Penny , Michael’s Forbidden Fun

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Big Tits

INTRODUCTION Michael a white shirt, navy blue trousers and blue tie; and Penny a white blouse, knee-length light and dark blue tartan skirt, and on her feet white ankle socks and black leather school shoes.

Penny could feel the excitement from between her legs, and her panties getting damp. Inside her bra, her nipples also tingled. She and Michael stopped kissing and caressing, and Penny leaned back in a chair, opening her legs so Michael could see the white cotton panties that covered her moist crotch. Michael got down on his knees, opened Penny’s legs wider and put his head under her skirt, his tongue flicking against the saddle of her panties, pushing the cotton into her vagina. Penny squirmed and squealed with pleasure.

After a while, Michael pulled his head out from under Penny’s skirt, and they again French-kissed. Penny could see that the front of Michael’s trousers were bulging, and reached out to unfasten them. She put her hand into his underpants, freeing and caressing his rock-hard penis.

Michael moaned in delight, before Penny withdrew her hand and went to lean over a desk. She lifted her skirt, pulled her panties down to her ankles and stood with the firm cheeks of her bare bottom on display. Michael licked and kissed her buttocks, then moved her legs apart further. The soft, pink lips of her vagina came into view, and further back her tight, darker pink anal opening was also visible. Michael’s hands moved to her pubic mound, running through the curls of blonde hair. He moved his mouth over to Penny’s vagina, and began to lick, teasing her clitoris and going deeper and deeper inside, his tongue flicking the damp entrance to her birth canal. His tongue strokes became longer and deeper, traversing the entire length of her vagina, before moving backwards, slowly and tantalizingly, before stopping when it reached her tight anus. Penny closed her eyes with the pure pleasure of a tongue circling against the entrance to her back passage, waves of excitement surging through her vagina and rectum.

When Michael withdrew his tongue he gave the area between the cheeks of Penny’s bottom a few licks, then caressed her body from behind, his hands over her breasts, teasing her tight nipples through the fabric of her blouse and bra. Penny could feel Michael’s erection against her thighs, and was only too happy to bend over further, her vagina completely exposed.

Penny braced when she felt Michael’s penis entering her virginal vagina, every inch sliding up deep inside. The girl brushed aside her feelings of Catholic guilt; in a parochial school classroom with a crucifix above the blackboard, wearing her uniform, bent over a desk with her panties around her ankles, a boy with his penis fully inserted in her vagina.

“Yes, yes, yes,” said Penny, as Michael began to slide back and forth, his strokes becoming faster and deeper. Penny trembled and the moisture from her vagina ran down her thighs. Michael moved around inside her in a circular motion, increasing her pleasure more and more, then changed to short, sharp, shallow strokes. The intermittent pleasurable feelings from her vagina became stronger and stronger, becoming one pure wave of delight, which spread further up into her rectum. It reached a crescendo, with Penny feeling Michael’s penis explode in her vagina, the sticky substance filling her birth canal.

Penny screamed when she reached her climax, the muscles of her vagina and rectum tightening and a rush of feminine liquid coming out of her vulva, as Penny awoke and sat up in bed, disoriented until she took in the familiar surroundings of her room, and realized she had been dreaming.

Penny looked at her alarm clock, the numbers just visible when she squinted in the darkness of the bedroom – it was five o’clock in the morning. The girl lay back on her pillow, still waking up and contemplating her vivid dream, becoming aware that her panties were wet, not merely damp, but absolutely soaking.

“Oh no, it’s that time of the month again,” Penny thought. Six days of a sanitary belt holding bulky napkins in place between her legs, stomach cramps, menstrual mishaps like this morning … Penny sighed and wished that there was a feminine product that could make managing her period easier. She didn’t much care for tampons, for some reason she always felt bloated when using one, but if only there were pads that women could somehow fix to their panties when they were menstruating instead of having to fasten to a belt, it would make things so much better. However, Penny doubted that such a product was realistic.

