Paying for Pleasure Ch. 05

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This is a fantasy world of my creation, there are no STD’s or unwanted pregnancies in my world. All of my characters enjoy good hygiene so showers, etc., are not mentioned unless part of the sexual activities.

This is a fantasy, don’t try it at home.


“You three get out of here and gossip somewhere else. I’m tired.”

I had a grin on my face so they knew I was teasing them but the three young beauties climbed out of bed and left my room. I was still shaking my head when my daughter stuck hers back into the room.

“Daddy,” she began, “have I mentioned I still need a loan.”

I threw a pillow at her.

Bad me.

I was not having a good day, far from it actually. Problems at work had plagued me the whole day. Multiple calls from a major client to me and to my office kept me on age. What should have been a minor problem easily solved with a quick email to the corporate office was blown all out of proportion by the client’s repeated calls.

It was late afternoon by the time the situation had been resolved to my satisfaction. I would have to wait until tomorrow to make sure my client understood that this solution was to his satisfaction as well. Dumb schmuck that he was, he might take some convincing.

I just didn’t want to deal with the situation any further that day. I was tired mentally and needed to relax. The girls, my teenaged daughter and girlfriend, were upstairs in Kim’s room doing something or other. Quietly for a change.

With me sprawled on the livingroom couch and my feet on the ottoman, I was on the verge of falling asleep. That was when some very rude and obnoxious person began to pound on the front door. I adopted an ignore it and it’ll go away attitude hoping one of the girls would answer it.

The pounding on the door continued. There was no pitter patter of teenaged feet. I wasn’t going to be able to sleep through this racket anyway so I got up to answer it.

As I opened the door, I was greeted by a five foot one inch, one hundred and eight pound, 32B+ cup, ball of fury. It didn’t take me long to figure out what my Mom was pissed at me about. What the hell happened? Did Cassi run straight home to rat me out to my mother? Shit!

“Don’t just stand there! Let me in! Right now!”

I unlocked the screen door, opened it wide, and stood aside letting my aunt in the door. Yup, my aunt. Sherry was my mother’s identical twin sister. I could usually tell them apart but the anger on her face had me confused for a moment. As soon as Auntie spoke, I knew it wasn’t my mom at the door since Sherry’s voice had a gravelly edge to it.

Sherry stormed past me before coming to a halt in the middle of the living room. With hands on hips, a tapping foot, and a glare in her eyes, my aunt started in on me.

“What the hell were you thinking? How could you have done something like that?”

Thinking to myself, she needed to be more specific. I wasn’t about to open my mouth in order to insert my foot, therefore I remained quiet. I sort of peered at my aunt with a hapless look on my face. This only seemed to infuriate her more. Auntie was cussing, shaking a fist at me, and stomping her foot.

No words though. I could see her mouth moving but what she wanted to say seemed to be lost in the spirit of anger haunting her. With nothing better to do, it seemed an opportune time to take stock of my aunt.

Sherry was an attractive forty something woman with long dark hair hanging to her shoulders. Not gorgeous but attractive. She, my mother neither for that matter, would never be a head turner but both could pull an admiring glance from a passer by.

Her hair possessed a natural sheen with a natural curl to it as well. With a light coating of war paint, particularly emphasizing her eyes and a good sense of clothing style, Sherry had my attention.

Wearing a tight sheer top under a colourful blouse, skinny jeans, and, the ever present in this family, stilettoes. She had pleasantly sized breasts riding high on her chest. The only real difference between her figure and my Mom’s was that my mother had slightly larger breasts.

If Sherry were to turn around, I could perform an admiring assessment of her ass. Not that I needed the turn since I had often checked out Auntie and Mom’s asses in the past. Especially at pool side where both preferred somewhat skimpy bikinis.

Auntie was still sputtering at me, not having found a way to connect her brain to her vocal cords as yet. Motion behind her pulled my glance away to the two teenagers who inhabited the house. They were doing their best to stifle laughter.

I turned away from my aunt, walked back to the couch and threw myself back on it. If I had to wait to be given shit for whatever was on my aunt’s mind, I might as well do it in comfort. Mimicking me, the two teenagers sat on the stairs to watch the fireworks. I put my feet on the ottoman and my hands behind my head.

My aunt must have found my actions to be insolent as her face reddened even more and she sputtered even louder. kartal escort bayan Now it was my turn to stifle a smile and accompanying laughter.

