Resort – Scenario B: Pt. 1

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This is an alternate take on my Resort series. If you want, read Resort – Initial Setup for the beginning of this story, which sets up the characters and the existing power dynamics/relationships between them. You do NOT need to read Scenario A to follow along. Scenario B stories will follow the same plot beats but with different outcomes.


The conversation had been easier than Tanya expected. In truth it had all been a bit of a blur. Dan calmly laid out how the night would go, the way a doctor might outline a procedure. Penny would go back with Fred to his and Tanya’s room, and Tanya would with Dan back to his. It all seemed so simple. So natural. She almost felt thankful for Dan being there; the way he reassured them and let them know everything was going to be ok, and that everyone was going to have a really good time. He didn’t even leer at her when he said it. He almost seemed… sweet.

“Alright,” he said, clapping his hands like a quarterback who had just told his team the game winning play. “Me and Pen will go back to our room and freshen up. You guys do the same. And, I guess, I’ll be seeing you later.” He looked at Tanya and again, where she expected him to be reveling in this he sounded more like they had just decided who was going to carpool with who.

Tanya and Fred’s Room

“‘From your friends.'” Tanya placed the card back on the tray after reading it aloud for Fred, then brought the drinks over to where he was getting ready.

“That’s nice,” Fred said, grabbing two for himself.

Tanya quickly scooped up a shot and took it. That would help, she thought. She picked up another, a mojito she thought, and started to sip when she stopped herself. What if she got drunk? So drunk she couldn’t control herself? Getting drunk and fucking your husband was one thing. It’d be fun to get wild, like that. But getting blasted then going to bed with his friend was something else entirely. Fun was fun, but what if she was so drunk she ended up saying something she didn’t mean–or worse. Some things were better left unsaid. She took a quick sip then put it back on the tray.

“Not drinking?”

“I don’t want to overdo it.”

Tanya rushed to the bathroom where she quickly cleaned herself up and got dressed. That’s when her mind started racing. If she got ready too quickly would that seem overly eager? What if she went to Dan and Penny’s room before Penny even left–wouldn’t that seem overly eager? She didn’t know who she was more afraid of seeing her that way, her husband or her friends.

A knock at the door sent her jumping into the air. Fred had practically leapt off the bed from the sounds of it. Putting her ear to the door, Tanya listened in on what he said. Why did she feel the need to spy on her husband? They had agreed to this. And yet, the possibility that she might hear him say something she never thought she’d hear him say–and to a different woman–sent a thrill through her.


“Hey.” Penny’s voice was deep. Deeper than usual. More sultry. The slut, Tanya thought. Putting on this big act. So typical. “Can I come in?”

“Yeah. Sure.”

Tanya listened as Penny walked across the room; probably inspecting everything. They were always doing stuff like that, judging other people’s homes, cars, and clothes. The only thing more confusing to Tanya than why she was secretly listening in on this conversation was why she had agreed to go along with this in the first place.

“Tanya still here?”

Fred mumbled something that sounded like bathroom followed shortly by a slight squeak–someone had taken a seat on the bed. There was a brief silence then a patting sound, followed by another squeak. Oh my god, Tanya thought, were they going to start right now?

“You excited?” Penny asked. Tanya couldn’t hear Fred’s answer, but Penny responded with a flirtatious laugh. “Good. Here, relax.”

Not being able to take anymore, Tanya took a deep breath and opened the bathroom door.

“Hey, Tee.”

“Pen! Wow!” Penny was sitting on the bed. Her black dress clung tight to her body, accentuating her curves. One leg dangled off the edge while the other was curled under her. She was barefoot, and her dress was already riding up, revealing her plump thighs. Fred sat next to her, stone still, while Penny’s hand rested on his lap. “You look great.”

“Thanks,” Penny cheered.

An awkward silence passed while Tanya stood there, watching one of her best friends gently stroke her husband’s lap. When it became clear that Penny wasn’t going to be the one to break the silence–Tanya wondered if she was actually enjoying this, seeing her friend squirm–Tanya decided to speak up.

“Is Dan ready?”

“Yep.” Penny said, again with a cheerful little pop. “He can’t wait.”

“Yeah,” Tanya said, hesitantly. “Me neither.” Her eyes shot up, caught off guard by her own words. Was she really excited for this? Nervous? She knew going in, there would be nerves, but she also knew she wanted to maintain control. Not just over herself but the whole situation. Being caught off guard this eryaman escort easily was something she would need to correct before heading over to Dan’s. She threw back her shoulders, straightened her back, and smiled. “You think Dan’s ready for this?”

