Sarah’s New Patient Ch. 02

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Sarah walked toward room 110 with an anxious knot in her stomach. The accident patient waiting for her to arrive and help him take his first shower since having broken his leg and severely straining his arms had made it clear two days before that she when she returned he would expect a continuation of that day’s “physical therapy” as he had jokingly called it. Every time she thought about what that “therapy” had involved it threw her mind into turmoil. After allowing her patient to seduce her Monday night, she had continued her rounds and tried to put what had happened out of her mind. When she returned to her apartment that evening, the whole situation had crowded back in on her. She felt ashamed of having given in to Mr. Bryant’s advances.

It was all overwhelming… Sarah was a good religious girl who had always contended that she didn’t want to get married, so the idea of having sex with anyone, let alone a rehab patient she had just met, was something she had never seriously considered. In the course of less than a month, the 23 year old nurse had gone from being a confirmed virgin to having now fucked three men she had never met before and having had her traitorous body cum time after time as she begged them for more.

Sarah still couldn’t believe how easy it had been for her new patient to make her body respond to the touch of his fingers and the feel of his cock as it stroked her insides. Just like it had been with the two men on New Years night, she had ended up begging him to bring her to orgasm and cum inside her.

When she got home, she stood in the shower until it ran cold trying to wash away the memory of the way he had claimed her, and worse, the way her body had responded to him. After awhile it had all seemed to be a bad dream, except for the slight ache between her legs that reminded her of the length and girth of the man in room 110’s hard shaft… That is, until she woke up that night gasping for breath and with the crotch of her pajamas soaked after dreaming about riding Mr. Bryant’s massive cock. If that was a dream, then what had happened the previous day must have been real.

She had the following day off, and it passed so normally that Sarah almost forgot about what had happened. She went to bed that night with barely a thought for her growing sexual experience. She awoke again the next morning with a dull throbbing and dampness between her legs, and reality set in once more as she saw that she had again dreamed of Mr. Bryant’s cock driving in and out of her pussy.

The knot in Sarah’s stomach grew as she approached his room, knowing that she had promised to get assigned to him again so that he wouldn’t tell anyone about what had happened. He had made it pretty clear why he wanted her to come back. Sarah didn’t know what scared her more, the possibility that he could get her fired if he told, or the fact that thinking about what he expected her to do in exchange for keeping quiet caused a tingling to begin deep between her legs when she thought about having to allow his cock inside her again.

The young nurse took her time walking to room 110, delaying the inevitable. When she arrived at the closed door, she took a deep breath before knocking. From inside she heard his deep voice telling her to come in. She opened the door slowly, hands trembling slightly, and stepped inside.

As the door opened, and he saw who was there, Mr. Bryant smiled broadly. Her “treatment” of two days earlier had left him feeling better than he had in weeks, in spite of the broken leg, and he was looking forward to some follow up. The fact that he had been cleared for a shower just made things that much better. He intended to make sure her “assistance” was as hands-on as possible.

“Good evening, Sarah. Thanks for coming back. I missed seeing you yesterday.”

She walked slowly over to the side of the bed where Mr. Bryant sat. She tried not to look at the area of the bed where she knew his manhood was concealed by the bedclothes and a thin hospital gown.

“G… good evening. How are you feeling today?”

He smiled at her, “Just great. Must be all that wonderful nursing you gave me the other day.”

Sarah’s face turned bright red, and she looked away, “Mr. Bryant, please…”

She jumped as she felt his hand come to rest on her thigh, and slide up her leg to cup her pussy through her scrubs, “‘Please’ what, Sarah?” He felt her go weak in the knees, which had the effect of pressing her cunt tightly against his palm. His fingers stroked along her slit, finding her clit as it became erect and jutted against the soft cotton of her panties.

Sarah caught her balance by grasping his wrist with her right hand as her left gripped the bedrail. Her breathing became ragged as he fingered her clit through the barrier of her clothing. A soft moan escaped her lips, “Uhhh… nooo… P…please don’t. I… I’m supposed to be getting you ready to take a s…shower.”

