Persuading Shy Mom to Pose Ch. 03

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My Mother and Catherine remained on their knees. Kissing and fondling each other. Clearly having lost total sexual control with the heat in the room. I could see the sheen of mine and Sean’s cum still on their gorgeous breasts. Their expensive hair styles matted and wet, with a mixture of sweat and their son’s jism. Watching them both kiss deeply, Catherine holding my mother’s sexy naked arse and my mother massaging Catherine’s erect mature nipples, it became obvious that my erection was there to stay. I could see Sean stroking his hard tool also, staring at the two mature women, our ‘classy’ mothers, in a total slutty frenzy.

Sean stood close to the ladies, on the far side of them from me.. His young cock at their faces. My Mother wordlessly broke her kiss from Catherine, and sucked him into her open mouth. Catherine watched her friend suck on her son’s cock, my Mother slowly but wantonly slurping on the young rod. She then decided to help, and began licking her son’s balls. Sean’s eyes were closed, his head thrown back, enjoying the expert oral stimulation from these two gorgeous Moms.

I noticed that my mother was now fingering her own pussy while sucking on my best friend, and Catherine was doing the same. I stood closer, and pressed my cock into my mother’s cheek. She released Sean’s cock, and swallowed mine quickly. Catherine then took her son’s cock deep into her mouth. The taboo naughtiness of having fucked her son and her son’s friend with her best friend obviously became too much for Catherine, and she began to groan loudly with her son’s cock now fucking her mouth. Fingering her own pussy furiously. My mother heard her moans, and took my cock from her mouth and pressed it onto Catherine’s face. She swapped cocks quickly. God she knew how to suck cock. My mother sucked on Catherine’s tits and played with her clit as she began to suck my cock and then Sean’s like a porn star. Swapping with a wanton urgency, indicating a deep seated love of young cock.

The she started to cum, loudly. With her son’s cock in her mouth.

‘Ohhh, fuck Mommy. Suck me.. Suck me.’ Sean moaned, and then started to shoot in her mouth as she had her own orgasm. It was too much for me also, and holding my mother’s sexy gaze, I shot my cum all over the side of her friends face and hair.

I was still feeling shaky when I heard the doorbell. And then the sound of my Father’s sister calling. ‘Gwen? Are you there?’ The doorbell rang again, as we all panicked and threw our clothes on.

‘Oh Fuck’ my mother said ‘I forgot she was coming over to discuss the holiday we are planning.’

Myself, Sean and Catherine ran out of the room before my Aunt Laura could peer in through the curtains and see what we were up to. We reached my room and closed the door. The three of us giggling a bit. We heard my mother open the front door and say she was just about to have a shower, and for Laura to come in.

The three of us, in various states of undress stood by the door listening. I was behind Catherine, Sean was facing her. He began to kiss her and I reached around to her front, and found that she had yet to close her chinos. Their kiss became deeper, and I slid her chinos down her hips. Exposing her gorgeous bare ass. She was holding her panties and bra in her hand. For some reason I found that very sexy.

When my hand reached her clit, she broke her kiss from Sean and turned to me, and met me in a deep kiss. We moved slightly from the door and I released my cock from my jeans. Sean did the same. Just as I heard my mother begin to climb the stairs, I bent Catherine over and while she took her son’s cock into her mouth again, I slid my fat cock into her soaked mature pussy. The three of us were in a silent three-way fuck when my door opened and my mother walked in. She closed the door behind her, and walked towards up. Her cheeks flushed. She stood by Sean, and kissed him deep while I fucked his mother in a steady but hard pace.

My Mother broke the kiss, and turned to me. ‘Your Aunty Laura is downstairs, I told her Catherine was helping you two with some question you two had. I really shouldn’t keep her waiting. I’m going for a shower.’ She stepped towards me and kissed me. Her tongue in my mouth. Warm and soft. Her friends pussy wrapped around my cock, also very warm and soft.

‘I’ll be down soon Gwen.’ Catherine said as my mother began to leave the room. She was stepping out of her chinos now, holding Sean’s cock in her hand and pushing back into me. Her speech was breathless, and full of lust.

‘Good.’ my mother said. ‘I think she wants to discuss swimwear, maybe you could help.’ Then she flashed a smile at the three of us and left, closing the door behind her.

Within seconds, Sean was sitting on the bed. His mother pulled herself off my cock and sat across him, his hard dick sliding straight into her well fucked hole. God she looked so slutty. Naked only from the waist down, riding her son’s cock. Her pretty blonde hair wet with my cum and her escort kartal sweat. I stood beside her and she sucked me into her mouth. She gagged a bit because she tried to deep throat me. It felt incredible.

