Otaku Cousins Pt. 01

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This is just my fantasy about my real cousins, this hasn’t truly happened (yet). Also this is my first time writing erotica.


Someone knocks on my door waking me up. After staying up all night reading manga I’m still tired with only three hours of sleep.

“Chris, get up, your cousins are here,” I hear my mom call.

I grab my glasses from the chair next to my bed that I use as a nightstand and get up to dress. I’m twenty-one, six feet, with sapphire blue eyes and dark blond hair that’s practically bronze brown. I’m not exactly muscular but I try to stay in shape and has tighter muscle build; even though I can’t join the marines because of my eyesight I still try to stay in shape like one. I get up and put on a pair of gray cargo pants and a red muscle shirt.

I walk into the living and is greeted by my cousins and my family. My eighteen year cousin Lexi gives me a big hug; she’s a cute girl with freckles, red hair, and teal eyes covered by glasses. Her five feet two was short to my six feet, as she hugged me I could feel her b-size breast pressing against me, I probably shouldn’t think these things but I notice almost everything and can’t really help it. She was wearing a pink shirt and blue jeans.

“Hey, do you mind if we watch some videos on your computer?” Lexi said as everyone went outside.

“Yeah” I said leading her to my room.

I turned on my hotspot as she was turning on the computer. After about half an hour of her showing me videos I asked her if I can show her a video.

“Sure” she said as she got up to let me sit in the desk chair for me to reach the keyboard.

After typing it in and got it ready, I told her to come watch. She unexpectedly sat on my lap so that she didn’t have to stand like I was. She wasn’t really heavy and while she didn’t have a huge bostancı escort ass it was nicely curvy and cushion, almost like you see with girls who work out. After a few minutes of watching videos like this she shifted from sitting on my thigh to now sitting on my crotch but as the desk was right next to the wall she leaned against that too. Now this movement felt good to me, but I tried to not get a boner, however she found an ecchi video from Highschool DxD. Now for people who watched who watch anime they probably heard of it and for those who don’t it’s mainly about a guy being surrounded by a bunch of sexy chicks and a lot of times he’ll use magic to make their clothes come off and there are a lot of sexy scenes with half naked girls. Watching these half naked girls and my cousin’s ass on my crotch made it really hard to keep my boner down, but apparently I managed to keep it to where she didn’t notice.

We changed from DxD to a romance anime, and they got to a scene where a few guys were shirtless, and I was able to let go of my boner no longer having those girls, but Lexi must have liked it as she was moving her groin slightly and scratched her crotch as if she was getting turned on. Now I more so considered myself average with 7 inch penis but I don’t think if I had let myself think about her practically grinding on me I think she would have noticed.

“Hey Chris, do you know what hentai is?” She asked me.

“Yeah I do, why?” I was starting to get more excited thinking about my cousin and anime porn.

“Do you mind if we watch some?” Stunned that my cousin has just asked me to watch porn with, I said yes.

“However we should probably have headphones in than,” I said as I grabbed my ear buds from my desk drawer for us to share. Luckily I already had a box of tissues at my desk so ümraniye escort bayan I didn’t have to get up and disturb her.

We found a video where a milf was having sex with her step son, and Lexi’s barely moving and scratching of her groin was now her grinding and rubbing herself through her jeans.

“Hmm” she moaned watching the son get a blowjob. I grab her hips putting her riight over my crotch to grind on my dick, not caring if she notices my erection anymore.

I put my left hand under her shirt, she wasn’t wearing a bra so easy to play with her nipple. I than move my right hand to massage her pussy through her jeans, as I do I start kissing her neck, tasting her sweetness.

When the son put his dick in the mom in the video, Lexi stood up and unbuttoned her pants, her ass practically in my face. She was wearing black silk panties with a red rose bud on the crotch. I unzipped pants too to make it easier on my boner though still in my boxers. Lexi sat back down on me, and as she did I took my right thumb and started rubbing her through her panties, feeling just how wet she is through them.

“Yeah'” she moaned with the mom as the son was pumping into her harder. I then went to move her panties aside so I can get to her pussy, it had just a little pink/red fuzz if any hair really and was glistering from her juices. I started rubbing around her pussy lips with my thumb, even with the fuzz she felt good and soft. As I was playing with her lips I took my middle finger and inserted it, feeling that was somewhat tight which isn’t surprising as both of us are virgins. I started to finger her more with my middle finger, and as I did she started moving her crotch forward and backward again, my dick so hard it was poking her. I insert my index finger along with my middle finger as she starts kartal escort to loosen, and as she does I start to quicken. I start to tickle her clit with my index as massage her around with thumb and using my middle finger to finger her deeper.

“Nnh” she had to cover her mouth with her hand to keep from moaning out loud so no one hears us as I moved my fingers faster and faster. She turns leans back to kiss me, her lips tasting like strawberry Chapstick. I them took my left thumb to message the tip of her pussy so that I can focus my right index & middle finger on fingering her deeper. I move my left thumb to where I’m massaging her clit with it, picking up pace with my right hand.

“Fuck!” She moaned leaning forward into my hand as I start rubbing her clit harder, “I think I’m about to fun.”

I started moving my fingers faster, my thumb taking care of clit while my index & middle to further deep into reaching close to her cervix. We could hear from the video that the mom & son was about to cum but neither of us was paying any attention anymore. She had to bury her head down in arms to try and muffle her moans and pants as I move faster and deeper, until finally she lets a moan of “I’m cumming” as she soaks my hands with her juices. Her now panting I remove my fingers, and curious about how she tasted, I stuck my left thumb in my mouth, had a mixture of sweet with a hint of salty.

“How does it taste?” She asked.

“Good, you taste good,” I replied with a smile.

“Really? Let me taste,” she took my right hand that was soaked by her and stuck my middle finger in her mouth sucking on it. “I do taste good.”

I started kissing Her again and was about to take out my dick to get pleasured until heard a knock at the door.

“Lexi, time to go,” her mom called through the closed door.

“Okay mom,” Lexi replied. “Love ya,” she said as she gave me a good kiss, “bye.” She pulled up her pants and headed out to head home.

With them again but having a raging boner, I used my soaked right hand to jerk off thinking of my cousin, and busting a huge load.

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