Paradise on Cloud Nine

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Alina Li

It all starts with the imagination. That is where intrigue, lust, and sensuous desires are created.

Sanity knew there was wildness in her spirit that deserved to be explored. She had decided to satisfy herself with an erotic escape. It was her first time. Her first attempt. She knew she would savor this erotic experience and relive it in orgasmic bliss over and over again. Even though she was only 34 and drop dead gorgeous with a sweet, sexy body, Sanity still decided it was important to hold out for the very best.

“Create your own Fantasy” was a well established company that had taken command of the market since 2070. The premise was simple; create your most enchanting sexual escape and live it.

Sanity was confident that after having done her research, she was embarking on a safe and scintillating journey that would change her perspective and advance her to a higher level of understanding and pleasure.

The pictures she received of Alpha and Kix confirmed to her that her longings would be thoroughly satisfied. She had been day dreaming about them for weeks and had some definite ideas on how she wanted them to stimulate her.

Sanity had always wanted to be a Mistress. As she boarded the tram to climb to Mount Rainer, she adjusted her long, brown, tanned, tasseled gloves and chaps. She had chosen a cowgirl theme and knew her cowboys would fit the part. Her tasseled suede bra top and tasseled chaps accented her shapely physique, and left her pussy and ass bare.

Others on the tram were dressed for their fantasies as well. Nudity wasn’t an issue. It was an enticing stimulant. No cameras were allowed so everyone was safe and in the same situation.

Sanity felt reckless as she reminisced, for the second time that hour, about the photos she received featuring the two strong, tall, men shamelessly showing off their exquisite assets. Sanity felt a stirring in the dewy folds of her labia as she stroked kurtköy escort the two whips that she kept in her chap holsters. She would bring them to their knees.

The trip to the top of the mountain took only twenty minutes. Half way up Sanity was given a pleasure enhancing pill to remove inhibitions and help her acclimatize to the new altitude. As she moved toward her pick up point, Sanity felt her emotions approach an euphoric state.

She stepped off the tram and walked with thirty other people to the loading docks where the “Fantasy Clouds” would pick them up. The cloud with her two lovers pulled up right on time.

“You look exactly like your pictures, amazing, but where are your cowboy hats?” Sanity said as she stepped onto the cloud platform and moved her vivacious, scantily clad body onboard the vessel.

“Mmm I do adore the look of tassels you beautiful morsel. Come here!” Alpha said as an introduction.

“We’ll take very good care of your desires sweet girl,” piped in Kix.

Neither of them had a clue about why she was talking about cowboy hats. Their instructions had been specific. This woman wanted to be taken roughly and possessed in the most decadent ways possible.

Soon they were drifting over the top of the world. The cloud effortlessly drifted over numerous landscapes far away from other people, spy cams, nanny cams and cell phones. That was a requirement. The clothing had to be sparse enough so as not to conceal any devices that could easily make a sexual adventure an internet sensation.

Sanity stood between the sensual men feeling their kisses on the back of her neck and mouth simultaneously. Sanity felt a response from their shafts immediately, as they pushed against her pussy and ass and started a slow, deep, grind.

That’s when she decided to bring them to their knees and make them beg for her.

With a strong movement Sanity attempted to push them to the ground malatya escort while saying, “Get on your knees boys!”

They just kept doing what they were doing and holding her firmly in place with their appealing bodies.

Totally turned on, but angry now that they didn’t do as she asked, Sanity repeated her command, “Get on your knees sluts!”

Alpha grabbed her cheeks and pushed his tongue firmly in her mouth while sliding his fingers over the top of her fringed cleavage. Kix took his strong hands and started kneading and massaging her exposed cheeks, outlined by her chaps.

Sanity was outraged. Kix was playing with the ass she wanted to teach him to worship. The harder she tried to pull away the more the men held their ground. Just as she was going to tell them there must have been a mistake, Alpha took out a set of colorful scarves and tied them behind her head, rendering her speechless.

Euphoria and anger flowed through her. How dare they? She was supposed to be in charge. Adrenalin surged as they both licked their hands and slid them between her ass and pussy. Sanity felt herself being lifted and incredibly turned on by the rubbing and force of their movements.

Alpha approached her tender nipples with his teeth, and tugged on them. His majestic mouth sculpted her tits with searing licks. A whimper could be heard as Sanity released herself to his dynamic sensuality.

One man adoring her tits while the other worshiped her ass is exactly what she wanted after all. As Alpha hoisted her onto his shaft wrapping her legs around him, Sanity felt the first quivers and pulses of an orgasm.

When Kix spread her cheeks, she trembled with uncertainty. Sanity had never had a cock in her ass before. Would he be gentle? Would he hurt her? These thoughts captivated her and heightened her arousal.

Kix parted her cheeks and allowed his probing shaft to sink into Sanity’s smooth little hole. He only got kayseri escort in two inches deep when he felt resistance. She was tight; a virgin. Kix was surprised at how difficult it was to enter her any deeper. Sanity was whimpering and thrashing her arms around while Alpha filled her pussy impossibly deep and Kix probed her, trying to slide in deeper.

“Relax baby, just relax, and let me in”.

Kix worked on Sanity, going deeper and deeper. Then with a sudden push he was all the way in and triumphantly fucking her bottom.

Sanity was in a hypnotic state as another orgasm rippled through her; the pain and pleasure of her arousal immense. A gentle seesawing action continued to stimulate all three of the lovers as her pussy and ass got filled repeatedly by two strong hard cocks. Sanity climaxed repeatedly.

They put Sanity in many different vulnerable sexual positions. The men aggressively used her three holes for their pleasure. Although Sanity was no longer gagged she was too enchanted with the experience to question or complain. Something deep inside her adored being used like this.

The two satiny shafts were still pushing between her lips and saturated her mouth, filling it full, as the cloud vessel docked. She looked up at them as she swallowed their salty mix. Kix and Alpha helped her stand up, giving her bare ass a swat as she stepped out of the fantasy.

Once outside again, at the top of the mountain, Sanity carried her spent and well used body in a daze to the “Create your Own Fantasy” office to ask them what had happened.

“Oh, here, I see what went wrong” said the secretary.

“I’m so sorry Miss. There was a mix up. Somehow you received Angela’s fantasy instead of the one you ordered. Please accept two free fantasies for your inconvenience, along with our deepest apologies. Unfortunately, sometimes mix ups and mistakes do happen.”

Sanity leaned her head back and closed her eyes, then squeezed her gluts. Her ass had been stretched so wide, she felt like there was still a hard cock inside her.

As she took the tram down Sanity wondered what fantasy she would pick. Maybe Angela was on to something.

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