Project Chameleon

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Bidding on a pallet of government surplus items was a crap shoot; you never knew what you would find. Often to get the one item you want, you have to buy a whole pallet of assorted items. Sometimes I hit pay dirt and get a great deal and other times I get a pile of junk I end up trashing.

The surplus sales were held in an old gray warehouse crammed with pallets of unwanted government items. I often thought it was the government waste disposal system, we actually paid them to haul away their trash. You could freely roam around checking each pallet then bid on one that peaked your interest. The bid sheet only listed a brief description, such as “assorted electronic” items or “office equipment”, so actually looking at the items was necessary before bidding. It still was a gamble to get something worth going through all the trouble involved.

I spied some interesting electronic items on one pallet peaked my interest enough to bid. Included was a stack of what looked like white shirts and rolls of fabric which I figured would be donated to Goodwill.

Carrie, my 19-year-old tanned tight-bodied niece came with me to help and appease her curiosity about government auctions. She was dressed in short shorts and a loose fitting denim blouse tied at the midriff and looked so out of place at the auction. There were a few other women walking around, but they weren’t young, attractive or scantily clad. Carrie knew her Uncle was a picker and electronics tinker and she loved to help, even at a boring auction. She spent most of her time texting with her friends trying to avert being bored to death.

Later that afternoon I won the bid, and we had to remove the pallet before they closed at 5 o’clock. Carrie, all five foot three of her, tugged at the pallet jack trying to move it over to the van. When she bent down and tugged away, her blouse opened enough to let her beautiful tanned breast fall out on display. That quick flash caught the attention of a young muscular guard and he raced over to offer his assistance.

He pulled the pallet over to our van, all the while staring at her opened blouse, hoping to get another glimpse of her youthful tits. He continued to help unload the pallet, carefully handing the items down low so she would have to bend to grab them. Each time she bent, a hard nipple peeked out from the blouse. She acted as if she didn’t know her nipples were visible, but when the loading was finished, she said, “Oops,” as she casually re-buttoned her blouse. I didn’t know if she did it intentionally, or by accident, but the young guard had something to dream about tonight. He hung around trying to make small talk with her, but after we had finished loading, she excused herself, “I have to help my Uncle get this stuff home.”

I commented, “It looks like that guard was interested in you.” She just smiled as she nodded her head.

Once we were back home, we unloaded the van. Carrie handed me a pile of shirts, asking, “What do you think those shirts are for, Uncle Bob?”

“They look like they were trying different styles for uniforms.”

When we got the stuff down to the basement workshop, we separated the items into piles. Shirts of assorted sizes in one pile, electronics in another, manuals and multiple rolls of fabric completely filled the top of a ping pong table.

The white shirts had a small pocket with a flap of cloth covering a series of connectors. The shirts appeared to be made with white cloth, but had an almost iridescent silver sheen.

“Maybe that’s what those electronic boxes are used for Uncle Bob.”

The boxes were about the size of a pack of cigarettes with a short cable with connectors attached. Inside was a battery compartment and a small circuit board loaded with computer circuits and a camera lens peering through the side. The only control was an on-off switch covered with a waterproof rubber boot.

Carrie found the manuals and paperwork in the pile so she read up on what this stuff was supposed to do.

“Uncle Bob, it looks like they were trying to design electronic camouflage shirts. The shirts are supposed to change color to match the surroundings. It was called ‘Project Chameleon’.”

I wondered why they scrapped the project. It seemed like a good concept if the uniform could match any environment, you would be invisible, just like a chameleon. Maybe there were safety issues, or something else that could harm the wearer.

While I pondered the reasons it was scrapped, Carrie found batteries and connected a medium short sleeve shirt to see if it worked. Carrie toggled the switch back and forth, nothing happened.

“There must be something else to make it work or they may be defective.” Said Carrie with a disappointed tone.

She went back to the manual and there was reference to using a remote controller to program the box attached to the shirt. The remote also allowed the user to change Camo effects manually. Once programmed, the sensor camera in the box should view the surroundings and compute a camouflage pattern to escort ataşehir match and blend in automatically, hence, the name chameleon.

In the pile of electronics stuff I found a small white cardboard box with the remote. After inserting batteries, I handed it over to Carrie to try.

