Paradise Island Ch. 03

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I’ve received a lot of feedback on the previous two chapters – Thanks to every body who responded. Writing is a lonely art and feedback makes it much easier to carry on. This chapter took a while to write because I was busy with other things. Hope you enjoy it. Please vote..


Tom was tired. His day had started with a threesome (his first) while taking a bath and then, after breakfast, he had fucked his sister Jill. The incredible thing was that until the day before he had been your average Joe – earning good money as a lawyer and reasonably good looking but not a superstud by any means. All that had changed when his sister asked him to help her out on Paradise Island after she was widowed.

He had come ashore on Paradise Island expecting to stay six months and now his sister was asking him to stay here forever. She had practically thrown herself at him (not that he’d resisted very much) and had even asked him to marry Macy, her sister-in-law. Macy was the most beautiful woman Tom had ever seen. Dark glossy hair tumbling to her shoulders, lovely lips, long neck, a lilting voice and a body to die for.

Both Jill and Macy had worn the dress of Assumption for breakfast – a slinky silk sheath of a dress that left very little to the imagination. It was meant to show that they accepted Tom as their master. Tom didn’t think that the authorities on the island would let him take over one of their biggest estates – practically a fifth of the island. However, Jill and Macy thought that Tom could get the support of two of the houses in the council of five and thus become master of the Fontana house. Not only would that give him the land, it would also make him master of all the people living on the estate and every woman on the estate would be his for the taking.

A few hours of gentle strolling round the gardens revived him and he came back to the big house for lunch. Serafina was waiting for him. She smiled happily when she saw him and ran into his arms when he extended them. Tom hugged her and dropped his hands to her ass and squeezed her bottom. Her pussy ground into his crotch and he could feel the beginnings of an erection. He grinned and kissed her on her upturned mouth. One of his hands left her ass and went up her body and started fondling her tits. After a couple of minutes of this, they separated and Serafina said, “Master, Mistresses Jill and Macy are waiting for you.”

“Lead on!” said Tom gaily.

They went to another lovely cottage where lunch was laid out. The cottage was on a bluff and they could see the blue sea in the distance. All round the cottage were lovely gardens with tropical flowering plants interspersed with palms and banana plants. There was a cool breeze blowing through the open sides of the cottage. Two colourful parakeets went flying through the cottage. It truly was a paradise.

Jill was wearing a fresh Assumption dress – her morning one had been torn in their passion. Tom could see the shape of her big breasts under the dress. He had been playing with those boobs just a few hours ago! The dress hugged her body and he could even see it tightly stretch across her pussy and strain across her hips.

Macy was however wearing tight shorts and a top like a man’s shirt with the bottom knotted just below her breasts so that her midriff was bare. She was wearing a bra – though still showing a lot of cleavage through the two open buttons on the shirt.

Jill came up to him and hugged him. Tom kissed her on the lips and couldn’t resist feeling her bottom through her silky dress. Macy came up to him and said, “Please forgive me for not wearing the Assumption dress, Master. Jill asked me to take you out for a ride through the estate after lunch, so I took the liberty of wearing these clothes.”

Tom looked at her more closely. Her hair was piled high on her head and made her look even taller than she was. Her brown eyes looked back at him for a second before dropping. Her fair cheeks turned a rosy red as she blushed under his scrutiny. He wanted to kiss her neck. He could make out the deep valley between her breasts and the shirt ended to show off her flat stomach and shapely waist that flared to her lovely ass. The shorts finished with her bottom, showing off her seemingly endless legs. Tom could not tear his eyes off her beauty.

His throat was so dry that he had to clear it before he could reply, “I am not your master, Jill. You can wear anything you like. These clothes complement you very well!”

They all sat down and had a light chicken salad for lunch. As usual, food was served by young women wearing short white cotton dresses. Tom was allowed to take any liberty he wished with these girls and he did. He would casually put his hand on a girl’s ass when she came to serve them or he moved his hand to press his upper arm against another girl’s boobs. Lunch was finally finished and they all sat back to enjoy the breeze and the view. Jill raised one of her fingers and made a sign to one kartal escort of the girls. Immediately, Serafina came behind Tom’s chair and started massaging his shoulders. Tom stretched his neck back and felt his head cushioned by her soft tits. He left his head against her boobs and closed his eyes, enjoying her light fingers massaging his shoulders.

