Plenty For All

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April and Allen lived with his father, Frank, on a farm that was half hers and half his father’s. Still in their early twenties, they had been married a couple of years. They had grown up knowing each other all their lives. They lived on neighboring farms and had played together since they were kids. Neither one had ever even dated another person. They were playmates from as long as they could remember. It was with each other that they learned about the world. From the days of; I will show you mine if you will show me yours, to the day they first had sex they were always together.

They made a handsome couple. She grew up to be a tall girl with long pretty legs, long brown hair, and eyes to match. Her ass looked well in a pair of jeans and her breasts stood high on her chest. It was really an eye full when she wore Allen’s shirt tied under her breasts without a bra, which was the way she dressed more often than not.

Allen was over 6 feet tall and weighted over two hundred pounds. He also had brown hair and eyes. Many women had looked at him and wished they could swap places with April, if only for a night. He worked for a pharmaceutical company and was gone most of the week. He had been fucking April since they were teenagers and had only strayed a couple of times when he was gone all week. April didn’t know about them, but was pretty sure that he had plenty opportunities. If she had ask him about them he would have told her. They were close enough that something like another person was not going to come between them.

Frank was in his early forties and looked years younger. He looked a lot like his son, maybe a little larger. His family and April’s family had always been good friends. Actually they were more than friends. The two couples had swap wives and husbands before the kids were born, and continued to up till their death. Allen and April had been out on a date, and the two couples met at their place for some fun and games. A gas explosion had totally destroyed their home and killed April’s mother and father and his wife. Frank had gone after some beer when the explosion occurred, thus he was spared.

April and Allen had been planing on marrying anyway so they went ahead and hurried it up. They moved in with Frank after the honeymoon. By combining the two farms they had a pretty large spread. Frank had seen so much of April all her life that she seemed like she was his daughter. They got along better than most in-laws did. Frank didn’t know that the kids knew about the swapping that went on between the families, but April saw her mother and Frank together and told Allen. They started watching and before long figured out what was going on. By this time April and Allen were having sex at least once a day.

The kids loved to ride their horses. They would race up and down one of the valleys that were more than a mile long. At one end, where the trees started, was a small steam. This was where the race usually ended, and where the sex took place.

April loved to feel the muscles of the powerful horse under her. She wanted to ride him naked without a saddle, but Allen was afraid someone would see them and tell his folks. The feel of the horse always made her horny and she was ready to be fucked as soon as the race was over. This didn’t stop when they married. Only now she would ride naked sometime when Allen was away.

She had a wonderful personality. She was always smiling and happy. Her out going spirit kept the men of the house in good spirits also. She and Frank took care of the cattle farm and Allen worked as a salesman. She loved her father-in-law almost as much as she loved her husband. She didn’t think anything about being around him in her nightgown or the skimpy bikini she often wore. She knew that he loved seeing her body even though he never said anything, and she didn’t mind him looking.

They included Frank in most everything they did. If they went out to dinner and dancing he was asked to go. Sometimes he refused and let them have the night out alone. More often than not after they insisted he would go with them. April loved to dance, fast, slow; it didn’t make her any difference. Allen danced some but he didn’t care much for it and let his father who loved dancing as much as April take his place with her. He was content to sit and sip on his drink and people watch. He didn’t tell her but he liked it when she danced with other men, especially with his father. He would have to have been a fool not to notice the condition she left Frank in after a night of dancing. He wondered if she had ever thought about sleeping with his father while he was gone during the week.

April and her father-in-law made a good dance couple. Her enthusiasm wore off on him during the fast dances. During the slow dances she moved into his arms as she would Allen’s. She liked to feel his arms around her as she rested her head against his chest. She could feel him from head to toe touching her. She knew that he sometimes got a hard on from her being so close, but it didn’t bother her. That ataşehir escort bayan was just the way men got when she danced with them.

The first time it happened, Frank tried to pull away from her before she realized what was happing. She had felt him getting hard like the others she danced with. When he pulled a way to put some distance between them, she just moved closer to him. She looked up in his eyes and saw him looking at her with a look in his eyes that she had seen in Allen’s. She pulled his head down and whispered in his ear. “It’s ok, I don’t mind. You feel good holding me. Just enjoy the feeling of touching each other.” She raised up on her toes and moved her body till the head of his cock was resting against the opening of her cunt Whispering in his ear she said, “we both might find something we like. ”From that time on when ever they danced he would pull her tight against his body and let her feel his hard cock touching her. She never backed up or stopped him.

Around the house it was the same way, She dressed to please the men. When she kissed Frank bye or hello she kissed him on the lips. She didn’t give him the tongue treatment that she gave Allen but more than most daughter-in-laws gave their father-in-law. She had her two men and she loved them both. She had oftener wondered what it would be like to sleep with Frank. She remembered what he had looked like when he was fucking her mother and wondered how different he would be than Allen. She had never cheated on her husband, but if he were willing she would sure like to help take care of Franks needs.

Allen was a satisfied man. He had the only girl he had ever wanted for a wife. His sex life was complete. She never failed to satisfy him in bed, and her enthusiasm for life carried over in the bedroom. They still made love down by the stream when they could get away. He wasn’t jealous of her at all. He knew that she had never cheated on him. If she were going to take on another man she would tell him.

