Quarantine in Neverland Ch. 09

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Author’s Note- The continuing story of an 18 year old sister and her 20 year old brother home alone from college as everyone is forced to shelter in place. As they spend additional time together, their relationship gradually begins to shift as their adventures get more daring and intimate.

Brad woke early the next morning, glad to see that the warm weather was likely to continue at least for a few more days. He brought his coffee out to the family room and plopped down on the couch to turn on a morning news show. The quarantine didn’t look like it would be lifting anytime soon and the forecast looked like spring might actually be here for good according to the weather man.

While he hadn’t heard any movement from Melissa upstairs, Brad took a minute to open his phone and scroll through the pictures he had taken the previous day. There she was, fully naked outside, his own sister, and he could look at her pictures any time he wanted. He watched her progression from hiding behind her hands to fully revealed and posing how he told her to. She really was so beautiful now that he looked her just as a woman rather than the “runt” he had always teased growing up.

Brad’s cock was already hard as he looked at his sister’s nude body but when he reached the pictures of her sucking his dick, he felt his dick twitch and pulse in response, becoming fully erect and straining at his briefs at the memory of the incredible blowjob she had given him up on the mountain.

Brad hadn’t really thought about what he would do for sex once the quarantine hit, but the idea that his sister would give him some of the most erotic experiences of his life wasn’t even remotely on his radar. Yet, here they were, living out their fantasies and looking forward to a gratifying sexual release each day. It didn’t feel like confinement, it felt like paradise.

He heard slow footsteps coming down the steps and quickly closed his picture folder and laid his phone on the table beside him as his sister made her way down to the main floor. She came padding out into the family room with a glass of juice a minute later, looking sleepy and still in her pajamas. They were flannel and a little large, but by the contours and her movement, Brad could tell that she was braless under the soft fuzzy top and he couldn’t see any lines to indicate that she was wearing panties under the bottoms.

Melissa set her glass of juice on the coffee table and curled up on the couch beside Brad, leaning the left side of her body up against him and reaching her right arm across his body in a semi hug. Brad lifted his right arm to allow her to snuggle under and wrapped it around her to leave his hand resting comfortably on her hip. Melissa lay their sleepily for a few minutes as the news blended into a commercial and back to the news.

Brad began to wonder if she had fallen back asleep as he look down at her tousled hair on the top of her head and her face pressed against his chest. He leaned down to kiss the top of her head lovingly and it seemed like the most natural thing in the world. As soon as he lifted his head back up, Melissa responded by lifting her face up toward his with her lips puckered expectantly and her sleep eyes still half closed. Brad leaned over once again and planted a small kiss on her lips. Satisfied, Melissa made a small humming noise of contentment and snuggled against his chest again.

“Brad?” she said quietly after a moment.


“How long do you think this will last?” she asked sleepily.

“No way to tell, really. Hopefully, the curve flattens or drops and they start to open things up again soon.” He suggested.

“Do you really want it to end?” She asked guardedly.

“Well I want everything to be okay again…” he wasn’t sure what she was asking.

“I mean…don’t you like how it’s been…with just us here…like this?” She sounded tentative.

“Of course I do.” He smiled. “I was just thinking how I didn’t expect any of this to happen…and how glad I am, that it did.”

“Do you really mean that?” She asked quietly.

“Of course I do. I really do.” Brad assured her.

“Because I don’t ever want it to end.” She said softly. “This has been the happiest time I can remember. Just us two. Being like this. It’s kind of …magical almost.” She paused for a minute. “I know it has to end sometime, but, I wish it didn’t. That it could just stay like this forever.” She tilted her head up to look at him. “Is that like…wrong?”

“No,” Brad admitted. “I hadn’t thought about it like that, but…I kind of feel the same way.”

“And you don’t think I’m weird…or gross…or anything? For like, doing that stuff?”

“Are you kidding?” Brad was surprised. “No. No. I think you’re amazing. I loved every minute of it.” He pulled her close and stroked her hair affectionately.

“So,” she hesitated. “Can we go hiking again today then?” She looked up expectantly.

“I’ve been looking forward to it!”

By the time they reached Neverland they were both feeling the heat of the pendik escort day from their hike up the steep trail. They were both wearing shorts and light t-shirts, but with the warm air and the bright noon sun, they were thirsty even before they smoked.

