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Are you tired? Yeah, me neither. I was thinking about us doing something… really? You knew? You are so astute. Hmm—do you think me taking my shirt off and pressing my chest against your bare back and grabbing your groin had something to do with it? No, it’s okay. You don’t have to caress me. Just lay back. Let me just take care of things tonight. Here, let me help you with your clothes. Yep, these sweatpants and shirt have got to go. Do you like my nightware? It’s much, much cheaper than Victoria Secret. I received this from a divine source… do you approve? Let’s see under your ware… oh, yes, I guess you do. This little man is not so little right now. But I can still fit him in my mouth… mmm tasty. It’s like an all-night sucker. … Oh, I guess I’m the sucker, aren’t I? My friend and I would always argue about which is better—vanilla or chocolate. … this is my favorite flavor. Is it yours? I guess you wouldn’t know… what? You DO know what your favorite flavor is? But you don’t get a Popsicle. No, you’ll have to be content with a bowl. Oh, that’s what you prefer?

Now, which do you prefer, an innie or an outie—no, I mean bowls. I’ve got two outie bowls for you or one innie bowl. Oh, some of each? Here—no, just lay there—let me give you one of my outies. Here, just cup them. Yeah, just squeeze that nipple a bit… tongue the other… yes. Let me reach down… see, you fit right between my legs. I can just put that little man between my thighs. Oh, I love you to lick my nipples… my breasts are so round and firm when they are held by you… do you like them? How badly do you want them? All over? Okay, but no grabbing, okay?

Here, let’s just give you a massage, a very soft massage. A nipple massage. Ready? Here they go, brushing your forehead. Whoops, I slipped. How did your face get wedged between those breasts like that? Can you breathe? What? You don’t care? I’m sure you will eventually… at least you’d die happy? Well, I’d rather keep you active, please. Now we move to your shoulders, and stroke them there. Here we are at your chest—I wonder if we can put my nipples on yours? Oops, they slipped. Let’s try again. What? You like seeing them hang there? You ankara eryaman escortlar are just too flattering tonight! I’ll have to kiss you for that. Darn, I missed again! How… did… that… darn… nipple … get…in … your… mouth…? I…can’t…train…them…at…all. Perhaps… nipple obedience school. Oh, are you training them? Yes, and you’ve done a wonderful job—they stand right up at your command. All it takes is a couple strokes.

Speaking of strokes, I was in the middle of something… oh right, the special massage. Of course, if you keep up… this kind of… horseplay—oh, excuse me, tongueplay—I’ll be too sore to continue. There, I knew that would get you to stop. Now, let’s see, where was I? Ah, yes, your nipples. Well, I wasn’t successful in getting my nipples to stay on yours, so let’s move them down to your stomach…. A couple strokes… what are these? Much too small to be nipples—I mean, look at mine! No, they must be buttons. Let me press them. Oooh, look! They stand up! That’s just like my favorite flavor! I wonder if they taste good? Mmmm, they do. Very tasty…. Can’t seem to get enough of them….

And what is this? Oh, the little man wants to hide between the hills! How cute! Okay, we’ll let him pretend for a while… there you go little man. Are you comfortable? No, I wasn’t talking to you, I was talking to him—I know that you’re comfortable. I’m sure he’s fine, it’s just like he’s in between two pillows. Peek-a-boo! Oh, you’re hiding again… Peek-a-boo! He really likes this game, see how excited he is? Okay, little man, we’re going on a ride. Ready? Sweep to the left! Oops, was that right or left? Okay, sweep to the right! Again? Okay… left! Right! Was that fun? I think it was—see how tall you are! Oh, I’m sorry. Was I neglecting you up there? Well, I’ll tell you what—if you like my massages so much, I’ll flip over, and put my breasts on your stomach while I’m kissing the little man—I like him so much! And he so kissable!

