Ryan’s Surpise

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Everyone within this story is of at least 18 years old. This is a revise of the first story I did. Thanks for all the comment hopefully this one will be slightly better. I’m still deciding if I want to do a second chapter to this story, if you guys enjoyed it please let me know. Thank you.


Ryan looked around the parking lot as he walked up to his house noticing that his parent’s car was gone but his baby sister, Abby’s, was there. He smiled as he opened the door into the house and wasn’t surprised when he found the living room empty. He dropped his backpack on the foyer and walked to the kitchen to grab himself a bottle of beer he saw a pink lace bra hanging off one of the chairs. More than a little curious he grabbed his beer and decided to see where his sister and her friends were. His search was cut short when he passed the door leading to the basement he heard moaning. Once he was down stairs the sight before him caused his cock to stir. All sprawled around the room was a massive orgy with about fifteen girls and ten guys. His eyes immediately fell upon his naked sister.

Abby had her eyes closed as she was bouncing up and down Ben’s cock. Her hands were playing with her sensitive pierced nipples.

“god damn Ben fuck me faster, shit,” she muttered. Ben was the third guy she’s fucked tonight and by far he had the biggest dick but sadly he didn’t know how to use it. Ben grunted and tried his best to please the blonde nymph but he was too busy trying not to bust inside her. He reached forward and started fondling her piercings and pulling on them causing Abby to let out a throaty moan and increased Abby’s bounce on his iron rod.

“oh fuck I’m going to cum.” Abby heard Ben hiss in her ear which caused Abby to jump off the love chair and Ben and kneel before him. Ryan watched wide eyed and nursing the beer as his little sister kneel down and mouth wide open as the boy she was riding stood in front of him jacking off his cock. He just finished his beer when he saw the boy shudder and thin ropes of his love juice splattered all over Abby’s face. Brittney watched as Ryan stared at his sister while she was fucking. She smiled as she dropped the dildo that she was using and walked toward Ryan.

“hey there handsome,” she purred before dropping to her knees and skillfully pulling Ryan’s jeans off reveling a thick nine inch cock that pointed straight at Brittney’s mouth. She licked her lips before opening her mouth and taking a good half of the cock into her mouth. Ryan moaned when she felt the warm flesh envelope his rod. He didn’t care that he’s known this girl since she was a toddler, he loved the feeling of her mouth and how her tongue was working magic.

“god damn Brit, how’d you learn to suck dick so well,” Ryan wondered out loud as he grabbed a handful of her blonde hair and started tuzla escort to slowly face fuck her.

“God this cock is fucking amazing I could suck it forever,” she thought as she started to deep throat the cock. She loved the smell she was inhaling, Ryan’s body odor. She loved how he was forcing his rod down her throat. She loved every moment of this, she reached down and started to finger her pussy.

Abby got off the kitchen table after the fifth guy finally came on her face and tits. She was running to the restroom upstairs when, Kevin, Brittney’s ex decided to corner her, throw her onto the table and started fucking her mercilessly. They was no kissing, no talking, just pure animalistic lust. Kevin first started off with long hard thrusts causing Abby to moan as she reached for her clit and started rubbing up a storm.

“God damn your pussy is a fucking vice,” Kevin moaned as he reached up and roughly kneaded her C sized tits. He knew this was the way Abby liked it, rough and hard, being pounded by his 7 inch thick cock. Within five minutes Abby was twisting and turning on the table as she came, squirting all over Kevin as he pulled out. Abby got onto her hands and knees and started jacking off the cock until Kevin exploded all over her. After he came, Kevin went and found his cloths and left the house for it was getting late. After Abby cleaned the cum off her body she ran to the bathroom to relieve herself.

“now where is Brit,” Abby wondered as she exited the restroom. It was past midnight and most of her friends had cleared out aside from those who were to waste from drinking or exhausted from the fuck fest. After walking the entire top floor she went back downstairs and heard the sounds of Brittney cumming. She quickly walked down the last few steps and saw Brit riding a guy. Brittney was facing Abby, while the guy had his back to her so he couldn’t tell who was giving her fuck buddy such pleasure. Abby sat down on the stairs with her legs spread and lightly started rubbing her pussy.

Ryan loved the feeling of Abby’s soft body against his. Her pussy was hot and tightly wrapped around his cock.

“fuck, gymnastics have done great things to you.” Ryan muttered as he buried his face in her breast, gently biting her nipple. Brittney started moaning as she threw her head back and continued to ride Ryan to an orgasmic bliss. While she was riding her orgasm out, she collapsed against him, twitching.

“God that was amazing,” she muttered as she slowly started to regain her composure. When she finally opened her eyes she saw Abby on the stairs furiously rubbing herself. She pushed herself off Ryan and looked him in the eyes, “We had an audience.” Ryan opened his eyes and looked at where Brittney was looking.

“God Abby, what are you doing?” Ryan asked his voice dry. He was trying his hardest not tuzla escort bayan to stare at his sister’s spread leg and exposed pussy, that was leaking cum.

