Sara and Callie Ch. 01

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Sara Glen’s pussy got instantly wet when her now 18 year old step-daughter walked into the room. Both women were clad in their regular Saturday morning clothes, which consisted of short shorts and very tight tiny, baby tees. Sara had been planning this day since she got married and moved in with Greg, the girl’s father, a few months ago. As usual he was away on business last week; he came home for a few days for his daughter’s 18th birthday, before taking off on business for a couple of weeks again. His business frequently took him away for weeks at a time, and though they rarely discussed it outside a few rare threesomes they had participated in; it was understood that they had an open relationship when they were apart. Greg had lived with his only child, his daughter Callie in a quiet farming town up north, the girl’s mother, his wife, had left them when Callie was still very young. As Greg Glen’s legal consultant’s business grew, he found it necessary to move to the city just last year. Sara, only 26 herself, had met Greg a few months after that at a convention, and when he first introduced Callie to Sara, she fell in love with the young girl in all senses of the word.

Callie was sheltered up north, pure innocence with a sinful body. Short at only 5’2″, curly blonde hair, almost always in pigtails, 32C tits, a smooth, light swell to her belly, pert upturned asscheeks, and perfect thin legs. Sara knew she was going to corrupt the little girl, and waited until just a few hours after her 18th birthday to start doing just that.

Sara was a brunette who often dyed her hair red or auburn, sometimes with blonde streaks. She had 32D tits, a flat tummy and a nice round ass, although not quite as pronounced as Callie’s. Her legs, while also thin, were a little bit thicker near the top, more of a ‘pornstar’, leg. Now that she had the girl alone for the next three weeks she was going to put her plan into action.

Sara worked as a para-legal at a law firm. Her husband was under the assumption that she had a high-paying salary. She did earn a good wage, however she made a lot of her money fucking the partners and clients. Many would come to their house to pick Sara up for a ‘date’, many times Callie would be floating around the house, dressed in very little, giving the horny old men little flashes and flirting openly with the younger ones. Every single one of them told Sara that they wanted to fuck Callie, and now that she was 18 the men had actually started naming dollar prices to be the first to fuck that young girl, $5000 being the highest so far. So Sara decided she and Callie were gonna fuck all these men together and make a killing in cash.

Over the last few weeks, Sara had overheard her step-daughter talking to her friend’s on the phone about the guys she had fooled around with. Both of her dates had ended with a blowjob and Callie loved making the guys groan and really liked the taste of cum. Sara loved what she had heard and also loved hearing a little more than just girlish giggles during recent sleepovers with female friends.

So as Callie bounced into the living room in her tights shorts and top, Sara jumped up and remarked,

“Callie, I’ve got a special girls day planned for us hottie!” she punctuated her remark with a quick hug and a slow squeezing of Callie’s warm soft asscheeks. Since Callie’s 18th birthday, Sara Glen’s hugs had gone from the warm nurturing ones that they’d shared often, to crude molesting of her ass and tits. Lately, during their sexy hugs, Callie had been doing less giggling and more soft moaning, which pleased Sara immensely. Sara seemed to be good at knowing when Callie, needed a friend, older sister or step-mother and hoped soon she would add lover to that list.

“Upstairs babe!” Sara announced. They went upstairs and into the bathroom,

“Okay so do you wax or shave?” Sara asked her.

“um, I shave…” said Callie nervously.

“Really?! Lets see!” Sara exclaimed and playfully tugged at Callie’s shorts. Callie resisted, her shyness and sexiness making Sara even more wet.

“Look, I got mine lasered off!” She peeled down her own tight, tiny l’il shorts to show Callie that she was so smooth and absolutely bare.

“Wow…” Callie said softly

“I showed you mine, so you show me yours!”

“Okay…” Callie peeled down her tiny ankara escort l’il shorts to reveal her own bare l’il mound, She looked up into Sara’s eyes. Sara reached down and ran her lacquered nails up and down Callie’s hot almost bare pussy.

