Road Trip

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“We’re going on vacation, kids, as a reward to you both for graduating high school,” Sophia exclaimed.

Mia and her brother, Mason, looked at each other and smiled. “Awesome, Mom,” Mason said. “Where are we going?”

“We’re going to the grand canyon,” Sophia answered, “in a motorhome.”

Mia and Mason groaned in unison and their faces dropped. “Mom, that’ll take over a day of driving!” Mia said.

“Well sure it will, sweetie, but the journey is all part of the fun,” Sophia grinned. “Anyway, we’re leaving tomorrow morning, bright and early, so get packing kids. Oh, we’re going for over a week,” Sophia called over her shoulder as she walked upstairs to her husband, Glen.

Mia and Mason looked at each other. Mia put the coffee pot on to brew. “You having one, bro?”

“Please, Mia.” Mason got down two mugs from the cupboard and put cream and sugar in both. Mia then poured.

They were both eighteen and got on quite well for brother and sister. Being twins helped with that, though not identical. Only their age was the same. They shared many interests, they both enjoyed sport and both were fit and slim. They both had black hair and fair skin. Mason was four inches taller than Mia, standing at 5′ 10″. As a family they were all close and got on very well.

“A road trip? It’s gonna be so boring,” Mia groaned.

“Well sure it is. But we can make it as fun or as boring as we want. Mom and Dad will be up front driving, so we’re free to do what we want, don’t forget,” Mason smiled.

“Hmm, I hadn’t thought of that, bro. You may be on to something there,” she said as she poured another coffee for them both and sat down. She picked hers up with both hands and sat cross-legged on her chair.

“Ok, let’s make a deal now, sis, and agree that we’ll keep each other entertained, especially for the journey!”

“I agree, bro, absolutely. That’s a deal,” Mia replied. She reached out her mug, and Mason tapped his to it. They finished their drinks and then went to their rooms to pack.

Sophia opened her bedroom door and smiled at Glen who was busy packing his bag. “We’re on, babe,” Sophia said.

“I’ll bet they’re not too pleased with the method of travel,” Glen laughed.

“You’re right on that one. But hey, they’ll get over it. I’m sure they can keep themselves entertained.”

“Yeah, if nothing else they have their phones.”

Glen and Sophia were both forty and had been married since they were twenty, still madly in love and had never been happier. Like their kids, they were both keen on sports and worked out regularly. Sophia had long black hair, wavy with a few small braids in, long legs, small breasts, and a small, tight ass. When home she regularly wore tight-fitting clothes like yoga pants which she was wearing now with a black vest top.

Glen was also slim with an athletic tone to his muscles, not what you’d call buff but not by any means weak. He generally wore jeans and a shirt. They enjoyed a very healthy sex life, at least five times a week.

Sophia walked past Glen to her wardrobe to pack as Glen playfully slapped her ass. “Still so damn hot, baby!” Glen grinned.

“All for you, my love,” Sophia winked at him. She checked her watch. “Whoa, it’s half ten already!”

“Hmm, I’ll shout at the kids to turn in for an early night.” Glen opened the bedroom door and shouted to Mia and Mason to be packed and get some sleep for an early start.

“Ok, Dad. Night,” they both shouted back.

Everyone climbed into bed, and Glen and Sophia fell asleep quickly whilst cuddling each other.

Mia and Mason didn’t drift off so quickly. After what seemed like hours, Mia reached onto her bedside table and picked up her phone. Seeing it was 00:30, she groaned and sent a text to Mason who was next door in his own room.

Mason heard his phone buzz. He picked it up, reading the text.

— Dont forget our deal bro 😉

— Of course not sis 😉

— How can we possibly make this trip more exciting?

— Well we have our phones at least. I’m sure we’ll think of something. Night sis

— Night

They awoke to their mom and dad banging on their bedroom doors in unison.

“Ok, I’m up,” Mia groaned, pulling herself out of bed and into her shower.

“I’m up, guys,” Mason called out. He was in his shower already having been awake for twenty minutes.

Sophia and Glen then started to transfer the essentials to the motorhome. Food and drink and such things.

Mia and Mason got themselves ready before heading downstairs. Mia was dressed in a long flowing white skirt with a plain white vest top and Converse sneakers. She had her sunglasses pushed up on her head. Mason wore black combat trousers and a plain white t-shirt.

“Hey guys, all aboard!” Glen exclaimed.

“Make yourselves comfy,” Sophia beamed from the front passenger seat.

A pretty big motorhome sat in the drive. Both Mia and Mason were a little confused why they hadn’t noticed it there the night before. “When and how did this appear?” Mason asked, frowning.

