Pleasing my Man

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Separated by some 3,000 miles, I wrote several stories for my girlfriend, hoping to keep us in touch and sexually connected. This and other stories are fiction based on her fantasies and written with her as the first person. I tried using details to evoke visions of what the characters would see, hear, feel, smell and taste—something I believe is missing from most Literotica stories. Although catered to her intimate fantasies, I am sharing them with fellow readers hoping you will also enjoy them.

As a writer, I am always looking to improve my craft and would appreciate feedback, especially from women. I’d like to know what you, the reader, found particularly arousing and what could be improved upon.



I waited in the room anxiously. My Baby was coming back and I so wanted to be with him. I missed him so much. I just wanted to hold him, kiss him and have him do the same to me. I also wanted to show him how much I loved him, how much I missed him and how much I wanted him. I knew just what he, a man wanted. I know how to please a man and never before wanted to please any man as much as I do my Baby. I love a man’s cock. I love to suck on it, I love having it my mouth, pussy and ass. It has been so long that I’ve had a cock and I miss it. I now need it so much, especially known that my man is going to deliver. Rubbing my clit is just not the same as having a man bend me over and fuck me good.

With a loud click, the door opened and my baby stood there. He stepped inside threw aside his bags and walked toward me. I got up and walked toward him. Our lips met in a deep, passionate kiss. His arms wrapped around me, holding me tight. My hands reached around him and I too held tight, never wanting to let go. We kissed and kissed as if time stood still until his mouth trailed away from mine and kissed my cheek. I could feel his hands run down to my ass and with each hand, he grabbed a check tight. I looked up at him and smiled. He wanted me, and there was nothing more I needed than to be wanted, but I also wanted him and to show him just how much.

We looked into each others’ eyes and into our souls, standing there motionless. We didn’t need to say anything, our eyes said it all—how much we loved each other.

His hands pushed me against him and I could feel a lump against ankara eryaman escortlar me and I realized it was his cock, now big and hard. I smiled back at him and gave him a big mischievous grin. Then, I dropped to my knees. Unbuckling his pants, I found his zipper and unzipped his fly, noting the bulge underneath. I then grabbed the top of his pants and underwear, then slid them down. His cock was pushed down, but then popped up when freed by his pants. I grabbed it then opened my mouth, pulled it in, the clamped my lips around his shaft. His cock was warm and hard. I ran my tongue under it, then slowly pulled my head back, then forward, sliding my lips up and down his cock. Reaching around with both hands, I grabbed the cheeks of his ass and pulled him towards me and into my mouth, then fell back in a rocking motion. I looked up at him and our eyes made contact. I looked into his as if to tell and show him just how much he meant to me. He brought his hands alongside my head and held my head, thrusting his hips forward as he pulled my head towards him, sending his cock deep into my mouth. Just as fast, he pulled his hips back and his cock slid out, but I managed to keep its head in, just before he thrust it back in. He face fucked me for a few minutes, then took his shirt off. Grabbing my chin, he pushed my head back and his cock fell out of my mouth.

He kicked off his shoes and pants and lay on the bed. His head was against the headboard in one corner, and his legs spread across the bed with his cock bobbing upward.

I crawled up on the bed slowly, heading up to him between his legs, turned my head and kissed the shaft of his cock. I grabbed it pulled it back towards me, its head now just below my mouth, then I put his head against my lips and ran its tip, enjoying the feeling of his hard cock over my lips. I stuck my tongue out and ran it over his head, licking it like an ice cream cone. A drop of clear fluid appeared at the slit on its tip. It was precum and I ran my tongue over it, then back inside my mouth to better taste its salty flavor. The taste sent shock waves through me, all the way down to my clit. Then I stuck my tongue out and drilled into the hole on his cock trying to get more. I wrapped his cock with my thumb and forefinger, sliding it up the length of its shaft, milking escort etimesgut him. I was rewarded by a trickle that came out and almost ran over his head, before I smothered his cock with my mouth. As I pulled back, I was slurping my spit and precum off his cock before riding my mouth up and down its length some more.

