Passion Never Fades Ch. 02

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Jacob lay on the inside of the couch naked. His hand was caressing the back of Marie’s nude body as they talked quietly. He was ecstatic at having been back inside his beautiful ex-girlfriend, but a little frightened and guilty to have cheated on his wife. But the lovemaking was more passionate than anything he had ever done and he said as much to Marie. A few minutes had passed since he pulled out of her.

“I should go now.” He said for the second time, his hand sliding down her back and grabbing her naked ass cheek once again. He gave her bum another squeeze and then caressed his hand up her back.

“You don’t have a few more minutes?” she asked, pursing her lips. He kissed her, lips smacking loudly. He kissed her again.

“I want to…but it shouldn’t take more than an hour to pick up a dog.” He chuckled and so did she. “I left about an hour ago. If I go now, I may not need to explain anything.”

His hand returned to the soft, cool skin of her ass cheek and he squeezed it hard. Then he slid his hand up her back once more, kissing her mouth. “So you won’t be here when I return?”

“Probably not.” Marie replied. “I’m going to the beach and doubt I’ll be back until tonight. But maybe.”

She kissed him three times in succession and thought she felt movement against her stomach. A wave of desire went through her. She wanted to make love to him again but the feeling that just went through her turned that want into an obsession. She caressed her hand from his back around to his front, her fingers wrapping around what was now a semi-hard shaft. She felt it immediately grow taut in her hand and another wave of lust — of need — went through her.

“It doesn’t feel like you want to go.” She chuckled, giving him another loud kiss. She kissed him again and again, her hand squeezing his hard dick.

“I don’t.” he tried to meet each of her kisses and was only partly successful. Her mouth was kissing him so much she didn’t leave him much room to speak. Her hand started to stroke him and it felt incredible. “But I have…” she was kissing him again. “To…”

Jacob managed to finish his sentence and then he started kissing her back, each kiss lasting a little longer than the last. And then Marie’s tongue was slipping into his mouth as her fingers gave his dick another squeeze. His hand went back down to her bum again and this time it remained there, squeezing her soft cheek over and over again. He rubbed his tongue against hers and slowly slipped it into her mouth. Their tongues danced as he felt her foot caress up his leg.

Then her hand released his penis and her foot curled around to the back of his leg and started to pull at him. Hard. He didn’t have the strength to resist. Still rubbing his tongue against hers, he slowly moved towards her. She rolled onto her back, her foot pulling his leg in between hers. They were still kissing as she opened her legs around him and he got his other leg in between. He kissed her harder as he felt the hot lips of her pussy rub against the shaft of his manhood.

Her nimble tongue suddenly darted deep inside his mouth and her hands clawed at him. Instinctively he drew his hips back and felt the mushroom head of his penis slide down her slit until it reached the heat of her entrance. It didn’t quite catch and he slipped back out. Their kissing grew sloppy and they were gasping for breath as he lifted his hips again, this time going a little farther. He caught her entrance again only this time it caught and held. He pushed forward and felt her tightness open and gobble up his thick helmet.

“Mmmph!” Marie moaned into his mouth, suddenly kissing him furiously. He continued pushing and felt her tight entrance slide down anadolu yakası escort inch after inch of his cock until it was gripping his base and his entire penis was inside her hot depths.

They moaned together, pausing in their kiss for a moment. He held himself inside the inferno that was her pussy and resumed kissing at her mouth hungrily. Jacob ground himself against her, his manhood somehow finding a way to grow even more rigid.

She felt him expand inside her even more and a wave of excitement went through her. She ran her feet up the backs of his legs and then wrapped her legs around him. Her legs squeezed him tight with all of her strength and her heart soared with love. She was so happy that she was able to convince him to make love to her again rather than go back to his wife. And he was so thick and deep inside her. She broke the kiss.

“Ohhh you’re so hard, baby…” she breathed, softly. She kissed his lips over and over again eagerly. Her legs loosened around him enough for him to slowly pull most of the way out of her and then dip back inside her.

“Mmmmm…” Marie moaned. Her sensitive vagina could feel every bit of movement that his thick, stiff penis made and the tingling in her crotch was almost unbearable. He started fucking her at a nice, steady pace and their kissing grew sloppy. Their tongues were all over the place as his manhood glided into her tight, wet cunt over and over. She couldn’t help but open her legs up wide again and raise her feet in the air as her ex-boyfriend fucked her for the second time that short visit.

