Prescription for Pleasure Ch. 04

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Chris sat at the kitchen table staring at the clock. He was supposed to meet his aunt at her office around 3:00 PM. He was looking forward to his appointment but the clock kept ticking a little too slowly in his mind.

He tried everything to keep his mind off all of the sex he had yesterday but it was to no avail. It was around 11:30 AM when his cock began to harden. Knowing he needed do something quick, he decided to go for a run to take his mind off of everything which had transpired the day before.

He started out the back door when he noticed his Grandma Felicia turning in the driveway. He thought, ‘Oh shit, the last thing I need is for her to show up. Her big tits will drive me crazy.’

He ran out to meet her before she got out of her car. Thinking quickly, he told her. “Hey grandma, I am so sorry but I was fixing to leave. I have a doctor’s appointment and if I don’t leave right now I’m going to be really late. If you don’t mind, I’ll come by and see you tomorrow.”

“I know you have a doctor’s appointment, why do you think I’m here? Your mom called to see if I could drive you over to Deanna’s office. I thought she told me your appointment wasn’t until 3:00 PM? Did I hear her wrong?” His beautiful grandmother asked him.

Trying to act dumb, Chris exclaimed. “That’s right it was 3:00 PM, I don’t know why I thought it was at noon. Mom should not have called and bothered you; I told her last night I could drive myself.”

“Your mom is just worried about you; besides, I didn’t have anything to do today. I came a little early so I can spend a little bit of time with you. You’ll be going off to college next month and I won’t be able to see you very much.” Felicia told him.

After some more small talk they went into the house. Chris could not help but admire his sexy grandmother’s ass while she walked in front of him towards the house. She wasn’t your typical grandmother. She worked out three days a week at the local gym and you could tell it. Chris had always admired her big tits, but it was her tight shapely ass, he fantasized about the most.

They sat down at the kitchen table and started talking. When Felicia leaned across the table to hold her grandson’s hand, Chris could see right down her blouse. As he looked at her big beautiful tits, his cock began hardening. It didn’t take long before Felicia noticed how nervous her handsome grandson was acting.

Her daughter had not explained why her grandson had a doctor’s appointment on a Saturday afternoon. She knew her daughter Deanna didn’t work on Saturdays so she decided to just come right out and ask her grandson. “Alright Sonny Boy, spill the beans, what’s going on? I thought it was a little strange when your mother called and asked me to take you to Deanna’s office on a Saturday, but after seeing how nervous you are, I know something is up. What is it?”

Chris didn’t know what to do. Should he tell his grandmother or would it be better if he tried to lie? He decided on the latter and told her. “It’s nothing really, grandma. I’ve been feeling a little rundown lately so Aunt Deanna ran some tests on me and the results came back Friday.”

Immediately, Chris could tell me grandmother knew he was lying. She stood up from the table and said very decidedly! “You are a lying little bastard! I am going to ask you one more time and before you try to lie, I want you to remember back to when you were a little boy, and what I used to do to you when you lied to me! Now, out with it! What the hell is going on?”

Chris instantly remembered what his grandmother used to do to him when he lied. She’d make him pull his pants down and bend over while she spanked his bare ass. He knew he could not let it happen now for fear of showing her his already hardened cock.

“Okay, okay, just sit down and I will try to explain to you about my condition. Believe me; it’s not going to be easy to explain.” Chris told Felicia.

Chris set about explaining his condition to his grandmother but he made sure to leave out the part about him having sex with his mother and aunt. At first, Felicia thought he was pulling her leg until he went to the refrigerator and retrieved the specimen bottle full of sperm.

Trying to understand everything Chris had told her, Felicia asked him. “Let me get this straight, whenever your cock gets hard you can’t relieve yourself?”

It shocked Chris we heard his grandmother use the word cock. He exclaimed. “Grandma, I can’t believe you used that word!”

Felicia laughed and asked him. “What word, cock? At least I hope that’s what you have between your legs? At least I hope you don’t have a little puny dick, because where I come from, a real man has a cock between his legs?”

When Chris heard his grandmother ask if he had a puny dick, it infuriated the hell out of him. He immediately stood up from his seat and emphatically asked her? “What would make you think I have a puny dick? Do you want me to prove to you I have a big cock? I’m not ashamed, if you want; I’ll pull it out right now and show you!”

