Panty Girl

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Chapter 1: The Beginning

My girlfriends call me the “Panty Girl.” We all get together once a month at a great restaurant or at one of our homes for drinks, light appetizers to talk about sex. It’s always about sex. We once made a stupid, unsuccessful pact that at our next dinner party, we wouldn’t talk about sex of any kind. It was the most boring 15 minutes of our lives and we soon found ourselves blabbing away about boob jobs, wax jobs, hand jobs, blow jobs, rim jobs, foot jobs as well as other sexual things that didn’t have the word ‘job’ in it.

I’m the oldest of the bunch. At first I hated that fact, but now I’m not only the go to sex expert but it appears I’m the one with the happiest marriage. That fact alone has significance to the ladies in our group. They are always asking me for my secret. I have a couple of them that I’m always willing to share. And since my darling hubby and I have been so adventurous, it seems like I also have some of the naughtiest sex tales — another thing the girls love. So, being the oldest isn’t so bad.

Years ago I evaluated my marriage and came to a couple of conclusions. The first thing I realized was that I wanted my husband to worship me. So, I took matters in my own hands and gave him lots to think about. I tried several things like little strip teases or I’d tuck steamy, naughty notes into his suit pockets for him to discover while at the office. But the one that worked the best for him and me was my soon to be my famous panty trick. Overall, my efforts seem to really work. Not a day goes by that my dear hubby doesn’t comment on my lovely breasts, ass or body in general. While I don’t have a body fit for Playboy or the Victoria’s Secret catalog, I feel confident knowing that I really do turn him on. And all in all, that’s the only thing that’s important to me.

It was years ago that I told the girls of my panty play and how I liked to remove them in the presence of my husband at the most unpredictable times and at the most unpredictable places. I frequently had a new story and one of our traditions was for me to tell my latest twist on my panty trick. So, I guess “Panty Girl” is a pretty good name for me.

A week after I told the girls about my tryst in the restaurant with the panties and Fettuccini Alfredo, you’ll hear about that in a minute, one of our own decided to try her own version of the panty trick. Her story was hilarious! It was late spring, she and her husband were out of town for a long holiday weekend. They found themselves alone on an elevator at a four star hotel headed down to get their car from the valet when she found the courage to strip out of her panties right then and there.

It started out perfectly. She caught her husband’s attention with a casual, offhand comment, “It’s a little too warm for panties don’t you think?”

Her husband was startled, “Huh, too hot for panties? Are you kidding? What are they wool?”

“No, they’re satin,” she sighed as she reached up under her dress and tugged her panties downward letting them slide down to her ankles.

“What the hell are you doing?” Her husband’s mouth dropped open in surprise.

Undaunted, she kept going. Unfortunately as she was stepping out of them, one of her heels caught on the string part of her G-string and she tripped. Her husband tried to catch her but she was too far gone and splayed across the floor, her dress flew up revealing her bare ass. At that exact moment, the car stopped, the bell ‘dinged’ and the door opened.

Her husband told her later that a nice looking family of four was standing in front of the open door staring in. She was laying face down on the floor and immediately covered her head with her arms. She couldn’t actually see the family but she clearly heard the sound of a startled middle-aged man’s voice, “Oh my god!” followed by a small girl’s voice saying, “Mommy, why is that lady lying on the floor?” Then trailed by a small boy’s voice, “And why doesn’t she have any underwear on?” The last voice was an older female voice, obviously the mother, “Um, we’ll catch the next one.” The door closed.

“Um honey,” Her husband was shocked, “What just happened here?”

Her moment of seductive, public sex play totally backfired. She was mortified at the time but now looks back on it and laughs with the rest of us. The bad news is that she has yet to try it again, but she insists that she will.

The only reason she hasn’t been labeled “Butt Girl” is that one of our other girlfriends has that label sewn up for completely different reasons. Maybe if you’re lucky I’ll tell you how she got that name another time.

This particular night, we were all at a downtown cocktail and martini bar that was currently the hip place to be on a Saturday night. We were gathered around a table next to the bar, trying our best to not only act like but talk like our Sex in the City heroines while our husbands were out doing their thing.

