Original Angels Ch. 31

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All characters are over the age of eighteen


As usual, I woke up before Trish on Sunday morning. We had gotten home late on Saturday night after a fun evening that began with dinner at one of our favorite watering holes. We bumped into some friends and stayed to dance and talk and before we knew it, it was after midnight. That’s late, even for a Saturday night here in Sedona.

We got home and I was worried when I didn’t find Teri in her bed. But my fears were quickly relieved when I found her sleeping in her sister’s arms in Tracy’s bed. They looked so peaceful and happy. I told Trish and she smiled knowingly.

So in the morning upon wakening I got out of bed and went to the kitchen to make coffee and found the girls there.

‘Hi Tracy, good morning Teri. Did you two sleep well?’

‘Hey Rob. Yeah, Teri slept in my room last night and she cuddles nicely.’ Tracy grinned.

‘So what have you two got planned for today?’ I asked.

‘Tammi is coming over to swim and hang out. What time is your massage?’

‘The appointment is for three o’clock. Sue is coming over around twelve. We’re going to have lunch and talk about some things. I want to get her opinion on the new legislation that’s going on about massage licensing.’

‘Oh good. I like Sue. Do you think she might want to go swimming with us?’ Tracy asked.

‘If we get things all set for our appointment, then maybe she will. She loves to be with you. She’s told me that several times.’

I looked at their young healthy bodies and thought to myself, ‘why wouldn’t she like these two beauties?’. I felt my morning dick beginning to stir as I gazed at their naked figures. Teri’s pert young breasts and Tracy’s strong legs were both having an effect on me.

‘Well girls, I’m feeling horny right now and looking at you two isn’t making it any easier, so I think I’m going to go check on your mother.’

Tracy giggled and spread her legs apart, exposing her pink folds.

‘But Rob, why bother Mom and wake her up when you have both of us here right now?’ she teased.

‘That’s just the point. I still have to take care of your mother, and if I had both of you here first, I might not have enough energy left for her. She is still number one in my life, you know. But I love you both and I appreciate the offer. Can I get a rain check?’

They both laughed as they slipped out of their chairs and came over to hug me. Teri put one hand around my waist and put her other one on my cock. It immediately sprang to attention in her grip. Tracy noticed and bent down to kiss it. While Teri held it for her, Tracy licked the head and playfully sucked me into her mouth. I was torn. I really wanted to go and give Trish my first shot of the day. But Tracy’s lips and tongue were so tempting. I put my hand on her head and held her there. When she let go and came up for air, I leaned down and kissed her.

‘Thank you Trace. I know that Trish will appreciate you warming me up.’

‘I sure do!’ we heard Trish’s voice in the doorway. ‘And I also appreciate the effort that you’re making to fend off these young vixens.’

I laughed. ‘Oh you caught me again! But I really was trying to escape and get back to you!’

‘I know. I heard you. And I believe you. But why would you want my tired old body, when you can have two that are half my age?’ She joked.

‘Just remember that it’s your body that I love! And these two are the bonus that you brought along! I fell in love with you first!’

‘I know. And I love you too.’ Trish stepped over and joined the hug. Once again I said a quick silent prayer thanking God for bringing me these three incredible young women.

Trish put her hand on my cock and held it for a moment.

‘Oh my, you two did get him nice and stiff! We better not let this go to waste. Who wants it?’

She looked at her two daughters waiting for one of them to react. Teri was the first to realize that their mother was offering me to them.

‘I do!’ she said.

So as Trish held my dick in her hand Teri bent down and put it in her mouth. It felt heavenly. She has a natural talent for sucking cock. She had my entire length down her throat and her lips and tongue were working their magic on me. I put my hand on her head and guided her. Trish stroked her back and shoulder. Not wanting to be left out, Tracy rejoined the hug and kissed my lips as she reached behind me and stroked my butt. I was ready for her to start fiddling with my asshole, but wondered if she might find some lubricant first. She must have read my mind. She let go of me and stuck her finger in her pussy. I could have believed that she was masturbating, but she had another motive. She wanted to get those fingers wet and slippery. And she did. With her mission accomplished she withdrew her fingers and placed them at my asshole. I could feel the warmth from her depths as she applied pressure and inserted the first finger in my butt.

