Playing with Their Toys

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Authors Note/ I’m just going to say this now because I know eventually someone is going to leave a comment against incest. I am not going to be reading any negative comments that you leave and if you haven’t noticed it hasn’t deterred anyone from posting these stories so really you’re doing no good. I just don’t see the point in you preaching in my comments section.


Anna sat in front of her computer, looking out of her apartment window, waiting anxiously for the first sight of the delivery man. Anna had ordered two day shipping for her package so she could control the day she would get it. She ordered it on Wednesday so she could receive it on Friday when the apartment, which she shared with her brother, would be empty. Anna had made sure of that by buying him tickets for a concert by a local band. He had been somewhat suspicious of the gift but had accepted it when Anna had explained that she had won them on a radio show. It really wasn’t a lie she had won them and she was grateful for what he had done for her. After their parents had died last year her brother Mark had taken her into his home and become her legal guardian. At sixteen she couldn’t legally take control of the part of the estate her parents had left her in their will so Mark, who was 21 at the time, took it over for her.

Now two years later she was 18 and still living with Mark and for all that he was a great brother he was very over protective. He didn’t allow her to date unless he went with them which meant, much to Anna’s chagrin, that she had never gotten past making out with a guy. She knew Mark couldn’t be getting any either because he never stayed out at night or had a girlfriend. Anna’s raging teenage hormones combined with her frustration over her brother’s rules had led her to, what she considered, a drastic measure. She had spent hours scouring the internet for the perfect products to help her deal with her problems.

Around Five o’clock Anna looked out of her window and saw the delivery man pull up to the buildings, his huge brown truck dwarfing the cars parked next to it. Anna jumped up from the desk and ran for the door grabbing a bag of garbage to take to the dumpster on her way to intercept the delivery man. She ran down the stairs taking them three at a time and slowed down when she caught sight of the truck. Anna walked past it and ran into the delivery man as he stepped out of the side door. The package he was holding flew into the air as he stumbled backwards. Anna reached out her hands and caught the package as it fell. She turned it over and read her name on the label then smiled at the delivery man.

“If you don’t mind I’ll take this now, “Anna told him. “It’s addressed to me.”

The delivery man shrugged his shoulders. “Do you have an ID?” he asked. Anna pulled it from her pocket and showed it to him. He looked from her to the picture then gave it back to her. “Have a nice day.” he said simply before hopping back onto his truck and driving away. Anna tucked the package under her arm and dropped the bag into the dumpster before heading back into the apartment.

Once inside she locked all three locks on the door and brought the package to the kitchen table. Anna grabbed some scissors and her cell phone from the counter. Then sat down at the table and called her brother. Anna fidgeted as she waited for him to pick up on the other end.

“Hello?” came the question from the other end of the connection.

“Hey Mark.” Anna answered.

“What’s up?”

“Nothing I was just calling to see if you had made it to the concert yet.” Anna asked him.

“I’m on my way now. I just picked Luke up.”

“I’ll probably be in bed asleep when you get home tonight so try to be quiet.”

Mark laughed into the phone. “I’m sure I’ll just pass out on the couch. I’ll see you in the morning then Anna.”

“Alright, bye.”

“See yah.”

Anna snapped her phone shut then put it down next to the scissors on the table. She took the scissors up and opened the box in front of her, her heart racing in anticipation. Anna reached into the box and pulled out the ataşehir escort first thing that her fingers touched. Her eyes grew wide as she took the purple vibrator in her hands. It was a lot bigger than she had imagined from the pictures. The plastic that it was packaged in contoured to the curves of the clear glass like plastic. Before she opened it Anna set it aside to find what else was in the box. Next she lifted out a pink vibrator with a dolphin pointing out of its base that was designed to vibrate against her clit. Anna looked closely at the dolphin and giggled at the thought of the silly design. Unlike the last toy this one was smaller and she wasn’t as intimidated by it. She set it aside and reached into the box to pull out the last item. It was a small blue bullet vibrator the size of her thumb.

Anna tore into the packages and put them back in the box closing it and taking everything into her room. She slid the box under the bed and lay each of the toys on her pink comforter. Next Anna put batteries into the purple vibrator and turned it on. She nearly dropped it as it kicked into life. The tip of it lit up and the whole thing shook all over. Anna turned it off and set it down on the bed. She picked up the pink vibrator and after putting batteries in it turned it on. She took in a breath as she watched the pink shaft move in small circles. Anna hit more buttons and watched as the circles grew bigger and the dolphin began to vibrate. She turned it off and set it down picking up the small bullet. Anna pressed the black button on the top and cupped it in her hand as it shook around. She bit her red lip and shut it off placing it with the others.

