Sam , Sandy Ch. 01: Forbidden Urges

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NOTE: All characters in this story are over the age of 18 and are based entirely on fantasy. These characters are completely fiction, and any actual likeness to any person is entirely coincidental.

Please leave a comment as this is my first story ever. I want to make Sam and Sandy in to an on going thing. I would love your feedback, and constructive criticism. Thank you!


Sam & Sandy: Forbidden Urges

Sandra’s eyes widened then shuttered when the tip of daylight’s lance touched her sensitive cornea. She turned away not wanting to endure the day. She glanced across the sea of carpet in her room at her sister’s bed. Sam was still asleep. Sandra could see her back ascend then descend slowly, peacefully. Sandra peeled her purple zebra print comforter off her body and shivered a little as the cool air touched her nude body. She peered down at her chest and stomach. Her b-cup breast with perky pointy nipples had become rock hard from the frigid air.

Her step dad always kept the air on “Arctic” at night. Her point of view saw her two breast split by a soft pale skin which traveled down her toned flat stomach to a small patch of brown pubic hair nicely trimmed, which shinned a little in the natural light. As she sat up she glanced at Sam, who was now waking up as well.

“Don’t you ever keep clothes on?” Sam remarked in a groggy morning voice.

“You know I freaking hate clothes I don’t know how you can sleep under that blanket in clothes like that, I’d suffocate,” Sandra replied as she stood up and grabbed her white fluffy robe.

As Sandra put on her robe she lifted the back flashing her toned perky, soft ass to her sister and giggled as she opened the bedroom door, and headed towards the bathroom closing the door behind her. Sam stood up from her twin sized bed tossing her sheets to the side. She walked over to her door and made sure it was locked. Sam was the shy one.

She never was outspoken , or brave , or reckless how Sandra could be. She was ashamed of her body, and never noticed boys at school. She even felt nervous someone could see into their second story window and discover her shame. She hesitantly lifted her arms in the air and pulled her t-shirt up.

A small, but cute, stomach made an appearance in the room. Then, her white lace bra as the shirt was brought over her long brown flowing hair that went as far down as her middle back. She put both arms behind her back and unclasped her bra. Her heavy d cup breast were consumed by gravity as they made a great leap from the wire support of her bra, and jiggled in to place. Sam’s large light-brown areola became highly conspicuous in the naturally lit room. They became rough and wrinkly from the cold air. Her nipples were rock hard and large like tiny succulent cherries.

Her short night shorts with a lace edge dropped to her feet revealing a large round ass with wonderful natural curves. She nearly hated being naked and rushed to grab her robe and use the bathroom.

Sam headed for the bathroom door which was slightly opened. Her step dad, Mark, was standing at the door talking with Sandra through the crack about the plans for the day. Today was special for Sam, it was her birthday. Mark turned around and saw curvy Sam in her tight bath robe.

“Oh hey baby girl what’s up? Happy Birthday! I can’t believe it 18!” Mark exclaimed as he fought to keep his eyes on hers.

“Thanks, is Sandy in the shower, I need to use the sink,” Sam asked.

“Oh yeah, go on in. I’m going to get breakfast made. I’m making your favorite,” Mark said as he smiled and head for the kitchen.

Sam smiled as she thought about chocolate chip pancakes. They were her favorite and Sam had a sweet tooth. After-all, she stood 5’8” about 170 with large D breast. The teen bras she was used to only had a single clasp and they barely contained her huge tits. She had to use the women’s section since the 7th grade. She pushed the bathroom door open and was set back by what she saw. Sandy, with the shower curtains wide open shaving her mound. Bits of shaving cream grouped near the top of her slit and fell to the tub below.

“Oh what ever get in here, like you haven’t seen me naked before!” Sandra scoffed.

Sandy was a little taller about 5’10”. She had those long legs like the thin models in the Victoria’s secret ads we got in the mail. She was only maybe 130 lbs wet. Her hair was wild it was shaved on the sides and short on the top like a punk rock star. She had been “searching” for herself since she finished high school last year and was only a week from her 19th birthday.

“Oh my god doesn’t that hurt!?” Sam was worried as she watched her sister drag a razor over her mound revealing smooth, slick skin as the razor passed.

“Ha! No it’s just like shaving your legs you just have to go slower.”

“Why do you even do that I would too scared to hurt myself,” Sam commented as she shut the door behind her.

“Well I like how it feels I feel sexy and when I wear panties everything looks clean and neat, and when pendik escort I get eaten out it just feels slippery and…GREAT!”