Something about the warmer weather made the effect of the pot even more relaxing, made the smell warmer, sweeter and the effect more intoxicating. They sat in the warm sun, side by side on the rocks as the weed took effect. There was no sense of hurry or nervousness, only contentment and languid satisfaction in the moment.

Finally, Melissa turned to Brad and said, “I want to play Adam and Eve again, but I’m taking pictures this time too.” She seemed amused but matter of fact. “You have to pose for me like I want you too.”

“Does that mean I can take pictures too?” Brad asked hopefully.

“Yes, silly.” Melissa beamed. “It turns me on that you want to see me naked and take my picture.” She began to take off her shoes and Brad stopped to do the same.

They went a little further down the Neverland Trail than they had the day before, stopping to take pictures of each other along the way. Brad was a little surprised at how exposed he felt as Melissa took his picture, unable to hide the raging boner that refused to soften the least bit. But she seemed to enjoy his discomfort and took special pains to highlight and accentuate it’s presence in her photos.

Several time at steep sections and drops Melissa stood below him and asked him to pose for her, looking up to capture his hard cock from below and including his face as he looked down at both his straining dick and her taking his picture below him.

Melissa posed willingly for ever picture Brad requested, smiling and looking at the camera. She requested that they head the opposite way than they had the day before and led the way through the trees and bushes along the side of the steep hill. Brad got several pictures of her walking from behind, her pale skin and luscious behind looking extraordinarily bare and vulnerable out here among the tress and rough slopes in the hills.

At last they came to a large open area of hillside that was several hundred yards across without the cover of trees or bushes, opening up to sweeping views of their neighborhood hundreds of feet below and the network of suburban tree lined streets that stretched out beyond their subdivision. Neither of them felt daring enough to walk out across the bare grassy slope, but they each took pictures from the tress with the background of the residential neighborhood below and behind them, standing naked and exposed.

At one point on the walk back to the trail, they froze when Melissa thought she heard voices coming through the trees below them. They took cover behind a group of bushes and listened intently for a few minutes while suppressing the urge to giggle as the crouched naked, side by side in the forest, but they didn’t hear any further signs of life.

After a few more minutes they completed the short walk to the Neverland trail and quickly climbed back up to the top in nervous silence. It was only when they reached the safety of the cove and sat to get a drink of water did they allow themselves to laugh and release the tension of making it back unseen. Brad loved that Melissa was now perfectly comfortable being naked around him as never got tired of seeing her naked body.

“So what did you want to do today?” Melissa asked with a teasing smile and a sidelong glance before taking a drink of water.

“I was waiting to see if you wanted to practice some more.” Brad smiled back.

“I thought you said I didn’t need any more practice!” She playfully swatted his thigh as she admonished him with a smile.

“That’s true,” Brad admitted. He thought for a second. “So I guess I have to send you back into the make-out cave then.” He shrugged.

Melissa made a show of rolling her eyes and let out a huge sigh. “Okay then,” she stood up and walked to the cleft. She paused at the opening, her rounded hip and perfect ass silhouetted against the rough texture of the rock and the seductive curve of her breast just visible under her lifted arm. She looked back with a wink and said,”Can’t wait to see who you send me!”

Brad waited a moment to allow her time to get in and then drew and exhaled a deep breath as he made his way into the rock opening behind her. His body blocked almost all of the light as he passed through the opening and in the warm air, the cleft was already scented with the citrus and cucumber of Melissa’s lotion. Brad’s cock was already fully hard, but it gave an extra twitch of excitement as he pictured her waiting naked in the dark ahead of him.

Brad slid into the lower side of the cleft and steadied Melissa’s body weight against the natural incline, both hearing and feeling her soft breath as it brushed against his chest in the dark. As his hands found her waist and her naked breasts in the dark. One of his hands slid back to her hip and traced it’s way around to caress the smooth maltepe escort skin of her ass. He felt so incredibly powerful, being able to touch her naked body as much as he wanted. To have so much control over her, small and smooth, soft and trembling in the dark there with him.

He bent his neck and found her face already upturned in the dark to meet him. His lips first found the tip of her nose, but the quickly adjusted and Melissa’s soft lips were already parted when his mouth found hers. They kissed softly for long moments as he took her lips in between his, their breathing barely covering the sound of their hearts beating in their ears.