Carrie created some interesting effects, changing the colors to make the shirt any color or pattern with the hand held remote. The shirts didn’t have anything visible to make the light, the fibers simply lit up to our amazement. She started out with blue, then changed to green, and other colors could be picked from the controller. She then let the computer adjust the pattern and color to match the basement surroundings. The shirt took on a concrete block pattern and changed the color to a concrete grey hue.

“I am going to have Vanessa come over to see this, it will blow her mind.”

I cautioned Carrie, “You shouldn’t try wearing the shirt until we see if it’s safe.”

Before the words left my mouth, Carrie removed her blouse and put on the shirt. First Setting the color to blue and the shirt turned a shade of light blue, then she sequenced other colors one at a time to verify they worked. She must have correctly programmed the color pattern into the controller, because the shirt started changing colors automatically in a slow change. It became a kaleidoscope of colors and patterns in an almost hypnotizing effect, before Carrie turned it off.

I could see the wheels grinding away in Carrie’s mind as she got that mischievous grin, which preceded her doing something outrageous.

Carrie removed the shirt, she doesn’t like to wear a bra so her perky tan tits were on display for me once again.

“Perhaps I should check you out for any damage.”

I came closer to inspect her perfectly bronzed perky tits, “It doesn’t look like it harmed you, how do you feel?”

Putting on her blouse, “I couldn’t feel anything strange happening when I had the shirt on, except the coolness of changing colors.”

The next day Vanessa, Carrie’s redhead girlfriend, came over and they went to the basement to check out the shirts. Through trial and error, she programmed two shirts to display the colorful kaleidoscope effect, not exactly what they were designed for.

Vanessa turned on one shirt to show the display in action, “This is so cool Carrie, I can just see us wearing these to the mall and dazzling everyone.”

“I don’t know Vanessa, Uncle Bob isn’t going to let us try until he fully checks out their safety.”

“What could be unsafe about wearing a shirt Carrie?”

I am not sure who convinced whom, but the girls decided to wear the shirts to the mall to show off for their friends.

With a new set of batteries installed, they wanted me to drop them off at the mall so they could dazzle their friends. Against my better judgement, I dropped them off at the entrance. After parking the car, I went into the mall to watch the girls do their show.

I found the girls in an open lounge area just off the food court, it wasn’t hard to find them as a small crowd had gathered around to watch the stunning display. Someone turned on some rock music on a portable Bluetooth speaker. The girls started dancing to the music looking like a moving Christmas light display, they definitely were not camouflaged.

The music changed to hard rock with a lot of high pitched guitar sounds. Not being a fan of hard rock, to me it sounded like lots of noise. The guitar hits a loud twangy note, then Carrie’s shirt, randomly started going transparent, flashing her beautiful tits to everyone. It happened so quickly she didn’t notice it, until she saw Vanessa’s shirt go transparent.

Flashing colored lights were mesmerizing enough, but a quick tit flash even made the girls dancing more enticing. Several of the crowd were videoing with their cell phones and a few girls were waving their hands at the girls to let them know they were having a wardrobe malfunction.

The crowd cheered each time their tits intermittently went on display. Finally the shirts just stopped flashing colors and stayed fully transparent. The fabric appeared as if it wasn’t there, almost like a clear food wrap. Their beautiful bouncing tits were on full display for the crowd. More cell phones came out to document the event, because no one would have believed that two beautiful girls had their tits on display for all to see at the mall.

Time seemed to stand still, the girls didn’t immediately stop dancing at first, but then the music stopped.

“Carrie do something.” as Victoria tried to cover her tits.

Carrie fumbled with the on-off switch on Victoria’s shirt and it finally went back to normal cloth, then she turned off her own shirt.

The mall cops off in the distance, started moving towards the crowd to see what all the commotion was about.

Someone in the crowd shouted out, “The cops are coming.”

The crowd dispersed in all directions leaving the girls frozen in place. Carrie kadıköy escort and Vanessa at first looked like they were going to get all embarrassed, but then they just turned and started walking towards the mall entrance before the mall cops caught them.

“Carrie, what happened?” I asked as I caught up with them.