Felicia did pendik escort not need her grandson to pull his cock out and show her; she could tell by the outline of his hard cock in his jeans, he was well hung. Feeling playful, she decided to play along and see if you really would pull his big hard cock out and show it to her.

Toying with him, Felicia told her grandson. “I don’t think you’re man enough to pull your puny little dick out and show me. It probably isn’t worth seeing any way!”

Chris was seething now, his face turned red with fury. How dare her to think he was not man enough. In one quick motion, he jerked his jeans down and his massive cock flopped out. With his cock bouncing up and down in front of him he shouted. “Well, what do you think now? Is it big enough for you to call it a cock?”

Felicia gasped at the pure size of her grandson’s cock. It was absolutely huge. She didn’t think she had ever seen a cock as big as the one her grandson was showing her right now.

She was about to tell him to put it away when Chris let out a blood curling scream and hit the floor. “Oh no, shit, sonofabitch, the pain! Oh my god, it’s killing me!”

Terrified at seeing her grandson writhing around the floor in pain, she ran to him and asked. “What’s wrong? What can I do? Just tell me what to do! Do I need to call your mother?”

The pain was intense and before he could think, Chris blurted out! “It’s your fault, it’s your fault! You and your big beautiful tits and tight ass, oh my god, I have to cum!”

Felicia got the surprise of her life when her grandson began describing her tits and ass. Still, she found it strangely exciting knowing her grandson was turned on by her body. She sternly asked him one more time. “What can I do to help you?! All you have to do is tell me and I’ll do it!”

Chris’s pain had started to subside a little bit and he was able to pull himself onto a chair by the kitchen table. He told his sexy grandmother. “It’s okay, I think the pain is going away but I have to cum or else the next time the pain will be worse. I think maybe you should go ahead and take me to Aunt Deanna’s. She knows how to help me.”

“It’s only 12:30 PM; she’s probably not even there yet. What does she do that I can’t do? Just tell me what to do and I’ll do it.” Felicia asked again.

Not knowing any simple way to explain it to her, he stammered to his grandmother. “You have to, uh, uh, uh, help me cum. I, I, I, I know it’s weird but it’s the only way to make the pain go away.”

Upon hearing her grandson’s words, she laughed out loud and said. “Is that all? Shit, I thought I would have to do something I didn’t know anything about. Hell boy, I’ve been making men cum for most of my life. Well, do you want me to do it here in the kitchen or shall we adjourn to the living room?”

Deciding the living room would be a better place; Chris rose from his chair and walked gingerly to the living room. He sat down on the couch and was surprised to see his grandmother had not followed him. He didn’t know it but he was in for the surprise of his life.

Sitting there with his half-hard cock in his hand, he couldn’t believe it when Felicia came into the room totally naked. His cock began to lurch when he saw her. He noticed her big tits had very little sag to them and he could see a thick patch of dark hair between her legs. He thought she was even more beautiful naked than she was with her clothes on.

Before he could tell her how beautiful he thought she was, his grandmother told him. “Before you say a word, I figured since I’ve already seen you naked it was only fair for you see me. Just don’t make fun of your old grandma’s body.”

Chris bellowed out! “Grandma I would never make fun of you, besides, you’re not old! I think you are absolutely gorgeous! Any man would!”

“Aww you’re just saying that. What would a man one with this old body?” She asked her grandson.

Grabbing his cock with his right hand, he shook it at her and said. “Why don’t you come over here and find out?”

Felicia went to her grandson and knelt between his legs. She started to slowly stroke his big cock and lovingly kiss the dark purple head of it. When Chris began to moan at the pleasure he was receiving, it excited her and she started sucking his cock in earnest.

With his grandmother sucking his cock like a pro, Chris began thrusting his hips hard and fast into her willing mouth. It wasn’t long before she was swallowing almost all of his painful throbbing cock. Each time he thrust himself into Felicia’s mouth he would grunt approvingly.

Feeling herself getting wet between her legs, Felicia began rubbing her drenched pussy. Before long she was rubbing herself almost as furiously as Chris was hammering his big cock into her mouth. Felicia’s head was aggressively bobbing up and down the length of his cock while her expert tongue was driving her grandson wild with lust.

While Felicia loved the pleasure she was giving herself, she wanted more. Raising her head from her grandson’s mammoth cock, maltepe escort she looked up at him and said. “Do you think you could grant your grandma one request?”