“Aunt Sherry, we aren’t going to get very far if you don’t calm down and tell me what’s on your mind.”

I could see the woman trying to regain control of herself, yet the sputtering continued. The bright red coloring of her face did seem to be diffusing though.

All attention was diverted to the front door as it opened, allowing entry to a five foot six inch, blonde with big tits. I guess I forgot to mention that this was another area in which Sherry diverged from my mom. Sometime after my cousin Eloise was born, auntie kicked her husband out of the house and decided to start pitching for the other team. Auntie was now a confirmed lesbian and Brooke was her live-in partner.

Where Sherry was just attractive, Brooke was drop dead gorgeous. Taller than auntie, with long blonde hair -dyed- hanging midway down her back, she had a face that could grace magazine covers. Her figure might have made her a contender for a more explicit adult magazine. Brooke’s measurements were a wonderful 34-22-36. Large C cup boobs or maybe even a small D, and an ass to die for. Yup, she liked bikinis at poolside as well and the admiring glances the swimwear brought her way.

Seeing the level of consternation my aunt was dealing with, Brooke strode across the room on her long, athletic legs to wrap my aunt in her arms. She was cooing words of comfort into my aunt’s ear. Sherry was standing close to her lover with her head on the taller Brooke’s breasts.

Being who I am and what I am, I found it impossible to not imagine my aunt sucking on those nipples. Glancing past the couple I saw that my girlfriend and daughter were whispering to each other. I wondered, being who they are, if they were discussing what my imagination was viewing.

My teenagers must have made a noise as Brooke, never letting go of auntie, swung around to search out the source of that sound. The swing caused the skirt of her powder blue sundress to swing high showing off the golden tanned backs of Brooke’s thighs.

Initially glaring at my girls, my aunt’s girlfriend calmed down when she realized who it was on the stairs.

“Hi, Aunt Brookie,” said Kim.

Tracey waggled her fingers in greeting. Of course, both women knew Tracey as she had been around our family seemingly for years.

With Brooke’s arm around her and the short passage of time, Sherry had regained control of herself. She no longer looked apoplectic, now a calm, collected, middle aged woman.

Pointing to the love seat across the coffee table from me, I offered the ladies a seat. Kim offered to make coffee and we all accepted. I was never known to pass up on a cup of coffee, the elixir of the gods. Neither did anyone else in the family. Another family trait besides the women’s penchant for wearing stilettoes.

Sitting on the love seat across from me, Auntie seemed to be working herself into another tizzy. Brooke rubbed her knee and slightly above trying to soothe her lover. With Kim occupied in the kitchen, Tracey jumped up from the stairs and came to sit cuddled to my side on the couch.

Seeing that Tracey had put her hand on my thigh and was caressing it, Brooke took notice.

“This is new,” she said.

Never able to beat Tracey to the punch, the teenager admitted that she was now my girlfriend and would be moving into my house in the near future.

My aunt sputtered anew but quickly regained control, “Tracey? You’re moving in here? To be with Rick?”

“Yes, Auntie,” said Tracey. “I’m expecting your nephew to buy me an engagement ring any day now.”

I ripped a glance at my now girlfriend and soon to be fiancé. Where had that come from? I never heard any mention of a ring before this moment.

“Tracey, aren’t you the same age as Kim?” asked Brooke.

“Yup. I turned eighteen just a few months ago,” responded my teenaged girlfriend.

Oh yeah, my teenaged fiancé. Hey, I thought to myself, she just slipped that moving in thing past me. We still hadn’t come to a conclusive agreement on that subject either. Tracey may have been spacey but the girl was quick. Quick and sly. Quick, sly, and all mine apparently. Sheesh.

My aunt asked Tracey, “Don’t you think Rick is a little old for you?”

“Not my Rick,” she answered. “He is just perfect for me in every way.”

“What if you want kids in the future?” asked Brooke.

“We haven’t decided about kids yet but we’re having a lot of fun practicing to make them.”

Tracey giggled loudly. Fortunately everyone’s attention was torn away from my teenaged fiancé to her best friend carrying in the coffee and fixings. Once everyone had been served and the pot refilled, Kim took her seat on my other side. She held her coffee cup with one hand and my thigh with the other.

With eyebrows raised, my two aunts looked at each other. I decided it was time for me to take the conversational lead.

“Aunties, escort maltepe why are you here and what are you so angry about?”