Penny blurted out a laugh. “Oh, Tee. Believe me he’s ready.”

Tanya shrugged, struck a seductive pose. “We’ll see. Have fun.”

“Don’t worry,” Penny said, rubbing Fred a little harder. “We will.”

Dan’s Room

Tanya took her time arriving. Dan was expecting her and she wanted to make him sweat a bit. Anything to gain the upper hand. Penny had caught her off guard. Fine. That happens. But now she had the power. She controlled when she got to Dan’s, how she looked when he opened the door, and what she was going to say when he invited her in. She had it all planned out. Now she just needed to make it happen.

She knocked on the door and waited. She had hoped Dan would whip the door open in a frenzy, happy to finally see her but he didn’t. Instead she heard him shout, “It’s open.” Not knowing what else to do she put her hand against the door and walked in.

Dan was lying in bed, watching TV, dressed in shorts and a t-shirt. So much for getting dressed up. Tanya stood awkwardly just inside the entrance to the room, thumbing the bottom of her shorts. She hadn’t known what to wear, but decided to dress on the nicer side. Dan was always criticizing people who “underperformed” in the wardrobe department so she dressed nice, but not fancy. He also criticized people for overcompensating by dressing too nicely.

“Hey,” he said, not quite lazily, but without the eager excitement she had expected. “You look nice.” He almost sounded surprised.

Tanya considered taking offense and making a big deal about it, but playing it coy would better help achieve her ends–what those ends were, exactly, had not quite dawned on her.

“I know.”

“Alright.” Dan said, slapping his hands together, again in a far more casual tone than she had expected. Like they had just decided to go for a walk. “You want a drink.”

“No thanks.”

“You sure?”


“Alright. It helps if you’re a little nervous.”

“I’m not nervous.”

“You look nervous.”

Typical Dan. This was always what he did–told you how you felt and kept telling you until you believed him.

“I’m excited.”

Dan cocked his head. Sizing me up, Tanya thought. His eyes ran up and down her body. When he finally looked away Tanya thought she noticed a change in his posture. Dan always carried himself high, shoulders back, head up, like he was posing for picture day at some prep school. But now he looked looser, more confident–real confident, not what some guy thinks confidence looks like after researching reddit for 2 hours.

Strolling around the bed toward her, Dan walked until his chest was inches from Tanya’s face. The proximity–and the earnestness of it–sent a shockwave through her. She had no idea what Dan was going to do. Everything that had defined their friendship until now was gone. This was something new. Reaching back behind her, Dan pushed the door closed, then locked it. Tanya’s heart skipped a beat.

“Show me.” Dan’s breath brushed against her hair, parting it slightly.

Control, Tanya reminded herself. Stay in control.

With that in mind she walked over to the bed and draped herself across it. Not unlike Penny. An image of her husband and Penny writhing together naked flashed through her mind and her body responded, tightening before relaxing again and spreading out across the bed. Sexier than Penny, she hoped.

Calmly, she patted a spot next to her.

Without hesitation, Dan resumed his spot on the bed, his back against the headboard, legs sprawled out before him. In this position his crotch stood level with Tanya’s face. Her eyes drifted toward it before snapping back and looking up at him.

Dan just smiled. “You see Penny?”


“She looked good, right.”


“Bet her and Fred are having a good time.”

Again that twitch went through her body at the thought of Fred and her friend.

“I bet.”

“He tell you about the picture she showed him?”

She thought back to what Fred said, a guy with his face between Penny’s legs. She remembered how firm and tanned her legs had looked when she sat on the bed, her dress hiked up around her thick thighs. She pictured Freddy’s face between them, eagerly lapping at her pussy.


“You tell him about the picture I showed you?

Tanya’s eyes drifted back toward Dan’s crotch. She tried covering this up by looking at her own leg and scratching it. “Yes.”

“What did he say?”

“He wanted to know if I thought it was you.”

“You tell him?”

“More or less.”

“What does that mean?”

“I told him it was a picture of a girl sucking on some guy’s dick.”

“Right, but did you tell him it was mine?”

“I said I didn’t know.”

“You do, though.”