He watched her around his father. He was glad that they got along as well as they did. He knew that she often had the effect of leaving Frank with a hard cock after dancing with her. Hell, she did that to every male she touched. He watched her when she was in the house. She didn’t go out of her way to dress sexy in front of them, but at the same time she didn’t try to hide what she was so blessed with from them. When he left them alone each week he wasn’t worried about them doing something between them. If she were so inclined then she would let him know.

He knew that Frank had been swapping wives with April’s father. Since the accident he hadn’t even been with another woman. It was like he was feeling guilty for them dying and he was still alive.

He also knew that his father loved April and would not do anything to hurt her. Now taking her to bed was another matter. It was April that would keep them apart, not his father.

Frank, like any other man could not help but look at her. Her large breasts tied up in one of Allen’s shirts with no bra on, always turned him on. When he danced with her it was like dancing with her mother once again. When she wouldn’t let him pull away when dancing, it just made him love her more. He had to think of taking her to bed. No man could be this close and not have that desire. He would never do anything to hurt her or his son, but if they didn’t mind then he sure would like to feel her long legs wrapped around him. It was a fantasy that he had, but thought would never come to pass.

Several days each week April would saddle her horse and go for a ride. Most of the time she rode alone. If Frank rode with her they usually rode back down toward his old farm. If she was alone she headed for the stream where she and Allen had always had so much fun. Prince, her horse, was over 16 hands high, and coal black. He loved her as much as the men. Each day he greeted her when she went to the barn. He seemed to love their rides as much as April. Once saddled they headed out for the stream. Prince knew the way and seemed in just as big hurry as April to get there.

She would ride him to the stream and dismount. She would unsaddle Prince and take off his bridle. He never roamed off very far, and all she had to do was call and he came running. She spread the blanket that was always behind the saddle, out on the bank of the stream. During the warm weather she would then strip off all her clothes. She loved being out doors completely nude. Allen did also but most of the time he was afraid they might be seen. Being seen didn’t bother her that much. She lay on the blanket and let the hot sun play on her beautiful naked body.

As she did most days she called Prince to her. She climbed upon his broad back and they would gallop for nearly a mile down the valley. At the end they would turn and gallop back. She liked the feel of the wind blowing on her naked body as Prince moved along. She could feel the powerful muscles of his shoulders as they move them along. The feel of his escort kadıköy body was much like the feel of Allen when she wrapped her legs around him during sex. She could feel him quiver with each step.

The naked ride was sexual to her. By the time it was over she had either already cum or she finished herself off before cleaning up in the stream. Sometimes she would be thinking of Allen and at others about Frank. It was the times she thought about Frank that she would cum before the ride was over.

It was on such a day that someone finally saw her. Frank had been looking for cows that had broken through the fence, when he topped a hill and saw Prince galloping down the valley. The horse was easy to recognize, but he had to look twice before he saw that it was April and that she was naked. He sat on his horse and watched as she completed the run and turned back for the stream. She wasn’t close enough for him to see but he knew that she was naked. He turned his horse away before she could see him and made a vow to be there the next time April went for a ride.

Frank watched her for another week. He still wasn’t close enough to see very much, but he could tell that she sometimes would use her fingers to bring herself off. As he watched from a distance he would relieve himself while watching her.

That weekend the three of them went out for dinner. After a good meal they went to their favorite watering hole for a few drinks and dancing. The drinks and the past week of watching were having an effect on Frank. He had hardly taken April in his arms when his cock started getting hard. She stepped back and looked him in the eye, “What brought that on so quick?” He turned red and would have pulled away but she moved back against him before he could.

“Sorry,” he said.

“Oh, It’s alright. I just wondered why it happened so quickly. Usually it’s after several dances before you get so amorance.”

Frank could not get the picture of her riding her horse naked from his mind. He had never seen her naked but he had seen her enough around the house to know what kind of body she had. Each dance with her and his cock just got harder. He tried to think about something else but each time a slow song came on she was back in his arms with her body touching his.

April didn’t know what had come over him. She wasn’t complaining she liked the feel of his cock touching her cunt. If he wanted to be closer to her then she wasn’t going to stop him.

Allen was watching the others dancing and sipping his drinks. He looked at his father and his wife. They were dancing even closer than normal. Each time they came back to the table his father was caring a hard on. He was use to seeing him like this and at first he didn’t think anything about it. As the night wore on Frank seem to always be in worse shape each time. He could see April’s tits and the nipples were hard. Looked like his father was having the same effect on April.

The next song started after the break and Allen danced with his wife. After a fast song they played a slow one and he pulled her into his arms. “You sure have dad in a state tonight.”

April was dancing as close to Allen as she had Frank. She could feel his cock just as hard as his father’s. “I don’t know what happened to him tonight, he started off like that. Doesn’t seem to bother you much since you are in about the same shape.”

“It doesn’t bother me at all. You two have your fun. Just keep in mind that he may be my father but he is still a man and it has been nearly two years sine he has been with a woman. I watch you and know that you have been letting him get away with a lot. Any man still breathing would be sporting a hard after dancing with you.”