She whimpered slightly as his hand abruptly left her pussy, and he bursa escort began to move his legs toward the side of the bed. “You know, you’re absolutely right. As enjoyable as Monday’s bed bath was, I’m looking forward to being able to have you help me take a real shower for change.” He grinned as she caught the double meaning to his statement, and blushed again.

Sarah helped Mr. Bryant turn to sit on the edge of the bed, and handed him a crutch that was propped against the wall.

With her help, he stood and put most of his weight on the crutch, while putting his arm around her shoulder and putting just enough weight on her to make her think he needed her help. As he expected, she allowed him to lean on her as they began to walk toward the bathroom. His hand soon slipped from her shoulder to her waist, where he slid it up inside her loose-fitting scrub shirt to caress the warm, soft skin of her belly. He felt a shiver run through her as his finger dipped into her belly button, but somewhat to his surprise, she didn’t flinch or try to pull away.

One of the fringe benefits of spending the extra money on a private room was the fact that Mr. Bryant had his own private bathroom, complete with its own shower area. As they entered the room, Sarah led him to a bench built into the wall below the place where the mount was for the handheld showerhead. She helped him sit down, and set his crutch out of the way of where the water was likely to fall. Looking around quickly, she found the large plastic bag that was to be fixed around his leg so that the plaster cast would stay dry while he showered.

“Is that to cover my cast?”

Sarah nodded, “I’ll help you put it on now, if you want.”

He smiled, “The sooner, the better, Sarah. I’m looking forward to this shower.”

Sarah carefully slipped the bag over his lower leg, and used the adhesive strips to seal it just above the top of the cast after pressing as much of the air out of it as she could. This whole procedure put her in close proximity to his crotch, and she could see his gown tent slightly as his cock began to stiffen a little.

Mr. Bryant saw her notice what was happening between his legs, and grinned. His grin grew wider as he saw her reaction… a flush traveled up her neck and face, and her breath grew momentarily sharp.

When she was finished, Sarah stood and was about to give him instructions on how best to wash himself, when the door to the main room opened and Karen called her name. Sarah responded, hoping her reaction to seeing his cock move wasn’t still evident.

Karen entered the bathroom and seemed satisfied that Sarah’s patient was ready for his shower.

“How are you feeling today, Mr. Bryant?” She asked.

Mr. Bryant smiled, “Pretty good. Looking forward to finally getting a chance to take a good shower. Bed baths are fine and all, but they get a little old after awhile.”

The shift supervisor smiled back at him, “I’m sure they do. Is Sarah treating you well?”

“She’s great. Got my leg all wrapped up like a mummy.”

Karen laughed and turned to the younger nurse, “I know you know the drill. Since this is his first shower since the accident, stick close by incase he needs any help. His chart says he still has some weakness in his arms and some problems with fine motor control, and his left leg barely holds his own weight, so he may have some trouble moving around. An orderly will be here just before noon to take him down for his x-rays. Okay?”

Sarah nodded, “Got it.”

“Good.” She smiled at the patient, “Enjoy your shower, Mr. Bryant.”

“Oh, I plan to ma’am. Believe me!” he cast a meaningful look in Sarah’s direction as he spoke.

The older nurse turned and walked out of the room, closing both the bathroom and bedroom doors behind her.

When she was gone, Mr. Bryant turned a wolfish grin on his nurse, “Now, how about that shower, nurse? Tell me how this is going to work, just like you did with the bed bath.”

Nervously, Sarah walked over to him, “F… first I’ll untie your gown so you can take it off, Mr. Bryant. Then I’ll bring you a washcloth and soap. Once all that’s ready, we’ll find a water temperature you like, and you can take your shower.”

Mr. Bryant grinned at her words… as if he were going to be doing all these things alone. “Sarah, I told you the other day to call me ‘Steve’. And by-the-way, you might want to take your shirt off. It’s liable to get wet otherwise.”

She hesitated for a moment, then did as he suggested, folding the blue garment and placing it on a shelf near the sink. With that done, she moved in front of him, and reached around behind his neck to untie his hospital gown. The knot was stuck, and as she worked at it, he gazed down between her breasts as they strained against the white cloth of her bra. Sarah jumped as she felt his mouth nuzzle her ear, and move down her neck to the curve of her shoulder.