It was Melissa’s hand that reached out to find Brad’s neck and pull him insistently to her mouth, his tongue reaching out for hers and found itself instantly encircled by her lips as her hips pressed toward his and a small moan resonated in her closed mouth. Brad pushed his tongue deeper into her mouth and she sucked it with greater urgency, the tempo of her breathing increased and he felt her small hand firmly grasp the shaft of his pulsating cock.

Melissa stroked to the tip of his cock and lightly traced the swollen tip of his dick, making it slick with the precum that even now was oozing involuntarily from him. She traced a tight circle around the crown of his cock with her soft fingertips and it was if a current of electricity was passing from one to the other. Melissa’s knees bent slightly even as she pulled more urgently at the back of Brad’s neck to continue desperately sucking his tongue.

Brad bent slowly, lowering her down while never breaking their kiss until he was almost fully bent over. He felt her hand slipping from his neck and she reluctantly let his warm tongue slip from her mouth, Her hand slipped down the rippling muscles of his chest and stomach before bracing her weight against his powerful hip and using her other hand to navigate her mouth to his engorged cock.

Brad let out a gasp of pleasure as his sister plunged his cock into her warm, wet mouth, He could hear her making small urgent noises, almost a rhythmic hum as she hungrily began bobbing her mouth and hand up and down on his thick cock.

Melissa could taste the salty flavor of his precum and the musky smell of his dick filled her senses as she gorged on the meaty dick with her mouth. She couldn’t believe how much she had grown to love the surrender of taking his cock in her mouth like this when just a few days ago she had been horrified and a little disgusted by the idea. Now, the fact that it had seemed dirty and shameful made it even more intoxicating that she was doing it so willingly. She felt both dirty and powerful, able to control the sensations that brought her brother such intense pleasure while also satisfying her desire to do anything to please him. She felt an indescribable urge to erase the memory of every other time he had his dick sucked by anyone else. To make his experience of her sucking his dick as unique and as special as he was as the first man that she had ever allowed to put his cock in her mouth.

Brad couldn’t believe the eagerness with which Melissa had dropped down and began to suck his throbbing dick. It was indescribably good how smoothly she was sliding his cock into her mouth even as she jacked him off with her hand. The extra difference in pressure as she closed her lips tightly against the tip of his dick at the top of each stroke and the effort she made to take his cock as deeply as she could intensified the sensation as his cock plunged back into the warmth and caressing sweetness that her mouth had become.

“Ohhhh,” he moaned. “I guess somebody really wanted to suck some dick today.” He said softly with a smile. Melissa instantly increased the intensity of her efforts and made small agreeable hums as she did. “Oh, oh, that’s so good.” He stroked her soft hair in the dark and she purred like a kitten, the vibrations running through her mouth to his dick. “Oh Melissa you suck that dick so good, baby.”

Each time Brad spoke, Melissa felt flushed with a sense of pride and a mild embarrassment that she should feel so much affirmation from being told that she was good at sucking dick. Perhaps it was the weed, but she was intensely turned on by the act of surrendering herself, her pride, her dignity, her mouth and shame to go to any lengths to please him. She could feel her pussy wet and slick as she squatted down naked on the bare rock of the cave and blushed in the dark to smell her herself betraying how much giving head to Brad was turning her on.

She pulled her mouth away to give it a rest as she continued to jack him off with her hand. “I love sucking your dick,” she said softly before plunging her mouth back onto his meaty cock as deep as she could.

Brad couldn’t believe she said that but in the anonymity of the cave and the pretense of an unknown partner it allowed them, he gave himself over to the fantasy. “I know you love sucking that dick,” he said. “You’re the best little dicksucker I’ve ever had.” kartal escort She moaned and sucked his dick so deeply she had to fight the urge to gag. “Mmmm. You like being called a dicksucker, don’t you?”

“Mmmm hmmm,” she replied without ever letting the head of his dick leave her mouth.

Brad cupped the back of her head with his hand and thrust gently with his hips to slide his cock in and out of her mouth. “Do you like me fucking your mouth like that too?” She moaned deeply with his dick buried in her mouth. “That’s it, take that mouth-fucking like a good girl.” He began to thrust more deeply.