Penny went to get out of bed, then paused. Her last period kadıköy escort had finished just a week ago, and unless she had somehow slept for three weeks, or something was very wrong with her cycle, it could not be this. Also she always felt on edge, more easily angered or upset, when it was her period, and she didn’t feel like that today. With a sudden surge of horror, Penny thought she might have wet the bed, but within seconds she discarded this theory. The wet feeling in her panties and between her legs was too sticky to be this, and she would not need to go to the toilet like she did now.

Penny pulled down the sheet and blanket, and lifted up her nightdress to investigate. She pulled back her panties to reveal her damp pubic hair, and allowed her fingers to feel inside her soaking vagina. She withdrew her hand and sniffed her fingers. It was just her normal, feminine smell that scented the saddle of her panties when she changed them every day, but she had never been this wet before. It had completely soaked through the double cotton of the saddle on her white panties, her vulva was drenched, and the liquid had flowed backwards to her anus and between the cheeks of her bottom.

Getting out of bed, Penny collected some fresh panties and walked down the hallway to the bathroom. Due to the early hour, none of her family were awake, and Penny was careful to keep as quiet as possible, with the floorboards creaking under her bare feet.

Reaching the bathroom, Penny turned on the light, and closed and locked the door. She walked over to the toilet, put down the seat, then lifted her nightdress, pulled down her panties and sat on the toilet. Penny felt the relief flow from her bladder, her pee splashing into the bowl and the sound echoing around the bathroom. When she had finished urinating, Penny unwound a few sheets of toilet paper from the roll, opened her legs and wiped herself.

Penny stood up, pulled up her panties, smoothed down her nightdress and flushed the toilet. She stood at the sink, washing her hands and using a tissue to wipe the sleep from the corners of her big blue eyes. An incredibly pretty girl, Penny looked great even having just awoken at this early hour. She brushed her teeth, then rinsed out her mouth.

After what had happened Penny knew she needed a shower, so she took off her nightdress and panties, and ran the shower, stepping under the warm water, the warm droplets spraying over her perfect, slim figure, her C-cup breasts and running down her shapely legs to her pretty bare feet.

Penny applied a liberal amount of soap to her pubic hair, vagina, the cheeks of her bottom and her anal area, keen to wash away the sticky evidence of whatever had happened this morning. In her life so far, she had never felt that climax of pure ecstasy. Sure, she had felt tingly and damp between her legs before such as when she thought about cute guys, but she was a virgin, and had never self-pleasured herself before. At times she had been guilty of allowing the washcloth linger a little too long when she washed her vagina in the shower or bath, but having been taught that masturbation was a sin, Penny would never dream of doing it.

Rinsing down her legs, Penny contemplated her vivid dream further. She couldn’t believe that she had dreamed of allowing a boy to touch and lick her anus. Penny would only ever consider using such a private area of her body for the obvious when she sat on the toilet, and even when she married there was no way that she would allow her husband anywhere near there.

Penny thought back to when she was at the library with her friends Barbara and Judy, and the more daring, adventurous Barbara had picked up a book about adolescence in boys. She had read about how boys have wet dreams, but she had never heard of girls having them before. Any equivalent literature about females was mainly concerned with menstruation, breasts and how young women should behave morally and ethically. There was no mention at all of female wet dreams.

Penny turned off the taps and stepped out of the shower, the teenager standing naked on the bathmat, dripping wet from head to toe. She took a towel and began to dry herself, again feeling her vagina tingle when she dried her pubic hair and between her legs.

It was fortunate that her parents couldn’t see into her dreams, she thought. Their eldest daughter having sex would have been bad enough, but that she was doing it with Michael McCarthy would have sent them both into spins from which they would never recover. Michael, from a large family that üsküdar escort ran an auto repair and body shop in the town, had a reputation at school and in the community for being troublesome and disruptive.