“Good job baby. Nice and smooth. If you want though, I can make an appointment to get yours done too, you’ll never have to shave again, once they laser it off. It doesn’t hurt at all either…But for now lemme teach you how to wax!”,

Sara peeled her shorts the rest of the way off and easily discarded her little top before jumping in the shower, Callie had no choice to follow as Sara pulled her in by the arm and used the spray head to squirt water on her. Both girls were now soaked and giggling, so Callie removed her own tiny amount of clothing and jumped in. The both of them soaked under the water and while the were waiting for the wax to take effect Callie said to Sara,

“Your boobs are so nice! I wish mine were as big and round as yours!”

“Honey, your boobs are fantastic. Women pay a lot of money to have beautiful tits like yours…” Sara slid her hands up Callie’s smooth wet belly to her boobs which she lightly squeezed, she flicked the nipples quickly and Callie squirmed away “Mmmm so sensitive too!”

“Mine are only 32C mommy.” Sara was thankful they were already in the shower, otherwise the flood of liquid from her pussy would have soaked through the shorts. She loved it when Callie would occasionally call her mommy. And she’d been doing it a lot more lately

“Well baby mine were 34C, then, I had a little work done.”

“You had a boob job!?” Exclaimed Callie

“Not really, just a little shaping and up a size to 32D. How big do you want yours honey?” Her arm encircling the young girls slim waist, sliding down to grab the supple young asscheek and bringing her free hand back up to the girls pert firm tits, tugging at the rock hard nipples.


“Oh honey you’d fall over! Look baby I can make you appointment with Dr.Nels, he did mine” Sara suggested

“Isn’t it expensive?” asked Callie

“You don’t have to pay—with money. Dr.Nels is a good looking guy, I let him play with my tits before and after the procedure and gave him a blow, so he did the laser work and the breast work for free. Does that sound like fun?”

“Um? Does Dad know that you?…” the girl was hesitant so Sara leapt ahead and said

“Time for the wax to come off!!” and steered the conversation away, but they’d talk about it soon. After the wax had done It’s job, they both stepped out of the shower and admired Callie’s smooth, bare cunt.

“Feel it baby!” suggested Sara. Callie ran her slender fingers down her slender figure and rubbed the bare little mound.

” Mmmm… it’s so soft and smooth”

“Especially here…” Sara ran her own slender digits between Callie’s legs and rubbed them back and forth across her step-daughters puffy smooth plump little pussy lips.

“Mmmm…” is the only thing that came from Callie’s mouth. If Sara was to go about the business of training Callie as her slutty apprentice, she’d have to get her used to pleasing others first. And sometimes not having much pleasure of her own.

“Feel mine.” Sara pushed Callie’s hands down towards her cunt. And the two young women stood there rubbing each other’s cunts. Moaning lightly and slitting their eyes. Sara went in and started to kiss Callie aggressively forcing her tongue into her step daughters sweet little mouth and running her hands down around Callie’s little ass where she started to lightly rub her pussy from behind. Just as Callie was really getting into it, Sara stopped abruptly and said,

“There’s a few other presents for you in your room!” and she quickly went upstairs leading Callie by the hand. Callie was greeted by the site of several shopping bags from some of the higher-end stores in their neighborhood.

“Try this one on, and I’ll show you what I bought!”, Sara quickly left and the two girls met up in the living room a few minutes later.

Sara was dressed in a tight, black, one-piece cat suit. So tight it looked painted on, it scooped low in front and pushed her already large tits up and together. The 4″ heels pushed her nice round asscheeks up and together too. Sara had bought the outfit to add to her already enormous collection of slutty, yet slightly classy clothes. Many of the client’s would bring her to nice, trendy, escort ankara expensive restaurants. The clothing she picked was always classy and sexy with slits and dips in all the right places allowing the men to crudely molest her, or force her to masturbate under the table cloth or finger fuck her in a taxi or force her to her knees in an elevator for a quick blowjob or in the bathroom for a quick fuck.