“Are you telling me to take care off his needs?”

“No, I’m just telling you that a man can only take so much. If you continue the way you are going then be ready when he finally makes a move.”

“And what am I suppose to do? Do I just stop the way I’ve always been around him?”

“No, just be ready when it happens, and it will happen.”

“I don’t mind taking care of his needs. In fact I think I will enjoy taking care of his needs but how are you going to take it?”

“If it was anyone else I would have a problem, but with dad I know that he cares for you and that you care for him. I know that you spend more time with him than you do with me, and that when a male and female or together that much something may happen.’

“Allen, I want to be perfectly clear on what you are saying. If your father makes a move on me then I plan to fuck him to death. You know that I don’t do anything half way.” She could feel his cock grow harder when she said that. “I have a feeling you are going to like the idea of him between my legs. I have never understood why some men like the idea that another man is fucking his wife.” She moved her cunt against his hard cock and he had to pull away and head to the restroom before he soiled his pants.

The rest of the night she danced with maltepe escort Frank while Allen watched. His cock was hard again after the quick trip to the restroom to relieve the pressure. Frank, on the other hand, was the beneficiary of Allen’s conversation with April. If he thought she had been dancing close before then he was in for a shock. Not only did she keep her cunt against his cock she kept moving it around each time they made a turn. He was so hot that he thought he might cum right there.

The night was coming to a close and Allen went to pay the bill while they shared the last dance. They were on the dark side of the dance floor where no one could see them. She took his hands and moved one to each cheek of her ass, and wrapped hers around his neck. His cock gave another surge as he felt the firm globes under her dress. When his cock jumped she pulled his head down and kissed him. It wasn’t the first time they had kissed but for the first time she opened her month and ran her tongue across his lips. He opened his mouth and they kissed like the lovers they were going to be.

In bed that night, Allen couldn’t get enough of her. They fucked well into the morning. The thought that his father may fuck his wife while he was gone the next week turned him on like nothing ever had before. She was going to have the only other man in her life.

Frank would have slept better if he had known that he was going to have her. He had to masturbate just from the excitement of the night.

Allen left on Monday morning as he always did. As he kissed her bye he whispered, “be careful and enjoy the week. I’ll call later in the week to check on you.”

The week followed just like all the others did. About mid morning she saddled Prince and rode down to the valley by the stream. She stripped the same as she always did before riding Prince down the trail and back.

Frank watched her leave and he quickly saddled his horse and followed her. He watched from the top of the hill as she prepared for her naked ride. He had already made up his mind that this week was going to be different. He rode down the hill to the edge of the woods where she would make the turn to go back, and waited.

April was so excited this morning that she couldn’t wait to get started. The horse under her just made her think what it would be like to have Frank between her legs. She was positive that he would not make a move toward her unless he knew that she wanted him too. She was about to cum before the ride was half over.

She didn’t see Frank until Prince was right on him. They were lest than 10 feet apart when he spoke and she came out of her trance. Even thought she had been thinking about how she was going to get him in bed it was a shock to find him sitting there watching her. “My god Frank! What are you doing here?” There was no where to run and nothing to cover up with. Allen had told her she was going to get caught and now her father-in-law had!

Frank sat on his horse and looked at his beautiful daughter-in-law. He had seen her beautiful breasts through the thin material of her gowns, and in the bikinis she wore. Nothing had prepared him for their beauty uncovered. Her long brown hair was pulled back behind her ears. Her nipples were hard from the thoughts she had been having and now he was looking straight at them.

He was smiling as he said, “I was looking for cows that had gotten out, but it looks like I found Lady Godiver instead. If I had known that you like to ride around like this I would have joined you long ago. I use to ride like that some times a long time ago.”

She turned her horse and started to ride away. She was surprised when he fell in beside her. They didn’t say anything for a long time. She saw him keep looking at her and he wasn’t trying to hide it. “Allen told me that some one was going to catch me. I never knew that it would be his father.”

“I have a confession to make. I saw you last week and just decided to follow you this morning. That was why I was the way I was last Saturday at the dance. I just had to see you up close. I hope you don’t mind.”

“I wondered what set you on fire so quick. I have to say that I enjoyed the dancing more than ever. Why haven’t you made any move before now? We are alone at the house most of the week. You have had plenty of opportunities; I don’t exactly try to cover myself when you are around.”

“I have wanted to many times but I didn’t want to mess up you and Allen. He doesn’t seem to mind when we are together on the dance floor and I know he can see how close we dance. Today I just had to take my chances, and it has been worth it. If I never see you this way again then I will have a beautiful memory of you.”

“What makes you thank you want ever see me like this again? I go riding like this several times a week when the weather is warm.”

“You mean that it’s all right with you if I tag along when you go riding?”

“Frank, I mean more than that.” She moved her horse over next to his, and reaching out she took his hand. She held his hand a moment before bringing it to one of her tits. What he had been admiring from afar was now close enough to touch. Her tit was warm and firm in his hand as he caressed it. He was doing what he had dreamed of doing since she first started having tits.

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