Sherry responded first, “I, we, have heard about the goings on in this house and I, um, we wanted to check it out.”

“What goings on?” I asked with a perplexed frown on my face.

“You are making love to these two teenagers,” said my aunt accusingly, “and one of them is your daughter.”

You are given many opportunities in life to keep your mouth shut and I do my best to take advantage of most of them. Unfortunately, Tracey didn’t observe the same rule.

“We all make love but Rick fucks us too. There’s a difference you know.”

Although I was annoyed with Tracey, I had a difficult time restraining the laughter welling up in me when I looked to my aunt and her girlfriend. Their mouths hung seriously agape.

“Well, that cat’s out of the bag,” I said to the room.

“And you dragged my mother into this…this…incestuous love triangle,” said my aunt.

Of course, Tracey was once again the first person to say anything. Note to self, find a cork for that girl’s mouth.

“Granny? You mean Granny? We didn’t drag her into anything, she wanted to.”

Oh well, I thought. Cats 2, Team Rick 0. Not good.

“I find that extremely hard to believe,” said my aunt very forthrightly.

I needed to regain control of this situation, if I ever had control in the first place.

“Look, Sherry, Brooke, we did not coerce Granny into anything. She came by unannounced and discovered the girls and I were…let’s just say enjoying each other.”

“And she wanted a loan!” piped in Tracey.

Shut that girl up! Someone, please. Anyone?

“I knew she needed money, Rick, and she was going to ask you for a loan but where did the sex come into it?”

“I guess I started it all off. I borrowed money from Rick and when I couldn’t pay him back when I was supposed to, I gave him blowjobs as interest payments.” I needed to discover a way to shut this girl, my teenaged fiancé, up.

Now Kim decided it was her turn to dig this hole deeper.

“When we told Granny about how it all happened, she decided she wanted to make interest payments as well,” Kim said smugly.

Both teenagers had been rubbing my thigh growing more vigorous as the discussion progressed. By this time I was sporting a chubby. Since my daughter and her best friend were cuddled into me with my arms around them, I couldn’t hide it.

I could only hope neither my aunt nor her lover would check out my package and notice. They were lesbians, I was sure they wouldn’t be looking in the direction of my dick. Was I ever wrong!

Brooke was the first to notice and the first to comment.

“It seems like these girls have no problems making you hard, Rick.”

“Um..uh…well…I guess not.”

Turning to her partner, Brooke suggested they step into the other room for a moment to further discuss this between them. Returning a few moments later wearing nervous looks, Auntie returned to the loveseat. Brooke came to stand before me.

“Girls, you two can go sit with your aunt. I want to talk to Rick,”

The various looks on the various faces at various times could have been photographed and mounted on a comedy hour kaleidoscope. My two girls were looking very confused as they walked to the loveseat. Tracey took the vacant seat leaving Kim standing helplessly.

“Sit on Auntie’s lap, Kimmy,” ordered Sherry.

I’m not sure why we all seemed to be frozen in time. The conversation didn’t resume. All eyes were locked on my aunt and her greatniece. With Kim on her knee, arm resting on the cushion back, my daughter’s breasts were on level with my aunt’s mouth. No one seemed shocked, it appeared to be the next logical step, when auntie leaned over and nipped a tit.

Brooke, the gorgeous, blonde, lesbian love of my aunt’s life didn’t object but she did plant one delicate hand on my dick.

“We want loans too, Rick,” she said to me.

“That’s right, Ricky,” said my aunt, “and we want to make interest payments as well.”

She kissed my daughter’s tit again. Kim used the arm behind Sherry on the seatback to pull her great aunt tighter to her breasts. Tracey, never willing to be left out, leaned in to begin running her hands over Sherry’s body.

Taking me by the chin, Brooke turned my face back towards her. Not releasing me, she leaned in and kissed me hard on the mouth. I broke away from her to ask what the hell was going on. Brooke smiled and leaned in for another kiss. I ducked that one in order to ask what the hell was going on.

“I mostly like women,” said Brooke. “But, occasionally I want a real cock.”

“So you aren’t faithful to my aunt then?” I asked as I put my arm around the buxom blonde talking to me.

“I’ve never been with anyone else since Sherry and I got together. When I have my cravings for cock,” Brooke paused a moment to find a good grip on my cock, “your aunt and I use a strap on or dildo. But it’s pendik escort just not the same thing as having a real cock fucking me.”