Somehow, we got talking about the “Great Panty Elevator Disaster” and sarıyer escort had a good laugh. Then someone piped up and said that since I was the “Panty Girl”, I should once again show them how it was done. With the alcohol of two martinis lowering my inhibitions, I was easily persuaded. Casually, I slid my hands under my dress and gave the thong a small tug, the lacy panties slid down my legs and dropped to my ankles. I stepped out of them then expertly hooked my three-inch heel on the panty and lifted my leg cross-wise, plucked the thong off the pointy spike and inconspicuously stuffed them into my clutch as I lowered my foot back to the floor. With a wink, I was done. It all happened in one smooth, fluid motion and if you weren’t paying attention, you’d never know what I’d just done. It was they tenth time they’d seen the trick but it never seemed to get old.

My girlfriends were sincerely impressed and gave me a small applause. I must admit that after close to a decade of flirtatious sex play with my husband, I had gotten incredibly stealthy at discreet public panty removal. Oh and the wink was always, always the finishing touch.

But that was only half the secret. The other half of my secret was to stroke my man’s sexual ego as often as you stroke his body parts. If you don’t know what I mean, pay attention to the things I tell you and you’ll soon have your man wrapped around your finger so tightly he’ll never stray.

So if practice really does make perfect, then all I can tell you is start practicing now, because as far as I’m concerned, panties do the trick.

Chapter 2: Funky Fettuccini

I love panties. I love full lacy briefs as well as teeny-weeny, almost nothing g-stings. I love cute patterned cotton as well as sheer materials that show as much as having nothing on at all. I love flirty little boy short undies too. I love the way the soft cotton, satin, silk or lace feels against my skin. The feeling of pulling on a fresh, clean pair always feels so good that sometimes I actually get a tiny shiver of excitement as they slide up my legs and snap snuggly into position. Sometimes I’ll take a ‘backup’ pair to work so halfway through the day I can have that ‘fresh pair’ feel twice in one day. I have a huge drawer full of every kind, color and style out there; I even have one crotchless pair (but have only worn them once).

But one of the best parts of wearing panties is taking them off. I know what you’re thinking, and no, I don’t mean at the end of the day, what I mean is taking them off at the most unpredictable times and in the most unpredictable places.

I’m not talking about not wearing any panties. No, that’s not the same thing. I’m talking about starting the day with them on and finding that perfect time and perfect place to blow your lovers mind by removing them right in front of him or making some sort of a private spectacle of it in a public place.

My husband used to love it when I occasionally went commando. He would hint, suggest or even beg me to go without. At first I didn’t understand it. But after reading a sidebar graph in Cosmo, I realized over 75% of men out there request the same thing of their wives and girlfriends. It dawned on me that it must be a huge turn-on. But just going without panties for the sake of being bare assed seemed boring to me. So I had an idea. I’d start with and end up without.

It can even be done with jeans. Simply slip into the powder room, remove them there then walk back out into the restaurant, club (or wherever) and present them to your man. In cases like that, the presentation is the fun part. I’ve been known to shoot them like a rubber band at him, or drop them on the table or even discretely slide them into his pants pocket. It all depends on where we are and who’s around. Every time we have dinner with the in-laws, I excuse myself only to return to slip the panties into my husband’s hand or into his pocket. I love how nervous it makes him.

One of my favorites was when I began my seductive move, my husband’s eyes began to pop and I dropped a huge pair of tan, satin granny-panties around my ankles. I flipped them up and tossed them at my man, with a wink of course. We both got a big laugh from the gag but ended up leaving the panties lying on the floor of the hotel we were staying in for someone to find…and wonder.

Let me tell you. If you haven’t tried it, you don’t know what you’re missing. It’s such a daring thing to do and just wait until your man sees you do it. If you’re like me and love to excite your man, then you’re in for a treat. So, if you have the right frame of mind, the right lover and the right opportunity, it will really spice things up!

Before I go too far, I need to back up a bit. I’m not a born exhibitionist or anything. I’m actually a conservative loan officer at a national bank. I love the big financial banking business game. But I guess you could also say I also love doing esenyurt escort wild, unpredictable and spontaneous things in my private life. I wasn’t always this was but like I said, once I started and saw the result I don’t want to stop. Some of those spontaneous things I do for myself but the best ones I do for my husband. It seems like the more I do the more I like them. So maybe you could call me a developing ‘private exhibitionist’, if there is such a thing.