“I don’t know Uncle Bob, the shirts just went transparent.”

The girls were talking and laughing in the back seat on the way back home, I think they enjoyed accidentally exhibiting their tits to the crowd. Vanessa got a “tweet” from a friend with a video showing them dancing when the shirts went transparent.

Carrie commented as Vanessa showed it, “Van, you looked terrific dancing and your boobs look great.”

“You think so? I kind of felt embarrassed having them on display, if you weren’t there I would have started crying.”

I chimed in “Nothing to cry about, you are beautiful with a great body.”

Carrie added, “I think it was a blast, I loved showing off, and we should do it again.”

Then they both started laughing and giggling as they commented on how they completely startled the crowd with their flashing.

I know they are planning something else for these shirts and it’s not going to be camouflaged.

Chapter 2

The next day I was treated to Carrie blasting music in the workshop. First with loud rock music, then with some more loud music, she was trying to duplicate the transparent effect. Nothing caused the shirt to go transparent, she called Vanessa to find out if she knew the song that was playing when the shirts started acting up. Thinking that it was a particular song that caused the effect.

None of the music had any effect on the shirts, they just kept flashing colors as before.

Carrie and I went back to the mall, to see if anything there could have caused the malfunction. I brought a radio frequency scanner to check for spurious signals, nothing out of the ordinary was detected.

We were baffled as to what caused the malfunction, I was beginning to see why they scrapped the project.

Carried decided that she would wear the shirt back to the mall. Maybe there was some undetected signal that triggered the effect, she was determined to find the answer.

She walked all around the food court area, flashing away. She got lots of puzzled looks, but nothing like the other night. The shirt worked flawlessly, she finally turned it off when she heard a voice behind her.

“Is that shirt from the auction?”

She turned to see the young muscular guard, he seemed to be more handsome, taller and older than she remembered.

“Yes, they are. Again, thank you for your help… Err…”

“Tom, I’m Tom. So that’s what they are supposed to do, change colors.”

“Well, Tom, sort of, if you buy me a coffee, I’ll tell you the whole story.”

Carrie spent about an hour talking to Tom, she wasn’t sure if he was bored or not, but he listened intently. She wondered if he only paid attention because he hoped for another tit flash. She could feel her nipples harden when she thought about their last encounter at the auction. Tom asked for her phone number and she thought about not giving to him, but figured why not, maybe we can go out sometime.

Standing up, she touched his shoulder as if to steady herself, “Well, Tom, it was nice seeing you again. I have to get home, my uncle will be wondering what happened to me.”

“I’ll call you Carrie, maybe we can go out to dinner.”

“I’d like that.”

On the way home, she thought, what are you doing Carrie? He’s older than you maybe 25 or more. She was not able to tell peoples age by looking at them, maybe she spent too much time with computers.

Once back home, she sought out her Uncle in the workshop.

“I don’t know what happened Uncle Bob, they worked ok.”

“Maybe there is something else at caused it to malfunction. Try twirling around like you were when dancing.”

That was it, the constantly changing video of background colors and patterns must have overloaded the computer software. If Carrie went slowly, nothing happened, but, twirling around caused the malfunction and the shirt went transparent. She discovered that all she had to do was put her hand in front of the camera then quickly move it back and forth to trigger the effect.

She asked Vanessa to come over to see her test results. As Carrie started telling Vanessa about the discovery she probably went too technical. She finally realized that Vanessa had that “deer in the headlights look” and changed to a lighter topic.

“Vanessa would you like to try my new smart toy?”

“What kind of toy?”

“A smart phone controlled vibrator. It’s terrific and you can control everything through your iPhone for optimum pleasure.”

Carrie handed her a pink silicone egg with what looks like a tail attached. “It needs to be inside you Van.”

“I’m not sure about this Carrie.”

“Go ahead, you’re going to love this Van. I have tried it several maltepe escort bayan times and it’s really a blast.”

Vanessa warily removed her denim jumpsuit and tried to insert the egg, without success. It took licking her fingers and playing with her clit to get wet enough for insertion. Finally, she was able to slide the egg into her clean shaven pussy and wait for the promised pleasure.