Melissa was now lost in a daze of cock-sucking surrender as she adjusted her mouth and hand to taking the thrust of Brad’s hard cock sliding in and out of her mouth. She fought the urge to panic as he had control of her by the strong grip of his hand cradling the back of her head and the irresistible thrust of his strong hips and torso as he drove his cock in and out of her mouth. Her hand gave her more control as she used it to create more pressure and create resistance when she wanted to control how much and how quickly his cock was able to fill her mouth. But somehow they were working together by feel and Brad never thrust so hard or so deep that she choked on his pumping dick.

“Mmmnn. You’re my dick-sucker now aren’t you?” Brad pulled his cock back an extra few inches to clear her mouth.

“Mmmm hmmm,” Melissa replied as she took a moment to swallow and close her jaw for relief.

Brad laced his hand through her hair on the back of her head and tilted her face upward. “I want you to say it it loud.” He commanded her.

“I’m your dicksucker now,” She replied urgently. She tried to tilt her head back to resume sucking but Brad’s strong fingers held her away.

“I want you to beg me to fuck your mouth, like a good little cocksucker. Okay?” Brad insisted.

“Okay,” Melissa surrendered. “Please fuck my mouth.” She spoke up into the dark. “I’ll suck it just like you want. Please let me suck it for…”

Brad smoothly tilted her head downward and slid his waiting cock into her mouth, cutting her off mid-sentence. “That’s it. Take that dick. Mmmm Mmmm.” He thrust his dick rhythmically into her eager mouth and hand as she worked feverishly to milk his cock into her mouth. “That’s it.” He gasped as he could feel his excitement building toward a climax. He thrust more deeply, lost in the amazing caress of her mouth and hand on his thrusting cock. As he pulled back and prepared to thrust again, he was surprised to feel her head twist under the grip of his hand and slide sideways away from his thrusting dick.

“Brad?” he heard her muffled voice from below. “I want Brad.” She said urgently.

Brad snapped out of his lustful daze and felt a wave of shame and regret wash over him in the dark. “Wait…are you okay? Did I hurt you?” he bent forward in the dark to lift her up to her feet. “I’m so sorry.”

“Can you go tell Brad,” Melissa said breathlessly. “That I’m coming out to see him?”

“Sure,” Brad squeezed her gently. “I’ll go get him.” He started to slide away toward the entrance.

“Tell him I’ll be right out, okay?” Melissa insisted.

Brad made his way out into the bright warm sunlight and fought the urge to panic. He cursed himself for getting carried away again and was consumed by regret that he had treated his sister so roughly in the dark. Pretend or not. She had been so sweet to him over these last few days, making him so happy and he had let her down by treating her so despicably the first chance he got. He turned to look back at the cleft to see her slowly emerge. He prepared to apologize, but he could see her smiling at him as soon as she came into view.

“Melissa, what’s the matter?” He asked confused.

She shrugged. “I didn’t want to be in there with a stranger anymore.” She explained.

“You’re not hurt…or …upset.” He tried to process what was going on as she walked up to him, deliciously naked, her eyes locked on his. “What is it?”

Melissa stood before him and tilted her head lightly to one side, searching Brad’s concerned eyes. “It’s just that,” here eyes looked down and away briefly before returning to his. “If I’m going to let any guy make me his dicksucker and fuck my mouth until he cums, I want it to be you.” She crouched down in front of him, naked in the warm afternoon sun. She grabbed his half-limp cock and began stroking it back to fully erect. “It’s like I told the guy in the cave: I want Brad.” She plunged her mouth back onto his hardening cock and reached around with her left hand to grab along the side of his hip and ass to urge him to thrust his cock into her mouth.

Hardly able to process what was happening, Brad began to tentatively thrust his cock into her eager mouth, watching his sister now, fully revealed as she enthusiastically took his dick into her mouth and urged him to thrust more deeply with the pull of her hand on his hip. His cock quickly resumed it’s full erection as he looked down on his beautiful sister, her boobs jiggling with the bouncing motion as she sucked his dick, her pink lips slick and swollen by her efforts to milk an orgasm from the thick cock that her mouth could barely contain and he felt a surging tingle envelope his limbs.

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