Samantha Under the Swing (Expanded)

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This is an expanded version of my previous story, Samantha Under the Swing. Once I started writing my previous story, I could not stop. All characters depicted in this story are over 18 years of age. I hope you enjoy my story and my writing style. I welcome your positive suggestions.


My wife Barb, my stepdaughter Samantha, and I live in a little suburb outside of a large Texas city. Barb and I are both professionals and somewhat successful at that. I am manager of a department for an oil and chemical plant. My wife is the nursing supervisor at a local prison. Samantha is getting ready to attend the local junior college and working as an intern for a local charity.

I stand 6′ 1″ and am in good shape for 53. My body is slender with only the slightest of love handles. The hair on my head is dirty blond with only the slightest bit of hair loss. I do not have much body hair to speak of. I keep fit by running on the treadmill and working out a few times per week at the gym. My only complaint is my back is increasingly hurting the older I get. My wife says I have a perfect swimmer’s body and that my forearms and legs are my best qualities.

My wife, Barb, is 5′ 8″ tall, 49 years old, and good looking. She has brown floppy swirly hair, large bedroom eyes, and the cutest little nose. She is bigger up top than below with a 26″ waist and beautiful round ass. The shape of each of her ass cheeks is spherical and each fits nicely in my hands. Her 38Ds make motorboating a joy. Barb keeps trim by running and sometimes kayaking with her girlfriends. I really like her figure. I particularly like her long feet as he has slender toes, small toe nails, and beautifully shaped arches.

My stepdaughter Samantha, Sam as I like to call her, is 19 and an avid bike rider. She is slim yet big on top like her mom. She has brown hair and big round eyes like her mom. Ultimately Samantha looks more like her estranged father, who I was asked early on in our relationship to never mention or discuss. She has a dimpled nose, mildly thick eyebrows and a pouty round mouth. She is the same height as her mom but more muscle than anything else.

I met Barb 9 years ago through an online dating site. We dated for almost a year before I met Samantha. For over a year following, Barb and I dated more frequently, getting to know each other more and more intimately. Over that second year of dating, I got to know Samantha, and with her blessing, I moved in with the two of them 2 1/2 years after Barb and I first met. I asked Barb to marry me 3 years to the day of our first date. Barb and I were married 6 months later. Since then, my wife and I have a good sex life and keep it exciting and adventurous.

We raised Sam to be honest, open, and responsible about her sex life, to respect herself and her body, and to use good judgment when it comes to boyfriends.

We used to live a pretty normal life, but as the following story depicts, things have recently become very weird.


I found myself home alone on a Saturday night with nothing but a twelve pack of beer and Chinese food leftovers to keep me company. My wife was out at a paint night with some girlfriends and Samantha was out with her steady boyfriend Adam. I decided to dig out a girl-on-girl compilation porn DVD that I had stashed away in our bedroom closet. I didn’t expect anyone home for hours, so I figured I would watch the vid on the 60″ TV in the family room.

I started to get into the video and pulled my cock out of the hole in the front of my boxer briefs. I spit a few times on my hand and wrapped my fingers around my semi-flaccid cock. I squeezed and pulled my shaft straight out from base to mushroom cap in long strokes and light pressure. Saliva squished out of both the top and bottom of my hand, some dripping down to my balls and some spreading about the top of my fist. I enjoy the feeling when my hand easily slides up and down, without any friction on my veined skin. The more friction I feel, the less I get into pleasuring myself.

I pushed and pulled on my expanding flushed-red rod, slowly at first, and then gradually increasing the speed of my hand, from mushroom cap to ball slap. Faster and faster my fist slipped along my straining cock. I tried to keep up with the young perky titted blond on the television sucking on some big titted red head’s clitoris. The blonds tongue was slathering the labia like a sandwich maker spreading mayonnaise on sandwich bread. I was so focused on her tongue slapping the spread wide pink lips that I not only neglected to notice Samantha come in the front door, but also neglected to notice her standing in the family room doorway above and behind me.

Just as I let go of strings of cum into the air and onto my chest, I heard a mutter of “Oh my god!”.

“What the fuck?” I choked out as I whipped my head around to see Samantha standing in the family room doorway with her eyes wide, her jaw dropped down, and her mouth open wide. Sams brown eyes were locked on the cum dribbling pendik escort down my glans onto my hand. A dribble of saliva made its way down her chin. I had no idea how long she had been looming above me with my dong out.