As Sandy finished her sentence she took one hand and separated the lips of her thin long slit revealing a bright pink, glossy inside. Sam couldn’t help but stare. Sandy was trying to trim the hairs on her labia.

“This is the part you have to be super careful on,” Sandy said.

“Yeah I could imagine…”

“Hey you think you could help me? I can’t see that little area between my butt-hole and my snatch,” Sandy asked.

“What!? No way! That’s gross!” Sam rejected.

“Come on I’m only doing this for your party, plus you’re my little sister it isn’t weird. Remember I helped you when you got a tampon stuck in you?”

“Oh my god you promised to never bring that up it was super fucking embarrassing!” Sam exclaimed.

“Well I did so help a sister out.”

Sandy held her arm out with a razor in hand, towards her sister who slowly reached out to grab it. Sam grabbed hold of the razor. “Fine, but make it quick this is gross”. Sandy turned around and bent over putting her hands on the side of the tub. Her wet ass cheeks stuck high and proud in the air. Her tight ass cheeks split perfectly revealing a beautiful pink, wrinkly hole and a perfect pink vagina that had both shaving cream, and droplets of humidity rolling along the freshly shaven skin.

Sam Reached out with the razor to get the small patch of her below her sisters tight virgin asshole. As she approached she noticed the razor was too wide to rest on the skin without hitting Sandy’s cheeks.

“Oh here,” Sandy said as she reached back with both hands. Each hand grabbed a fist full of cheek and she spread them far and tight apart. Sandy’s ass was now spread wide and the hole that hid behind smooth pink labia was now revealed. It went deep in to her body into blackness. Sam stood still as her breast began to tingle. Her nipples hardened, and her hand grew a little shaky.

“I can’t hold it all day are you going to do it or not?” Sandy asked.

“yeah sorry…”

“Like the view huh?” Sandy chuckled.

“Shut up,” Sam scoffed.

Sam pressed the head of the pink handled razor against her sister’s left ass cheek then slowly dragged it across her sensitive area removing the small patch of pubic hair. As Sam did this she noticed her sister’s ass contracted and the tight wrinkly pink hole became even tighter.

Her pussy also contracted and the black hole suddenly turned pink, and a very wet bit of flesh stuck from the hole. Sandy let out a tiny moan as the razor tingled her womanhood. Sam made a big gulp as she became mesmerized by her sister’s wet perfect body.

“Okay looks good, all done,” Sam said.

“Thanks sis. Need me to help you do yours?” Sandra asked.

“Um, no. I have never shaved down there.”

Sam put the question to rest and started to grab the items necessary to brush her teeth.

“What no way not even once like with clippers just to trim it nothing?”

“Nope, I’ve never had anyone to impress.”

“Well then do it for yourself,” Sandy remarked.

“I’m kinda scared I’d hurt myself too,” Sam said.

“Then let me help you out just sit on the toilet you can even brush your teeth still.”

Sam wasn’t sure. She was extremely turned on at the moment but her self consciousness was starting to kill the hormones her body was releasing. She just turned 18. She had promised herself she was going to try new things and get out of the rut of her boring life. Sam though to herself that doing this would be the first new thing she would try. She was always trying new little things to be more self confident, why the hell not?

Sam sat on the toilet and undid the sash to her robe. She tried to cover her little tummy with some of it but Sandy wasn’t worried about her sister’s reservations.

“Oh come on you act like I’ve never seen you naked before. Just relax and let me do my thing.”

Sam’s black boy shorts covered her chubby pussy. Sandy grabbed the elastic bands of her sister’s panties and tugged at them. They dragged heavily against her full hips and Sam had to lift her butt so they could slide off of her curves. Her panties hit the floor and Sandy was faced with a soft fuzzy ball of shiny brown pubs that looked like the ones she had shaved just moments ago.

“Wow that is one fluffy kitty you got there sis.”

“Oh my god shut up and just do it,” Sam scoffed.

“Ha-ha okay, okay.”

Sam grabbed hold of her sisters hips and edged her butt to the edge of the toilet lid. Sandy had to almost force her sister to allow her to spread her legs. But, not too much force. Sam was beginning to feel those hormones releasing causing her body to tingle just a little bit, like an echo down a long dark tunnel. Sandy grabbed the clippers and started hacking away at the giant ball of fluff like they were over grown hedges. Pass by pass Sam could feel the vibrations of the clippers getting closer and closer to touching the skin of her mound. escort pendik

Sandy finished trimming the tops of her sister’s pubs. She grabbed at Sam’s large full hips and pulled them towards her with a great thrust putting Sam’s feet in the air and her ass if the toilet lid entirely. Sam’s lower back rested on the padded toilet lid and her feet searched for an area to rest them so she could keep her balance. Her left leg landed high up on the sink counter to her left and the other at a comfortable level on the bath tub. Her pussy was now in her sister’s control. He body felt hot and violate. The warm humidity from the still running hot bath caused condensation to form on her body and she felt hot.