Teri was still bathing my cock with her mouth and I bostancı escort was getting close. Trish sensed it and kissed me. Between her tongue, Tracy’s finger, and Teri’s smooth sucking, I lost it all. I held Teri tighter as I unloaded my seed down her throat. And Tracy jammed her finger in deeper when my orgasm began. She rotated it and enhanced the experience beyond belief. My legs felt weak and Trish supported me as best she could. But when Teri had sucked me dry, I limped over to the chair and collapsed.

‘Wow! How am I going to survive you three? Trish, you should have warned me about what I was getting into.’

‘Well,’ she said, ‘if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen!’ We all laughed and then she added, ‘What I mean is, let’s get out of this kitchen and go take a shower. Do you girls want to join us?’

‘Yeah! I’m coming too.’ Both Tracy and Teri were on their feet and tagging along. We all went into our bathroom and Trish turned on the showerheads. We got in and everyone helped wash each other. What a family I have! What a way to start the day!

Having shared the shower with my three ladies, and having Teri suck the first dose of spunk from my cock, I was ready to get on with the business of the day. My friend Sue Fine was coming for lunch and then she and I were scheduled to do a tandem massage on a couple who were on their honeymoon. Teri had met them yesterday and vouched for their character and sexual freedom.

Sue is a good friend. We’ve come to know each other through our common profession of massage therapy, and also through our love of the game of golf. If there is one thing that keeps Trish from being the perfect partner, it’s that she doesn’t play golf…yet. Of course she has so many other qualities that more than make up for it, I never would complain. And she understands and supports my desire to play, and I’ve always enjoyed knowing girls who are good at the game, and Sue is good! Her handicap is currently at ten, which is about the same as mine, so we can really play competitively. And on top of that she’s single, cute and sexy! And she loves to flirt and play around.

Most of the other guys I know at the club are frightened by that since they’re married and their wives aren’t as secure as Trish is. So we have fun and I have to say that other than Trish, Sue is probably my best girl friend. We trade massages and we’ve fooled around and had sex. I know she likes girls too, but she and Trish haven’t hooked up…yet. And Sue loves Tracy and Teri. Since she first met them through me though, and she isn’t totally aware of our sexual activity at home, she simply admires them and is very friendly. She has seen them swimming nude in our pool and I think that today they’re going to invite her to join them.

Trish got busy in the kitchen fixing our lunch. I went out to the casita to make sure it was clean and ready. I set up my massage table and made room for Sue’s too. We’ve done this type of couple’s massage twice before, so I knew there was plenty of room. But Teri’s tale about Joanne and Mike had me thinking that today might be a little more exciting than our past work.

Sue arrived at noon as scheduled. Tracy’s friend Tammi had come over and so the six of us sat at the dining table and enjoyed a Mexican inspired meal. Teri told Sue all about meeting Mike and Joanne at the creek and swimming nude and she even told her about going back to Carol’s house and the sex party that took place. Sue was surprised to hear Teri’s candid discussion at the table with all of us present. But it helped her to understand that we have no secrets in our home, and that sex is not something we hide, but in fact, we all share.

So when the girls asked Sue if she wanted to go swimming after lunch, she readily agreed. We had had our little chat about the new legislation and so we had nothing more to do until our guests arrived. Trish and I cleaned up in the kitchen while Tracy, Tammi and Teri took Sue back to their rooms to undress for the pool. When their four naked bodies appeared outside a few minutes later I couldn’t help but stare. That voyeur streak in me just can’t resist watching nude women from a distance. Observing their candid and open behavior got my juices flowing again. Trish sensed it and asked me if I wanted to go in the bedroom and fool around, or if I wanted to get undressed and go outside and join the crew in the pool.

We opted for the pool. But while we undressed Trish took enough time to tease me and give my cock that added fullness before we stepped outside. So it was hanging proudly as we joined the others. The water was refreshing and soon we were all touching and flirting in the pool. It was fun to observe the play that Tracy and Teri were making for Sue. She resisted at first but then realized that it was perfectly OK with Trish and me, and gave in to their advances. Touching turned to kissing and soon we were all engaged in a mutual love fest in the water. Tammi and Trish and I enjoyed each other ümraniye escort bayan while Tracy and Teri climbed all over Sue’s petite body and she loved it!

‘My God Rob! These girls are starved for sex!’

Trish laughed. ‘I know Sue. We all work him pretty hard, but he’s just not enough for us all. Sometimes we need to call in a back up. Thanks for being here!’

