Peep Mom Ch. 02

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Peep Mom Ch. 2: Mom In Heat

Standing secretly behind my bedroom door, I continued to spy on my daughter and her well hung boyfriend as they constantly fucked. Peeking out my door through a small opening I was becoming extremely wet, as the clit juices from my twat ran so far down my legs that it was making a tiny puddle of cum on the floor.

I was at awe witnessing the maturity of my little girl’s teenage dick as he rapidly penetrated her twat. Tiffany, forcefully clutching onto his buttocks wanted his dick planted deeply inside her as she started grinding upwards onto it. Every one of the inward thrusts Tiffany received from Tyrone, put her sweaty brown skinned robust body into a sexually activated shiver.

I was so envious and frustrated into just being a spectator to my daughter’s fuck frenzy that I knew within my heart I needed to intervene. However, I didn’t wont to angrily separate them physically or verbally chastise my daughter for being a sneaky little heifer I just wanted to become a participant in their action.

Witnessing each stroke pushed in and outside of my girl’s vagina made me so frustratingly horny. Every time his penis collided within her Tiffany moaned with absolute pleasure. The rhythm they had pushed my fingers to it’s limit because, I was tremendously unable to withstand my sexual urges, which were driving me into fucking my little girls teenage prick. Therefore, I withdrew my fingers from my cunt and quietly put on some make up and to calm down my nerves lit up a Newport. Without any plan of action or a single thought of parental morality I took a long drag of my cigarette and I spontaneously walked out my bedroom door.

Soon as my daughter saw me standing beside my bedroom door looking down on them she must of been giving the strength of Hercules plus, the speed of Hermes as she immediately rolled Tyrone, off her sweaty naked body and speedily covered herself up. Shocked and Flabbergasted Tyrone raised abruptly off the living room floor, as the condom escort kartal he wore fell from his cock leaving strands of semen dangling off his limping penis. While Tyrone tried to put on his clothes my daughter layed on the floor in total disbelief clutching a pillow I guess in hopes that if I attacked her it would absorb the blows.

I said Tiffany I am not going to yell at you, beat on you, or through you out the house. However, I do want you to know that I was watching you both of having sex for over an hour and I’m not ashamed of it either, because, I truly enjoyed every minute. Especially when he nutted on your forehead when while you were sucking on those fat hairy balls. Baby your mommy loves you but she has needs too {drag} {puff} please Tiff let me fuck your boyfriends’ big dick. It was like the floor dropped out from under them as they were startled by my shocking proposal.

Tyrone seemed astonished when he heard my blunt request, he probably couldn’t believe his luck, of having his girlfriend’s mother drooling over his dick. When she realized I seriously wished to fuck her boyfriend Tiffany looked befuddled heartbroken and ashamed of me and herself but tough titties because her mother‘s determined to get her pussy popped by that 50 Cent look-alike.

Although the relationship I held with my daughter was about to change, I couldn’t pass up on riding that young dick of Tyrone’s, which passionately ravished my little girls’ twat before my lusting eyes. Without a care in the world I walk toward Tyrone, as my daughter watched and placed my mouth on his and my hand on his cock as it dangled out the jeans he had tried to put back on. My daughter was devastated at her mother giving away her middle age body to her 18-year-old high school dick.

Nevertheless, I quickly forgot about Tiffany’s apprehension as the sexual appetite within me devoured my senses leading me into speedily dragging Tyrone off to my bedroom. Once inside my room I tried to lure him straight onto my mattress, maltepe escort however, Tyrone striping my drenched panties down my legs had other plans for his booty calls’ mom.

Immediately taking control of my body he gleefully bent me over the bed placing his hands on my torso clutching onto it and push his dick inside my ass. At first I was in so much pain as he repeatedly stuck his dick in and out my ass. While his balls kept bouncing continually off my rump I screamed and quivered because it felt like my butt was on fire.

Tyrone dominated my butt, fucking it so forcefully and unmercifully until I submitted too the pleasures of anal. As he pounded my backside I could see the silhouette of Tiff’s shadowing over us watching me as I got my butt done in by the guy she just fucked. Plucking his cock out my sore butt after 5 or 7 minutes of rocking my ass he turned me around and lifted me up to face his throbbing dick.

Looking up at him he was in awe knowing that I was about to wrap my lips around his bulging wet cock. Without any hesitation my black lipstick painted lips wrapped around his vein bulging penis. Instantaneously with my tongue massaging the bottom off Ty’s cock he shot a whole load of thick sperm down my throat.

Although, I gagged briefly I wasn’t about too let him be disappointed in me so I swallowed his nut and continued too slob on his sourer tasting spouting knob. I had to reluctantly pull my head briefly away from his dick because my daughter did something I never thought would happened in a million years.

Tiffany said ma Tyrone needs time to get his dick back up so let me fill in the void until it’s working in a few. With my bottom lip dangling a thick strand of cum from her boyfriend’s cock, Tiffany, immediately squatted beside me and spat on my breast. After spitting on my tits she begins to suck on one of my thick dark nipples, however, this time she is not trying to suck them for milk.

At first I softly pleaded with her to pendik escort bayan stop but thankfully she refused and continuing to passionately suck on them. However, she had me speechless because, my little girl supplied me with multiple orgasms as she slob on her mommy’s tit. Tiffany, eventully started rubbing my clitoris. Poking the insides of my clit with two of her fingers I moaned so softly because it was feeling so dam good. With each stroking motion I quivered with utter delight.

As my genitala-oozed semen all over Tiff’s pussy pop fingers Tyrone’s dick stood up harder and longer than the previous encounter he had with my daughter or me. Throbbing relentlessly he stood beside us momentarily watching. However like a true coordinator Tyron instructed my daughter too move back to allow me back onto the bed.

Accommodating his command we listened to the young man and finished lubricating one another’s tongue. Once I was back on the mattress my legs were fully spread wide open allowing Tyrone to easy access to penetrate my vagina. Quickly climbing a top my naked body he places his penis inside of my extremely wet and lightly trimmed vagina.

He was giving my pussy what it hasn’t received in years and that was good dick. With his cock grinding up against my pussy’s walls the friction engulfed my mind with total enjoyment as he road my old twat. Looking at my daughter she was so proud of him especially when I emotionally screamed out his name. ‘’Tyrone ooooh my god!’’ I yelped with pleasure as that cock of his excavated cum out of my pussy.

Like a jockey riding in a horse derby he was ridding with such determination. Although, there was neither a crown nor trophy he won by giving me the best nut I have ever had in my life once he ejaculated inside my twat hole.

As I Squirmed under the release of his sperm he had eventully rolled over and laid beside my sweaty body. However our fuckfest wasn’t over yet, as my daughter with her leaky twat got on top of the bed.

With my bush drenched with mines and Ty’s sperm she get in-between my legs and starts to munch on my pussy. Tiffany took turns licking on my twat and Tyrone’s cock. My daughter gave me the first and the best head I had ever received from women or man better yet a relative.

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