“Your pendik escort dad collected it first thing this morning, at about 7:30!” Sophia laughed.

They both climbed the steps into the motorhome, looking around. “This is actually nice, Dad. This may not be so bad after all!” Mia laughed.

“Come on, your dad wouldn’t rent just any motorhome. This is a special trip so only the best will do!”

“I gotta hand it to you guys. I’m impressed,” Mason grinned, still taking it all in.

Mia and Mason sat at the table behind a screen behind the passenger’s seat. From here their parents couldn’t see them unless they moved to look. Mia and Mason looked at each other and made an approving face at their situation. A rather luxurious vehicle, with two separate bedrooms with more room to sleep on a bed made by converting the table.

For the first couple of hours everyone chatted about where everyone was in life and plans for the future. This then turned to laughter and silliness. After the laughter died down and everyone settled in for the drive, Glen pulled into a gas station to fill up. “Anyone want to go in? I’ll fill her up and meet you inside,” he said.

“Want to join us for a smoke, guys?” Mason asked.

“Sure, wait for me to finish here and I’ll drive a little farther out the way of the gas, genius,” Glen laughed.

“Huh, that’s a good idea, Dad,” Mason replied, looking sheepish.

“How the fuck did you graduate, Einstein?” Mia laughed as she punched his arm playfully.

“Aw, honey, don’t listen to them,” Sophia pouted. “I knew you weren’t going to light up here.”

“Thanks, Mom,” Mason grinned.

Glen finished, paid inside, and climbed back in by the time they’d all laughed about Mason’s remark. He pulled into the carpark. “This is a rental, guys, so no smoking in here,” Glen said as he climbed down, stepping outside.

Everyone smoked together with more laughing and playful jabs. After they’d finished, they all clambered back in and set off.

After a few hours of driving, things had quieted down. It was now that Mason and Mia were starting to get bored. It was also getting stifling hot inside the motorhome.

Mia began to take her long, black, thin cardigan off. Mason, who had been just watching the world go by out his window, absently looked over to Mia as she did so. He hadn’t paid much attention to Mia today, but as she took her cardigan off, he noticed she was wearing a thin white vest, and he could clearly see she was wearing a sexy, lacy, black bra.

He shifted in his chair and quickly looked out the window again. Mia settled back in her chair and took her phone and began playing one of her games. Mason noticed her on her phone out the corner of his eye, so looked back at her. Mia had a perky set of A cup breasts, small some people would say. However, Mason just loved small tits.

In his head Mason was aware he was checking his sister’s tits out, but he was thinking with his dick now, and the fact that it was his sister just didn’t matter to him. He looked at her in a new light. Mia was gorgeous, flawless pale skin, red lipstick and black mascara was all she had on makeup-wise.

Mia shifted in her chair, her back against the window and her legs dangling over the side of the chair.

Mason watched her do this and looked at her legs. She had black sheer tights on. Pity they’re not stockings, he thought to himself. Mason loved lingerie, one of the sexiest things ever. Mason caught himself staring and turned to look out the window.

Mia had noticed her brother looking at her when she’d taken her cardigan off, so she wasn’t paying attention to her phone anymore. She looked down at her chest and it quickly dawned on her why he’d looked. Ah, she thought, this vest is see-through. She was too hot to put it back on and the fact that Mason kept staring was kinda turning her on a bit.

What neither sibling knew about each other was that they both loved incest porn and regularly viewed it in the privicy of their own rooms, and on their phones, of course.

After an hour Mia was even hotter, and she’d noticed that Mason kept looking over at her when he thought she wouldn’t catch him. The strange thing was, Mia kinda liked that her brother kept checking her out. She was getting a little turned on. She took a deep breath and put her phone on the table between them. “Bro, is there something about me you like today? As you keep looking at me and not saying anything.”

This caught Mason off guard. He shifted his weight and felt himself go bright red. “No, sorry, sis. I just…” He was stuck on what to say.

Realizing she’d put him on the spot and he was struggling to speak, she decided to help him out. “It’s ok, Mason. I’m a bit of a weird person, but…I think it’s hot that you’re perving on your sister. Do you think I’m hot?” She batted her eyelashes at him.

Mason was really taken aback now. He cleared his throat before saying, “Is this a trick, Mia? Are you gonna tell on me or make fun of me?”

“Whoa, no, that’s escort pendik not what’s happening here, bro,” she quickly replied, reaching her hand across and giving his arm a quick stroke. “It’s kinda turning me on that you seem to be enjoying looking at my sexy bra, which is on show under my vest,” she replied as she looked down and pushed her chest out slightly to give Mason an unobstructed view.

“Well, if I’m honest, sis…yes, I think you’re gorgeous and very sexy. I love lingerie and that bra is nice!!”

