Reunion Ch. 02

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Author’s note- Some people have made comments about the editing of the last chapter, and of course they do so anonymously as I need not tell you. It is my opinion that my editor, Gabriel Anon, did a great job. Say what you want about my story, but please lay off the editing.

The people who edit the stories for Literotica do so out of the goodness of their hearts for writers who are in essence strangers to them. They do it with greater expertise than I, and without remuneration or fanfare, so if they miss a comma or a typo, keep it to yourself.


My two boys were free that night, so I took them out to dinner. The place wasn’t anything special, just a local restaurant that we had gone to many times as a family, but when we got there some friends were sitting across the room. They had two girls around the same age as my boys, and subsequently two tables became one, and my little family gathering became a party.

In the middle of all this Trish called me on my phone.

“What’s going on? Are you at a party?”

“Sort of. I took the boys out to eat, and we ran into some old friends. Hold on, I’ll take this outside.” I made my excuses, and I took my phone out to the parking lot.

“Hey” I said into the phone as soon as it was quiet.

“I don’t want to interrupt,” she apologized.

“Don’t worry about it. The boys are occupied. I’ve lost any chance at an intimate family gathering. What’s up?”

“I just want to apologize for this afternoon.”


“I was a bit of a bitch. I had an incredible headache, thanks to you, and the girls were fighting. I kind of took it out on you.”

“I didn’t notice.” I lied.

“Yeah right. You hung up on me.”

“No, I thought you were done talking.”

“Okay. Well I just wanted to say that I was sorry, and I had a really good time last night. Though I paid for it this morning.”

“No need to apologize. I was just trying to show you a good time.”
“You did, and I needed to thank you.”

“No problem.”

“Listen, now I need to ask you a favor.”

“I’m listening?”

“I’ve got this thing next Saturday night, and since you said that you wanted to get together again, I was wondering if you would go with me.”

“As your date?”

“Yes, I guess, as my date.”

“I’m afraid to ask. What is it?”

“No, it’s really not bad. It’s a charity function. It’s at a place right on the water.”

“Charity for what?”

“The homeless?”

“We have homeless around here?” Our county was one of the richest in the country.

“Well no, but a lot of rich people need a tax write off.”

“What’s the dress code?”

“Sports jacket, but I don’t think you need to wear a tie.”

“And what are you wearing?”

“Umm, a dress?”

“What kind of dress?

“A cocktail dress, why?”

You have to understand, my sister’s taste in clothing, though classy, it can be a little stiff. She is the type of woman who wouldn’t dream of straying out of the women’s section of Macys, unless it was to go to Lord & Taylor.

If I had to go to this function filled with pompous people, I wanted to have some eye candy on my arm, and since my sister was being sufficiently contrite, I was going to push the envelope.

“Well, as you know, I have a certain reputation to uphold, and my date has to be hot.”

“I’m not buying a slutty dress.” Again with the word slutty. I had to be careful.

“I didn’t say slutty. I said hot.”

“I know your taste; hot means slutty.”


“Okay, I’m asking you for a favor so I’ll buy something nice.”


“Okay hot! But I’m not wearing anything slutty.”

“Would you stop with the slutty. I never said slutty.”

“Next Saturday. Pick me up at eight.”

“I’ll be there.” I hung up the phone and went back to the party, pleased with my small victory.

Even though I have plenty of suits for work, I still went out and bought a new sports jacket. I wanted to look nice for her, and I spent a pretty penny on it. I thought of buying flowers also, but I reconsidered. I thought that it would be going too far.

Saturday night, just before eight, I was standing on her stoop ringing the bell. It was a hot humid summer evening so I was glad that this party was going to be on the water.

She and the girls live in a beautiful house in an upscale community north of the Long Island Expressway, the unofficial boundary line between the classes.

Aileen opened the door for me and gave me a big hug and kiss, “Hi Uncle Dan. Are you here to pick up your date?”

I had been so preoccupied with her mother the week before, that I didn’t really appreciate how pretty Aileen was. She was different than her mother, but still a beauty.

“Yes, is she ready?” I felt like a kid on his first date.

“Is she? You should see the dress she got for this party.”

“That nice?”


“I’ll have to get my stick then, so I can beat off the men.”

“Don’t do that, Uncle Dan. That’s why she got the dress in the first place.”

I didn’t want to tell her that she got the dress at pendik escort my urging.

