Paul’s Sexual Desire

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I could’nt really sleep well after my initial encounter with Paul that previous night and after what seemingly felt like just a few winks, it was already early morning as the alarm by the night table went off at its regular time of 5:30 a.m. waking up David.

It was still dark so I pretended I was still asleep and felt him slowly get up and go into the bathroom. I soon heard the steady stream of piss on the toilet bowl and his voice yawning then the sound of his footsteps walking towards me. I felt him sit beside me on our bed, his hands now gently caressing my bare shoulder. I was laying on my right side facing the edge of the bed where he was sitting so I turned, with my eyes still closed, and laid on my back so he could feel my body anywhere he wanted to.

I felt his hand slip under the covers and reach inside feeling the soft warm flesh of my upper thighs and slowly groping and inching in between them finally finding the soft mound of my pussy. I sighed, desire coming over me and slowly spread my thighs to allow him to feel the warmth and the slowly growing moisture between them. I reached out for him moving my hand in between the buttons of his jammies and found his erection, hard…and strong,

” Honey…you’re hard again…” I sighed with a smile as my right hand began to stroke his huge hanging muscle more insistently.

He didnt reply, instead he got into bed with me and threw the covers away. I could hear his breathing…labored…excited…as he got in between my knees which suddenly opened wide as if of their own accord…as if from long time habit. He suddenly began rubbing the head of his penis up and down the length of my now drooling pussy and plunged inside with a grunt and immediately began moving in and out in a rush.

” Honey I want to come with you…” I moaned in his ear as I began to feel him moving faster in and out of me and increasing my desire.

I was just moving my feet around his back to hold him tighter to me when he suddenly groaned loudly in my ear as he came… ” Oh Baby…cant hold it much longer…I’m coming….” he growled. I frantically moved against him harder trying to reach my own climax when he suddenly fell limp on my body with a loud sigh leaving me nowhere…my mind going on an inverted spin as it suddenly went blank asking myself…what the???, my need suddenly deserting my body as he suddenly got up leaving me and going to the bathroom to take a bath whistling a tune as he went on his way. Damn, I thought to myself. David was always like this…slam bam…whew that was good…thank you Ma’am kind of a man with no concern for me. As long as he got his squirts off and his semen inside me…well thats it for today folks…thank you Baby…better luck next time. The creep……

I started to scream out inwardly cursing this undue deprivation and this lack of empathy and wanted to run after him and push him, if I only could, head first inside the toilet bowl and flush him down the drain. Justifiable homicide I’d say. Oh well…then all of a sudden I thought about last night and remembered…my son Paul…oh my goodness….Paul….I suddenly got up from bed and put my robe on and went down, passing Paul’s bedroom at the head of the stairs. I paused for a while to listen at the door but I could’nt hear anything so I proceeded down to the kitchen and made coffee. David doesnt take anything else for breakfast except black coffee so I poured a cup for him and set it on the warmer at the table.

Soon David came down looking good in his three piece suit all ready to go to work…

kartal escort bayan Will you be coming home for lunch David?”, I asked sweetly, concealing my resentment with a coat of honey at his early morning abandonment of me.

” No Honey, I might be driving to the Capitol in Austin this morning to check the disbursement for the repair of that bridege we worked on last week. I’ll give you a call though because I might have to stay there if the check voucher doesnt go through today…okay”

“Okay…” I smiled and quietly replied.

As David drove off for work, I slowly went back upstairs and tried Paul’s bedroom door but finding it locked, I decided to go back to my room.

Laying down in bed I recalled Paul’s sudden and unexpected demonstration of his sexual desire for me the previous night and my weak but ardent surrender to his kiss and his touch, recalling his face between my thighs and eating me so divinely…remembering the intensity of my orgasms…how much I came with the touch of his tongue upon me…and more so, the unexplicable thrill of holding him off for a while but finally in the end, surrendering to his penetration…..