“Aww, thanks, brother. That’s awfully sweet of you. Is it wrong that this is turning me on?” she asked

“Well if it is, then we’re in the same boat ‘cos I’m turned on too,” Mason replied.

“Ok good. That makes me feel better. What would you say if I told you these aren’t tights, they’re hold-up stockings.”

“Fuck. Really!? I fucking love lingerie, sis. You have no idea how much that turns me on. This trip is far more interesting now,” Mason laughed.

“Well, we said we’d entertain each other, bro,” Mia laughed back. “Ok, let’s be serious for a minute.” Mia lowered her voice and leaned forward on the table. “What type of porn do you watch? And be honest, I won’t judge you. And I’ll tell you what type I watch.”

“Really? Well ok. Hang on, you watch porn too!?” Mason’s eyes widened.

“Fuck yeah, I do. I’m always masturbating, I’m so horny all the time, I’m insatiable, bro.”

Mason cleared his throat. “I watch lesbian porn, especially squirters. And lingerie, of course.” He looked back at Mia.

“Cool, that’s an honest answer, bro. Before I tell you mine, you must promise not to judge me or laugh.”

“I promise, sis. I’m a very open minded person. I judge no one, no matter what,” Mason said with a serious face.

Mia leaned out to her right to check on their parents before leaning forward, closer to Mason. Just above a whisper, she said, “I love incest porn. Not between step-family members, not that it’s not good, but I love seeing immediate family fucking each other.”

Mason’s eyes widened and his mouth dropped open slightly. He felt his dick stir. “Wow, sis, hearing you talk like that is hot…and the subject of your porn is, well…fucking hot! Seriously? You’re not just saying that to mess with me and trick me into admitting I like incest porn too, are you?”

Mia picked up her phone and scrolled to her picture gallery and passed it across the table. Mason picked it up and looked at the screen. It was a picture of two teens, the woman in reverse cowgirl facing the camera with the man’s dick in her pussy. At the top was a caption, it read, “How do you like your sister’s pussy, big brother?”

Mason slid the phone back across the table where Mia locked the screen. “No, bro, I’m really not just saying it. I have an idea for this journey. Wanna hear?” Mia smirked.

“Sure, sis, lay it on me. That picture is fucking awesome…I have that saved on my phone too!” Mason smiled.

“Really? Now how do I know you’re not just saying that? Why didn’t you say you liked incest porn?” Mia asked.

“I really thought I was fucked up for liking it and no one would understand. Especially you. I’ll prove it,” Mason answered as he pulled his phone from his pocket. He unlocked his phone and went to his picture gallery and opened his favourite folder and slid the phone to Mia.

She picked it up and scrolled through a few pictures. She bit her lip and looked up at Mason. “Ok cool, don’t worry, I’ll not tell anyone. I understand it was too difficult to tell me first. I knew you liked it, that’s how I got into it. You didn’t delete your history one day on the home computer. I was disgusted at first but after looking at what you’d been checking, well, I masturbated to incest porn for the first time that day. And pretty much every day ever since.”

“Wow, fuck, sis. I’m pleased I could help,” Mason laughed. “So, what’s your idea for this journey?” Mason was very interested in how this trip was evolving now, as was Mia.

Mia leaned back in her seat and pushed her hair onto her back and put her arms on the arms of the chair, letting Mason have a good view of her. “Well, I was thinking of a game of Truth or Dare.” Mia winked.

“Hmm, interesting. You’re on,” Mason grinned.

“I’ll go first,” Mia said. “Truth or dare?”

“Truth,” Mason replied.

“Have you ever had sex?” Mia asked.

“I haven’t. I’ve not found the right girl. I kinda like incest porn too much to be interested in other girls.” Mason looked down as he answered.

“Don’t be embarrassed, brother. I’m not going to make fun of you.” Mia smiled.

“Thanks, Mia, you’re very kind. Ok, truth or dare?”


“Have you had sex?” Mason asked.

“I actually haven’t either. I’m not interested in anyone. I love masturbating and know what I like. I’ve technically lost my virginity to my dildo,” Mia said softly.

“Fuck, sis.” Mason shifted his weight again. “Fuck. that is hot!”

Mia looked at him and winked. She said, “You getting a bit turned on, brother?”

“Just pendik escort bayan a bit, sis.”

“Only a bit?” Mia frowned. “Ok, I’ll try harder. My turn again. Truth or dare?”


“Have you ever seen a real woman naked?”

“Not in a sexual way, but I did see Mom naked a couple of months back. She forgot to lock the bathroom door when my shower wasn’t working. So I went to use the one in her bedroom. I opened the door and Mom was in the shower and I saw her through the glass door. I saw her full front and then she turned her back after a second. Fortunately she didn’t see me. So I closed the door quietly.”