There, my breasts are on your stomach. Does that feel good? Good… what? You say that you see something to kiss as well? That’s good—it’s always good to be kissing something. What are you going escort etimesgut to kiss? Oh, my innie! Oh, yes, she is very lonely. She could use some companionship. A little closer… sure… how’s that? Oh, now you can kiss it just right—great. And I can kiss your little man. Uh, mmm.. you ARE kissing, aren’t you? A little nuzzling with the lips…mmm… that’s nice. Oh, that makes her feel so good… I just want to kiss something, too. Oh, am I neglecting my little man? Here, little man, taste my lips…. Not enough? Here’s my tongue…. Oh, I feel that you are using your tongue as well. Just lightly…mmm… your hands on my back… yes, squeeze my buttocks…yes, I AM all wet…. Well, I think my little man isn’t feeling enough affection from me. Do you want to get closer to me? Here, I’ll open up my mouth and we can get really close. Come in me, little man… my favorite taste…. Mmm, you are so slippery and smooth… Yes, dear, you are, too, but I was talking to the little man here…. Trust me, I LOVE what you’re doing…

But the little man here can do it so much better. Nothing against you, I hope you understand… you do? Oh, good. You don’t feel that I’m cheating on you or anything? I didn’t think so. So, let’s turn me around here… no, it’s okay, just keep laying down there. The little man and I just need to talk for a minute. Now, little one, you’re going to help me out. I’ve got this TERRIBLE itch… yes, that big bully there gave it to me… oh, you don’t have to worry little man. I appreciate your sympathy, but you are going to help me scratch it. You are going to be like my back scratcher—except the itch isn’t in the middle of my back. But you don’t have to do anything. I’ll do the scratching—you just be my tool. Okay? Great. First of all, though, we need to moisten you up. You can’t go diving until you’re wearing the right clothes, right? Here we go, here’s some lubrication. Oh, how big you are—I’m sure you’ll get my itch. Well, I think we’re ready. Big guy, how do you feel? You’re okay? Let me get into position…. All right, little man, reach deep…. Mmm… yeah… that’s nice…let’s see if we can go a bit deeper… batıkent escort that’s… just… right…. I’ll squeeze you a bit… are you as far as you can go? No? A bit more? Okay, here’s a couple more squeezes… What? I can’t hear you because this big bully keeps moaning as if he’s being hurt and all I’m doing is sitting on his lap. What? Is that deep enough? Okay, then just stay still, I’m turning around. … there. Here, big guy, close your legs… there. Now, I’m going to rest the weight of my top on my hands on you… oh…don’t move…I’ll… do the work…ah… yes… I feel you so deep within me… yes… my itch… is so strong now… please fix it… oh, little man… I don’t think you can get it.

I really need this itch fixed. It’s terrible. Come on, big guy. I think we’ll need your help after all. How can you help? Well, we can think of something. First, let me just slip off of you… oh, do you like that? Whoops, I slipped back. Darn, let me try again… whoops. I didn’t think it would be so hard to get off of your lap. Here, let me lay down on you and I’ll just sneak up… oh, you sneak…oh… You pushed yourself deeper again…and again… Tsk, tsk… I thought you were a J. I thought we were just working toward a completion here… oh, my…Oh, I see. .. You’re learning about enjoying the process… this process works for me… don’t stop…My breasts smothering you… lick them, please… caress my nipples… yes… you slipping in and out of me… please, don’t stop…your hands on my bottom… and the other on my head… faster… yes…that’s right…. ah, ah…. Ohhh.

There. I’m breathing heavy now. You’re slowing down. Did you go? No? Well, what do you want of me? Just to hold me? Sure, I can handle that. Can you breathe okay? Good. Oh, yeah, that was great. Again? Well, maybe in a bit. It’s nice just to have me filled with you. Feel that? Yeah, I can make it pretty tight down there. Do you like me to squeeze and release and squeeze—like this?… Or do you prefer just the long squeeze, like this… Back and forth, huh? Oh, yeah. You like the long squeeze when you are coming in and out. So, go on. Yeah, stroke yourself in me. Yeah. Feel it? Go ahead, close your eyes. I’m all around you. Feel me surround you. Feel my breasts on you. Push yourself deeper. Oh, yeah, you feel so good in me. Do you feel my mouth surrounding you? With every move I am licking all over you. Come on… please… yes, again… don’t stop. Ohh, yes….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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