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All characters are over the age of 18.

All characters copyright WithFurvor



“Is that too tight, Princess?”

Princess is the name my Daddy gave me, and he always has a way of making me feel like my namesake. Even here, blindfolded and strung up from the ceiling by my wrists, my body heavily bound by rope, and my panties in my muzzle. My breasts, pulled tight by the taught rope, hurt a little from the binding. But I’m okay. I give a sound of approval through my own panties.

“That’s good, sweetie,” he says, stroking my cheek lovingly. “But Daddy has a little more to do, okay?”

I nod in understanding, and I hear him walk away — probably to get more rope. Daddy and I have been having sex for a few weeks now. It’s been fun, but today he confessed that I still wasn’t giving him the same type of satisfaction that Mommy used to. Daddy craves a harder kind of play. Apparently, he and Mommy used to play games like this. I almost find it hard to believe that she would have enjoyed this, but I definitely do.

Daddy grabs my left ankle and drags it off to the side a bit. He ties a rope around it. This exposes my pussy to the cool air, and I’m wet so I can really feel it. It also keeps me from moving that leg. Soon, I feel him do the same with my right ankle. Daddy ties it up so that I can’t move at all anymore, except for dangling a bit in my restraints. His paw touches and then trails up my stomach slowly. He grabs one of my breasts through the rope that’s binding them, and squeezes it.

He chuckles. “You look pretty, Princess.” His paws roam my body as he talks, sending a shiver down my spine. “As pretty as your mother used to be, all tied up. But…” One of his paws finds my rear, and my tail twitches nervously.

He smacks my ass, and I whimper a little bit through the panties in my mouth and pull slightly against the binds on my wrists. “But can you take abuse as well as her?”

The smack has turned me on so much that I’m drooling through my panties. My exposed crotch is tingling with arousal and wetness. I nod quickly, hoping to urge Daddy to satisfy himself with me however he pleases. I live to serve Daddy.

He spanks me again, rubbing my ass cheek with his bare paw for a moment before smacking it once more. It stings, and I bite into my panties as each spank from my father drives me all the more wild. He keeps spanking me, and suddenly I feel my tail instinctively trying to block his paw. The spanking stops, but only for a moment.

“Tsk tsk, Princess,” Daddy scolds. “We’re pendik escort going to have to do something about that.”

I tremble ever so slightly. I don’t want to show daddy my anxiety but I can’t help but wonder what he’s going to do. I hear the sound of a sharp ripping to my left.


Yes, tape. I feel Daddy pressing my tail up against my back and then pressing the tape there too. It holds my tail in place, and it’s uncomfortable. It does its job, though. I feel another swift smack from Daddy’s paw against my rear, and now without anything to stop him he unleashes a torrent of pain on my bottom.

Smack! Smack! Smack! comes the sound of Daddy’s paw against my ass, echoing off of the walls of our basement. I would squirm from the pain but the most I can do is quiver in my binds. My wrists begin to hurt as they struggle against their rope bindings, but that pain is nowhere near what I’m beginning to feel on my bottom. My toes begin to curl with the anticipation of each spank, just before it actually happens. My ass must be turning red under my fur.

Suddenly he stops. I can hear him breathing heavily behind me. He grabs my ass roughly; it still stings from the swats. Then he lets up the pressure of his squeezing and gently massages my

hindquarter. An odd sensation comes from the rubbing of my stinging flesh, and draws a murr up out of my throat.

“You’re such a good girl, Princess,” he praises me, and I send out another muffled murr from my panty-stuffed mouth. His paw releases my ass and I hear him pad around for a moment. It’s hard to tell just from the sound where Daddy is in the room, but in a moment he’s definitely right in front of me.

Thwap! I feel a sharp stinging sensation across my breasts. It’s Daddy’s cat o’ nine tails. He’s used it before on me, but only playfully. I don’t think he’s playing anymore. Another loud thwap! hits my breasts with a warm stinging sensation, and what comes next is a torrent of similar strikes.

Smack after smack, the pain builds against my chest and, poor little me, I can barely even squirm. I’m moaning out around my panties with each thrashing my father blesses me with. He’s never hurt me so bad, but for some reason I want everything he can unleash on me. Every hit makes me cry out harder against the fabric in my mouth.

He strikes my belly with it and I react compulsively, wincing harshly at the sudden pain on my soft tummy. I can hear Daddy relishing in my pain, a soft chuckle coming from his maw. “Get ready, Princess,” he warns.