Samantha gasped “Oh!”, then turned and ran towards her bedroom.

“Sam!” I yelled after her as her door slammed behind her. “Crap! Damn it all to hell!” I scolded myself. What was I thinking of doing this in the family room? I could just as well have played the DVD in our bedroom behind a closed door.

I put my dick back in my underwear and cleaned off my chest with my discarded t-shirt. I hustled back to Samantha’s door and knocked.

Through the closed door I said in a loud repentant tone “Samantha, darling, I am very sorry that you saw that. It was wrong of me to do that in the family room. Please don’t be angry or put off. It will never happen again.”

“It is okay Dad, you are only a man.” She replied.

“Can I come in and we can talk about this?” I asked, hoping to determine her reaction. “I am so sorry you saw me doing that. I did not expect you home so early!”

“It is okay Dad. Everybody has to, um, let loose once in awhile. Uh, I am okay! I am tired, uh, and I’m, uh, going to, uh, sleep. Let’s, huh, talk about this, uh, another day.” She said with a huffing voice.

“Are you sure, Sam?” I said with concern as it sounded like she was choking back tears or something.

“I am, uh, fine dad. Really! We can, huh, talk about it, uh, some other time. I, huh, have, uh, to get, uh, up early tomorrow.” She replied through the door, again sounding like she was trying to hold back sobbing or something like that.

I went to bed, angry with myself for letting situation occur. It was dumb on my part. I decided to not tell her mother about the situation until I could talk to Samantha about it first.


Over the next few days, I kept trying to get a moment alone with Samantha to talk about what happened. She pushed me away each attempt saying how another time would be better, she would push me away saying she was really busy studying, or that everything was okay and I should not worry about it. The week following I was away on business at a safety training update course and government safety certification, followed by grueling days disseminating that training to my group. When things finally slowed down at work I thought I would get an opportunity to address the situation.


I returned home Friday evening to my wife greeting me at the door. She was wearing a white v-neck T-shirt and a grey pair of jeggings.

“Hey babe, you must be tired. Long week, huh?” She said as she wrapped her arms around my neck and proceeded to kiss me as I entered the kitchen. Her lips on mine took away all the stress of the previous week. I wrapped my arms around her, brought my hands underneath her butt cheeks and lifted her so her legs encircle my hips. Barb pushed her lips against mine and peeked her tongue from in between her red lipsticked lips, enticing me to open my mouth and let her envelope licker in. I parted my lips and let her tongue press against mine. My eyes met hers. I pushed back, forcing the tip of my tongue to rub her front teeth. Barb pulled her head away from mine, her hair swishing back and rebounding around her cheeks. “Let’s catch up!” she said, pointing to the bedroom with her eyes.

I set Barb back on her feet. Our lips parted. A saliva bridge stretched between our mouths until it broke, leaving a dangle off my chin. Barb grasped my hand in hers and pulled me towards our bedroom. I pushed the door closed as we entered the room. My wife pulled off her shirt and yanked down her jeggings, kicking them to the corner. She spun around and dropped herself backwards onto the bed. I knew from the look in her eyes what was next. I threw off my clothes in a frenzy. I moved towards her to lay upon her, but she stopped me, placing one hand flat on my stomach and the other hand on my growing penis.

In one quick move she wrapped her lipstick covered lips around my mushroom and slid my rod across her tongue. She slowly and repeatedly brought my hard on in and out of her mouth, each time undulating her tongue until the tip slid down her throat. Each push brought her nose pressing against my groin. My dick swelled to the point it could get no harder. I put my hand on her forehead and pushed my wife away from me and onto the bed. Barb fell back onto the mattress with a bounce. She smiled from ear to ear in expectation of my spearing her with my love stick. Barb raised her arms, captured the side of each of her jiggling breasts, and squeezed the two love pillows together. Her nipples almost touched.

I could not take my eyes off of her two tits pushed together. My wife pointed one finger at me and curled it away from me, tapping it on her breast, signaling me to come hither, inviting my body to join with hers.