“I’ll just beat off the creepy ones.”

“Now you got it. I’ll tell her that you are here.” And then she turned around and screamed up the center staircase. “Mom! Uncle Dan is here!”

“Aileen, I could have done that,” I instructed.

“I’m here,” Trish announced from the top of the stairs. I heard her before I saw her, but as I looked up the stairs I saw a vision.

The dress she was wearing was simple, but elegant. It was a black mini-dress that wasn’t skin tight, but still form fitting. It showed off her incredible figure without showing too much skin, at least not from the front that is.

At the top of the stairs, she turned around to give us the full effect, and I could see that the back of the dress draped down nearly to the crack of her ass. It was very sexy, and showed a lot of skin without being overly provocative. And of course, with the four-inch heels she wore, it showed off her great looking ass.

“Wow!” Was all that I could say.

“Right?” Aileen remarked. “I can’t wait to borrow it.”

“It’s not too much?” Trish asked as she descended the stairs.

“No,” I said shaking my head like a lunatic. “You look great.”

“Thanks, you look very handsome yourself. Is that a new jacket?”

“The newest one I got,” I didn’t want to seem to anxious by telling her I just bought it.

“It looks great. Are you ready to go?”


She grabbed her purse and after a few last minute instructions to Aileen, we were out the door.

The function was at a catering hall that looked from the front like a warehouse, but inside was where all of the finery was. It was Italian sheik, and as Trish had stated, it was right on a large canal with Great South Bay in the distance.

We let the valet take the car, and I walked her in the door. She was such a striking woman that I started to rethink my delusional fantasies. I didn’t think very much of my chances anyhow, but as we entered through the crowd, person after person (even some women) turned their heads to look at her.

I realized that she could have any man. Why would she want her brother? It wasn’t depressing, but it did bring me back to reality, and then, while I was chastising myself for being idiotic, she took my hand, gave me a smile, and I was back in fantasy world.

We got a drink at the crowded bar and began to mingle. She brought me over to meet some of the organizers.

“This is my date, Dan,” she introduced me. “This is Joel and Sylvia Goldstein. These are the people that made this night possible.”

“It sure is a nice turnout,” I said.

“Yes, it is a testament to the good people of this county,” Sylvia said.

And our income tax system that favors the rich, I thought.

“You should be very proud with how it all turned out,” Trish stated effusively.

“Thank you, yes, but it’s the work of dozens of people, not just us,” Joel chimed in.

“Dan,” Sylvia looked at me with interest. “So how did you meet our Patricia? I don’t ever remember her mentioning a Dan before.”

“Oh, Trish and I go back a long way,” I said without saying anything, and Trish gave me a satisfied grin so I knew I did well.

That’s how the conversations went as we hopped from group to group making our “hello’s”. What I really found curious was that with each group she would introduce me as just Dan, or her date Dan, but never as her brother Dan, and as she did she kept a hold of my hand.

Reality told me that she was just embarrassed to admit that she couldn’t get a date, necessitating her bringing her brother, but my delusions told me that she did it purposely, and that we really were on a date.

I actually ran into a few clients, and I pulled the same act on her, introducing her only as only Patricia. It didn’t hurt that they thought that I was with such a ravishing woman. I could see the lust in the men, and envy in the women.

After we said hello to everyone, we got another drink at the bar. She leaned into me, took hold of my upper arm, and said in my ear, “It’s very crowded in here.”

“And hot,” I yelled back to her because of the din of the crowd, and she nodded in agreement. “Do you want to go outside?”

“Yes, if we can.”
“I think so. I saw some people out there earlier.”

I took her hand and led her through the crowd. It was turning into a magical night, and the feel of her hand in mine was just too good to be true.

“Oh my God, it’s so much nicer out here,” she said as we walked outside. We were on a private dock overlooking a large canal.

“It’s a beautiful night,” I said as we walked into the night. It was dark by then, but the dock was brightly lit. She looked wonderful, and her dress was amazing. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her, and she would look back at me coyly.

“Sit,” I said pointing to the bench at the end of the dock.

“No,” she shook her head. “Go ahead.” So I sat down, and she proceeded to sit on my lap. I took the opportunity to put my arms around her hips. “I didn’t want to sit on it. It might be dirty.”

“You escort pendik just wanted an excuse to sit on my lap,” I insisted, and she just smiled at me and gave me another coy look as she sipped her drink.

