Sally and Bella

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Ch 1.

Sally was completely exhausted. She had slept a few hours with Bella cuddled up in her arms, but it was clearly not enough for her. Last night was wild. They had finally lost control on each other after months of flirting, and she had lapped up the other woman’s juices like a puppy in heat. She had needed her, needed Bella on her body in every possible way, and told the other woman that over and over again. Bella was stirring against her, and she wondered if she should get up and make some coffee for the two of them. Bella would probably still be tired herself. She moved slowly trying to remove her arm from the other woman, but failed as Bella opened her eyes, blinking a few times before focusing on Sally. “Good morning…” She said sleepily.

“Morning baby.” Sally smirked at the other woman. She couldn’t believe the dark haired beauty could look even more radiant under the morning light. Bella blushed, almost looking away. Sally touched her chin, making Bella look at her. “Don’t shy away from me.” She cooed. “Ah, I want to kiss you already.”

Bella blushed again and said, “why don’t you?” Sally didn’t need to be asked again. She placed her lips on the other woman, already making Bella moan in her mouth from the expert flicking of her tongue. She pushed Bella underneath her, and started to grind against her as their lips moved against each other. She loved seeing the other woman pinned under her like that, like a doe waiting for a wolf to devour her.

Their already wet fluids mixed together, and Sally couldn’t help but start licking down Bella’s body, her lips exploring her as she licked and nibbled and sucked, working down slowly. Bella was squirming underneath, needing more of her touch. Sally could feel her exhaustion from last night, but how could she possibly stop teasing Bella like that when she was so goddamn adorable? Making all those cute noises… begging for her to do more.

She placed her lips around Bella’s already hard nipple, and Bella pushed into her, needing more as she flicked her tongue against her over and over again. When she was done, she moved to her other nipple, smirking up at her with a feral gaze as she did so. Bella was practically mewling at the sensations against her body.

“You’re such a sweet girl.” Sally murmured against her skin as she worked on Bella like she did last night. She placed her finger against the other woman’s entrance, and hissed at how wet she already was. “And so ready for me…” Bella only nodded in response.

She pushed two of her fingers in, deep inside the other woman’s cunt as she felt her tightness against her fingers. She entered her over and over again, making the other woman squirm and grind back against Sally. She absorbed all of Bella’s moans into her mouth, kissing her as she fucked her with her fingers over and over.

She knew exactly what to do to make Bella cum, and when she did, she stopped immediately, knowing it would be too much for the izmit escort other woman. She kissed Bella one last time before saying, “come, let’s get breakfast.” She helped the shaking woman up from the bed and embraced her before they walked to the kitchen together, knowing they would both need a lot of energy for the rest of the day.

Ch 2.

“I’m so happy I’m seeing you again.” Sally said, leaning against the cool diner chair at the 60’s breakfast joint they were currently eating at. Bella had a break from work, so they agreed to see each other… both were still desperate for each other’s company. Sally was unhappy about being so far away from Bella in the diner, but they were still able to hold hands and twirl their fingers together, which was good enough for her. Bella was talking about the new proposal at work, though Sally couldn’t help but stare at her lips as she spoke, staring at her pink lipgloss as her lips moved. She desperately wanted to put her lips against her own, to taste the strawberry mint she was wearing.

Her mind began to trail, thinking about what had happened that morning. How Bella had cum into her fingers, soaking her hands. She desperately wanted to do that again… Sally didn’t even need to cum herself. All that mattered to her was that Bella was having a good time and enjoying the way Sally worked on her. She was already getting wet from all the dirty thoughts in her head. “Sally, Sally. Are you listening?” Bella asked, looking a little concerned. Sally touched her face, feeling the heat that had creeped into her cheeks.

“Ah, I’m so sorry. I got distracted…” She said.

“Why? What were you thinking about?” Bella said with a sly smile. The shy girl was getting more and more perverse recently, more and more out of her shell, and Sally loved that she was the one bringing it out of her.

“I was thinking about your lips on mine, the way you moan under my fingers when you’re close.” Sally said with a wink.

Bella stopped smiling instantly. Her body stiffened, and she blushed. “Sally! You’re such a pervert!” She giggled.

Sally only shook her head. “No, you’re the one that makes me a pervert. You’re so fucking adorable.” She had to stop talking as the waitress dropped off their brunch.

Bella shook her head. “No, you’re prettier than me in every aspect.”

Sally only held onto Bella’s hands harder, staring at her intently. “I don’t want to eat this anymore…” She murmured. “I only want to eat you.” Her voice was dark and sultry, and the other woman gulped, staring at her lips. Sally loved that she was clearly getting Bella hot and ready as well, and just wanted to slam her against the wall and have her way with her. Forget the damned food on the table.

Instead of doing what she really wanted though, she ate her food, gobbling it down as they continued their conversation, still flirting heavily. When they finally paid for the bill and left the restaurant, Sally was practically izmit anal yapan escort dripping in her panties, needing to touch the other woman. “Are you walking back to work?” She asked Bella, hoping she would need a ride. She didn’t want to have to wait all day to touch the gorgeous woman in front of her.