I found my hand going down between my thighs driven by the rush of memories from my intimate encounter with my son…my son Paul…and exhaled as my finger found the wetness of my need…I spread my thighs wider and touched my clit gently recalling with increasing desire the way he hungrily licked me imagining my finger to be his tongue…

I needed to come…the urgency of it all in the way my finger suddenly shook and rushed in and out of my pussy…my other hand going to the bare flesh of my soft breasts feeling my nipples harden as a shiver ran through my entire body. I began moving my hips up and down as my finger moved in and out of me…in rhythm…my finger playing the strings of my flesh and the button of my need so expertly…the way I did everytime David left me still in need…as I started to feel the familiar powerful rushing of my senses from deep within my cervix…then out of my pussy…making my thighs and hips shake…as an orgasm flowed strongly out of my being….into a muffled scream of unfulfilled frustration….

I sighed then got up from my bed and headed towards the bathroom. I took off my nightdress and turned the shower on feeling the droplets of water with my hand to feel if the temperature was right…then got in. I had just finished rinsing my whole body of soap when I felt a cold draft of air enter the warmth of the bathroom and a pair of arms encircle me…

“What…who…?” I wondered with a growing fear at who this intruder was…but I thought there was nobody else here at home except Paul, then I heard Paul’s shaking voice,

“Gotcha Mom…” his arms quickly encircling my nakedness and his hand slowly feeling my breasts the other finding its way between my thighs…and as I turned around to face him, I saw him naked, his hard penis pushing against the fold of my closed thighs and slipping through them as I opened my thighs to him. I suddenly felt weak in my knees feeling his hardness between my thighs. Inspite of the warm waters now cascading over both our nakedness, I felt a shiver run through my whole body as my urgent need came back…my need to be fucked…and fucked real hard.

I closed my eyes and called out his name softly, my mind now losing its coherence as I felt Paul, my son Paul…naked…and in the shower with me…hugging my naked body tightly…his penis now searching for the opening of my body that escort maltepe was now its own…as I opened my shaking thighs to him and felt him finding me…my wetness…my lower pussy lips now open and ready to receive him as I felt him enter me…with a slowness that I found so exquisitely consuming.

” Oh Paul…” I moaned out his name again as his penis began moving in and out of my body, my arms going around him and drawing him tighter to me, his lips with a hunger of its own kissing me everywhere…my neck, my breasts, my ears, my face…my throat…his voice a sound not unlike a hungry animal, grunting, snarling…feeding on my body seemingly with desperation…insatiable in its intensity as Paul drove his hard penis relentlessly in and out of me as my own body responded wildly to his passion, grinding hard and meeting his every thrust inside me…my voice a whining and moaning sound as I found myself coming again…and again…and again… making my head spin dizzily…..until…

” Oh Mom…I’m coming…I’m coming Mom….”,

” Yes Baby…come inside Mommy…yes…more… some more…oohhhhhhh…” my need exploded like wildfire as another one of my huge orgasms blew my mind leaving me a shaking, jerking and trembling mass of soft flesh going down a dark sensual spiral of depravity and lust…as I felt his scalding seed fill me… pussy closing in tight on him…not wanting to let go….

We fell down on the bathroom floor with the waters, both our bodies glued as one…my own still shivering in spasms as my orgasm continued again and again…..Paul’s penis still inside me.

After a while he stood and pulled me up taking the bar of soap in his hand and soaping my body all over. As soon as he was done, I took the bar of soap from him and began washing him…all of him…our eyes staring at each other…both our breathing getting harder again…as our insatiable lust for each other began to slowly creep back into every living cell of our being…

After we were all done bathing, we each took a towel from the rack and dried each other all over…not a word between us…just the silent acknowledgement of our mutual need in each others eyes…as Paul took me into his arms, a towel wrapped around my body and carried me into the bedroom laying me gently on my bed…the bed David and I share…

I knew what else we both wanted…as he took off the towel he had wrapped around me and laid me completely naked down on the bed…

I slowly opened my thighs exposing my shaved pussy to him…my desire growing stronger as I saw his eyes staring at my pussy…I called out his name in a trembling voice…my arms now outstretched, mutely calling out for him…as he fell down between my breasts and kissed me hard on my lips…our tongues quickly joining…his hands all over my nakedness, our naked bodies grinding hard against each other.