She had. She didn’t want to admit it to him or Fred or anyone, but the longer escort ankara she stared at that picture, the more she realized that it had to have been Dan’s. They’d been friends long enough. She’d seen him in bathing suits, tight jeans, shorts. Women had the same sexual curiosities as men, and besides, girl’s talked. Penny never outright said how big Dan was, but she hinted at it enough over the years. Tanya knew. She knew the second he showed her.

“I suspected.”

“Come on. Be honest. You’ve looked before.”

“I suspected,” she repeated.

“You excited to find out?” Moving his hand from behind his head, Dan grabbed his crotch and adjusted himself. Tanya tried not to look, but she had followed his hand all the way down as he lifted what looked like a hefty package. “Did Fred care that I showed you that picture or did he just want to know how big my dick was?”

Fred hadn’t minded, and the fact that Dan knew that drove her crazy. How could he always be right about these things. “We just told each other about the pictures.”

“But did he want to know how big it was?”

Tanya didn’t want to answer. It would feel like a betrayal. But Fred hadn’t so much as raised his voice at the idea of his friend hitting on his wife. Hadn’t seemed to care at all. So, the hell with him. “Yes.”

“You tell him?” Dan, his hand still on his crotch, moved it again, up and down this time as if to give Tanya an idea of its size.


“And what did you think when you first saw the picture?”

“That it was a fake, or a pornstar.”

“Because it was so big, right?”

Tanya tried thinking of an alternative but she had worked herself into a corner. Why else would she think that? She realized she was staring at it. “Yes,” she whispered.

Dan smiled and rubbed his dick through his shorts again. This was a different Dan. All the pretense was gone. The exaggerated voices, the hand gestures, the masks he wore, all gone. This was who he really was. Unabashedly cocky, serious, direct, and, Tanya thought with a hint of shame, primal. It was almost refreshing not to have to dig through layer after layer of lies and innuendo to get to what he was really saying. Now, here, in this room, it was all out in the open.

“Admit it.” He said, starting to stroke himself. “You’ve thought about this before.”

“Not every girl dreams about your dick.”

“Probably not. But plenty do.”

“Sorry. I was never one of them.”

He shifted on the bed. His shorts loosened a bit as he directed his penis toward her face. She could see it growing.

“Come on. Never once? Not even a dream you had no control over?”

“You’re not my type.”

He shrugged nonchalantly, “You saying I’m too ugly?”

“No. That’s not it.”

“Then what?”

Tanya stifled a laugh. She couldn’t believe she was having this conversation. “It’s just–you’re so mean.”

Dan mock gasped.

“Seriously. Everything you say to your friends. The way you talk about them.”

“It’s all in good fun.”

“It doesn’t sound like it.”

“That’s just the way things are. Some guys are dominant, like me. And other guys aren’t. Like…”

Dan tilted his head, letting the implication speak for itself. Now it was Tanya’s turn to react, though when she scoffed it wasn’t nearly as dramatic as Dan’s.

“That’s what I’m talking about,” she said. “How long have you been friends with Freddy and the other guys? And you’re talking about them like they’re beneath you.”

“I’m just looking at the facts.”

“And what facts are those?”

“Now you’re forcing me to be dick.”

“I’m forcing you?”

“I don’t want to be, but you’re basically saying prove to you that I’m better than your husband. I don’t want to, but I have to stand up for myself.”

“You’re unbelievable.”

“I know.”

Tanya scoffed again. “You’re not too unbelievable at winning over the woman you’re trying to fuck.”

“Oh, we’re going to fuck.”

“Oh really?”

“Tell me we’re not. You wouldn’t have agreed to come here if you weren’t interested. And you know Freddy is fucking Penny. Well…” he checked his watch. “It’s probably the other way around at this point. Penny’s pretty dominant. And Freddy…”

“Shut up!”

“I’m just saying the facts. I know you don’t want to hear it, but right now I’d say Freddy is on his knees getting his face fucked by my wife.”

“Freddy’s a good lover.”

“I’m sure he’s fine. But if you want, we can make a bet.”

“A bet?”

“If after this is all over we find out that Penny dominated Fred, you have to come back here and admit you were wrong.”

She couldn’t believe what she was hearing. “What does that even mean?”

“Well,” he said, shrugging his shoulders again. “Let’s just see. We’re going to fuck. After that we’ll all get together, debrief, and if Freddy submitted to Penny, you can just admit to me you were wrong. Either there in front of Freddy and Penny or we can meet up here again.”

“I don’t like making bets where I don’t know what I might lose.”