I’ll get back to the panties in a moment but I thought I should give some examples of things I’ve done for me…and him. Several years ago I noticed while thumbing through one of my husband’s men’s magazines and while watching adult movies that more and more of the girls were sporting completely bald pussies. At first I couldn’t imagine why anyone would want to look like a pre-pubescent teenager down there but the more I was exposed to it, the more I liked it. It started looking really appealing.

Well, I wanted to try it. So I went out and had an extremely painful, but sexy, full “Virgin Brazilian Wax” on my lunch break. I walked around the rest of the day with only thigh high stockings and my pantiless, bare pussy hidden beneath a traditional business suit. It was such a turn on having that secret hiding under my clothes. As I walked the halls, I could feel the delicate satin lining of my suit skirt brushing against my extremely sensitive, waxed skin. Several times I went to the ladies room just to lift up the material so I could look at it and touch it. It looked fantastic and my skin was extremely soft, though temporarily a bit red from the trauma.

I was so horny by the time I got home; I completely jumped my husband’s bones the second he walked through the door. He was so turned on by the sight of his cock plunging in and out of my surprise bare pussy he came with an incredible intensity and with unusual speed. Our combined sexual energy was off the scales.

Another time, I took some very provocative pictures of myself completely waxed, completely naked, completely horny and in some completely revealing positions. There were even a couple with a battery operated buddy of mine completely buried in my pussy.

Just so you know neither my husband nor I have perfect physics. Seriously, if you saw me you’d see a tummy that’s less than flat, a rear with too much padding and thighs that could stand some time on a Stair Master. My breasts, well, I can’t complain about them one bit. Nevertheless, my husband makes me feel like a supermodel and in return I’m completely comfortable showing off for him. My flaws seem to disappear when he looks at me. All I feel is hot and sexy. I love it and I love him!

Yes, I was a bit worried someone might see the pictures if they might accidentally fell out of the case while he was in an important meeting. But I got over it and did it anyway. The reward would be worth the risk.

I placed them in a bright red envelope and hid them in the top pocket of his brief case. I was on pins and needles hoping and waiting for him to find them. I got so horny thinking about it, I slipped into the private executive bathroom and masturbated while fantasizing that he found them and they really turned him on.

You see, I love to masturbate. It’s really increased my responsiveness to sex and puts me in complete touch and control of my body. I do it at least three times a week. Small ones, big ones and everything in between, one way or another I always find the time. When I come across a great fantasy or something that gets me hot, I always exploit that opportunity and use the feeling as the catalyst for some quality alone time. For weeks after having my first Virgin Brazilian Wax, I couldn’t keep my hands off myself.

My girlfriends ask me why I masturbate so much when I have such a fulfilling sex life but for me, one or two big “O’s” a week aren’t enough. Besides, the health benefits of frequent female orgasms are very well documented. The 10 year study at Queens University in Belfast that showed people who have regular and recurrent orgasms exhibit dramatically reduced stress levels, decreased signs of aging and increased lifespan was enough for me. I call it health and beauty with benefits!

So, when he didn’t find them the first day, I was tempted to mention it to him or give him a hint but decided not to. I channeled the pent up sexual energy the next day and once again, slipped into the private bathroom, fantasizing about him finding, looking at and enjoying my sexy and extremely naughty pictures.

Three days after I hid the pictures the phone rang while I was frantically putting a loan package together. “Commercial loan department, Kate speaking.”

“Um, hello Kate?” It was my husband. I froze with anticipation.

“Well hello my sexy man,” I said trying to shift gears from professional adult to flirty wife.

“You know, I was digging though my briefcase and found this bright red envelope filled with some avrupa yakası escort very interesting photos,” he said obviously happy about his discovery.

“Really, what were they of?” I asked faking ignorance.

“Holy cow Kate! You’re crazy!”

“Do you like them?”

“Like them? I love them! When did you do it? How long have they been in there?”

“Oh, a couple of weeks,” I said lying and playing it really cool. “Are you looking at them now?”


“Are you horny?” I stretched out the word mimicking Austin Powers in a fake British accent.