With his three buddies, Joey, Frankie and Tony in tow, Michael would drive teachers and other authority figures mad, yet was so utterly charming and had a natural talent as a comedian that he was impossible to dislike, at least to Penny. And to the frustration of the teachers, having goofed around and disrupted the class, Michael would then turn in a calculus paper with all questions answered to perfection, or an English paper written to University-level standard.

Now dry, Penny pulled up her fresh white cotton panties and put her nightdress on. She collected her damp panties and returned to her room. Penny made a mental note to volunteer to do the laundry as she put her panties into the hamper, not wanting her mother to see the mess she had made of her underwear.

Penny took off her nightdress and put on her bra, then her school uniform – the white blouse, the tie, the blue blazer, the short blue tartan skirt, the white socks and the black shoes – then brushed her hair, and tied it back with a blue ribbon. It was only for another three months that she would need to do this. In June, the class of 1962 would graduate from their Catholic High School in suburban Boston, filled with pristine white houses, picket fences and well-kept gardens, and go their separate ways. Penny hoped that with her A-average, her path would lead to college.

The rest of Penny’s family awoke; her father, mother, her younger sister Libby, aged 15 and two younger brothers John and Ben, 12 & 10 respectively. They all went through the usual breakfast routine, and before long Penny was on the bus, then at school for another Monday morning. She greeted her friends, 18-year-old Barbara, a tall attractive girl with long brown hair, and Judy, also 18, a slim, pretty girl with shoulder-length red hair and they talked for a while before home-room.

History and Biology classes were swell for Penny, and the period before lunch was Math. Penny, Judy and Barbara went to their regular seats, just across the way from Michael and his friends. Joey, Frankie and Tony lounged around while Michael, his dark hair slicked back, leaned back in his chair, his feet on the desk, arms behind his head as though he was relaxing watching television.

Penny put her books on her desk and observed Michael out of the corner of her eye. She couldn’t stop thinking about him over the past few weeks, and tried to work out why he had occupied her thoughts, and last night her dreams, so much.

Until the year before, Penny had been going steady with her boyfriend Andrew since she was 16, and her parents allowed her to date. However, Penny found Andrew, a year older than she was, tended to control her, insisting that they do things he wanted to do, while denigrating music, movies and other things that Penny liked. Penny ended things between them before summer 1961 started, and Penny, Barbara and Judy had the chance to work at a Summer Camp. When Andrew tried to forbid Penny from attending, she threw his promise ring back at him and ordered him out, taking the summer job and never speaking to him since.

“Michael McCarthy, what have I told you about sitting with your feet on the desk like that?” came the stern voice of Sister Agnes.

Silence came over the room as the nun entered, glaring at Michael. His three friends sat up straight, while Michael removed his feet and sat properly. He flashed Sister Agnes a charming smile. “You said not to sit with my feet on the desk, sister.”

“That’s right, so why were you sitting like that?” implored the nun.

“I’m sorry sister, I forgot.” Michael shook his head and flashed a smile. “My memory.”

“Perhaps beating out the blackboard dusters after class will remind you?” said Sister Agnes.

“Yes sister,” agreed Michael.

Penny watched this exchange while trying not to laugh. It was impossible not to smile, and Penny put her hand over her mouth, unfortunately just a little too late to avoid the attention of Sister Agnes. The nun walked over to her desk. “Is something amusing you, Miss Parker?”

“No sister,” said Penny.

“Clearly you find his antics amusing,” said the nun. “Let me give you some advice, Miss Parker. If you find the way Michael McCarthy behaves in any way funny or acceptable, you will end up in big trouble, and go nowhere in your life. Do I make myself clear, young lady?”

“Yes sister,” said Penny.

The nun had no tuzla escort intention of letting the two students who had raised her wrath off so lightly. She took out some group assignments, and handed one to Penny. “These are due for the rest of the class on Friday, however you Miss Parker and you Mr. McCarthy will complete these in full before then, and have them on my desk tomorrow.”

“Yes sister,” said Penny and Michael in unison.