As he kissed the smooth skin of her neck, Steve’s hands moved to surround her bursa escort bayan narrow waist briefly before pushing upward to cup her full breasts through the soft material that covered them.

As he kneaded her ample tits, feeling her nipples become erect and jut out through the thin cloth, her fingers continued to fumble with the knot in his gown. She whimpered in frustration as her pussy began to throb slightly and grow damp from his attentions to her neck and breasts. Abruptly, the knot fell apart, and Steve shrugged the gown off his shoulders, allowing it to puddle in his lap. As it fell, he pulled Sarah closer and his lips closed over hers, his tongue pressing relentlessly between her lips to caress the warm insides of her mouth.

Sarah’s mind seemed to grow numb as the sensations being caused by his hands and mouth took over. She wasn’t sure how long he had been kissing her when he pulled slowly away from her lips.

He removed the gown from his lap, and held it out to her, “Might as well put this over there too.”

Sarah felt short of breath as her eyes focused on his naked body. Steve was in his mid-thirties and liked to keep in shape. His chest and arms were well defined, but not muscle-bound, and his chest was lightly covered with hair the same brown color as that on his head. For a long moment, Sarah’s gaze was drawn to the long, thick shaft jutting up in front of his flat stomach. She knew from her earlier experience that his manhood wasn’t fully erect yet, but it was close. She wrestled her attention to the bundle of cloth in his hand and took it from him, hanging it on a hook on the door.

Steve smiled as he watched the direction of her gaze.

Before returning to where he was seated, Sarah collected a soft washcloth and a bottle of liquid soap. Then, trying hard to look anywhere other than at his crotch, Sarah came back over to the shower bench, set the cloth and bottle beside him, and reached over her patient’s head to retrieve the showerhead.

“You’ll have to let me know when I have it the right temperature,” she told him. She aimed the sprayer head toward the far wall of the shower nitch and turned on the water. As she attempted to get the temperature adjusted, she tried to ignore the backsplash that was beginning to dampen her scrub pants.

Steve noticed it too, and decided that it gave him a good excuse to finish getting rid of her outer clothing. She was facing away from him, and his hands went to her waist, untying the cinch and sliding it over her hips.

“I think you’ll need to get rid of this too, or it’ll be soaked.” He lowered it to her ankles and helped her step out of it.

The whole situation had long since taken on a surreal quality to the 23-year-old nurse. She felt his hands remove her pants, raising her feet one at a time to free them from around her ankles. She heard the rustle of cloth as he tossed it in the general direction of the shelf where her shirt was, and she felt the steamy air against her bare skin, but it all seemed to be happening at a distance from wherever her mind had retreated to.

Some level of reality returned abruptly as he reached around her body to test the water spray and then take the showerhead from her.

“You’d probably better get rid of your sneakers and stockings too. Otherwise you’ll spend the rest of the day squelching, and that’s no fun.”

She nodded dumbly, “Yeah, I guess you’re right. Thanks for reminding me,” she heard herself say. Deep in the back of her mind were there was still a slight will to resist what she knew was happening, she wondered why she was thanking him for telling her to take her cloths off.

As she leaned against the wall to remove her shoes and socks, Sarah watched as Steve used the showerhead to wet himself from head to toe. He certainly seemed to enjoy the feel of the hot spray. “Not too surprising after a week of bed baths, I guess.” she thought absently.

As he enjoyed the feeling of washing his hair for the first time in days, Steve watched as Sarah placed her sneakers and stockings on the shelf next to her scrubs. His eyes roamed her nearly naked body, lingering on the ample tits straining against white material of a bra that seemed too small to adequately contain them… He wondered if she had been forced to resort to an older, smaller one since the clasp on her other bra had been bent beyond repair when it snapped the other day. She stood nearly a foot shorter than he did, not more than 5′ 3″. Her long, dark blonde hair hung in a ponytail that reached the small of her back. Her heart shaped face held a small mouth, turned-up nose, and smoky blue eyes. His stiffening cock twitched at the sight of her body; ample 36C breasts, a narrow waist, and full hips.

Sarah stood nervously watching him wash his hair, aware of his gaze. Her face seemed to have become permanently flushed, and she felt a stirring inside her pussy as she looked at his semi-erect penis, knowing that it wouldn’t be long before it was long and escort bursa hard and buried deep within her body. She felt a growing wetness collecting in the crotch of her panties, and her mind wanted nothing more than to collect her things and rush out of the room before her body’s urges could betray her again.