I looked up at my Baby, his head was back and eyes closed. His chest rose and fell quickly with every breath. I ran my hand down between his legs and played with his balls with the tips of my fingers. I then lifted them up and ran my mouth down his shaft, all the way to his balls and began lick them as my hand ran up the head of his cock, stroking it. I lifted his balls up and licked under them and he lifted up his legs to give me further access. I continued to lick his balls, then slowly ran my hand down between the cheeks of his ass along his crack. I could feel the soft spot I knew was his asshole and placed my finger tip on it, then began to wiggle it around. I then spit out under his balls and watched the saliva run down his crack to my awaiting finger. Now lubricated, I began to circle his hole, while light pressing against it. He spread his legs and lifted them further to give me better access and I pressed further, slowly working my finger inside his hole. He was tight and it required a lot of pressure before I could get my finger inside. Once in, I began to wiggle it around and slide it in and out. I could hear his breathing increase as I finger fucked his asshole.

I ran my mouth back up his shaft, kissing and sucking along the way, until reaching his head and slid it back inside my mouth where my tongue readily danced on and around it. I sucked hard, making slurping noises as my lips slid over the rim of his head. Back and forth, up and down. I was going fast now as I knew he was getting close to cumming.

I shoved another finger in his ass and his sphincter resisted the intrusion, but I succeeded and then pushed in hard, driving my fingers deep. He pushed back and delivered me a nice groan of pleasure, letting me know how much he enjoyed what I was doing. I slide my fingers in and out and then came up with a wicked idea. I pulled my fingers out and slid my mouth off his cock and jumped off the bed. He looked down to see what batıkent escort was going on.

“Stroke it,” I told him. “I want to see you stroke your cock and jerk off.”

He grabbed the head of his cock with his hand and circled it, then began a rhythmic motion up and down. As I watched, I found my bag and pulled out a toy. I intended him to use it on me, but first, I was going to use it on him. Placing lube over the ball at the end, I smeared it all over, coating it well. Jumping back on the bed I held the tip of the toy between his ass cheeks and pushed. He felt it trying to enter his backside and rotated his pelvis upward to meet it. I pushed it harder against his asshole, but it went nowhere. He dropped his cock, then reached down to pull has ass apart and spread his crack wide open. I pushed hard and watched his asshole get pushed in, then the ball at the end popped inside. Gently, I pushed it in further and watched it inch up inside his asshole as he moaned more. Sliding up further on the bed, I grabbed his cock and began to suck it as hard as I could, riding my mouth up and down until it hit the back of my throat as I ran my tongue along its shaft and around his head. My free hand now tightly wrapped the base of his cock and tightened as I ran the shaft of the toy in and out of his ass.

His breathing grew faster, then nearly stopped as he tensed up and arched his back. His balls crawled up inside and his sack tightened. His cock began to swell as the shaft began fill with his cum as it shot upward. I pulled my mouth off and quickly ran my hand around the rim of head and stroked as I watched a rope of thick white cum get launched across his chest. I watched his balls convulse again as the base of his cock reloaded with cum and rose up its length and shot another load across his chest, even further this time. Two more loads were ejected before he could grab my hand to stop it from moving around his now super sensitive head. I let go and he fell back like a rag doll, totally limp and spent. The hole at the tip of his cock was filled with white cum, resembling Elmer’s Glue. I gave it a kiss and slid the head back in my mouth, tasting his cum. It was much stronger and better than his precum and turned me on more.

I got up from the bed and as I moved, could feel the slippery wetness between my legs. Looking down, there was a wet spot on my pants. Never before could I recall being so wet, but never before have I blown a man with such intensity.

Now pleased with myself that I delivered for my man, it was now my turn for him to do me and take care of my sopping wet pussy.

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