“I can be convinced to go in your car.” Bella winked. Sally immediately held her hand and dragged her to her car, loving that she had parked in a pretty secluded spot. Before Bella could say anything, she unlocked the door and pushed her into the back seats. She laid on her back, looking up at Sally with twinkling eyes.

“What are you planning on doing with me, Sally?” She asked. Sally only closed the door behind her and climbed on the other woman, pressing her lips on hers insistently. She flicked Bella’s tongue open and forced her tongue inside, making the other woman moan from her immense need. Bella responded immediately, grabbing onto her hair and pulling her even closer. This time, it was Sally that moaned in response.

“Bella… you drive me absolutely crazy, you know that?” Bella didn’t want to reply, and bit Sally on her bottom lip, pulling it gently. “Fuck.” Sally said.

Bella, feeling bold, flipped Sally around with her full strength, and immediately pulled the other girl’s tight shorts down, revealing her lacey black panties, soaked with her own fluids. “Damn, you’re such a slutty girl.” Bella said, and moved her face in between the woman’s legs, breathing in her scent. Sally was feeling extremely needy at this point, and pushed her crotch into Bella’s face, needing to feel more of her body, her tongue. “Okay, okay.” Bella chuckled and reached her fingers behind the woman’s panties and pulled it down, revealing her shaved crotch.

She spread the woman wide with her fingers and pushed her face in, licking Sally’s clit the way she loved. Sally moaned loudly and pulled on Bella’s hair, pushing her deeper into her crotch. “Fuckkkk….” She groaned, unable to stop herself. Bella continued to lick her clit, completely assaulting her with the speed of her eager lapping. Sally’s mind became completely blank, the only thing she could focus on was every touch Bella was giving her, and she realized for the first time that she loved when Bella was in charge. “More, more.” She begged, not being able to think of any other words.

Bella complied, licking and sucking her clit like an expert. When she realized how much she could drive Sally crazy, she pushed two fingers in, the fingers that were grasping onto Sally’s sheets that very morning. Sally buckled against her fingers and pushed into her, grinding and riding every single thrust and lick. It was too much for her, too many mind blowing sensations. She felt her body rise, rise, rise and then she fell apart, screaming into the car as she exploded in Bella’s fingers and mouth, soaking her completely. Bella let her relax, let her calm izmit yabancı escort down as she pet her hair. “You really needed that, didn’t you? You came so wildly.”

Sally nodded, still panting heavily. “You did such a good job, where did you learn those moves?”

Bella laughed out loud, a truly melodical laugh. “I learn from the best, you know I’m actually really inexperienced.”

Sally brought her phone out of her pocket, looking at the time. “Wait, don’t you have to go back to work?” She asked, concerned.

“I’d rather be here with you.” Bella blushed.

Sally couldn’t help it, she pulled Bella’s face against hers again, gentler this time, tasting every bit of her wetness still on Bella’s tongue. She pulled back, laughing as she wiped her face. “Damn, they’re really going to know you’re out there eating pussy on your break.”

Bella couldn’t help but blush again. “Don’t say that! You’re going to get me fired!”

“Good. Then I can spend all day making you cum over and over again…” Sally said as she pushed the other girl down once more. “It’s your turn now.” She cooed, and began her onslaught on Bella’s body. She lifted her work skirt up and pulled her panties down, feeling the wetness apparent on the other woman. “I guess you also got horny when you ate me out.” She whispered, and pressed her fingers in, pushing it deep into the other woman’s cunt. Bella moaned out loud at the sensation, and began to thrust almost immediately.

Sally pulled her white dress shirt up, and wrapped her mouth around her bra exactly where her nipple was and began to soak it, licking and sucking it as the woman moaned. “Please…” She was already begging, needing it. Sally loved this side of her, the side that Bella tried to hide from the rest of the world. She thrusted into her with two fingers, curling them so she could hit Bella’s G-spot. Bella mewled and closed her eyes, unable to take more of the sensation. In times like this, when Bella was so incredibly horny her wetness dripped down Sally’s fingers, Sally knew exactly how to get the other woman going without even touching her clit. She pounded into her over and over again, unrelenting as the girl moaned and grinded against her. She bit down hard on her nipple over her bra, fucked her without any restraint. She could feel Bella clench down on her fingers, she would be cumming any moment now.

“Cum for me, baby girl.” She whispered against her breast. Bella obeyed, and moaned Sally’s name over and over again as her crotch clenched down and milked the other woman’s fingers, releasing more juices onto Sally’s car seat. Sally continued her onslaught until the woman calmed down from her orgasm, and grinned as she sucked down all the fluid that’s accumulated in her fingers.

“You should probably stay in the car and put yourself back together. And maybe put on some perfume. You smell like sex right now.” She said, opening the door to get to the driver’s seat.

Bella was still panting when they arrived at her work, and kissed Sally goodbye, thanking her for the wild ride and amazing brunch. “Can’t wait to see you tonight.” She said as she reapplied her strawberry and mint lipgloss. She knew how much it drove Sally crazy, and it worked every time.

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