“The council meeting has been set for the day after tomorrow,” said Jill.

“Tell me about the council,” said Tom. He thought that he should treat it like a jury selection – except that the jury was already selected and he was the defendant!

“The houses of Margoulis and Nimbra are headed by Bijan and Silvio Margoulis. Bijan is Serbius’s father and Silvio is Serbius’s brother,” replied Jill, referring to Serbius, the big man who had broken in on their breakfast and warned Tom against taking over the Fontana esate. Jill and Macy thought Serbius was behind Jamie’s killing but had no proof.

Jill continued, “Prash is the master of the Nego household and Lukid Menor runs the Menor house, the biggest estate of all. Serbius is Jamie and Macy’s oldest first cousin and he has the best claim to run this house. However, Prash and Lukid hate him and think that the Margoulis father and sons should not run three houses. However, Lukid is a very conservative man and does not like foreigners coming to the island, let alone run one of the houses. The only way he will agree to you becoming the master of the house is if you marry Macy.”

Tom opened his eyes and looked at Macy. He could not believe that a beauty like Macy would agree to marry him. “What do you think, Macy?” he asked.

“Jill is right. The only way Lukid will agree to this is if you become a Paradisian. If you don’t want to marry me, we can get engaged and ask for you to be made the acting head until we get married. We can set the marriage for three or four months from now. That’ll give us some time to come up with some other plan.” Macy replied and paused before blurting out, “I hate Serbius. I’d rather kill myself than let him be my master.”

Tom was taken aback by her passion. “Don’t worry, Macy. We don’t have to get married just so you can escape Serbius. Let’s go with your idea and buy ourselves some time by getting engaged.”

“Good, that’s settled.” said Jill. “Let’s announce the engagement at the council meeting.”

“I don’t think that’s a good idea,” said Tom. “It’ll be better if one of the heads of the houses announces it. Who do you think would do it?”

“Lukid’s my uncle. He loves me and I can make him announce the engagement,” mused Macy. “Let’s go and visit him now.”

“No,” said Tom, “Let’s make this formal. Send somebody to say we’ll visit him tomorrow.”

Macy looked surprised. “That’s a good idea! My uncle likes formality. We’ll have to take gifts for him and his son.”

Tom turned to Macy and taking her hand in his, said, “Macy, will you marry me?”

Jill’s eyes moistened as she said softly, “Yes, Tom”

Tom and Macy stood up and came into each other’s arms. Her body felt just perfect in his arms. Tom gently brushed his his lips against Macy’s. He felt a strong emotion well up in his heart. He knew he could not leave her to become Serbius’s plaything. He would do everything in his power to keep her safe.

An hour later, Tom and Macy went to the stables where two saddled horses were waiting for them. They set off slowly through the Fontana estate with Macy showing the local sights. Soon, Tom heard a roaring noise and looked quizzically at Macy. Macy just shook her head and led him round a bend in the path. There, before them was one of the most impressive sights that Tom had ever seen. It was a massive waterfall. The white water foamed up as it went over and Tom could see the river continuing several hundred feet below him.

“Wow!” he said, shouting to be heard over the water’s noise.

“Great, isn’t it?” smiled Macy.

Tom got down from his horse and urged Macy to do the same. They both went hand in hand closer to the river. The spray from the river soon enveloped them. The visibility dropped so they couldn’t see more than a few feet around them. The spray slowly soaked their clothes and Tom noticed that Macy’s shirt had turned transparent. Her bra was clearly visible sticking to the wet shirt. Macy noticed Tom’s hot gaze on her chest and she started blushing. Her nipples jutted out from her proud breasts.

Tom took Macy in a tight hug. Macy moaned softly and raised her head. Tom plundered her parted lips with hot kisses. Macy pressed herself even closer to Tom and surrendered her mouth to Tom. Tom’s lips crushed down on Macy’s lips and his tongue sought hers out. His fiance’s mouth tasted sweet to Tom. His raging erection throbbed against her stomach. Macy raised one of her long legs and tightened it round Tom’s ass. Her eyes were closed in ecstasy and she gave a loud moan and came in a shuddering climax as she felt Tom’s hand envelop one of her breasts and squeeze maltepe escort bayan it delightfully. Tom felt her climax and started dry humping her pushing his hips hard against hers. He felt a great love for her wash through his body.