Panic runs maltepe escort through me. Ready for what? I can’t see and all I can feel is pain and confusion until all at once—

Thwap! The whip smacks into my exposed pussy with a terrifying sound, and for a moment the breath is knocked out of me. For some reason, despite the intense pain that has me reeling, I am suddenly wet enough to begin dripping on the floor. Juices fall from my cunt and then get knocked back up into it by Daddy’s whip.

Smack! Oh God, the pain! The pleasure! The sheer force of the vibration driving through my exposed pussy! My whole body is trembling by the time Daddy smacks my cunt for a third time.

Finally, Daddy pulls the panties out of my mouth and I let out a loud exasperated breath. “Thank you, Daddy!” I nearly scream at him, the only words that come to my mind in a complete sentence.

Then he takes my blindfold off. And there I can see him, my father’s face so pleased with me. I find this comforting, his smile in the light that’s just a bit too bright in my now-opened eyes. “Good girl,” he praises me, running his paw first through my hair and then along my face. “You’ve been such a good girl for Daddy. Do you know what that means, Princess?”

“Does it mean that I get a reward, Daddy?” I reply, excitedly.

“It does, Princess,” he says in a pleased baritone. Daddy grabs a knife from a nearby table and in a few moments he has cut the ropes free from my wrists. I fall to the ground, still panting, and for a moment I’m a bit scared to look up. Luckily, I don’t need to. Daddy cuts the ropes at my ankles, and then I feel him grab my shoulders and thrust me face-down onto the floor.

I drool against the basement floor as he grabs my hips and pulls them up until I can feel the rock hard tip of his cock pressing against the warmth of my pussy. Without a word Daddy penetrates me.

In the silence of the room I let out a harsh gasp and then a deep sigh. It would be relaxing, after all the pain, if it weren’t so rough and exciting. My sensitive nether lips feel like they’re being stretched so wide they can barely take it, and the speed at which Daddy takes me leaves me breathless.

My claws scratch against the floor as my tongue lolls out of my mouth. My ears are filled with Daddy’s pleased grunts, his weight bearing down on top of me as his cock thrusts faster into my aching pussy.

It’s not just the size and ferocity of his member thrusting within me that turns me on. It’s the way I can feel his panting breath on the back kartal escort of my neck, growing faster as he desperately satisfies himself with my body. It’s the way he roughly grabs my hair, pulling my head back in the most delightfully twisted way. It’s also in the way that my eyes cross, and how my tongue hangs out of my mouth.

Daddy has the good sense to reach over and push two of his fingers into my gaping maw. As I suck on his fingers and feel him rutting away inside of me, I am very aware of everything about my father that makes me love him.

Then, he pushes my head down so that my face is pressing against the floor. I can feel him starting to tense, and that’s how I know he’s close.

I begin moaning, knowing how hard Daddy comes when he can hear his little girl properly from beneath him. I press my rear back against his hips with each hard thrust, now coming faster and faster against me. I bite my bottom lip as the anticipation of feeling my father use me in this way takes over my mind. In this moment I am focused solely on one task — to make sure my father has a warm, tight hole to cum inside of.

And then I feel it start. After a few more quick thrusts, Daddy strikes down inside of me with all of his might, hilting me as deeply as he can. Then, the first warm rope of his seed shoots out with such force that I swear I feel it hit my womb — this is when I start to orgasm.

As Daddy fills me with his seed, I begin to tremble and shake under him, moaning uncontrollably and squeezing as tightly as I can at his shaft with my vaginal walls. I feel like my pussy is vibrating from the sensation of my orgasm, or maybe it’s the way the second shot of his warm semen rocks my insides.

I am in heaven even as my orgasm peaks, and Daddy’s with it. He’s so deep inside me, and yet somehow I can already feel his cum leaking out of me as he continues to fill me. He pulls back a little and gives another small thrust into me, letting out a loud sigh of relief as his cock shoots the last of his seed into me.

“Thank you, Daddy,” I say.

“You’re welcome, Princess.” His paws massage my back for a moment as he catches his breath. My tail flicks between us anxiously. Ever so lightly, his claws dig through my fur, and I wonder what he’s thinking about. Then, he collapses on me and rolls over slightly so that I can snuggle into his chest. His strong arms wrap cozily around me and I tuck my head under his chin lovingly.

I can still feel the pain of the marks that must be hidden now under my fur, and I can still feel the warmth of Daddy’s seed deep inside my body. In this moment, there’s only one thing on my mind. “Daddy?” I say with my head pressed into his neck.

“Yes, Princess?” he asks.

“Can you hurt me… a little harder next time?”

— WithFurvor

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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