That got us all laughing.

‘Trish, is your home a nonstop orgy? I’ve never known a family that played together like this. And Tammi, is this why you like to hang out here?’ Sue asked.

Tammi answered. ‘Sue, this is why my parents like to hang out here too! These guys put on the best parties! I have to tell you, they’ve changed our lives!’

‘Well I can see that I’ll be looking for another invitation. I like this!’

Trish smiled sincerely. ‘Sue, you are always welcome here. Mi casa et su casa. Rob has always spoken highly of you and I know the girls love you too. And that’s good enough for me!’

Then she swam over close to Sue and whispered in her ear, ‘But I’d love to have some one on one time with you too someday. Can I call you?’ Then she kissed Sue’s ear and hugged her.

Sue was a bit surprised again by Trish’s boldness, but I think the attraction had always been there for both of them. She answered by kissing Trish and they smiled knowingly at each other. We all knew that there would be other days for these two hot ladies.

I checked my watch and saw that it was almost three o’clock.

‘Sue we better get ready for our massage appointment.’ I always like to sit quietly and relax for a few minutes beforehand. ‘I’ll be in the casita, OK?’

‘Go ahead Rob. I’ll be there in a minute. Are you going to get dressed to do the massage, or stay naked?’

‘I’ll put on my shorts and a t-shirt, at least to start.’

Teri called to me, ‘But it’s OK for us to stay in the pool, right?’

‘Of course Teri. You know these people better than I do.’

A few minutes later I heard the doorbell ring on the remote in the casita. I looked out and saw Trish going to answer it. She was nude, of course, and I guessed that she could set the tone for the afternoon. Sue came inside the casita and slipped into her shorts and a top that she had retrieved from Teri’s room. We hugged and kissed. That too has a very calming effect on me. A few moments later we heard Trish outside the door.

‘…And this is our massage parlor, I mean casita. C’mon in and get ready for the massage of a lifetime.’

The door opened and Trish held it for Mike and Joanne. I greeted them and we all introduced ourselves.

‘Teri has told me that she enjoyed meeting you yesterday.’

‘And we enjoyed meeting her too!’ Joanne replied, ‘What a precocious young lady she is! And how fateful that she brought us all together. Who would have guessed?’

‘Around here we say it must be the vortex.’ I joked. ‘When was the last time you had a massage?’ I asked.

‘It’s been almost a year for me.’ Mike replied.

‘Me too.’ Joanne admitted.

‘Wow! Way too long.’ Sue scolded them. ‘But you’re on your honeymoon and you want a relaxing sensual massage, right?’

They both nodded.

‘Joanne, I’ll do you and Sue will do Mike. Is that how you want it?’

Again they both nodded.

‘OK then, you can get undressed and get on the tables while Sue and I wash our hands.’

I stepped into the bathroom and Sue went to the kitchen sink and we washed while they disrobed and lay face down on the tables. Before we began we asked if they had any sore spots or injuries and they assured us they were in good shape and just anxious for a relaxing massage.

The massages began as they normally do. Sue and I watched each other so that our motions were somewhat coordinated. We started at their heads necks and shoulders and worked our way down their backs. Joanne was relaxing in my hands and judging by the sighs and moans from Mike, he was feeling the same way.

When I got to Joanne’s hips and ass, I kept my eye on her asshole. When I’m doing a massage and my client is nude and exposed, I’ve found that I can tell a lot about their state of relaxation by watching their anus. Joanne was very relaxed and comfortable. Her cheeks were lying softly apart. If I see my client’s ass tighten up, I try to focus on another area until they relax more. And the most telling sign is when I work on the top of their legs. Joanne responded by allowing her legs to open wider. This of course afforded me a nice view of her pussy as well.

I saw Sue lightly brush her fingers over Mike’s asshole. I chose to avoid doing that to Joanne. Sometimes not going there is just as much of a tease. As I mentioned, I could tell that I had her totally relaxed.

We moved down their legs and as I always do, we spent extra time on their feet. I love the science of reflexology and I use my intuition when I’m handling a client’s feet. It’s amazing what you can discover about a person’s kartal escort health and body through the various parts of their feet. The same is true of studying a person’s eye with iridology, but I’m not as well trained in that. And besides, I’ve found that ninety nine percent of my clients love having their feet massaged. The very few who don’t can never completely relax anyway.