Brittney noticed that Ryan’s cock was growing hard again, she wrapped her hand around it which was still slick with their juices and started pumping it up and down.

“You know Ryan, even though she’s your sister your cock is getting hard,” Brittney started. “Maybe you want to give that nice young pussy a good trashing don’t you.” Ryan nodded as his mouth was dry between the two girls doing. Abby got up from the stairs and walked over to her brother and best friend before kneeling down again.

“look at that, this will be the biggest dick I’ve seen,” Brittney muttered as she continued stroking the cock.

“Me too,” Abby whispered as she licked the tip of Ryan’s cock, tasting a mix of pre-cum and Brittney’s juices. The taste was intoxicating to the point Abby lowered her mouth and started sucking the parts that wasn’t covered by Brittney’s skilled hand.

“Abby what-” Ryan started to protest but was cut short when Brittney placed a finger over his mouth.

“Just enjoy this, enjoy the both of us pleasing you,” she whispered before sliding off Ryan’s body and joining Abby at giving him a blow job. Brittney lowered her head and started licking Ryan’s balls while Abby started to deep throat him. Brittney always envied how Abby doesn’t have a gag reflex. After the initial shock of what was going on, Ryan was actually enjoying Abby’s mouth. Ryan pushed Abby’s head off his dick. Both Abby and Brittney leaned back and looked at Ryan.

“Lay on the couch I want to taste you,” he said to Abby who just nodded and literally bounced toward the couch before spreading her legs open. Ryan leaned in and started licking his sister’s pussy. He couldn’t believe how good she tasted and soon he was licking the lips, sucking the clit, and pushing his tongue into her hole from time to time. Abby by five minutes into receiving oral was withering by how skilled Ryan tongue was. Brittney was leaning against the table and was rubbing her pussy when she saw Ryan’s snake dangling between his leg. She laid down on the floor and scooted until his package was in her mouth.

Ryan felt his dick enter Brittney’s skilled mouth, as she started flicking her tongue over the tip of his head while Ryan kept focusing on pleasing his sister. The three of them continued until Ryan and Abby both announced that they were about to cum. Brittney started deep throat Ryan while massaging his balls. After a few minutes Abby pushed Ryan’s head off her snatch and asked him to fuck her.

“As you wish baby sister,” he said as he got up pulling his cock from Brittney’s skill mouth and aimed it at his sister. With one push Ryan slammed his entire cock into her hole.

“ugghh that’s…it fuck escort tuzla your sister,” Abby moaned as she felt her pussy being stretched by Ryan’s massive cock. Brittney moved up onto the couch with a purple dildo and started to rub it all over her pussy as she watched the incest going on before her eyes. With each thrust from Ryan’s cock Abby moaned a little louder and kept repeating the word ‘fuck’ over and over again.

“God I knew he was huge but I didn’t think he was this big. I feel like he’s going to break me in half,” she thought as she started matching his thrusts with her own. “If he keeps this up I’m going to cum for sure.” Ryan pulled his cock out of his sister, to her displeasure, before sitting on the floor and beckoning Abby to mount him. Abby sprung to her feet and walked to Ryan before impaling herself again and began bouncing up and down the shaft. Ryan’s eyes rested on the magnificent globes on her chest and reached up and started pinching and teasing the nipples.

“Oh god don’t stop…please don’t stop…I’m going to be CUMMMING!” she pleaded as Ryan felt her fold contract and milk his rod, with one last grunt Ryan pushed himself deep into her womb and being firing shot after shot. Spent they collapsed into each others arms and watched as Brittney begin to go through yet another orgasm. After recovering from her own bliss the three teems walked to Ryan’s room and laid together until sleep took them.

Abby woke up to the sounds of running water in the up stairs shower, she also noticed that both Ryan and Brittney were missing. She got up and found her bra and panties before exploring the house. When she finally found them in the shower with Brittney who was currently pressed up against the frosted glass getting drilled.

“Oh god if you keep this up you’re going to make me cum…again!” she panted.

“good, this will make it the fourth time I’ve made you cum then?” Ryan asked as he slowed down and started going at an even pace.

“fifth lover boy, remember when we were cuddling you fingered me?” Ryan grinned as he slapped her ass and leaned in close.

“I’m about to cum.” Brittney grinned as she’s been holding her orgasm back as much as possible.

“Cum for me big boy, fill me up with that baby paste of yours!” she moaned as she felt Ryan’s cock twitch as he started spraying cum in her. Abby grinned as she went down stairs and started cooking breakfast. Brittney and Ryan spent another half an hour in the shower just feeling each other up and Ryan getting a blowjob before finishing on her face.

“Well you guys took your time,” Abby said as she served up the last bit of bacon.

“Sorry I couldn’t resist such a hot body,” Ryan smirked as he slapped Brittney’s ass again before hugging and kissing his sister.

“Let’s eat then we gotta go clean up,” Ryan said as he sat down and started to eat.


Note: This is the end of the first part. Like I said I’m still debating if I want to do a second part to this. Please any feedback will be greatly appreciated thank you.

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