“Of course, what would your one request be?” Chris answered.

“I would like for you to fuck me like the whore I am! I want your big fat fuck stick deep inside of me!” Felicia growled!

Taking charge, Chris ordered his grandmother to get on all fours. Coming up behind her, he placed his cock at the entrance of her hairy snatch. He decided to tease her a little bit and pushed the head of his cock just a little way inside of Felicia’s inviting cunt. He would leave it nestled inside of her for a few seconds and then he would pull out.

His teasing was driving his grandmother wild. He had barely pulled the head of his cock in and out of her well lubricated pussy only a few times when she turned her head and yelled at him. “Goddamn it you big dicked sonofabitch, stop playing with me and fuck me hard! Fuck me, I need you all of the way inside of me now!”

Chris pulled out one last time and immediately slammed his massive cock all of the way inside her. Felicia squealed out in pleasure when her hot cunt engulfed his mighty prick. She had never felt so full. It would not take long for her to find out her grandson knew exactly how to use his powerful tool.

He grabbed his grandmother by the ass and began knifing her searing wet cunt with his hard swollen cock over and over again. She was flinging her head wildly, and each time he slammed his cock into her, her gigantic tits would flop up and hit her in the face hard. She feared she might end up with two black eyes.

It wasn’t long before Felicia was slamming her ass back against her grandson as he thrust himself into her. She loved every thrilling minute of pleasure his massive cock was giving her. With each vicious thrust of his cock, she tried to pull him deeper inside of her. For his part, Chris was trying to accommodate her every wish.

Lost in animalistic lust, she screamed out! “Harder, fuck your grandma harder! Make me your whore!”

When his grandmother screamed out, ‘Make me your whore’ it sent Chris to another level. He immediately pulled his cock out of her and flipped her over on her back. With her legs spread wide Chris drove his cock back inside of his grandmother’s pussy. She thought he was trying to fuck her through the floor.

Every time he slammed his cock into her, she grunted. “Ugh, ugh, ugh,”

No one had ever thoroughly fucked her the way her young virile grandson was fucking her now. Each time he slammed his massive cock into her soaking pussy, her ass would slide a few inches across the carpeted living room floor. She knew she was going to be sore tomorrow but she didn’t care, she knew the pleasure she was receiving right now would be worth it.

Their intense fuck session was coming to an end quickly. Both of them were getting real close to cumming. Felicia could feel the big thick veins in his cock pulsing inside of her cunt and she knew he would cum soon. She thrust her pelvis up hard to meet his vicious downward thrusts. She wanted them to cum together.

The speed and force of Chris’s thrusts were increasing at an exponential rate. With each vicious thrust, Chris was coming closer to filling his grandmother’s pussy with his calescent seed.

Chris bent down and started nibbling on Felicia’s sensitive left nipple, it was just what she needed to send her into a tremendous orgasm. She screamed out in pleasure! “Yesss, yesss, yesss, it’s happening, don’t stop now! Oohh nooo, Iiiiieeeee! Yessssssss!!”

The sexy grandmother’s body became taut and she began shaking uncontrollably as a massive orgasm flowed through her body. Felicia’s body began to tingle all over.

When Felicia orgasmed, her pussy gripped Chris’s cock tightly and her juices began flowing like a river. Almost immediately, Chris began spewing his hot milky cum into his grandmother’s already overflowing cunt.

When his cock began spurting, Chris bellowed out! “Here it comes grandma; I’m cumming in your wet puussssy!”

When the first shot of his scalding cum splayed against the inside walls of her flooded pussy, she hissed. “Give it to meeeeee! It feels soooon gooooooood!”

Finally, after his cock stopped spurting, he collapsed onto his grandmother’s huge tits. He began kissing his grandmother passionately while the orgasm she was experiencing flowed through her body. When the spasms eventually started to subside, he kissed her one last time and rolled off and lay beside her.

He told her. “You are one amazing woman grams. I think I shot out more cum in you than I did last night when I fucked Aunt Deanna.”

Felicia snapped back to reality quick when she suddenly thought of the repercussion of her grandson cumming in her pussy. She had not taken birth control pills in years. When she did have sex with someone, she always made sure he wore a condom. While it was highly unlikely she was still fertile, there was still a one in a million chance.

She kartal escort jumped up and exclaimed. “Oh shit, I hope your mama has a douche! I’ve got to clean myself up quickly! I’m too old to be a mother again!”