As Steve finished washing his hair, he motioned for her to come over to the shower bench, and as much as she wanted to refuse, she couldn’t. A wave of guilt washed over her as she realized that even without the threat of exposure and firing, she might not have had the strength to resist the pleasure she knew he was going to give her. Her whole body seemed to anxiously await what was to come, and although part of her mind still knew it was wrong and begged her to stop, it had lost any control over her rebellious flesh.

As she came to stand before him, he picked up the washcloth and soap from the bench and held them out to her. Hesitantly, Sarah took them out of his hand and he turned sideways on the bench. She squirted some of the liquid on the washcloth, and after rubbing it into a lather, slowly began to move it up and over his shoulders and down his back. His muscles were in knots after lying in bed for days, and her nurses training exerted itself enough for her to try to work some of them out of his shoulders as she washed his back.

Sarah’s back began to ache from bending over him, so she moved to kneel behind him on the bench. Steve felt the warmth of her body as she situated herself behind him. She scrubbed downward and rubbed the cloth over his lower back. He leaned towards her and felt her breasts brush against his back through the cloth of her bra as she and rubbed the washcloth over his shoulders. Her hands moved lower again and he felt the coarse terrycloth travel down to his waist. There she stopped and washed his right leg as far as the protective plastic, then back upward where she paused. Steve felt her hands begin to tremble as she hesitantly began to wash what she could reach of his ass. He leaned forward again to give her better access. She hesitated again before quickly washing between his muscular cheeks.

He felt her hand leave his backside, and she murmured, “You… You should rinse off.” Before she could move out of the way, he aimed the showerhead over his shoulder, rinsing off the soap and causing her to gasp as her bra and panties caught a soaking blast. He turned and looked at her wolfishly. Her large nipples were erect and clearly visible against the wet material of her white bra.

“Oops. I guess you’ll need to get out of those too, now.” He handed her the showerhead, soaking her even more in the process, and reached between her ample tits to unclasp her bra. Her large tits tumbled free of their confinement, and when he had untangled the straps from the shower hose, he tossed it in the general direction of her other clothing. His hands reached down to hook the sides of her white cotton panties, and he yanked the elastic straight out to the sides. The wet material shredded in his hands, and Sarah yelped as her recently shaved pussy was bared for him.

Steve grasped the back of her head with one hand and kissed her long and hard before leaning back and taking the showerhead from her again, “Finish washing me, Sarah.”

Sarah’s hands trembled as she soaped the washcloth again, and began lathering his chest, moving the soapy cloth in circles over the dark hair covering his lean body. The circles increased in size and became an oval as she covered his torso in suds. Steve looked down at her, his eyes soaking in the blonde nurse whose trembling hands were bathing him.

Sarah could hardly help but notice that he had become very hard, even though she hadn’t touched that part of his body yet. His cock was standing straight and ready. As she ran the washcloth down over his chest, she made a conscious effort to avoid touching his rigid member. Instead, she scrubbed his shoulders and his chest and then moved down to rub his legs. She had to lean over to soap his thighs, and when she did, she saw his cock twitch in response to the stimulation.

As she washed his left leg, Sarah felt a warm spray of water soak her hair and back, and then Steve’s fingers remove the rubberband holding her hair in its ponytail. With the wet folds of her long hair spread across her back, his hands slid over her shoulders and around to her chest, where he cupped her tits and rolled her nipples between his fingers, making them contract until they were hard as pebbles.

He pushed her back into an upright position in front of him. His left hand moved to cup the hand she held the soapy washcloth in, and directed her to squirt more soap into it. “Let’s make sure you get me nice and clean.” Steve helped Sarah wrap the washcloth around his cock and moved it up and down. As she stroked, he moaned and braced his free hand against her soft shoulder. When he was sure she would continue on her own, his left hand found her other shoulder while Sarah slipped the washcloth along the length of his shaft. After several moments, he stopped her, took the washcloth away, and abundantly soaped her hands. He directed them back, this time wrapping her bare, soapy fingers around his dick.

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