“You never told me why you got divorced?”

“I don’t know.” I really didn’t want to get into it. We were having such a nice time. And besides it was kind of a buzz kill.

“Was it another woman?”

“What? No!” I insisted. “I’ve had my chances over the years, but I never cheated on Robin, and I have no reason to believe that she ever cheated on me, until at the end of course. The fighting just got to be too much.”

“She never liked me.”

“No,” I agreed.

“Why? I never did anything to her.”

“She was jealous of you.”

“What? Why would she be jealous of me?”

“Because you’re so beautiful.”

“Stop.” She blushed. “I’m no prettier than she is.”

“Yes you are. By a mile.”

“You really think so?”

“I always have.”

“That’s nice of you to say. I always thought that you were so good looking, but you were such a player when you were young.”

“I was a player?” I was surprised that she would use such a young expression.

“Dan, you slept with all of my girlfriends.”

“I didn’t sleep with all of them.”

“Most of them.”

“I was young.”

“And a slut.”

“Men can’t be sluts.”

“That’s a chauvinist thing to say.”

“Chauvinist? Does anyone use that term anymore.”

“So I’m old. Don’t change the subject.”

“What do you want to talk about? My sex life with your girlfriends?”

“No. Are you still a slut?” she asked demurely.

“Now there’s that word again. I’m not having sex with anyone. If that’s what you want to know. I’m still not even divorced yet.”

“You’re separated. That’s good enough.”

“I don’t want it to be an issue in the proceedings, besides there is no one in my life but you.”

“Would she bring it up?” I wondered if she caught my last statement.

“I don’t know. It’s not a very friendly divorce.”

“They never are.”

“What about you. Why aren’t you seeing anyone?”

“Who says I’m not?” She asked avoiding the question.

“If you were, he would be here Instead of me.”

“That’s not true. I really wanted you to be here. I’m having a great time with you.”

“And I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else than right here, with you in my lap.”

“I don’t know what that says about me, that I would rather be with my brother than anyone else.”

“It means that we love each other.”

She looked me straight in the eye, and she started to get emotional. “I do love you Dan, and I missed you so much. I was so miserable when we weren’t talking.”

“I know. It killed me too.” I even started to get emotional. Then she put her arms around me and held me tight. Releasing me only to give me a big kiss right on the lips. She held it there too for a few seconds, and I held her even tighter, but then she broke away from me.

“Whew!” She barked, “I need a drink.”

“Me too. Isn’t there a waiter over there?” I had seen him before getting drinks for people. “Waiter,” I yelled to him.

“Yes sir,” he yelled back as he was cleaning up some glasses.

“Could you possibly get us two white wines?”

“Absolutely, sir.”

“Good man,” I shouted again, and then he was off.

“Where were we?” I asked looking her in the eyes again.

“You were telling me how beautiful I am, and how much you loved me.”

“Right!” I smiled.

We had to go inside after a while. The wind off the water picked up, and she started to get cold. We had a few more drinks, and then decided to leave.

She held my hand on the way out of the hall and even on the valet line waiting for my car. I just kept wondering why I was so lucky.

On the way back to her house she slipped off her heels and brought her legs up on the seat. Once again I was staring at her long wonderful legs.

“Do you remember Terry, my friend from high school? You should. You slept with her,” she laughed. She liked to tease me, and on many different levels.

“There you go again. I remember that it was more than just a pick up. I remember there being dates involved.”

She rolled her eyes and shook her head. “If that’s what you want to believe.”

“You remember she moved to California?”

“Yeah? That’s why we stopped seeing each other. She got a job and moved away.”

“Yeah dating. More like booty calls.”

“Booty calls?”
“The reason I brought her up was one night, years ago, we were in a bar talking.”


“And she asked me if I was mad at her for being with you.”

“I do remember that you used to get pissed off about that.”

“Because you were always picking up my girlfriends and dumping them. It was getting annoying.”

“Anyway,” I said frustrated. “Does this story have a point?”

“Yes,” she said and just looked at me as if she were deciding something,

“And are you going to tell me?”

“She asked me, point blank, if I ever slept with you.”

“She pendik escort bayan asked me if I ever slept with my brother.”
“I can’t believe that.”

“I still can’t believe it, and it happened twenty years ago.”
“Why would she say that?”
“She said that she had never seen a brother and sister so connected.”
“Holy shit.” I looked at her good and hard. I was trying to read her mood.