When she reached the base of the stairs on her way to Carol’s bedroom, it dawned on her the last sentence Chris had spoken. She wondered if she had heard him right so she turned to him and asked. “What was that? Did I hear you right? Did you say you fucked your Aunt Deanna last night?”

Immediately, Chris knew he had fucked up. He was stammering when he tried to answer her. “Uh, uh, uh, yes ma’am.”

“How in the hell did that happen? Wait a minute; I’m going to go ahead and get cleaned up. When I get back, you are going to tell me everything that’s transpired over the last couple of days. Do you understand me?”

Chris nodded to his grandmother that he understood. Confused, she went upstairs to clean her nasty pussy from the vicious fucking she had just received. The last thing on earth she needed was to become pregnant by her grandson.

Chris decided to clean the living room while Felicia was upstairs. When he was finished, he went into the kitchen to get something to drink. He was bent over and looking in the refrigerator for something to drink, when his grandmother came up from behind him, slapped him on the ass, and said. “Alright mister, it’s time to tell me exactly what’s going on. I want to know everything, you understand?”

Chris turned around and was stunned to see Felicia had changed into one of his mother’s sundresses. While Felicia and her daughter had similar body types, the one major difference was Felicia had humongous tits. Her tits were practically spilling out of the top of the dress she had chosen to wear.

Chris immediately asked her. “Grandma you looked absolutely ravishing, but are you sure you want to wear that exact dress when you take me to Aunt Deanna’s?”

After the powerful fucking she had just received, Felicia was feeling naughty. Knowing she looked quite provocative, she decided to toy with Chris a little bit when she answered him back. “I most certainly do, get your sperm sample and let’s get on our way. You said I and look ravishing, besides, what’s wrong with dress?”

Beginning to stammer again, Chris told her. “It’s just, it’s just, you look so sexy and beautiful and well, I, I’m afraid we won’t make it to Aunt Deanna’s office without me getting a hard-on again. As a matter of fact, it feels like I’m getting one now.”

Felicia jokingly told her grandson. “Well then, you better get your ass in the car because I’m not sure I could handle another go at your fine cock right now. As it is, right now, not only is my pussy sore but my ass feels like it is on fire from the carpet burns. You can tell me about everything that’s transpired the last couple of days while we are on our way.”

After leaving the house, Chris explained to Felicia everything he knew about his condition. He tried to leave out all of the nasty details but she would have none of it. Finally, she blurted out! “If you don’t tell me everything I want to know I’m going to stop this car, pull your cock out and play with it until it gets so hard you hurt! Do you understand me young man?!”

Realizing he had no choice, Chris told her about the office visit at Deanna’s and then explained with his little detail as possible, about the event the night before with his mother and aunt. She was finding his story extremely erotic. Chris noticed his grandmother turning flush and watched as tiny beads of sweat began to form on the top of her mountainous breasts.

He could feel his cock hardening again. Luckily his grandmother was turning in the drive of his aunt’s office. His cunning grandmother’s plan was working. She wanted him to be fully hard when they arrived so she could watch her beautiful daughter examine him. She knew; after what had happened with her grandson earlier in the morning, she would get to the bottom of what had been going on during the last couple of days.

After she parked the car, Chris told his grandmother. “I’ll be fine grandma; you don’t have to come with me inside. I’m sure Aunt Deanna will give me a ride home when she through examining me.”

“Listen, after what happened back at the house, you don’t need to call me grandma anymore. From now on you can call me Felicia. Let’s get going because I need to talk to Deanna about something anyway.” Felicia told her grandson.

The two of them exited the car and went in the back door of Deanna’s office. Deanna’s nurse, Holly, was just leaving. She put her index finger seductively on Chris’s chest and said. “Remember, if you need some help, be sure to call me, I promise to come running. By the way, your aunt is in her office waiting on you. Uh, Oh, I almost forgot, did you bring your sample with you? I need to drop it off at the lab on my way home.”

Felicia gave the beautiful young nurse a nasty look and handed her Chris’s sperm sample. Grabbing Chris by the arm, Felicia pulled him down the hallway toward Deanna’s office. Chris’s cock was about to bust the buttons on his jeans, it was so hard. He was already getting hard before they entered the back door of his aunt’s office, but after Holly teased him, it was now as hard, as a piece of steel.

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