When she stopped coming, he gently separated himself from her and Macy groaned in frustration. Tom grinned at her and opened her shirt and unsnapped her bra freeing her magnificent breasts. He stared at the proud mounds of flesh for a second before he dipped his mouth and took one of them into his mouth. Macy couldn’t believe how lovely his hot mouth felt on her boobs. Tom was squeezing one of her boobs in his hand and sucking on the other with his mouth. They were the most perfect tits he had ever played with and he was like a teenager on his first hot date. He cupped one of his hands over her left breast and squeezed it. He then flattened his palm and rubbed it against her erect nipple before cupping his hand round her breast again. Meanwhile, his mouth was sucking on her right breast. He took as much of it in his mouth as he could and slowly let it go. He then attacked her dark nipple with his tongue before taking it lightly in his teeth and nipping it gently. Macy held his head in both her hands and was pushing it harder against her chest. Her head was thrown back and she was moaning senselessly.

Tom then moved his mouth to the left breast and started squeezing her right breast with his other hand. After playing with her breasts for a while, he moved his head up her body, showering hot kisses on her neck and then moved to her lips again.

Suddenly, they heard their horses neigh above the roar of the water and Tom came to his senses looking around him. He looked at Macy and smiled at her. “I love you,” he said.

“I love you too, Tom!” answered Macy.

“Let’s go,” he said taking her arm.

“What?” Macy was shocked. He could see she wanted more.

“My darling Macy,” said Tom, “I love you too much. I don’t want you this way. I’ll take you on our wedding night!”

“Nooo! I can’t wait that long!” she groaned.

Tom just smiled at her and took her out of the spray to the horses.

The Sun soon dried their clothes and they continued on their ride.

They soon came to a high-ish point and stopped to look around. Tom saw the path continuing down the slope into a wood and he could make out a village on the other side. Beyond the village was a river. Macy pointed to the river and said, “That’s the boundary with the Menor estate.”

“What gift should we take to your uncle?” asked Tom.

“Let’s go down to the village. They have a lot of contact with the Menor people and they may tell us something” said Macy.

They followed the track and came to the river. The village children ran up to them as soon as they were in sight and followed them into the village. Macy went to the centre of the village and stopped at a house bigger than the others. A stocky, older man came out of the cottage and recognized Macy.

“Greetings, Mistress! You should have called me. Why did you trouble yourselves by coming to our small village?” he asked.

“Greetings, Yamulk. I was showing our new master his estate.” Macy replied.

They both got down from their horses and Yamulk led them into his hut. After asking a few questions about life in the village, Macy asked him, “You live close to the Menor estate and have interactions with the people there. We need Master Menor’s help in the council meeting and are going on a formal visit to his house tomorrow. What do you think we should take as a gift?”

Yamulk laughed, “I normally wouldn’t know about what Masters and Mistresses want, but in this case I can help you. Master Menor’s weakness is well known among his people. He loves virgins. He takes a fresh girl to his bed, keeps her for a week or so and then lets her go. The girls like it. He settles a handsome dowry on them when they find a boy to marry. I’m told that there are no virgins left on the Menor estate!”

“Virgins!” mused Macy, “A lot of our girls are virgins because Jamie only bedded a few girls. New girls needed breaking in, he used to say. But we can’t just send off girls to a new estate away from their families.”

“I can help you there, Mistress,” said Yamulk. “We have three quite beautiful girls in our village who don’t want to stay here. They turned eighteen this year and they want the bright lights. They’d like to go to a big estate house where they can meet more boys and have more fun!”

“Bring them in Yamulk, let’s ask if they’re willing to be our gift to Lukid Menor,” said Macy.

Yamulk went out of the cottage, leaving Macy and Tom alone. Macy turned to Tom and said, “There’s still one problem. We cannot just pick up three village girls today and give them as a gift tomorrow. That’ll look rude.”

“What do you mean?” asked Tom, puzzled.

“For a gift to be worth anything, it has to have a value to you, Tom,” said Macy.

“What do you escort pendik suggest?” asked Tom.

Macy thought for a while and said, “You’ll have to spend the night with these three girls.”

“What!” exclaimed Tom, “Your uncle wants virgins.”

“I know,” replied Macy. “It’ll be difficult, but you don’t have a choice. Spend the night with them but leave them virgins.”