He went down and quickly spread my thighs wider as I placed my feet on his shoulders, his face immediately seeking the erotic scent of my pussy and then finding it…breathing in my scent..smelling me deeply…the warmth of his exhaled breath quickly raising my clit from its fleshy enclosure…and making me gush forth the fluids of my need now being met by his open mouth as my wetness flowed from my pussy into his face… his tongue licking me…tasting me…sucking me…feeding on me…as he began eating me…hungrily…and in a voice I didnt recognize as my own, I heard myself say…

” Paul…let me have your penis Baby…I want to kiss you and suck you…”and as pendik escort he obeyed and changed position, my hand immediately took hold of this hard muscle hanging between his thighs and opened my mouth to take him in…my tongue relishing the feel of his heat…his hardness and the precum at its tip…

I wanted to taste him…I wanted so urgently to feel his semen in my taste buds…as my hands went to the side of his hips and guided him to move up and down on me as I sucked him, my mouth ready to receive his incestuous seed. I lost the feel of his tongue upon me as I heard him cry out…

” Oh Mom…I’m almost coming…” his warm breathing on my drenched pussy making me lift my hips up to him needing the touch of his tongue on me. I felt both his hands on my butt as they pulled me roughly into his face and open mouth as I closed my lips tightly on the circle of his flesh and felt the sudden rush of semen into the back of my throat…my tongue savoring its tasty hot creamy flavor and swallowing it all…as he came inside my mouth making my whole body shiver as I came hard…his mouth sucking my clit and his tongue flipping it up and down…making me orgasm continuously…my thighs tight on his face as I sucked on his jerking penis hard until I released him and moaned…

” Paul…honey…stop…please…I can’t take it anymore…Paul…noooooooo…oooohhhhhhh”, I pleaded uselessly as he continued eating me and pushing me beyond the edge of my endurance….

Later that evening, David called me up late to tell me the check voucher didnt go out so he had to wait for it to be issued the following day. I did not completely understand why he had to handle this collection himself…did he have someone else with him?…I wondered, hearing a female voice in the background….

Paul was laying beside me on my bed when the call came and as he heard me asking David where he was checked in, he looked at me becoming aware that David was’nt coming home that night…the hunger and desire now again present in his eyes…looking at me….

” Paul, I need to rest. You have exhausted me so much today that my pussy is raw from your pounding and my mouth sore from sucking you. Lets just rest. You can sleep with me here tonight if you want…okay?”, I gently sighed and told my son lovingly. I thought to myself I was not really exhausted. I was just trying to find out how far he was willing to go to have me again.

” But Mom…I cant have enough of you. Look at me…I’m hard again just being with you…” and as I looked at the huge bulge on his boxer shorts I felt awed at his youthful virility and staying power really quite pleased that he still wanted me inspite of the countless number of times we had been together the whole day…

” Paul, you can have me anytime you want to but this time, please let me rest for a little while…”, I pleaded,

” Okay Mom…” he reluctantly replied, but as I looked at him, I smiled because I knew he was not going to give me a whole nights sleep…and I exactly wanted just that to happen.

Later…it was dark and I didnt know what time it was as I felt the bedcovers slowly being drawn from me…I felt a warmth between my bare thighs as I felt the hem of my brief nightie being slowly lifted up exposing my complete nakedness underneath. I opened my eyes slightly and in the dim light saw my son Paul…hunched by my side and slowly lowering his face into the pit of my closed thighs to smell me…again breathing in deeply of the scent emanating from my pussy…now slowly getting wet…

I slowly opened my thighs wide…showing more of myself to his hungry gaze…giving my body to him…my desire for him now growing as I began to moan…his tongue finding me…and his mouth now sucking the fluids of my need…as he started feeding on me hungrily once more…

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