So as we finished their feet we did some long gentle strokes on the entire length of their bodies, and then instructed them to roll over. It took a few moments to stir Joanne out of her near sleep. But she finally rolled over and lay on her back. I stroked her cheeks and sinuses to clear them for her and then returned to her feet. Sue did the same for Mike.

We had been massaging these two for almost forty-five minutes when we started working our way up their legs. Both Joanne and Mike relaxed their legs and allowed them to part as we handled their limbs. As I approached her thighs and massaged deeply, she sighed and opened her legs even more. I could see her vaginal lips opening and I even noted a slick coating on her labia. She was getting turned on. I noted her breathing was getting heavier too.

Mean while, Sue was getting a similar reaction from Mike. As her hands approached his groin, his penis shifted and started to grow. He also was making audible sighs and encouraging moans. I watched as Sue fondled his scrotum and rolled his balls gently in her fingers. His cock was growing stiff now and Sue grasped it and began to slowly pump it in her fist. Mike’s groans grew louder and Joanne glanced over to see what was happening. When she realized what Sue was doing, she smiled and looked at me. Then she spread her legs apart even wider, inviting my hands to her innermost folds.

I did what I knew she wanted me to do. But I did it slowly, to heighten her pleasure. I gently stroked her labia and then spread the lips apart with my fingers. Her clit was now exposed and I touched it softly. Her body quivered. I continued this teasing for a few minutes while Sue was slowly stroking Mike’s impressive tool. Finally I inserted two of my fingers in Joanne’s cunt. She spread her legs wide apart, begging me to go deeper.

On the next table, Sue had now taken Mike into her mouth. His moaning was uncontrollable now and he was coaching her loudly. Joanne watched as Sue sucked her husband’s dick. Then she looked up at me and her eyes told me everything I needed to know. I got on the table between her legs and put my lips on hers. I tasted her sweet nectar and lapped it up. Joanne put her hands on my head and pulled me into her cunt. I reached up and rolled her nipples with my hands as I ate her in earnest.

I focused all of my attention on her pleasure. I sensed every move she made and responded so as to enhance her orgasm the most. Sue was doing the same for Mike and the sounds of our two subjects achieving simultaneous orgasms while side by side on the massage tables was incredibly erotic. But Sue and I did our jobs. Both Mike and Joanne climaxed together. As their excitement began to wane I glanced over at Sue. She winked at me and grinned. I slowly got off the table, but continued to massage Joanne. I worked my way up her belly and abdominal area, and then on to her breasts which were very sensitive at this point. I was gentle and proceeded up to her shoulders and neck and finally I massaged her face.

Other than the sexual excitement, there had been no conversation. But as Joanne realized that her massage was ending, she opened her eyes and looked at me smiling.

‘Do you give that kind of massage to everyone?’

‘No, only to the most special clients. But I kind of sensed that you would enjoy it.’ I winked at her.

‘That was fantastic!’ Mike said, ‘Honey, can we get massages like this every week?’

Joanne responded, ‘If we got massages like that every week, it wouldn’t be so special. I want to remember this one for the rest of my life. And instead I’ll give you a massage every week and you give me one too. Do you think you can do as well as Rob did?’

‘I’ll sure try if you promise to blow me like Sue did! Rob, do you know how good she is?’

‘Yes I do Mike. I’ve been on the receiving end of Sue’s talents a few times myself. And yes Joanne, I’ve fine tuned my talents on Sue in return.’

Joanne looked at me questioningly. ‘And Trish doesn’t mind?’

I chuckled. ‘Trish and I have a very special relationship. We have no secrets and we trust each other completely. We treat each other with total respect. And we enjoy sex with others without fear or shame. I like to think that it makes me better. Was it good for you Joanne?’

She laughed. ‘Mike I think we should take a lesson from these folks. But do you think our friends in Milwaukee will understand?’

‘I guess we’ll just have to teach them. After all, I am a teacher. But today I’m a student. And I’ve learned a lot already. I’m sorry that the lesson is over. I guess it’s time to pay up and go back to our condo.’

He reached for his pants and took out his wallet. He pulled out $150 and put it on the side table.

‘Thank you both very much. That was the best massage I’ve ever had! And like Joanne said, I think we’ll remember it for the rest of our lives.’

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