“We really are connected aren’t we?”

“Extremely,” I answered and reached out and took her hand.

Not much was said the rest of the way home. I felt a little awkward when I dropped her off. I stood on the walk as she unlocked the door, but stayed a distance away.

“I’d ask you inside for a drink, but I have to get up in the morning.” She was making excuses, but I understood. What was our next step?

“I know. I’m a little tired. I’m going right home to bed.”

“What are we doing next week?” She smiled at me.

“Oh, I see how it is. You just assume we are a thing every Saturday night.”

“That’s right. Why? Do you have other plans?” She asked suddenly insecure.

“No. There’s nobody I’d rather spend a Saturday night with than you Sis.”

“Good,” she said relieved. “I really had a great time tonight.”

“I did too. It was a really nice night.”

“Yes,” she said as a funny look came over her face. Then she slowly stepped down from the stoop, ran the tips of her fingers through my hair, and gave me a kiss.

It was slow, and tantalizing, and it lasted long enough, but yet not long enough. Finally she broke, but still keeping her fingers in my hair she said real sultry. “Good night Dan. Thanks for such a nice night.”

“You’re welcome,” I hoarsely answered, and then she turned around and went into the house.

“Hey, what are we doing next week?” I asked just before she closed the door.

“Why don’t you just come over for dinner? It will be you and I once the girls go out.”

“Okay. Sounds good,” I said, and she closed the door. As I walked back to the car I had to adjust the boner in my pants.

I came home, hung up my suit, and after getting a beer out of my dorm-style mini-fridge, I sat in bed watching TV. Some reality show was on, but my mind was on her and that amazing dress. My phone rang. It was Trish.

“Hey,” I said.

“Hey. Are you sleeping.” She had that breathy, sultry voice again.

“No. Just got home.”

“I can’t sleep. What are you doing?”

“Laying in bed; thinking.”

“About what?”

“About how beautiful you looked in that dress tonight.”

“Thanks. That was a beautiful dress wasn’t it?” She was silent for a few seconds. “You looked very handsome tonight, yourself.”

“I do my best.”

“I have to ask you something.”


“Didn’t it feel like a real date?”

“You know I felt the same way.”

“Did you?”

“Yes. It was a magical night. I mean with how beautiful you looked, the hall, the way you held my hand, and the best part was when you sat on my lap.”

“What about you? I mean you are so good looking, and such a great guy. You would make such a great catch.”

“So if I wasn’t your brother, you’d date me?”


“And would I have gotten lucky tonight?”

“Dan!” She said tolerantly.

“I’m just saying, if I wasn’t your brother.”

“Well maybe not tonight, it’s only our second date, but maybe something on our third date.”


“Well you know.”

“No, I don’t know. That’s why I’m asking. What would that something be? If I wasn’t your brother.”

“You’re making me blush. I don’t know. Making out together?”

“Just making out?”

“No maybe a little more then just making out.”

“That sounds nice.”

“Yeah, you’d definitely be happy when you got home,” she whispered deliciously.

“And what about you?”

“What about me?”

“Could I make you happy?”

“If you weren’t my brother?”

“Yes, if I wasn’t your brother.”

“I hope you would make me happy. I would like for you to make me happy.”

“If I weren’t your brother?”

“If you weren’t my brother.”
“What if I was your brother?”

“I don’t want to think about that,” she said with sad reluctance.


“What if I think about it?”


“Do you think about it?”

“We can’t.”

“But do you?”

“Dan, please.”

“I’m sorry.”

“I’m sorry too.”

“Can we think about me not being your brother again? I liked that.”


“What would you wear for me if I wasn’t your brother.”

“What do you mean?”

“You know; lingerie.”
“You like that, don’t you?”


“You should have seen what I wore tonight.”

“What do you mean?”

“I had to wear a thong. If I had worn anything else under that dress you would have seen panty lines.”

“Wow! I would have liked to seen that. Are you still wearing it?”

“Yes. It’s riding right up my butt. I hate it, but I have to admit, it does make me feel sexy.”

“And you like feeling sexy right now?”


“Can you send me a picture?”


“Why not?”
“Because you are my brother.”
“Oh yeah,” I said like I just realized the concept. “What if I weren’t your brother.”

“I don’t know. That would be naughty.”

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