She pulled my cock from her mouth and looked up at me, as she rode Sean’s cock hard. I knew what she was thinking. I stepped behind her, and she leaned forward onto Sean as he lay back on the bed. Looking over her shoulder at me, she spread her ass cheeks and stared at me hard. Her eyes full of lust and fear too. I tipped her asshole for the second time with my cock. It was soaking wet. Her pussy, her sweat, our cum. This classy older MILF wanted to be double penetrated for the second time in an hour. By her son and her son’s friend. In her son’s friend’s room.

I pressed hard against the hole. It spread slowly. She kissed Sean, moaning into his mouth, afraid that she may scream in pleasure or even pain. Alerting my Aunt to what was really happening up here. My cockhead popped into her tight hole again. She screamed into Sean’s mouth. Then looked back at me.

‘Ohhhhhhhhh Dan… Fuck me up the arse you dirty little bastard.’ she hissed through clenched teeth. A throaty rasping whisper, ‘mmmmmmm, fuck my tight arse. Fuck my pussy Sean. Ohhhhh Fuck me like a whore you two dirty little fuckers!!’

That was all I needed to hear. That, and the extra tight feeling of her arse from Sean’s cock in his mother’s cunt made me start to cum. I pumped her arse full of my young juice. Sean started to cum also. Up his mother’s pussy. Both young son’s filling her holes with hot cum.

This was enough to cause her to orgasm again. For several exquisite seconds, all three of us were in a gorgeous state of joined orgasm. The three of us lay there for a few seconds of post cum bliss, then, when I heard my mother’s shower stop. I pulled out of Catherine’s back hole.

When I did this, she looked back at me, and slowly stood, pulling her son’s cock from her pussy. I could see cum pouring out of her holes. She looked so slutty and sexy. Sean propped himself up on his elbows, looking at this sexy sight.

She looked from my face back to Sean’s several times. Her expression became stern and then she eventually said, ‘I… I don’t want to mention this again boys. This was very, very wrong. I want it to be our secret. OK?’

‘Of course’ I said.

‘Sure Mom’ Sean said. ‘Our secret.’

‘OK…. Good.’ She replied, and then slipped her panties on and then kissed us both on the cheek, and left for what I can only assume was my mother’s shower to clean off.

Myself and Sean said nothing to each other, and he got dressed, and said he would call me later. Then he mentioned something about this being weird with his Mom when he got home. I decided not to shower. I was feeling brave and naughty. I wanted to talk to my Aunty Laura, with the juice of those two mature sluts still on my body. The smell of their sex still on me.

I walked into the kitchen and my aunt was sipping some coffee. She is about forty eight years old. Still with a fairly attractive face. She is however slightly heavier and shorter than my Mother or Catherine, but with gorgeous large breasts. She has died blonde hair, but needs her roots done. And nice blue eyes.

Today she was looking very casual. Jeans and a black t-shirt. Her hair tied back in a simple pony tail. She looked up at me when I entered.

‘Hi stranger, long time no see.’ She said with a nice smile. ‘I just saw your buddy leave.’

‘Yeah, he had some things to do’ I replied, ‘I think my Mom, and Mrs. Kelly will be down in a minute. So how are things?’

We chatted about a few things for a while, and I suggested that we move to the front room, that only an hour ago was the venue for a wild incestuous orgy. I was feeling very naughty. I wanted her to pick up the scent of sex in the air. I don’t know what demon had possessed me, but I felt I could persuade any woman now to pose for and then fuck me.

As we neared the room, we both saw the automatic flash of the camera jump out of the doorway. ‘Damn, I left the camera running.’ I said with mock concern as we stepped in the door. The room was still very warm, and the unmistakable musk of fucking hung heavily in the air. I watched my Aunty Laura’s face, and I could see the slow recognition.

‘What were you using the camera for?’ she asked in a voice that was slightly meeker than usual.

‘I was taking pictures. Practicing my new hobby. Photography.’ I explained. ‘Mom and Mrs. Kelly let me use them.’ I added with a self enjoyed slice of innuendo. ‘Actually, they were really good sports. They surprised me a lot.’ I knew Laura hated Catherine with a vengeance, and that this would wind her up.

‘Really? And what kind of photos did you take?’ She asked, as she watched me pick up the camera and turn it off.

‘Just the usual modeling shots,’ I said, ‘you know … posing?!’

Just then my mother descended the stairs maltepe escort and appeared in the doorway. Her hair damp from the shower. She was wearing jeans and a polo shirt. Her face was still flushed.