“What you sincan escort have to lose is up to you. Personally, I don’t think you’ll be losing anything. You could gain a whole lot, but that’s just how I see it.”

“Fine. What will I gain?” Tanya said, deciding to play along. Despite her best efforts she could feel herself getting pulled into his bullshit. She found it fascinating. How sure he was of what would and wouldn’t happen.

“You tell me first, where would you want to admit being wrong. In private just me and you, or in front of everyone.”

She had no idea. When she thought about it, both scenarios held a certain allure. Admitting she was wrong in front of everyone–especially Penny who, if it were true, would mean she’d be admitting in front of her that she had dominated her husband–would be so embarrassing, so shameful, the very idea of it strangely turned her on. On the flip side, sneaking out of her room while Freddy slept and not telling him that after the supposed “one night fling” she was going back to Dan’s in private. The sneaking around, the betrayal, the tacit admission that… No. She couldn’t say for sure that Dan was going to be better at sex than her husband. But wouldn’t going back be, in its own way, an admission of that? Why come all the way back, in secret no less, than to fuck again.

“I don’t know,” she said. “I guess it wouldn’t matter.”

“That’s true. It would probably end about the same in both instances.”

“And how’s that?” she said, genuinely interested to hear what he had to say.

“With you on your knees sucking my dick, admitting I’m superior to your husband.”

Tanya’s mouth fell open. That’s what this was about it? That was the game they were both playing. “I can’t believe you.”

“You don’t have to. Make the bet and let’s see.”

“I am not getting on my knees for you.”

“Not yet.”

“Oh my God! See, this is what I’m talking about. So arrogant and insensitive the way you talk. I’m your friend’s wife!”

“Just because you’re his wife doesn’t mean you’re not going to like this dick more than his.”

“I think that is what it means.”

“How does that make sense? You haven’t even had it yet. I’m just being more logical here. You’ve had Freddy’s before. All I’m saying is, have mine then compare. Makes perfect sense. You’re the one who’s afraid to admit you might be wrong.”

“And what if you’re wrong?”

“I haven’t been wrong yet.”

“So what, when you swing with those other couples the wife just admits to being more in love with your dick than her husband’s?”

“Pretty much.”

“Bullshit.” Though there wasn’t much fire behind it. She remembered the picture. It was practically burned into her brain already. The look in the girl’s eyes was undeniable.

“Swear to God. Both times that’s how it happened. The first time, the woman came to our door in the middle of the night. Said her husband didn’t know she was coming over, that she had snuck out, but that she needed more.”

“So Penny just let you fuck this woman in front of her?”

“No, Penny joined in. We double teamed her; let her know she belonged to both of us.”

A sinking feeling set into Tanya’s stomach. “Wait. Penny’s bi?”

Dan tilted his head from side to side, trying to decide how to put it. “I guess, technically. But it’s really more about power and showing her dominance. How can you really be dominant if you aren’t dominating everyone.”

“So, in this scenario where I come back here and admit that Penny dominated Freddy?”

“Penny would be there to fuck you too, yeah.”

Tanya’s leg twitched. She had never considered herself bi. Like most girls she had no problem looking at other women and assessing how attractive she thought they were. She had even kissed a few girls in college. But this? This felt so far removed from what she had ever considered and yet…

“Then, wait a minute. If you’re the most dominant guy around according to your own logic you’d be ‘technically’ bi too.”

“I suppose. But I’m not really into fucking other guys. If I break them down, like I did with the second couple, the guy usually begs to suck my dick and I let him.”

Tanya reeled again. “You’ve had a guy suck your dick?”

“Him and his wife. To see who was better at it.”

Tanya felt dizzy. If Penny and Dan were both open about fucking anyone, even people of the same sex, then this had gotten so far out of hand of what it originally was supposed to be she couldn’t even remember the original agreement any more.

“So,” she began, trying to put her thoughts back together. “That means if I admit in front of everyone that Penny dominated Fred, in that scenario you would…” She couldn’t even finish.

“I’m not saying I’m going to force Fred to suck my dick. I’m just saying that’s how it usually goes. He’d admit to getting dominated by Penny. You’d admit to getting dominated by me.”

“Wait! I never said that.”

“Well, it’s kind of understood. I mean, after we fuck you’ll be singing a different tune. Like I said, you’ll either be like the woman from the first couple and sneak back in here to have a second go. Or you and Fred will be like the second couple and won’t be able to hide it so you’ll admit it to us when we’re all together. Either way, the results are usually the same.

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