Sara couldn’t wait to see how Callie looked, she had bought the outfit to accentuate Callie’s , model-like body and to satisfy her own filthy mind. She heard Callie call from upstairs,

“Mom! I can’t wear this! It’s too hard to even walk!”

“Come into the living room here and let’s have a look baby”

Callie slowly came into the room, teetering on 5″ white stiletto heels, she looked like a new born calf learning to walk, and that innocence made Sara more and more horny, she wanted to pounce on Callie like a predator and have her way with her. Those heels gave way to Callie’s long lean legs, that were covered up to the top in fishnet stockings, next came the skirt, or strip of fabric. It flared out a little bit at the bottom and stopped just cm’s below Callie’s supple asscheeks. Which were bisected by the couple of strands of material that formed her black g-string. Her top was a tight shimmering halter the scopped low in front to show off Callie’s sweet tits held up by a new push-up bra. Lastly there was a couple of dangling diamond earings and her blonde curly hair was up in a big ponytail making her look like the perfect combination of sex and innocence.

“Yummy” was all Sara could think to say when she saw her

“I look naughty” was all Callie could think to say.

Sara strolled over to her and quickly wrapped her arms around her sexy little toy and within seconds her hands had moved down to grip and squeeze Callie’s cute tiny asscheeks. She pulled the young girl’s pelvis towards hers and gyrated her hips a little bit, forcing both of their tiny mounds together the heat being felt by both of them. Callie groaning a little bit to verify that. Sara leaned forward and kissed Callie, her wet tongue probing to the inside of Callie’s mouth again and Callie’s tongue straining back into Sara’s.

Their breathing quickened and one of Sara’s hands had found their way up to Callie’s sweet young tits. She pulled and twisted it slightly making Callie groan a little more. Sara stopped abruptly and said “Do mine…” so Callie’s tiny slender hands pulled her step-mom’s big tits from out of their little top and quickly went about the business of pulling and twisting on them. Sara’s knees almost buckled when Callie licked the inside of her neck. The girl was taking some initiative, which was a good sign. Playing around with those boys had done some good. And Callie was wondering if she could get some sexy reactions out of Sara. It worked well.

They both slumped back on the couch Sara pulling the young girl into her lap, Callie continued to play with her step-mom’s nipples when Sara asked, “Have you sucked a cock yet baby?”

“Um, yeah”

“How big was it” Sara pussy starting to leak even more

“About, like this” Callie puts her hands 6″ apart


“I thinks so.”

“Did you like it?” Sara slips her hand up the girls tiny skirt to the thin strap of fabric from the G-String, covering only the girls clit.

“yeah…”, giggles Callie.

“Did he force your head down?”

“At the end, but I didn’t mind I took it all”

“Good-I like that too…” Callie trying to squirm away from her step-mother’s touches. Sara responding by grabbing the girls hand and forcing it between her own legs squeezing them together and making Callie’s hand stay there while it moved softly against Sara’s pussy.

“We shouldn’t…”, Callie tired to protest

“Did you swallow his cum?” Sara’s tounge reaching forward, licking the young girl’s neck eliciting a moan from her.


“I’ll bet you liked it didn’t you?” Sara’s mouth whispering the phrase she had whispered to countless men and women. Squeezing her legs together and forcing Callie’s hand more towards the woman’s heated cunt

“Yeah I liked it a lot.”

Sara spread her legs wide, her pussy leaking from the concealed slit of fabric hidden in the crotch of Sara’s cat suit “Rub mommy’s pussy baby.” she breathed into her ear, Callie did as she was told, mainly because Sara was holding her ankara escort bayan wrist in place and squeezing Callie’s ass with her free hand.