After the bell rang for lunch, Penny, Barbara and Judy made for the girls’ room, debating popular music on the way there. “I still think that British music is going to be really big in America in the next few years,” Barbara asserted.

“I just don’t see it,” said Judy.

“Me either,” agreed Penny. “Some singers and bands from England will do well over here, but overall I don’t think they will dominate the music scene.”

The three girls pushed open the door to the girls’ bathroom, a long room containing 30 toilet stalls opposite a row of sinks, and stepped inside. Selecting three toilet stalls next to each other, the girls went into them, and closed and locked the doors, the green ‘Vacant’ turning to a red ‘Engaged’ on each lock. In unison, Penny, Barbara and Judy lifted up their skirts, pulled down their panties to their ankles and sat on their respective toilets, their feet clad in their white socks and black leather shoes and their lowered cotton panties – Penny’s white, Barbara’s pink, and Judy’s white with blue flowers – visible under the cubicle doors and partitions.

Penny, Barbara and Judy continued to talk as they went to the toilet, and the subject turned to what had happened in math class. “Why did you have to laugh like that, you know what Sister Agnes is like?” asked Judy.

“I didn’t plan to,” said Penny.

“You’ll probably end up doing all the work on the assignment,” Barbara asserted. “Just make sure he doesn’t slack off.”

“He’s not that bad,” said Penny.

“He’s good looking and funny,” said Judy, “but not what I’d want in a boyfriend.”

“Me either,” said Barbara. She unwound some toilet paper, and saw that the roll was getting close to empty. “Could one of you please pass me some more toilet paper?”

“Sorry, I don’t have that much in here,” Judy called back.

“I’ve got plenty, I’ll pass you some through,” said Penny, with the toilet roll in her stall having recently been changed and close to full. She unwound a considerable length of toilet paper, and passed it to Barbara under the partition.

“Thanks,” Barbara called back.

The three girls continued to use the bathroom for the next few minutes, before they finished at the same time. Each girl stood up, pulled up her panties and smoothed down her skirt, flushed the toilet she had been using, opening the doors and emerging to wash her hands simultaneously.

As they left the girls’ room, they encountered Michael McCarthy, who had just finished his punishment with the dusters. “We’d better arrange a time to meet up and do this math assignment,” said Penny. “I could stop by your house on my way home if you like?”

Michael shook his head. “Sorry, that wouldn’t be such a good idea. My Grandma is staying with us at the moment, and she’s not too well. She thinks that Russian and American satellites can spy into people’s houses, and it gets pretty weird and embarrassing when she won’t stop talking about it.”

Penny smiled. “She should meet my Grandpa and Grandma. Grandma insists that the space program is all a big con, and filmed in a studio in Hollywood. She insists that we will never get to the moon, and also thinks that dinosaurs are made up too. Grandpa pesters Dad every time he visits about how there is going to be this huge war in Vietnam. I don’t know where he gets that idea.”

“Vietnam?” Michael laughed and looked incredulous. “You never even hear of Vietnam, except in Geography. So, will your house be okay?”

“That should be fine,” said Penny. “So, I’ll see you then?”

“See you then,” said Michael.

Michael went away to join his three friends, and the girls in the other direction. “Your mother won’t like that,” Barbara warned.

“We were put together for an assignment,” said Penny. “I’m sure Mom will be swell with it.”


Penny was wrong on this count. When Angela Parker arrived home later that afternoon having taken her sons to the dentist, her expression when she entered the house indicated that she was not swell with the idea of her eldest daughter having as a guest a boy whom she considered one of the worst kids in the neighborhood. In fact, Mrs. Parker was the exact opposite of swell. She indicated for Penny to join her in the kitchen.

“What is he doing here?” Mrs. Parker demanded of her daughter.

“Relax Mom, it’s just homework – an assignment we were working on together,” Penny assured her mother.

“You chose to work with Michael McCarthy on an assignment?” Mrs. Parker’s face was filled with disbelief.

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