He paused and lowered his voice, “Actually I am, I mean, how could I not be? Kate, these are some really, really hot pictures. I can’t believe it!”

I sighed real big and said nonchalantly, “Are you sure? They’re just boring pictures of your wife. You’ve seen her naked so many times I thought you wouldn’t even be fazed by them.”

“Are you kidding? I love your body. You know that. And yes, the more I look at them, the more I’m getting, well you know, I’m getting pretty hard over here. God Kate, these are incredible!”

“Listen to me carefully, we don’t have a lot of time,” I said in a serious but hushed tone. “I have a loan package to finish…”

“Ok, I’ll let you go. I’ll see you…” he interrupted.

I cut him off, “No, that’s not what I was saying. I need to go but I have a few minutes. I was saying listen to me carefully; I want to tell you something. So, close and lock your office door and spread the pictures out on your desk.”

“The door is already closed and I’m looking at the pictures.”

“Now, like I said, I need to go soon so listen carefully and follow my instructions.”


“Unzip your fly and take out that beautiful cock of yours.” My heart was racing and my palms were sweating. I was as nervous as I was aroused.

“Kate, we can do this tonight…”

“Listen to me,” I cut him off and decided to add some encouragement. “You see that one of me spread eagle?”


“That’s me waiting for you to come over and eat my hot, wet pussy. If you had been there, I would have begged you to lick and suck my baby-soft shaved cunt until you made me cum in your mouth,” I had to get this show on the road so I used the word ‘cunt’ as an added naughty bonus.

There was total silence at the other end of the line, “You see the one of me with the vibrator in my pussy?”

“Uh huh,” I could hear him swallow hard on the other end of the line.

“I came for you while I was doing that. I came real good, just like I want you to do right now.” Real slowly I repeated my instructions, almost pausing between my words, “So take your fucking cock out of your pants and jack it off for me right there in your office. Can you do that?”

“Yes,” he croaked, “I…I can do that.” I could tell by the tremor in his voice that he was extremely turned on. I was light headed with excitement thinking of what he was doing and knowing that I had gotten him to do it! My pictures had driven him to the point where he was actually going to stroke his cock right there in his office at my bidding. I had scored again and found yet another way to drive my man wild with desire. I loved the fact he couldn’t resist me.

“Are you doing it?”


“What are you doing?” I wanted to hear him say it.

“I’m doing what you asked.”

I kept completely silent but he got the point.

“Ok, I’m jacking it off just for you honey.” He paused and I remained quiet. “I’m pumping it with my hand.” His breathing sped up, “Oh yea, just like you asked.”

“Oh, that’s better.” I wasn’t going to play this fun little game alone, “Is your hand sliding back and forth on it?”


“You want me to suck your cock right now don’t you?” I teased.

“Oh yes, yes, yes.”

“Imagine my mouth wrapped tightly around your cock sucking you until you cum,” I said trying to sound like what I imaged a phone-sex operator sounded like. “Are you getting close?”

“Uh-huh,” he mumbled breathlessly.

“Then jack that cock off and cum in my open mouth. Imagine this, I’m kneeling down beneath your desk, mouth wide open waiting for your cum, begging for your cum, horny for your cum, hungry for your cum. Give it to me baby, I love watching you cum. I love seeing that warm, white cum squirt out of the tip of your cock just for me,” It was all the encouragement I could give at the moment but I knew it was enough. I knew I had him right where I wanted him.

“Oh fuck yea,” he barely uttered as he came right there in his office. “Oh, yea, oh, oh…” he whimpered with each spurt of orgasm.

“Ummm, yummy. What a big, beautiful load of hot, creamy cum. I love it when you cum.” Not only did I stroke his cock on a regular basis, at every opportunity I also stroked his sexual ego and always praised and fawned over his ejaculations. “That was nice, thank you baby.”

“I should be thanking you,” he croaked dry mouthed. “You’re the hottest women on the planet!”

“I know. Now, put the pictures away and don’t forget to zip your fly you dirty boy,” I teased. Then to give him something to think about, “Oh and tonight when you get home, let’s get the camera back out again. I have a naughty idea. Gotta go, love ya.” Click. I hurriedly hung up before he could say anything else and giggled to myself for job well done.

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