Anna stood up and stripped off her clothes folding them and putting them on the chair by her door. She looked at herself in the full length mirror on her wall. Her red hair was curly and just brushed her naked shoulders, freckles dusted her milky skin. Her green eyes roamed farther down her body to her perky 34C breasts to her slim stomach then to her shaved pussy. Anna ran her fingers over her nipples; her pussy tingling as she gently touched them. She knew that her pussy was nearly dripping with her juices. She resisted the urge to touch it and instead dimmed her lights and shut her bedroom door. Anna turned on a CD then lay down on her bed the silk of her comforter sending shivers up her sides. She lined the three vibrator’s up on her bedside table and looked between them trying to decide where to start. In the end she decided to go from smallest to biggest.

Anna spread her legs and opened her pussy with her left hand and turned on the bullet vibrator. She tickled her clit with the middle finger and put the blue vibrator against her right nipple. Anna took in a sharp breath again then when her nipple was sticking out as far as it could she moved the vibrator to the other nipple. She slid her finger farther into her tingling pussy and was surprised at how wet it was. She had never made herself this wet with just her fingers and the shower head. Anna knew it was time and moved the small toy down between her legs. She ran it along her inner thighs then over her pussy lips before finally opening her lips all the way and placing it over her clit. Anna let out a loud moan. “Oh god!” she cried as she was taken over with an amazing orgasm. She shut the vibrator off and lay her head back trying to catch her breath. Her breasts rose up and down as she gasped for air. Anna traded out the smallest vibrator for the middle sized one that had the clit stimulator.

She took a deep breath as she slid it between her pussy lips and placed it against her hole. She had never had anything bigger than her finger in there and although she had broken her hymen months before she was still scared it would hurt. Holding her breath she pushed it in slowly until the dolphin’s nose was touching her clit. Her pussy hole stung as it expanded to fit the toy. Anna lay back and waited for it to stop stinging before pressing the button that controlled the shaft of the toy. It began to wiggle touching every crevasse inside of her. She turned the dolphin on its lowest setting kadıköy escort bayan and lay back on her bed the toy moving around inside of her pussy.

Mark cursed as he fumbled with the keys and locks in the near darkness of the hallway outside his apartment. After the concert had been cancelled for what he was sure was some ridiculous reason he had dropped Luke off and decided to just come home early. He was surprised that Anna had already locked the door at six o’clock. He ran his hand through his dark red hair and squinted his green eyes at the locks in the dimming light. He was just as frustrated about missing a chance to have sex as he was missing the concert. Since Anna had come to live with him he hadn’t been with a woman other than the occasional blow job or hand job in a dark theater or bar. He didn’t feel right telling his sister she couldn’t even go on dates when he was out fucking anything he wanted. Thanks to his muscular build and easygoing demeanor women practically threw themselves at him. He refused most of them except when he was frustrated from looking at his sister walk around their apartment all week in short gym shorts and tank tops that her breasts were nearly falling out of. Hell any man would get a hard on if they saw it he thought. That was why he had stopped having his friends over.

When he finally got the door unlocked he opened it to find it just as dark inside the apartment. Mark reached over and turned the light on looking around for Anna. He didn’t see her anywhere and everything looked just as it was when he left that morning except for a pair of scissors sitting out of the table. “She must be in her room.” Mark said to himself as he headed to the bathroom. After he had pissed in the toilet he stripped off his shift and threw it into the laundry basket to wash later. He considered taking off his pants also but decided to check on Anna first, to see if she was sick or just asleep.

As he go closer to Anna’s room he could hear music and under that the sound of soft buzzing. Mark leaned his ear against the door, his eyebrows scrunched together as he tried to decipher what he was hearing. The buzzing grew louder and he heard a deep throaty moan and several short grunts. Mark’s head jerked back and his hand went immediately to the door handle. Someone was in their fucking his sister and he was going to beat the shit out of who ever it was.

Mark yanked the door open and stepped into Anna’s room. His anger quickly turned to shock when he saw not a man in bed with her but instead his sister alone with her fingers pinching her nipples and a pink toy sticking out of her dripping pussy. The silk bedding under her was dark with a mixture of her perspiration and cum.

Anna looked up at Mark as he stood in the doorway, her fingers frozen, the moan that had been coming from her lips halted, the vibrator still working away in her pussy. The vibrator’s circling head rubbed against her g-spot and Anna threw her head back in ecstasy as she came. The vibrator slipped out of her pussy and lay of the bed wriggling back and forth. Mark stepped into the room, picked it up from the bed and shut it off.