Her tongue was moving wildly in his mouth and he cherished the sensation. Marie’s tongue! In his excitement, he lengthened his strokes until he was pulling most of his cock out of her before sliding it back in.

Her feet were flailing wildly in the air above him and she could feel an orgasm start rising inside her. She broke the kiss, moaning.

“Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh!” she cried, wincing as the buzzing in her crotch rose.

He held himself up on his arms and started fucking her as fast as he could. Marie’s pretty face was turned to the side and she was moaning in ecstasy. Her tits were bouncing rapidly on her chest and when he looked down beneath her belly button ring to where the rectangle of her bush was, he could barely bring into view where the thick lips of her pussy were being pulled outwards each time he withdrew. He turned his head and watched one of her feet wave back and forth in the air helplessly.

“Oh gawd!” Marie gasped. “You’re so hard!”

He realized that he was hard. Incredibly hard. His ex-lover was making him harder than he had ever been with anybody. His balls started to churn.

She felt his cock twitch a little inside her and she realized that he was on the edge. Sensing this, she wrapped her strong legs back around him and squeezed as hard as she could, trapping him inside her. Her arms reached around his neck and pulled him down to her, and her lips found his.

“Mmmmm…” she moaned, kissing him hard. She was on the edge of an orgasm herself, but didn’t want the experience to end so soon. In the back of her mind she wanted him to have some explaining to do with his wife. Pushing her tongue into his mouth, she pushed him off onto his side.

His cock slipped out of her comforting warmth and he was surprised at her aggressiveness. He broke the kiss as she forced him onto his back, but his penis remained as erect as ever as she swung a leg over him. He looked down at her beautiful thick pussy lips and how they were touching his stiff shaft.

Marie grabbed Jacob’s cock in her slender, tanned hand and raised it up ataşehir escort into the air.

“I can’t believe how hard you are!” she exclaimed as she rubbed his mushroom head against her swollen petals. She quickly found her entrance and pushed down. He immediately penetrated her and she pushed her hot cunt downwards and gobbled up every inch of his manhood.

“Ohhhhh…” the former lovers moaned in unison, and Marie kept herself pushing down on him so that he was as far inside her body as possible. Holding herself upright, hand on his chest, she began sliding her wet pussy up and down his pole. He could clearly see her pussy lips stretch outwards along his dick whenever she raised herself up. Looking up her sexy body, he stared at her gorgeous tits.

He leaned upwards, taking her breast in one hand while his other hand held her warm back. He hungrily sucked her nipple into his mouth, holding it there as he teased his tongue across it. She didn’t miss a beat, sliding her vagina up and down his member over and over again as he kiss all over her breast. He kissed over to her other one, switching hands. He sucked her nipple into his mouth as she rode him. His free hand slid down to her ass and grabbed onto her cheek.

Letting Marie’s nipple slip from his mouth, he fell back onto the couch and grabbed her ass with both hands. He dug his fingers right into her cheeks and squeezed them hard as he started to drill himself up into her body.

“Ohhh gawd…” Marie gasped, closing her eyes. He was ramming up into her hard and she was unable to keep up with him. So she hovered over him and allowed him to piston his organ up into her at a lightning pace. The tingles rose quickly inside her.

“Unnngh…GAH!” she groaned, cumming hard. She pressed her body down on him as she came, making it difficult for him to thrust more than an inch or two. Pleasure flowed through her body as she came and came and came. Her heart pounded with love and lust as the inner walls of her vagina clutched at his manhood.

He squeezed her ass cheeks again and again as he waited for her to ride out her orgasm. All he could do was slide a bit of his cock into her and out of her at a slow pace. Finally, Marie collapsed breathlessly on him. He managed to roll the panting woman off of him. His dick slipped out of her as she scrambled onto her back, still trying to catch her breath.

A wave of desire went through her at the sight of Jacob’s penis at full hardness as he once again knelt between her legs. Instinctively, her legs spread wide around him, her bare feet hovering in the air.

