Our Dance

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The music played softly as I lead you to the dance floor, your hand clasped firmly in mine. We had been dancing for hours but this was the first truly slow song the band had played. We had chatted about this online for a long time before I had actually come to be with you.

“Slow dance time, dear,” I whispered in your ear as we wove our way through the crowd.

We found a space and I turned you to face me. You were smiling as I looked into your eyes and slid my right arm around your back. I did not have to encourage you to move yourself against me. Both of your arms reached up and surrounded my neck. I still held your right hand as I pulled it up to my chest.

Our bodies moved in rhythm to the music. My right hand pressed the small of your back as we moved. Your head moved until it was gently against my chest. I could smell the scent of your hair as we swayed together.

I leaned into your ear and whispered, ” I can’t believe you are here.”

“I’m here,” you replied. ” I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.”

Since man first produced music, dancing has always been a form of foreplay. Bodies held tightly together, moving in a clothed rehearsal of lovemaking to come. Women feeling the arousal of their partner pressing against them, knowing they have the power to satisfy those that they choose. That night was no different.

Your arms encircling my neck, you moved your head from my shoulder and looked into my eyes. I saw you mouth something, but couldn’t’ hear what you said so I leaned forward. As I turned my head, your lips touched my ear.

“Let’s get out of here honey,” your purred.

It was your turn to lead as you took my hand and lead me back to the table to gather up our things. My plain coat was not match for your personally designed sweater as we exited through the side doors. My car was not far away but you stopped and turned to me. Your arms again surrounded my neck as your raised up to kiss me. I offered no resistance, moaning as I had all night at the taste of your lips.

I don’t recall anything about the drive to the hotel .. we were kissing one moment and I was sliding the car key into the door the next. As the door opened, you started to walk inside. You had only passed the threshold as my arms surrounded your waist, pulling you back against me.

You kadıköy escort could hear me humming that slow song from the club in your ear as I held you close to me. You body started to sway and, although I couldn’t see you face, I knew you were smiling. I turned you to face me and took you into my arms again, still humming what had already become my favorite song. We danced each other into the room, holding each other tightly and kissing sporadically.

At the foot of the bed, you released me and stepped away. You hands reached for the zipper of my coat and pulled it down. I though the coat would be coming off but felt your hands slide under my shirt and up to my chest. You had seen my chest hair in the pictures I had shared and I could feel your fingers running through it now.

“Wonderfully furry,” you said smiling. “Wonderful texture.”

I shrugged my shoulders and dropped my coat to the floor as your hands continued their exploration.

“Let me see,” you moaned .

I pulled my shirt over my head and tossed it on the adjoining bed. Your hands made larger circles through my chest hair now. You surprised me by leaning in and kissing my chest. My hands found the hem of your sweater and you stepped back to allow me to slide it up and over your head. The blouse underneath was thin, revealing firm breasts and lacy bra beneath it. My finger moved to your buttons as your hands returned to my chest. As each button opened, your soft skin was revealed to me for the first time. I moved my arms under the material and up to your shoulders; sliding your blouse off onto the floor where is joined your sweater once again.

As a fashion designer, I should have asked you what it is that makes lingerie people continue to make bra clasps that baffle men of all ages. But instead, I reached around you and fumbled my way through the process until I felt your bra loosen its grip on your body. You moved your shoulders and the straps slid down your arms. You stepped back slightly and the bra slipped down your chest and to the floor.

You pulled me tightly against you, feeling my chest hair against the soft skin of your breasts for the first time. Your giggle was involuntary.

“It tickles,” you said as you looked üsküdar escort into my eyes.

“Hope that is okay”, I whispered as I leaned in and kissed you.

My hands moved from holding your waist and found their way up your belly. I could feel the firmness of your breasts in my palms as my hands surrounded them. You could feel me lightly caressing them in turn as I pushed you slightly so you sat down on the bed. I shifted my body to kneel down in front of you and moved my head toward you.

The first kiss you felt was in your cleavage. My lips touching your skin softly as my hands reached for your back and pulled you tight against my face. My tongue traced lines between your breasts. I could feel your heart racing against my own skin.

With a turn of my head, my tongue followed a path to your nipple, first lightly flicking the underside with my tongue, then surrounding it with my lips. You felt the gently tug and the tightening around it. I felt it grow rigid and excited in my mouth. I opened my mouth and took more of your breast in my mouth. Suckling the larger area, I continued to tease your nipple with my tongue. I could hear your moaning approval fill the room as your fingers wrapped in my hair and pulled me tightly against you.

There was a loud moan and you pushed my head away. Concerned that I might have hurt you in my eagerness, I moved back and looked into your eyes. You smile allayed any concern as you stood up and unbuttoned your pants. With your thumbs locked in the waistline, you pulled your pants and panties down, revealing yourself t o me. When you arms had reached down as far as they could , you did not bend over. Instead , you looked into my eyes deeply and whispered, “You finish.” I needed no further incentive and pulled them to your ankles as you stepped out of them . I was still kneeling on the floor in front of you.

You excitement was obvious as I leaned forward and kissed your belly. My lips planted light kisses across your skin, moving down to find your soft wetness. I felt your body shiver at my first touch there as your hands landed lightly on the top of my head. I urged you gently backward until you were again laying on the bed. You felt me move forward, parting your knees and making space for my shoulders as I again tuzla escort moved against you, tasting your juices as they were given up for me.

The first shudder of your orgasm was only in your hips, but the next one washed through your whole body as your hips raised to press tightly against my face. As your body moved up and down, I held your hips until I felt the pressure of your hands on my head pushing me away. The room was filled with the sounds of your deep sporadic breathing as your body recovered and relaxed.

I stood up and found the button on my jeans as you lay there watching me. As my pants and underwear slid down my legs, you got your first look at how aroused I was for you. As I stepped out of my jeans, you sat up in front of me and reached out to touch me.

The first feeling of your fingers around me was a warmth I had not experienced in a very long time. Your fingers gently squeezed then relaxed. You could feel the heat of me and the pulse of my excitement in the palm of your hands.

I put my hands on the side of your face and tilted it up to mine so I could look into your eyes. You had been with other men and thought you knew what I was going to ask you to do so started to move closer.

“Lay back on the bed, honey,” I whispered. As you moved up toward the pillows, I followed.

Your body lay in front of me, a dream I have had for so long finally coming true. My arousal was evident as was yours as I moved my hips up toward yours. I saw in your eyes that you wanted me as much as I wanted you as I slid my hands up your thighs, separating them slowly.

My hips found your hips open and inviting as the first feel of myself against your opening made me shudder. I stopped for a moment, unbelieving that this was finally happening. Your hands found my hips and urged me forward, not wanting to wait any longer.

We looked into each other’s eyes as we united for the first time. With every movement forward, I felt your body envelop mine.. your warm wetness accepting me inch by inch until we were totally as one. I lowered my weight onto you, leaning into your face and kissing you .. softly yet earnestly.

Then, as we had when our evening began, our bodies danced with each other. Our hips moved slowly together, our hearts beating as one once again. I started to hum our song into your ear and you started laughing softly. You could feel my smile when I kissed you.

Soon our excitement was unstoppable as we shared our climaxes with each other, your body tightening and squeezing around me and my body pulsing within yours. Our kisses were filled with passion now as we danced our first dance.

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