Original Angels Ch. 06

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All characters are over the age of eighteen.


A Weekend With Three Angels by Rob in AZ ©

I awoke to the sound of a closing door. Trish’s face was buried in my neck and I could feel her breathing peacefully. She was still straddling me from our lovemaking session. The room still held the fragrance of our sexual activity. I held her closely with my right arm and my left arm lay at my side. I caught a glance of motion at the bedroom door and closed my eyes to feign sleep.

I could hear footsteps approach the bed and soft breathing at my side. I felt a slight movement on the mattress and carefully opened one eye just enough to see who was there.

It was Teri, and she was leaning down to take a closer look between our legs. I could feel her breath on my thighs as she inspected my flaccid penis and her mother’s ass and pussy. Trish was wide open, I’m sure, since her legs were spread around my hips and torso. Teri gently put her fingers on my scrotum and then ran them up the length of my cock. This must have been the first time she had had a chance to really inspect one up close, despite having seen plenty of them on the men at the nudist park. Her touch became bolder and she held my cock with her thumb and finger and squeezed it softly. I could feel it beginning to react to her touch. With her head turned away from my face, I opened my eye enough to observe her slender ass and hips. Her tiny puffy nipples were pointing away from her chest and the sight of it all caused my dick to grow a little more in her hand.

As it grew, she moved the skin up and down and marveled as it became harder and larger. I didn’t want her to stop. I had to figure out a way to keep her going without frightening her. I moved my leg to give her a bit more access and let out a soft moan.

The sound and movement startled her enough that she stopped, but only for a moment. I closed my eyes knowing that she would look at my face for signs of me waking up. My low moan ended with a trace of a smile on my face. She had to know that I was enjoying what she was doing, even though I was still ‘sleeping’. She resumed her exploration, using longer strokes and rubbing her fingertip over the head. A drop of pre-cum oozed out and she rubbed it around on the helmet. Now her fist was wrapped around my full hard on and she pulled it out and away from my groin. She leaned closer and I felt the tip of her tongue licking, tasting the slippery fluid I was producing. My cock jerked slightly with pleasure at the feeling of her warm oral ministrations. I let out another soft sigh.

This time when she glanced at my face, she saw a smile and my eye flicking. She kept her hand on my dick, but leaned to my ear and whispered, ‘Are you awake Rob?’

I answered by slowly moving my hand and stroking bostancı escort her thigh with my finger.

‘Does it feel good…what I’m doing?’ she whispered.

‘Mmmmm’ I hummed softly. I felt her squeeze a little more.

‘You taste salty. Is that because you and mom were fucking?’

‘Mmmm’ I stroked her leg a little more as she began a slow pumping of my rather excited dick.

‘It looks too big to fit inside. Does it hurt mom when you do it?’

I felt her point it back at Trish’s slit and push it towards her. She caused the tip to brush against Trish’s vulva. Trish moved her hips slightly and sighed into my neck. Fascinated by what she was doing, Teri continued to rub my cock at Trish’s opening. I responded by moving my hips up and then down slightly and continued to thrust slowly.

I didn’t know if Trish was awake, but she began to rock gently with me. Teri watched in awe as she guided my cock into her mother’s hole. She turned her body slightly and stood closer to me. I was able to run my finger around to her virgin slit. She thrust her own hips forward and spread her legs slightly to make room for my hand.

Trish had now moved down far enough that Teri was able to push my entire shaft into her hot and wet opening. Her face was still nestled in my neck but I felt her lips and tongue kissing and sucking below my ear. Teri was rocking on my hand now and I could feel her getting damp. I eased a finger between her lips and pushed gently into her hole. She sighed softly as my finger probed inside of her. Her hand slipped down on my scrotum and stroked my balls. Her other hand covered mine and encouraged my probing.

Trish was now kissing my neck with abandon and I knew that she would waken soon. I withdrew my finger from her daughter but pressed Teri’s hand back to replace my own. She understood. As Trish’s rocking pace increased I focused on allowing us both to ‘awaken’ together. