Passions Unleashed Ch. 08

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When Ted got home later that day, it seemed like everything was totally normal. David was watching TV, while Susan prepared dinner. She was even in a good mood for him. Naturally! What woman wouldn’t be after the fuck she got earlier. The evening, too, went smoothly. But for Ted there was high anxiety. He was in his study, nervously mulling over just what to do about the day’s events. Meanwhile, Susan was on the phone with Donna, who was planning a night out with a group of middle-aged wives, to a Black frat house party that weekend.

“Wanna come?” Donna asked. “I know I will.”

“No thanks,” Susan replied.

“Too bad. We could use a blond. It’ll be five brunettes and a red-head. My Latina secretary, Lupe, does this often. She’s got me prowling with her now, too, whenever her husband goes to a buddies house to watch basketball games.”

“You mean he won’t figure out that his wife is fucking around on him?” Susan asked.

“Some do, some don’t. The ones who know are the wimps. They eat the cum out of their wives cunts after they get home.”

“Oh, how accommodating!” Susan remarked. “Look, Donna, I gotta go now. Have a good time Saturday.”

“Oh I will, believe me! One of these days, Susan! One of these days I’m gonna take you out and make you a whore for black cock!”

“I like my men young, Donna,” Susan whispered.

“Oh? Do tell!”

“Nothing, I’m teasing you.”

“I can always call Tyrone and his cousin E.J.! Tyrone is nineteen and E.J. is barely beyond jailbait! How kinky and erotic!”

Susan laughed. “Thanks for your concern, Donna.”

“Their cocks are fucking huge, Susie!”

“Goodbye Donna,” she said hanging up.

Later as Susan prepared for bed, Ted was already in bed.

“Turning in early, are we?” she asked.

“We’ve got to talk, Susan.”

“About what?”

“About Greg and Paul.” Susan stopped dead in her tracks. Her eyes bulged, her mouth dropped and she turned whiter than white. Catching her breath Susan asked, “How did you know about that?”

“I came home for lunch today.”

“Oh my god,” Susan replied with a heavy sigh. She brought her hand to her mouth and shook her kartal escort bayan head.

“How long has this been going on Susan?”

“It was just today.”

“Don’t fucking bullshit me!” Ted snapped. “How long has this been going on?”

Letting out a deep sigh, Susan sat on her side of the bed and told all. “It started a year ago. Greg and Paul were sleeping over on a Friday night. You took David into work the next morning. About mid-morning I heard them talking in David’s room. They hadn’t gone home yet. I opened the door and poked my head around to say good morning when I found them jerking off while looking at a porn magazine that I guess belonged to David. I was stunned and so were they. They were really embarrassed and in a panic tried covering themselves. All I could do was…stare.” Letting out a deep sigh, Susan continued. “I’m sorry, Ted. I just…stared. They were…Huge! Their cocks started to go soft but seeing that I wasn’t doing anything but stare at them, Greg got daring and started stroking his cock back to life. He could tell I was interested. I was! Then Paul followed Greg’s lead. They asked me if I wanted them.” Susan stopped talking and just stared straight ahead. Ted said not a word. “I fucked them,” Susan said matter-of-factly. “Two teenagers. David’s friends. I never would have thought in a million years I would do something like that. But I loved it. I needed it so bad and they gave me what I needed. Well, after that, they came over every Saturday morning after you and David left for work and they’d fuck me.” And then turning to face her husband Susan said “And I loved it. I felt like a woman.

A sexual woman. A slut. I became their whore. I fucking loved it! I don’t regret anything,” she added with a sneer.

Ted was floored, but managed to keep up the conversation. “But what about today? I mean I let David stay home on Saturdays once I got you two to…”

“After a couple of months, we stopped,” Susan explained. “The boys wanted to do more, I don’t know, risky things. It became threatening.”

“What do you mean?” Ted asked.

“Well, one Saturday Greg told me that his parents were out of escort maltepe town for the weekend, as they often are, and that he was having a party and that maybe I might want to come over. I said I couldn’t do that. He said I might like it. Curious, I asked him what he meant. He said that he was inviting over a group of guys from the school and that maybe I could fuck them all. I told him he was crazy and that I would do no such thing. I said ‘Why can’t we just do it, the three of us, like we always do?’ ‘Oh, come on’ he said. ‘You know you want to!’ Actually, I guess I did. I was so opened up sexually at that point. Part of me wanted to fuck all of David’s friends and then some, but I was terrified David would find out. So I said no. They threatened me saying they would tell you if I didn’t show up and fuck them all. I told them that if they forced me into anything it would be rape.” Susan sat silent for a moment and then said, “And that was the end of it. Until today.”

Ted just looked at his wife for long minute. “Well, how did today happen?”

“YOU!” she snapped. “You fucked everything up! You and your sick fantasies! And now that everything has fallen apart, even with David, well…I saw the boys in the store a couple of days ago. Look, I fucked our son for YOU, not for me! I enjoyed it, and wanted to help him get both our needs met, but…” After a pause she added, “Well, since that’s come to an end I figured what the hell and I invited them over for today. They didn’t mind cutting class, so… It fucking figures with all that’s been happening of late that you would find out. And since you saw what happened you must know that I have no regrets, Ted! I fucking loved it! I love their huge cocks! I need it! They’re what I need and I’m gonna do it again whenever I want to! Do you understand?”

Ted sat in stunned silence. What could he do?

The atmosphere in the house became unbearable. David was still angry at Susan over suggesting they invite his friends in on everything and he wasn’t talking to her. Susan was angry at Ted, period. And Ted was angry at himself for all the passions unleashed. Susan couldn’t handle the silence anymore: pendik escort Everyone ate on their own schedule, none of them could stand being in the same room together. It was Susan who devised the plan to put everything back on track.

She knocked on David’s door one evening a few days later and apologized for suggesting she fuck his friends. She asked David if he wanted to continue, just the two of them, no dad, nothing. They could even go away for a weekend and leave his father behind. Stroking her son’s hair she said “You know I love you. You know I’d do anything for you. Let’s just be lovers like before. You’re really the man of the house, you know?” she reminded him with a smile.

“Okay, mom,” David replied. They hugged, kissed and then really kissed. “When do you want to get togther again?”

“I’ll tell you what,” Susan said. “How about if I give you a blow job before going to bed each night and we can go back to our usual Saturday fuck.

How’s that sound?”

“Perfect,” David replied. All’s well that…

Later that evening, Susan confronted Ted before they both went to sleep. “Listen, Ted, I’m sorry. I’ve let things get out of hand. I’ve talked to David and I’m going to go back on my Saturday routine with him.”

Ted was silent. “But I’ll make it up to you,” she said.

“Oh yeah, how?”

“Well, it’s not right of me to deny you sex at all, I mean you are my husband, so whenever you want, you know, just let me know.”

Ted was accepting of this but a little nervous. He remembered not only catching Susan with David’s friends but her reaction to their double penetrating her. Ted knew what she needed and that they had what to give her.

“But I know you, Ted,” Susan continued. “I know what really turns you on. And I know you were turned on seeing me with Greg and Paul.”

“Oh?” Ted said trying to sound confident. “And what makes you so sure?”

“Because you did nothing to stop it.”

Ted was road-kill. His face went blank and Susan had the upper hand once again. With a confident, well, okay cocky smile she said “Tell you what. We can have a lot of fun if you do this right. I’ll fuck you whenever you want, I can keep David happy – and out of it! And I’ll satisfy all your mommy-older woman fantasies…and…get what I want as well.”

More curious than anything, Ted asked “What do you propose?”

“A damn good time!” Susan replied.

To Be Continued…

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