“Oh! you mean just sleep with them and do nothing?” asked Tom.

“No, silly!” replied Macy, “You can have whatever fun you want with them as long as they are still virgins in the morning.”

Tom looked doubtful. Macy laughed, “I know it’ll be difficult, my darling, but needs must. I’m sure you’ll think of things to do with three girls that don’t actually involve, you know…”

Tom looked at Macy and saw she was blushing.

Yamulk entered just then with three young women in tow. Tom realised what Yamulk was saying. These girls were quite beautiful – good looking and trim bodies. It was quite a wonder that three such beauties had been born in a small village like this.

“Are you all virgins?” asked Macy looking at them.

“Yes, Mistress,” three voices echoed each other.

Yamulk added, “I’ll get our midwife to check them out before I send them to your house this evening, Mistress.”

Macy nodded and said, “Yamulk, the Master and I’d like to talk to the girls alone.”

“Of course, Mistress” said Yamulk and left the house closing the door after him.

Macy turned to the three girls and said, “Do you know why Yamulk brought you here?”

“Yes, Mistress. We’re to be the gifts to Lord Menor,” said the tallest girl who seemed to be the natural leader of the three.

“Do you also realise that you won’t be virgins for long once you go there?” asked Macy.

“Yes, Mistress!”

Tom saw that these girls quite looked forward to losing their cherries. He stood up and walked round the girls.

“What’s your name?” he asked the first one, the tallest girl.


Lena was about 5′ 9”. She had smallish breasts, may be a B-cup, but she had a narrow waist that flared into generous hips. Like the other girls, she was wearing the short white cotton dress that came to mid thigh and left her long legs exposed.

“Yours?” continued Tom looking the second girl up and down. She was petite, not much more than five feet tall but she had a big bust

“Esha,” the girl replied, blushing under his scrutiny. The thin cloth of her dress was straining against her boobs and Tom couldn’t help himself staring at her lavish cleavage.

“And you?” he asked the third girl.

“Jess,” replied the third girl. She was between the other two in height, about 5′ 5”. She had almost boyish hips and coltish legs, but she had a nice C-cup chest.

All three girls had a youthful bloom which enhanced their beauty.

“Take off your Tigas,” said Macy referring to the dresses.

The three girls dropped their dresses standing naked before Tom and Macy. Esha covered her pussy by lacing her arms in front of her. Tom touched the back of her palms with his riding crop and she dropped her arms to her side exposing her sex to Tom and Macy. Lena and Jess had shaven pussies while Esha had dark pubic hair. It was quite interesting to see these three beauties in the nude side by side. Their boobs ranged in size from a handful to quite generous. Lena who had the small breasts had quite big nipples mounted on large aureoles. Jess had the mid sized boobs and very small nipples. Esha certainly had the best chest, big boobs which were nonetheless firm topped by cherry coloured nipples. Esha was obviously proud of her bust and arched her back thrusting her boobs forward, emphasising them even more.

Tom and Macy walked round the girls looking at the girls from behind. Lena, the tall girl had raven black hair down to her shoulders. Her skin was darker than the others and her bum was the most prominent of the three. Tom couldn’t resist reaching out and giving her ass a squeeze. Macy looked at him and smiled, asking “She has a lovely bum, hasn’t she?”

Tom nodded and gave Lena’s ass a mild spank which made her squeak.

Jess, the mid sized girl had very slim, boyish hips. They emphasised her slim legs and the long pigtails she was wearing made her look even more girlish.

Esha, of the big boobs, had a good ass as well. Not as generous as Lena’s ass and not boyish in any way – she was a lot of girl in a small package. Tom rubbed her ass softly with his hand and then reached round and fondled her lovely tits.

Macy sighed, “I wish I had a chest like that!”

Tom looked around and said, “I think you are perfect, I wouldn’t want you changed in any way.”

Macy looked pleased and came up to him and kissed him on the cheek. He reached out with his left hand and pulled Macy in close while leaving his right hand on Esha’s tits.

Tom and Macy walked around the girls and asked them to dress up. They called Yamulk in and asked him to send the girls to the big house by the evening and left the village and made their way back.

Jill, Macy and Tom were sitting in the cottage overlooking the ocean, enjoying a quiet supper in the evening breeze when the three girls were announced by Serafina.

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