Vanessa now standing naked, with only the pink tail hanging visibly from her pussy, listened to Carrie explaining the operation. She nervously combed her long hair softly expecting a delay before anything happened.

She jumped when Carrie did a test vibration, “Wow that’s some powerful vibrator.”

Carrie says, “You’re ready for blast off.”

The only detectable way to tell if was working was a faint hum coming from her pussy and the smile on her face.

Suddenly, the doorbell rang several times, I hated to leave the action, but left to go check out who was interrupting this exciting show.

To my surprise, I found the young guard from the auction at the front door. I was somewhat puzzled as to why he was here, although I suspected he was here for Carrie.

“Aren’t you the guard from the auction?”

“Yes sir, I’m Tom and was looking for Carrie, is she home? I talked to her earlier on the phone and she said I could come over.”

I figured that the basement show was over by now, so Tom and I went down to the basement only to find Vanessa standing there vibrating away. Her long red hair contrasted with her pale breast and blue veins visibly going to her puffy nipples. She jerked like she was being electrocuted, at first I was concerned that something was wrong with her until she started making the unmistakable moaning orgasm sounds.

Tom was completely in shock, his face just went blank while he stared at the sight of Vanessa convulsing though waves of orgasms. Vanessa obviously didn’t notice Tom come into the basement, actually I don’t think she noticed anything but the pulsing vibrator.

Vanessa staring at the ceiling, started slowly raking her puffy nipples with a large comb, all the while jerking spasmodically. What the comb had to do with anything, I’m not sure, but it had an effect on her somehow. Each stroke seemed to amplify the waves of orgasms, until she moved it down to her pussy. Either the comb pulled out the vibrator or she couldn’t keep her vagina tight enough to keep in the egg. Plop, the pink egg un-ceremonially hit the floor as she continued combing for more waves of pleasure. The egg continued to flop around like a fish out of the water, until Carrie turned it off.

As she convulsed for the last time her head lowered to normal and started to refocus on the room. It looked like she was going to comment about Tom, but then she had a few aftershocks and went weak in the knees. Tom, sensing that she was going to collapse, rushed to her rescue. He held on to her naked body and kept her from hitting the floor, before she could object.

Tom lowered Vanessa to the floor, his hands stayed under her breasts even after she was seated on the floor. I’m sure that Tom was not sure of what to do next, so he just stayed behind her as if awaiting further orders. Vanessa continued to breathe heavily, trying to recover from her explosive orgasm, still unaware of Tom’s hands.

Carrie broke the spell, “Tom, you can release Vanessa now.”

Tom is blushing like a schoolboy with his hand caught in a cookie jar, released his grip on Vanessa.

Vanessa now aware of Tom, “Who the fuck are you, and why are your hands on me?”

“That’s my friend Tom, he helped you so you didn’t hit the floor,” said Carrie.

Vanessa now aware of her nudity, began to hunt for her clothes.

“Thanks, I think.” As she pulled the jumpsuit close to cover her body.

Vanessa is now starting to come back down from her orgasm high, backed away from Tom.

“I’m sorry you had to meet me this way, Tom. This isn’t my normal thing, Carrie was experimenting on me.”

“Well I was glad I could prevent you from getting hurt, I wouldn’t want a beautiful woman to get injured hitting the basement floor experimenting.”

The beautiful comment made Vanessa blush, as she smiled at Tom.

“Carrie, can we talk to your uncle?… privately.”

“I hate to tell you this, but the government wants the stuff you bought at the auction, back.”

We all stared at Tom in disbelief. He continued, “Someone in the Army lab saw a video of you dancing at the mall when your shirt went transparent.”

“Why would they want it back, they scrapped the project.”

“Well, that’s the problem, it was supposed to be scrapped and not used. Carrie, got it to do something they were trying to do or they don’t want it to fall into the wrong hands. Anyway, I think they are going to contact you shortly.”

“What should we do Tom?”

“You should wait them to contact you and go from there, they will probably offer to buy it back. So you should figure out what price you will take.”

“Carrie, you got some figuring to do before they get here.”

In unison, “Thanks Tom for the heads up.”

Chapter 3

You have probably heard the old adage “I’m from the government and I’m here to help you.” it’s usually not true.

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