I grabbed her knees with my hands, spread her legs wide apart to each side and well away escort pendik from my hips, and eased my groin between her legs. I put my bulbous head against her wetness and shmooshed the tip along her juicy lips. My glans edged between her soaking wet pussy lips, and thrust inward. My balls pressed against her butt hole. I leaned forward, brought my face to her breast and alternated sucking on one nipple and then the other. I twirled my tongue around her half-dollar sized areolas and lightly nibbled on her corn kernel nipples, all the while my cock sliding in and out of her sopping wet pussy, over and over again.

Barb cooed “Wooo! Oh baby, give me all you got!”

I could feel the flesh inside her sweet chamber squeezing me, clamping down on me from all sides, wanting me to use up every bit of cum to satisfy its needs. I leaned back a bit to watch the curving vein along the top of my cock become enveloped by her love hole, only to then emerge again. In and out I slid my cock, attempting to hit some unreachable wall with each thrust forward.

I arched my head backwards, straining to push further into Barb’s deep tube. Out of the corner of my eye I glanced my stepdaughter standing just inside out bedroom doorway. Samantha was wearing a yellow skirt and a white tank top. Sam’s tank top was pulled down, the straps hoisting up her twin globes, and her ample breasts were overhanging the tank top. With her left hand, Samantha was squeezing her right breast and rolling her nipple between the thumb and pointer finger. Sam’s skirt was hiked up, her muscular right forearm holding the skirt against her tight belly while her right hand was inserted between her pelvis and underwear. Sams hand moved rapidly up and down behind the yellow and white striped fabric. Our eyes met. Samantha’s eyes bulged for just a moment before she bolted through the open door, closing it silently behind her.

“What the fuck?” I said, completely distracted from my wife’s and my lovemaking.

My wife reached out and touched my chin, pushing my head so that hers and my eyes met. “Hey lover, I am right here.” She said, completely oblivious to what had just occurred. Barb had no idea Samantha had even been there. I pushed my rod back into Barbs deep abyss. My wife and I continued making love in the missionary position until she came violently, trembling from head to toe. Barb cooed again, signifying her satisfaction. I rolled over and spooned my wife.

“What’s the matter lover? You didn’t come with me!” Barb asked as reached behind me, reverse hugging me.

“Sorry babe, I was a little distracted.” I said. The thought of my stepdaughter watching my wife and I have sex had been anything but erotic. As my eyes began to get heavy, my last thought before sleep was of how to address Samantha’s peeping that evening.


I got out of bed the next morning and jumped into the glass walled shower. I turned the heat up and steamed the top of the shower stall and bathroom mirror. The bottom half of the glass remained transparent. I was hoping to relieve some of the muscle tension from the previous week’s work, so I turned the shower head onto massage. I rubbed the soap heavily, creating a heavy lather. I closed my eyes and started washing my neck, moving my hand down my chest from further side to side as I washed along my belly.

When I got to my cock and balls, I paid them extra attention. I grabbed the soap bar and really soaped my gonads up. I dropped the soap. I rolled my balls around my palm, rubbed the underside, and then massaged them with my fingers. I then gripped my cock in my fist and pumped it back and forth along its length. My shaft started to straighten out and harden. I cupped my hand and smeared soap around the reddening head. I then began spinning my cupped hand around the glans. I thought I’d tug one out to relieve my blue balls from the previous night before I finished washing up. I stroked harder, leaning back, thrusting my cock towards the glass door. The soap started to wash away.

As I bent over to get the soap from near my foot, on the other side of glass beneath the steam line, I saw a pair of legs. I snapped up straight and almost slipped backwards. I turned off the water and wiped the steamed portion of the glass with my hand. I was shocked to see Samantha on the other side of the door.

“What the hell are you doing in here?” I asked over the glass.

“My razor is dull, so I came in here to borrow moms. She doesn’t mind.” Samantha said.

“Well I mind. I am trying to take a shower. A little privacy would be appreciated.” I said, quickly annoyed at the intrusion. As I opened the door, I saw more and more of Sam stretched out in a ballet barre stretch, her right leg up on the sink horizontal, her left stretched almost opposite to the floor.

She stood between me and my towel wearing only a lace edged bra and matching lace topped underwear. Sam stroked a blue razor along the top of her leg, from her foot to her kneecap. Sam’s head was turned towards me. She pendik escort bayan wore a devilish grin that made me think maybe she had been watching me soap up for some time. Sam looked down at my cock poking straight outward and smiled even wider, her eyes opening wide, in a look of fake surprise.