Sam removed her robe and let it drop passed her shoulders. Her large breast stuck up proud in the air. Sandy took notice and smiled to herself. She always admired her sister’s giant tits and wished she had ones like it.

Sandy contained to trim the massive amount of bush away from her sis’ snatch. Every pass she got lower, and lower. Sam could feel the vibration of the clippers getting centimeters away from her clit. He clit began to tingle for want of touch. Sandy grabbed at her sister’s meaty pussy and tugged on one of her lips, trimming the edges. The intense vibration sent incredible shivers up her spine and Sam began to moan without care of Sandy hearing.

Sandra already knew what she was doing and began softly massaging her sister’s pussy, trimming little bits of hair along the way. Sandy spread the chubby pussy revealing a swollen red hot clit that was throbbing so hard Sam’s heart beat could be seen in it. Sandra kept trimming hairs on the almost bald mound as she watched her sister try to hide the fact she was beginning to squirm.

Sandy smiled with a devilish grin, “Okay sit tight now I have to shave you.”

Sandy reached for the shaving cream that was in a bottle warmer to make it hot and pleasant. She pumped a few dabs in her palm and rubbed her hands in it covering her black painted nails with steamy hot foam. Sandy rubbed her sisters mound with the smooth hot cream. Sam could barely contain herself as her giant breast heaved in the steamy bath room. Her nipples could cut diamonds they were so hard. Sandra very lovingly covered her sisters groin in the cream and grabbed the pretty pink razor and Sam heard a little “click” sound.

She felt a nice stimulating vibration. Sandra had turned on the vibrating feature on her razor. As soon as the blades kissed her skin Sam let out a nice sight “Oh Sandy that’s nice” She said slowly. Sandy very slowly dragged the razor across her sisters prickly puffy pussy. Each pass revealed a chubby soft layer of skin. She got lower and lower to her sister’s clit and again she used two fingers and opened her sister up.

The last spot was the very area she asked her sister to shave. Sandy used her thumb to rub some of the hot shaving cream just above her sisters’ asshole. She pushed a little harder than necessary and rubbed a bit more than needed. Sam was oozing with thick cream. Sandy didn’t notice because it was snow white just like the shaving cream, but her sister was oozing for her.

Sandy finished shaving the last patch away. Sam’s ass and pussy were covered in tiny white lines from the razor. And her holes contracted by her sister’s breath being so close to her that she could feel Sandra’s breath touch her sensitive shaved skin.

“Come get in the water and wash off,” Sandy suggested.

Sam stood up and her robe fell to her feet as she stretched out her back and immediately felt the slipperiness of her newly shaven groin. Sam stepped in to the large tub and began to sit. Sandy was holding back the curtains for her. Sam began to squat to sit in the full tub of steaming water.


Sam yelled out as her sensitive skin touched the water.

“Feels damn good don’t it?” Sandy smirked.

“Yeah it does, thanks, and sorry if I made you uncomfortable I’ve never felt like that before.”

“No you’re fine I’m always happy to help my sister…in any way she may need me,” Sandy said extremely seductively.

Sandy got in to the tub opposite of Sam. Her long model legs reached all the way to the other end of the hot tub style bathtub. Her slim feet poked up out the water on either side of Sam. Sam’s feet lay between Sandra’s legs and her foot was no more than an inch away from her sisters slit. Sandra dipped her head back to relax in the warm water. Her pink pointy nipples pointed towards the ceiling and the sight of her stretched neck aroused Sam.

Sam wiggled her foot towards her sister. Her toe striking Sandra just in side the fold of her butt cheek. Sandy didn’t even flinch. She just smiled and bit her lip and slid her firm ass along the slippery bottom of the tub to present herself to her sister. Sam was no longer in control of her body, she was running off pure lust and hormone. This was not at all like the shy girl she always was. Sam had a sleeping nympho inside her that had been digging towards the surface for pendik escort bayan an eternity. Today was the day she finally let it out.