“Mmmm” she moaned deep and low she pulled her step-daughter’s soaking hand from between her soaking thighs and held the young girl’s wet glistening fingers up to Callie’s own mouth. “I’ll bet you’ll like the taste of this too.”

“No.” a quick response from Callie

“You’ll like it.” Sara’s free hand coming around from the girl’s butt to her slim pale trembling thigh’s sliding them right up to Callie’s pussy. Rubbing up down the damp, hot, transparent fabric that has covering her young cunt. Not waiting for a answer she forced her fingers into Callie’s mouth keeping the young girl’s head in place was her hand on the back of head, “Suck those fingers like you did that cock. Up and down” she giggled while forcing Callie’s head in same fashion, “It tastes even better doesn’t it.” she pulled her fingers out so that the girl could answer a meek, shameful, quiet,


Sara responded by dipping her own fingers in Callie’s pussy. Who nearly came from the simple sensation of finally having her bare little pussy played with, even though it was only for the quick second required for Sara to get a finger wet. She sucked it quickly and greedily then looking into the girls eyes she whispered,

” It tastes like hot wet honey.”

Then the both of them made out with deep probing tongues and hands going everywhere. After a brief session sucking Sara’s amazing tits, Callie found herself on her knees on the plush living room carpet licking Sara’s cunt. While listening to Sara’s lewd encouragements like ‘Eat it good you nasty girl’, ‘lick mommy’s pussy’, ‘filthy l’il bitch’ and many others. They continued on Sara only teasing her step-daughters bare cunt, making her work for it, she was getting her ready, training her for the sometimes rough, cruel treatment of the men who paid good money to fuck how they wanted and it didn’t always result in multiple orgasms for her.

After being buried nose deep between Sara’s soft round asscheeks and being forced to lick Sara’s pussy while they were both doggystyle on the carpet for a good 10 minutes it was time to finally finish Callie off. Sara spun around put her put her face down ass up over the couch and licked and finger fucked Callie for about 30 seconds until she came to her first real orgasm, she shook and screamed and Sara beat her little ass with her hand, putting bright red prints all over the soft pale skin. She was training the girl to relate pain with pleasure.

She told Callie that she was to rub herself until she was all wet and ready again, through her g-string. Then Sara ran to her room to retrieve one of her many dildoes, she choose the one that was about an inch shorter and not as thick as Dr.Nels, it was important to her that Callie have some training but still seem naïve and innocent. Innocent is what the men usually preferred but Sara remembered the harsh spankings she received when she was young and inexperienced and unable to deepthroat as much as the men liked. Sara sat down on the couch again spreading her long pornstar legs, leaving Callie on the floor in front of her. Sara held the dildo between her legs like a dick and casually said, “Suck me.”

Callie giggled a little which was met by a stern look in Sara’s eyes. “I said suck my cock slut,.” Punctuated by grasping Callie from the back of the head and pushing her gently down to the plastic cock.

Callie responded quickly, having some prior practice with much smaller cocks but she found this thicker longer one to be more difficult after a while of stumbling and gagging, Callie was allowed to stop and sit up on Sara’s knee again while she was taught how to deepthroat, Told to relax her throat and jaw, taught to put pressure on the soft underside using her tongue. Shown how to eventually work all 7″ down her throat with only a little bit of gagging.

“I’ll call Dr.Nels and have him come by the house tomorrow afternoon” said Sara quickly breaking off the session leaving Callie horny and gasping on the couch.

“mommy I’m still horny…”

“You may rub your clit through your underwear until you come but don’t you dare move them to the side or..” Sara moved in rolled the little girl on her side and beat her ass with a couple powerful blows. “Or you’ll get more of those spankings, and then men can hit a lot harder than I can.” she growled in the girls ear. “now rub your l’il clit til you come slut.” It took only a few seconds of rubbing and watching her mommy’s smooth asscheeks as she walked out of the room for Callie to have another orgasm and drift off to sleep.

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