“What’s going on with you? I saw you last night in our room. What were you doing there? Why were you spying on us?” I questioned in an increasingly agitated manner as I tried to move past her towards my towel.

Sam moved slightly backward, blocking my access to my towel. Her butt cheek brushed against my still hardened dick. I lurched back towards the shower, away from the contact between us. “I wasn’t spying! I came in there to greet you as I’ve barely seen you in weeks. I did not know you and Mom we’re getting it on until I walked in.” She said in a calm and coy manner. In knew she was full of shit, but I let it slide for the moment.

She stretched out her leg even farther across the sink with the hand with the razor almost to her outstretched foot. The other hand Samantha inserted between her underwear and her butt cheek, then leaned back a bit, as if supporting herself on that arm in some kind of yoga stretch. Sam puffed her chest out towards me. She was taunting me.

“You need to leave so that I can finish up and get dressed.” I said. My anger was skyrocketing.

“So, you’re going to finish that off, huh?” Sam asked. Her eyes were fixated on my groin.

I turned my back to her, ricocheted my ass off of hers, almost hip checking her, and spun myself around her body. I grabbed a towel off of the rack, and wrapped myself in it. My cock, still not flaccid, tented the front slightly. “We need to talk about what happened last week and last night.” I said loudly. Locking a knot into the towel, I turned around. “I …” I started before Sam interrupted.

“You know Dad; you’re not so bad looking for an older guy. You are pretty well hung, too.” Before I could respond, Sam winked at me, and then looked vertical down the front of her nearly naked body. Samantha’s hand was pressed against the front of her panties. Her palm was pressing hard against her groin. She slid her middle finger in between her clothed pussy lips, and squeezed her labia around her middle finger using her other two finger fingers to either side. The front half of her middle finger disappeared inside her vagina.

I stood there dumbfounded. I was unable to keep up with what was happening.

“Oops, gotta go!” Samantha said as she brought her leg down and rushed out of the bathroom.

It took a second for me to recover my senses from the shock of her presentation. I was immediately fuming and stayed that way until finished getting cleaned up. A feeling of eroticism struck me as I transited between the bathroom and Barb’s and my bedroom, thinking of Samantha squeezing her privates in front of me. My thoughts caused my dick to tingle and become slightly erect again, slightly tenting the towel around my waist. I entered my bedroom and closed the door. I dropped the towel from my waist and looked down at my semi hard cock. Anger overcame me again, so I got dressed and headed into the kitchen. My wife had a bowl of sliced fruit and oatmeal waiting for me.

“Where’s Samantha?” I said. My cheeks hot from my anger.

“She left in quite a hurry. She and some friends are going to the river today. She said she would be staying at her friend Rosie’s house tonight.” Barb said, sitting at the table with the morning paper open in front of her.

“Does she seem off to you or has she been acting odd lately?” I asked hoping for some sign that maybe this was one of the many phases that we’ve had to deal with the last few years.

“No, she seems fine. I haven’t noticed anything out of the ordinary. She actually seems more jubilant than usual if anything.” My wife said. “Are you okay? You seem a little peeved.”

“I’m fine. Just a little frustrated. Nothing I can’t handle.” I said, attempting to shed my anger and reserve it for when I spoke to Samantha next.


Another couple of days went by without seeing Samantha. She was off doing her thing with friends and working and out schedules did not seem to jibe. I was suspicious that she was intentionally avoiding me, as there were several nights it would have been normal for her to be hanging around the house.


I came home later than usual on Wednesday evening and my wife was at the door again waiting for me. She was wearing a gray cotton slip dress.

“I have got a surprise for you babe.” she said as she put one hand on my shoulder to support herself. Barb then half bent over, reached up under her skirt, and with on swift motion pulled off her panties. My cock immediately responded and began to solidify and grow.

“Samantha is going to be staying at Rosie’s house yet again tonight and won’t be home.” She said with a seductive look in her eyes. She grabbed my hand and led me to our bedroom. As I entered I was shocked to find a tall metal stand made of four tall sturdy supports and two metal beams crossing the top. A blue fabric hammock hung from a shiny chrome chain attached to grommets at each corner of the fabric.

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