Sam dug her toe in to her sister’s pussy and began to swirl her foot in tiny little circles. She looked to her side and saw Sandy’s toes beginning to curl. She grabbed a handful of her left breast and began to tug at her big hard nipples. Sam’s swirls were now becoming wider and faster. She pressed hard against Sandy’s bony mound smashing her clit against her pelvis sending jolts of lighting up her body. Sandra’s B-cup breast were like arrows pointing high as her cone like perky breast could not get and more erect. She began thrusting her body up and down thrusting her slim waist in and out of the water. The tub began to look like a storm at sea. Her slit was traveling its full length up and down Sam’s foot.

Her thrust became smaller but more violent. She wasn’t building up her climax any more this was it. Little moans escaped from her small mouth and she began to cum all over her little sister’s foot. Her body trembled. She looked across the rough water at Sam, who was still squeezing one of her large breast and locked eyes. They stared at each other with great desire in their eyes. Sam nearly leaped out of the water with the force of a marine mammal. Her face landed just inches from Sam’s heaving chest. Sandra bent her head down while still keeping eye contact with her sis. Her small mouth opened and her lips formed a seal around Sam’s large nipple.

She felt a great force as Sandy started to suck while sliding her bumpy little tongue across the center of the nipple flicking the hard little cherry. Sam was in a frenzy when she noticed the water start to drain. She looked to the back of the tub past her sister’s wet soapy ass that stuck up in the air at the drain plug. Sandra had pulled it out on her great leap. Sam couldn’t focus on the topic for long as she was about to have her soul sucked from her breast. Sandy was sucking and nibbling so hard she could not contain herself.

The water in the tub began to drain even more. Sam could now feel her weight pressing on the tub. She was pressed hard against the tub. Both of their youthful perfect bodies were warm and slippery. They were covered in suds and lust. Sam’s eyes grew wide when she felt a thin long finger spread her pussy and Sandra pressed her finger firmly against her clit and rubbed so hard and fast it felt like Sandy was trying to rub her clit clean off her body. Sam could not contain herself. She felt Sandy slow down and sighed in relief. But, it was only momentary as Sandy shoved her long soaking wet finger in to Sam’s gushing hole. Sandra was enraged with lust as she was furiously fingering her sister feeling her soft warm cum coat her hand.

Sandy wondered how she would taste. She took all 130lbs of her body and used it to force Sam to slip and slide in the slick tub and roll on to her stomach. Sam got up on her knees and waited to feel Sandy enter her again. But, instead she looked down between her massive hanging breast to see a head of hair appearing through her legs. Sandy had laid on her back and forced Sam’s thighs apart lowing her ass and clit in to the mouth of an eagerly waiting Sandy.

Sam’s dripping clit lowered into Sandy’s awaiting mouth. Sandra’s hands grabbed hold of the full curvy ass of her sister. She jiggled her ass around sliding the chubby silk smooth mound around her mouth, splitting it in two with her tongue. She stretched Sam’s ass wide making her holes feel tight and slutty. She poked with her tongue at the pink spot that became open when she widened Sam’s cheeks. Her tongue explored the length of her little sister’s pussy, drinking up her sweet nectar with every pass. Sam was moaning and her wet slit was beginning to let out that snow white thick spunk as she did before.

A small glob of it rolled down Sandy’s pointy chin and down her thin, defined neck. Sam grabbed at her breast again moving her D-cup hangers around in wide circles enjoying the feeling of her sister’s warm tongue violate her. Sam let out a great moan as her hips went hard and ridged and she quaked on her sister’s face. She moved her hips back and forth and Sandy kept her face still and stuck her tongue out as Sam painted her face with smooth hot juices. Sam was tired. Sandy stood up in the tub and smacked her sisters wet round, thick ass.

“Come on hot stuff you’re pancakes are getting cold,” Sandy said while getting out of the tub wiping her face of her sister’s juices, and licking her finger while Sam watched.

Sam stood and walked over to Sandy and kissed her passionately for several seconds.

“Please tell me we can do that again?” Sam asked with a worrying tone in her voice.

“Ha, oh you can bet your sweet ass we will.”

Sam and sandy began to dress when Sam noticed Sandy wasn’t putting on panties. Sam wanted to feel her freshly shaven mound rub on her yoga pants so she didn’t put any on either. They both emerged from the bath room in to the cool air of the house, and made their way to the kitchen. They sat at the table and breakfast went on as usual, except Sam felt naughtier than ever as the cool air brushed against her freshly shaven, and freshly licked kitty. Sam’s birthday adventures were just beginning.

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