Anna looked up at him her cheeks burning red and tried to cover herself with the pillows. When she shut her legs Mark was broken from the stupor that he had been in.

“Get out of here!” Anna screamed at him. Mark just looked around and his eyes fell on the unused purple vibrator on her bedside table. His hands were now covered in her juices from the pink vibrator in them which he noticed had a bit of red on the shaft. He set it down on the table and picked the other up then sat down on the bed beside his sister.

“Is this the first time you’ve ever had anything in your pussy?” Mark asked her surprised.

“N-No.” Anna stammered. “I’ve used my fingers before; I broke my hymen a couple months ago.” She couldn’t believe she was sitting here with her brother talking like this with nothing on and her used sex toys in his hands. Anna could feel cum trickling from her pussy and into her ass.

“Did you just get these” Mark asked. Anna nodded escort maltepe her head yes, unable to speak. “Have you used this one yet?” He asked holding up the clear purple vibrator. Anna shook her head no.

“It’s kind of big.” She mumbled looking down.

Mark nodded his head then scooted down farther on the bed his eyes glued on the pillow covering Anna’s pussy. He reached for it, grabbed a hold of the edge and tried to pull it out of her grasp. Anna’s hands tightened around it and held it into place.

“What are you doing?” She asked shrilly fighting him for possession of the pillow.

Mark looked at her still wrestling it from her grip. “I’ve already seen it.” he told her. He let go of the pillow with one hand and began to stroke her knee. “It’s quite beautiful actually.”

Anna tightened her legs and shook off Marks hands. “Go away, I need to clean up.” Her voice was less scared and more annoyed now.

Mark moved his hand higher. “I know you’re going to use this later on tonight.” He said holding the purple vibrator up. “It would feel a lot better if someone else did it for you. I bet that pink one hurt when you first put it in.” Anna didn’t answer and Mark knew it had. He reached for the pillow again and Anna let him pull it away. At the last moment she tried to grab it back but Mark threw it across the room.

“You’re my brother.” Anna pleaded with him.

“It’s not like we’re having sex or anything. I’m just using the vibrator that you bought on you. There’s nothing wrong with that is there?” Mark used the most persuasive voice he could. Anna looked at him and shook her head yes but her eyes said differently. Mark took each of her knees in his large hands and pushed them down on the bed, Anna didn’t resist only moved her hands down to cover her pussy. “If it hurts we can just stop.” Mark told her and pushed hr hands away. He leaned forward and put the vibrator on his sister’s lips. “Suck it to get it wet.” he told her.

Anna’s cheeks burned as she took it into her mouth the jelly vibrator passed through her lips and bulged out her cheeks. She swirled her tongue around it as she looked at her brother. Marks cock twitched in his pants when his eyes met Anna’s. He popped the toy from her mouth and brought it down to her pussy. He slipped it into her lips above her clit and ran it down till he could slip it into her hole. The bulbous head pushed inside of her easily. Mark watched his sisters face as he pushed in the widest part of the vibrator. Anna winced and gripped the sheets in her hands.

Mark turned the knob and the vibrator kicked into life. At the same time he pushed it all the way in until his fingers became lost in the folds of her pussy. Anna grunted loudly and shoved her hips down into the mattress to get away from the vibrator. Mark was unable to resist himself when he lowered his head and spread her pussy lips apart so he could see her clit. He blew on it gently then stuck his tongue out and flicked it over her clit. Mark looked up at his sister and saw her face glowing in ecstasy framed by her two perfect tits. He continued to look at her as he began to suck on her clit and pump the vibrator in and out slowly building up speed. Anna’s body shook in orgasm but Mark continued to lick her clit and pump the vibrator in and out. His cock was straining against his jeans so he reached down and unzipped them letting it free.

Within the next five minutes Anna had another three orgasms. Mark looked up at her when he realized she had stopped moaning and saw that she was passed out. He removed the vibrator and turned it off. Looking down at the mess they had created Mark went into the bathroom and got a warm wet washcloth. He brought it into Anna’s bedroom and washed off her toys and pussy with it. Going to her wardrobe he pulled out a t-shirt and panties and slid them on her. Mark pulled back her covers planning on slipping her under them but noticed that her cum had leaked through the comforter and into the sheets. Shrugging he picked her up in his arms and brought her to his clean bed.

He dimmed the lights and slipped off his pants and boxers, his hard cock popping back up at attention. He slid under the covers with his sleeping sister then decided to pull them back so he could look at his sister while he jacked off.


There is a sequel coming so just wait a bit. Unless you think I shouldn’t, let me know.

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