This time I didn’t duck away from the proffered kiss. I met Brooke’s lips with the same amount of passion she was delivering to me. The kisses we exchanged were quite passionate, quite deep, and quite hard. Brooke’s hand was no longer simply gripping my dick, she was stroking it through my sweatpants.

Across the room, the girls were getting in the swing of things. My aunt was squeezing and caressing my daughters C cup breasts. Kim was running her hands over my aunt’s back, caressing it lightly. An already naked Tracey seemed to have her tongue buried in my Aunt’s mouth.

Turning my attention back to my aunt’s lesbian partner, I increased the intensity of our kisses while dragging her across my reclining body. I had fantasized about this woman for some years, since the night of our first pool party. Remembering Brooke in her bikini, I ran my hand down her back and onto her ass.

Brooke’s ass would be worth at least an honorable mention in any butt viewing contest. Not always in first place but definitely a notable contestant. Flipping up the hem of her sundress, I had my hand on firm, taut skin defying my ability to grab a handful of cheek.

Brooke was moaning into my mouth as our kisses had become passionate soul kisses. I enjoyed her tongue in my mouth, the two of them dancing together. I pulled this lesbian chick even tighter against me allowing my hand even more access to her bum.

Taking a momentary look across the room to the other three, I saw that all were naked. They had arranged themselves into a daisy chain. My daughter had her face buried in her great aunt’s groin, my aunt in Tracey’s, and she in Kim’s. There was a great deal of movement among the three with moans slipping out.

As much as I wanted to watch the girls in their lesbian orgy, Brooke was too much for me to ignore. I urged my lesbian aunt in law to her feet in order to strip the blue sundress from her voluptuous body. My god, the woman was spectacular!

Underneath the blue sundress, she was wearing a similarly coloured bra and panties. The bra supported her tits well and, in that the panels were sheer, I could see her areolae and nipples. Of course her nipples were doing their best to poke their way through the material and into my mouth with the tongue hanging out. Her panties were satin with sheer panels as well and framing her clean shaven pussy. Thigh high stayups and stilettoes completed the vision standing in front of me.

I don’t know why but I craved the taste of her lesbian oriented body. Perhaps it was jealousy. Thinking about my aunt using her mouth on this gorgeous woman enticed me. Was it a matter of every man’s desire to switch a lesbian back to being a lover of males? I didn’t really know if that was the driving force behind my desire. Simply put though, I was going to find out.

Standing up, I spun Brooke around and with a light push, she was sprawled on the couch. With no hesitation I fell to my knees between her widespread legs. Man, oh man, I was in such a rush to get to my goal that I didn’t waste any more time with kissing. I moved on, reaching behind Brooke to the clasps of her bra.

Releasing this lesbian’s breasts, I took a moment to admire them. Considering her age, my aunt’s lesbian lover was a few years older than me, They were strong and full with just a little sag. As my head moved in within their reach, I saw the crease marks on her breasts from the restraining bra.

I couldn’t help but running my hands all over those awesome tits of hers. I wasn’t particularly gentle with her, as I usually am with women, my hands wrapped themselves around her boobs. I squeezed them, I bounced them, I pulled them babies apart, I pushed them together.

It was not very long at all before I had Brooke’s nipples in my mouth. Moving from one to the other, I bit into them at the point they merged with her areolae. Holding on with my teeth, I scraped my way to their tips. Catching each nipple between my spread fingers, I pulled them out further and sucked them as deep into my mouth as possible.

It was with a certain amount of pride that I heard the character of my aunt’s lover’s breath change. She was taking in shallow breaths and exhaling in tiny yips. I was achieving some level of success with this lesbian and I wanted to be the first man in years to bring her to an orgasm.

Roughly, I ripped her panties from her body leaving the clean shaven cunt staring into my eyes. Sliding my hands underneath Brooke to clasp her cheeks, I adjusted the lesbian’s body so she was perched on the edge of the couch cushion.

Wanting to dive right in, it seemed more appropriate to take my time, teasing both my aunt in law and myself. My first move was to kiss her muscular, toned and tanned thighs. I kissed them, I sucked mouthfuls deeply, I bit them gently. Again, with pride, I heard the intensity of Brooke’s breathing changing.

Seeing that her cunt was leaking its fluids, making her surrounding skin glisten, I changed my method of attack in order to lick from the tops of her thighs to the very edge of her labia. She had such a delicate looking pussy, so inviting to a mouth. Right now, that invitation was for me.

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