‘What are you guys talking about?’ she asked, while staring at me.

‘Nothing much’ I replied a little too quickly.

‘Oh Dan was just telling me how you and Catherine were posing for his new camera.’ Laura said.

‘Yes… Yes, we helped him out with a few pictures.’ my mother said, obviously worried about what my Aunt may know. ‘Catherine will be down soon, she is just having a quick shower too. Dan, why don’t you go to your room and I will call you when dinner is ready.’

‘Sure’ I said, leaving the room with my camera. Excited to check out the pictures I captured.

I sat at my desk and connected the camera. The pictures began to appear on the screen in a seductively slow slide show. I was at the pictures of the two moms beginning to play with each others breasts when I heard a knock on my door. I quickly shut the laptop in case it was my Aunt, but it was my mother. I found it funny that she knocked. Really, was she afraid she would walk in and see something she hadn’t seen a couple of hours ago. ‘Dan, what are you doing?’ She asked, but I knew she was there to see the pictures..

‘Just checking out today’s photos Mom. Do you want to see?’

‘Eh… sure, but just a quick look, Mrs. Kelly and your Aunty Laura are downstairs.’

I lifted the laptop screen and started the slideshow again. My mother stood beside me watching. I could feel her excitement growing as the pictures became hotter. She began to comment on them too. Saying what ones she liked and then her comments became more explicit. ‘Oh that one is sexy’ she said as a shot of her and Catherine sucking cock together.

When it came to the pictures of the four way fucking, I knew she was fully turned on. Her cheeks red and her breath heavy and fast. My heart was pumping so hard in my chest, I could hear it. ‘Mom, I will have to get you to pose again for me soon. You are such a great model.’

‘No… No honey, we can’t do this any more,’ she said ‘and you have to delete these pictures like you did with the old ones… OK?’

‘If you say so Mom, but I think Mrs. Kelly and Sean would like to see them before I delete them. Besides, I thought we could get Aunty Laura to pose for me too.’

‘DAN!.. We can’t do that. It’s too dangerous. Imagine she told your father what we were doing.’

‘Come on Mom, wouldn’t you like to see how far we could persuade her to go?’ I replied with a brave and cheeky smile. ‘Wasn’t it fun with you?.. And with Mrs. Kelly?’

She stared at me. Her nipples clearly erect under her top. The picture show had worked its magic. A grin began to creep across her face. ‘OK Mr. How do you propose we try to do this?’

‘Well, I think the swimwear discussion could be expanded to trying on bikinis, and a young guy’s opinion would be helpful. Don’t you think? Maybe Mrs. Kelly would like to help us here too.’

She threw her eyes back to the screen. It was a shot of her and Catherine, on all fours, side by side, both getting ass-fucked by their son’s best friend. It was one of the hottest shots yet. She audibly groaned and then glanced at my crotch. My hard cock visibly pressing against the jeans. ‘OK, I will bring the girls up to my room to try on bikinis. They have already had some wine too, and Catherine appears to be quiet relaxed considering what happened earlier. But, there is one other thing. You and I can never do anything again. We should never have started this. Do you understand?’

‘Of course Mom. Whatever you say.’ I replied. I was just excited to know that she wanted to be part of the scheme to persuade Aunty Laura to pose for my camera.

She watched the remainder of the pictures in silence. The temperature in the room, however, grew. Then she turned and walked out the door and down the stairs. I quickly loaded the pics to my laptop, and cleared the camera’s memory card. Then there was an agonizing wait of 20 minutes before I heard the ladies leave the kitchen and begin to climb the stairs. I could clearly hear them chatting and giggling as they entered my mother’s room.

I waited in my room. Sitting on the bed. Counting the seconds. I was holding the camera in my sweaty hands when I eventually heard the laughter grow in the room across the hall. Followed by Catherine calling me. ‘Dan, can you come here for a minute, we need a guys opinion.’ She sounded slightly drunk, and excited too.

‘Sure’ I shouted, my voice a little shaky. I wasn’t sure what was going to happen. Was my mother still going to play her part in this? Was Catherine going to participate? The excitement was causing my heart to race. Leaving the camera in my room, I crossed the hall, and opened the bedroom door.

The three of them were in bikinis. All looking amazing, and all giggling. When I walked in and said ‘What’s pendik escort bayan up?’ Aunty Laura squealed and sat on my Mother’s four poster bed, attempting to cover up. Her arms across her chest. A wine class in one hand. She was blushing. Her bikini was, from what I could see, a plain white one. It was tied behind her neck and back. The bottoms were also tied at her hips. Making it quiet a small swimsuit. Her voluptuous frame looked sexier than I imagined it would. There were no visible signs of fat on her body. Just soft curves.