“Whoa, and did it turn you on seeing Mom naked?” Mia asked.

“Hang on, sis. It’s my turn don’t forget,” Mason laughed.

“Aww, ok, that’s true. I choose truth.”

“Same question to you.”

“I’m assuming you mean have I seen a man naked. And honestly, no I haven’t,” Mia answered.

Mason smiled. “Go on then, I’ll have another truth.”

“Did seeing mom naked turn you on?”

“Honestly…yes. Quite a bit, sis. She has a fantastic body. Nice, small tits and this is what got me the hottest, sis — she is shaved!” Mason whispered, leaning close to Mia.

“Really? Mom’s shaved? Me too.” Mia winked. “Ok, follow up question. Did you then jerk off thinking of mom?”

“It’s my turn, sis,” Mason laughed.

“Oh please. I’ll do a dare next if you answer now.” Mia giggled.

Mason thought for a second and figured he’d see how far this could go. His dick was not far from being hard now. “Ok, deal. Yes, you’re damn right I did. I came so hard!” Mason turned bright red as he said this. He leaned out to check on Mom and Dad.

“Mmmm, that’s hot, bro,” Mia said, biting her lip. “Ok, a deal’s a deal. Gimme a dare.”

“I dare you to lift your vest up.” Mason was still bright red and very unsure how she’d take this.

“Whoa, bro. Mom and dad are right there! What’s wrong with you, I’m your sister?” Mia screwed her face up.

“Fuck, I’m so sorry, Mia. I got carried away, sorry.” Mason looked out the window, cursing to himself.

“Bro, I’m kidding,” Mia laughed. “Sorry, probably bad timing.”

Just then they felt the vehicle slowing down and turning in. Glen pulled to a stop. “Smoke break, kids. You coming?” he asked.

“Sure thing, Dad. I’m gasping.” Mason stood, letting his mom and dad step outside.

They all smoked. Mia looked at Mason and mouthed the word sorry and smiled. Mason smiled back and finished his smoke.

“How’s it going in the back, kids? You’re not too bored, are you? I could switch with one of you if you’d like,” Sophia asked.

“No thanks, Mom. We’re good, thanks. Just having some brother and sister time,” Mia laughed.

Mason was relieved upon hearing this. That confirmed she was just pulling his leg. Everyone climbed back on board and they set off again.

“Sorry, Mason, that was a cruel joke,” Mia pouted.

“It’s ok, sis. I just panicked thinking I’d stepped over the line,” Mason said.

“Let’s wait till we’re back on the highway before we continue,” Mia said.

“Good idea,” Mason replied as he turned to check on the front.

After fifteen long, agonizing minutes, Mason was beginning to think Mia had forgotten the dare. She leaned out to make sure her parents weren’t looking. She tapped Mason’s arm, then sat up straight and gripped the bottom of her vest. She lifted it slowly up, watching Mason’s face. She lifted it all the way to her neck.

Mason’s eyes widened and he stared for the full three seconds Mia had her vest up.

He got a great view of his sister’s sexy black lace bra. He could see how flawless her milky white skin was and how perky her tits looked. His dick was really hard now.

Mia lowered her vest and winked. “Good enough view there, brother? How you doing?”

“Wow, sis. Just wow. Unbelievably sexy. You are gorgeous.” Mason grinned as he shifted his weight.

“You’re too kind, brother.” Mia giggled. “My turn. Truth or dare?”

“Well, it’s only fair I do a dare too,” Mason said, his mind racing to see what she would ask.

“I dare you to stand up without rearranging your clothing,” Mia said, biting her lip.

Mason knew what she meant when she said this. He took a deep breath and stood up. His dick was so hard that it was bulging out visibly.

Mia sat staring at her brother’s bulge until he sat down again. “Fuck, bro. How big is that?” Mia asked wide-eyed.

“I don’t know. Not as big as porn star’s though. I worry it’s not big enough,” Mason replied.

“Take it from me, bro. From what I saw there, I don’t think you have anything to worry about.”

“Thanks, Mia. That actually means a lot. Can I ask a question?”

“Sure. As part of the game though, so I’ll just say truth.”

“Fair enough. Do you know that your vest is see-through? And that I have been staring at your bra every opportunity I get?” Mason asked.

Mia looked down and gasped. “Shit. No, I didn’t realize that actually. Should I put my cardigan back on? Haha, just kidding, bro. I did realize that, a while ago.”

“Really? And you didn’t cover back up. Interesting.” Mason grinned.

Mia laughed too. “Ok, my turn. Truth or dare?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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