petite women with acorn sized breasts held me around the waist and slid up and down my partially exposed cock seductively. Full figured women pressed back into me and squeezed my cock in the cleavage between their ass cheeks. I could have taken any of a number of women to the back rooms to fuck, but I kept coming back with Nora to the dance floor.

I was having so much fun, I occasionally forgot all about Eric and Jocelyn. Every so often, when there was a lull in the music, I looked around for them but I could not see her. I was not concerned. The dance floor was crowded and we were all having fun. As time passed, more of the couples had drifted to the party rooms in back and the crowd on the dance floor thinned. It should have been easier to find her now, but I was increasingly distracted by the overwhelming stimulus to my senses.

I was only aware of the hour when the DG announced the next to last dance of the evening. Nora nearly had to pull a well seasoned woman with silver streaked hair off my chest to get me for the last dance. Only when the woman was satisfied that Nora was offering another man in exchange would she let go of me. It was awkward. I would have gladly spent the rest of the evening with the silver haired woman or any of the other women who had approached me, but Nora was the woman that I wanted most at that moment.


Nora led me to a couch on the edge of the dance floor as the hour arrived for the change in rules. It was midnight. The rules had been designed to encourage new couples to get comfortable mingling with others, although a number of couples had done a lot more than mingle in the main ballroom before the hour arrived.

Some couples like Jocelyn and me, who were just checking the place out, had already left when the reality sank in that their partner could actually have sex with a stranger. Other couples, who had talked through issues of commitment and jealousy, were surprised by how comfortable they were watching each other move closer to having sex with someone just for fun.

I looked around for Jocelyn anxiously. She had said we would meet at midnight. When we made the reservation, Jocelyn had insisted we were there for the ‘meet and greet’ dance. If I was lucky, I could watch other couples “do it”, but we were not there to actually swap partners and have sex. This was the hour we had planned to leave, but how could I leave with my wife if I couldn’t find her.

I had watched my wife lose her inhibitions over the course of the evening. Before the party, she had complained that the dress I bought her was too “sexy”, but I had seen her with her breasts hanging out and a finger in her crack. She was obviously enjoying the attention. It did not take a mind reader to see where this was heading. But sex was another level of involvement. We had been separated before we had agreed explicitly to allow sex with others — or was her body language more than enough?

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