Catherine was wearing a black bikini. Her fake tits framed beautifully in the padded cups. It was the clip type, tied behind her neck. The black looked great against her tanned skin and blond hair.

My Mother was wearing a small bright purple bikini. Her hair held back in a simple pony tail. She looked at me with a cautious smile. Catherine however winked at me when I caught her gaze. She was up for our new game of posing chicken.

‘Well Dan, how do you think us girls look in our bikinis?’ she asked, still standing beside my mother.

‘You look great Mrs. Kelly, and so do you Mom.’ I said grinning at them, ‘I can’t see your bikini Aunty Laura.’

‘Stand up there honey.’ Catherine said to her.

Blushing she stood, obviously unsure, but she did hold her playful smile. Then she put her hands on her hips and looked me in the eye. ‘What do you think Mr.?’

‘Wow, you three look amazing!’ I replied with total sincerity. ‘You will make the young girls turn green with envy. I won’t tell you what you will do to the young guys!’ They all laughed, and then I said, ‘Hey, wait right there, I have to get a picture of this.’

Before Laura could protest, I was in my room turning on the camera and walking back across the hall. I re-entered my Mother’s bedroom. The sun was beginning to set, spilling gorgeous orange-red light in through the large windows.

‘Ohhhhh, he has his camera again Gwen,’ Catherine said playfully. ‘How would you like us to pose this time?’

‘OK, can the three of you stand by the bed, side by side. Aunty, you get in the middle’

They all giggled, Laura looking nervous. Her tits wobbled in a sexy way as she moved. God they were big. I took the first picture. The flash causing them all to close their eyes against the glare.

‘OK, this time, Mom, you and Mrs. Kelly turn inwards, facing Aunty Laura, and can you all put your arms around each others backs? Don’t forget to smile!’

I had to admit, that picture looked great. They were so close that Catherine’s tits were touching Laura’s left breast, and my Mom’s were touching her right tit. The smiles were attractive too. I took several pics in that pose, watching Laura slowly relax.

‘Can the three of you sit on the bed now?’ I asked. Catherine and my mother complied, Laura just followed the flock. ‘OK Cross your legs, and give me your best flirty pout!’

They attempted a pout, but only superficial Catherine managed to pull it off. My mother and Laura simply burst into a giggle, but I got a few snaps.

‘I think you should all lie back on the bed now, like in a real models photo shoot, that would be nice!’

‘What do you mean?’ Laura asked, but my mother answered for me by lying back and putting her head on the pillows. Catherine followed her. ‘OH.. OK!’ she said, and lay back between the two sexy moms.

This was a gorgeous shot. I could even make out the shapes of the different bushes of the three mature beauties through their bottoms as they lay back. All three were on their backs. Giggling, but then I got Catherine and my Mother to face Laura.

‘WOW, that looks amazing!’ I said, snapping pictures furiously. ‘You three look quiet sexy there. A proper young guy’s fantasy!’

All three of them were laughing now, so I decided to press a bit more. ‘Mom, Mrs. Kelly, can you put your legs across my Aunt, and all three of you look like you are in a state of lust? That would look incredible!’

Laura’s eyes widened a bit, but she stayed quiet as my Mother and Catherine did as I asked. My Mother gave me a wicked grin through the lens. She was beginning to enjoy this.

‘OK, Aunty can you turn your head to face Mrs. Kelly?’

‘Ehhh… sure’ she replied, not sure what else she could do.

‘Is that OK Mr. photographer’ Catherine asked smiling, her eyes holding Laura’s.

‘Perfect Mrs. Kelly, you three are the thing sexy dreams are made of,’ I answered, snapping pics, and walking around the bed. ‘Hey, do you guys think I could maybe get shots of you without the bikini tops?’

‘What?’ Laura asked, her head raising sharply, ‘Topless?’

‘Yeah, I am guessing that some topless shots of three unbelievable sexy older ladies will make for amazing pictures.’

‘Sure, I’ll go topless’ said Catherine. As usual, attempting to lead the pack. ‘Come on Laura, it won’t hurt, and I bet Dan is just looking to take nice pictures! Right Dan?’

‘Of course’ I replied quickly.

‘I’ll do it too.’ my mother added as she sat up and quickly removed the top to reveal those gorgeous tits, and large nipples. They were erect.

‘Are you sure about this Gwen?’ Laura asked as Catherine opened her top and revealed her gorgeous fake tits.

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