His cock twitched at the sight of Marie’s thick pussy lips defenseless before him. He wasted little time and placing his fat head against her entrance. He pushed and watched as her lips parted for him and sucked him inside. He moaned as her heat engulfed him. He couldn’t stop even if he wanted to, and continued pushing until every inch of himself was inside her insane heat.

Seeing this beautiful, naked goddess underneath him made him weak with love. He fell on top of her, sliding his strong arms around her and holding their bodies close. He ran his mouth along her cheek until they found her lips. They kissed passionately, tongues exploring as he began to slowly slide in and out of her.

“Mmmmm…” she purred as he invaded her again and again. Their kissing was passionate and meaningful as their wild fucking evolved into sweet lovemaking. Her feet rested loosely on his ass as he slid in and out of her using long, slow strokes. Both of them could feel the tremendous love and neither of them noticed the time ticking by. For seven or eight minutes, all that could be ümraniye escort heard was the passionate kissing and breathing of two long lost lovers. For seven or eight minutes, Jacob’s penis eased slowly in and out of Marie’s vagina. For seven or eight minutes, their tongues intertwined in a deep kiss. It seemed like only seconds, but those seven or eight minutes in conjunction with the time that they were fucking before that, meant a good twenty minute delay on the time where he had said he had to leave.

But he didn’t care. He didn’t want it to end.

He kissed Marie harder, plunging his cock into her aching body a little faster. Her feet rose into the air and waved back and forth as things heated up once again. He broke the kiss and held himself up on his arms, pistoning himself into her.

“Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh!” she moaned, her pussy buzzing. “Put my legs on your shoulders!” she gasped, her dark eyes filled with desire.

He remembered how she used to really like that and was more than happy to oblige her. He swung her leg up onto his right shoulder and then threw her other leg onto his left shoulder. She was at his mercy as he held just the head of his penis inside her needy cunt. He slammed into her heat in one hard stroke.

“UNGH!” Marie grunted as bolts of pleasure shot up her body. She was helpless to stop him, her ankles on his shoulders as he began fucking her for all he was worth. Her ass bounced hard off the couch and increased the velocity as he jackhammered in and out of her again and again.

“UNGH!” she groaned again. “You go so DEEP this way!”

Her tight pussy was pulling at his thrusting cock again and again and he knew an orgasm was on the way. For both of them. He reached inside himself and found a way to fuck her harder. This was Marie! Marie! It was Marie’s naked, sexy body that was underneath him, her ankles on his shoulders as he plunged his hard dick into her again and again. Marie! He couldn’t get over it and his orgasm rose quickly.

Again sensing this, she managed to speak up before her own orgasm hit.

“Cum inside me!” she grunted, losing her voice halfway. Swallowing, gasping for air, she found her voice again. “Cum inside me baby!” she begged, tits bouncing as she got fucked hard.

“UNNGH! GAH!” she grunted, cumming. She bucked underneath him, trying to kick her legs free as she came. She was completely at his mercy though. All she could hope was that when he did cum, that it would be inside her. But it was his choice. She had no power to keep him in her. Meanwhile, wave after wave of orgasm went through her body.

Jacob lost it. He slid his entire penis inside Marie’s vagina and held it there. He turned and sucked on the arch of her foot as his cock jerked hard inside her. A thick wad of his semen blasted out the end and deep inside her fertile womb. Her pulsating cunt grabbed at his offering and pulled it deeper inside even as his penis jerked again. More hot cum shot into her as they both moaned, spraying the back of her needy pussy.

He ground against her, his organ spasming relentlessly, shooting rope after rope of sticky cum into her aching body. He shrugged her feet off of his shoulders and collapsed on her as the twitching in his member started to die down. His ejaculate still flowed freely out of him though — and into her as he breathlessly kissed at her mouth.

Marie’s legs wrapped around his waist and squeezed him as the last of his sperm dripped out of him, joining the puddle that he had already blasted inside her.

He had already been gone from his wife for an hour and a half, yet he was in no rush. He kissed breathlessly all over Marie’s face as his penis grew soft inside her vagina — for the second time.

She put her hand on the side of his face and looked into his eyes. Her eyes were so captivating. Dark and beautiful, they captured his heart. She kissed his mouth five times in succession, and then smiled at him.

Each of them wanted to express their love at that moment. Both of them found the strength not to.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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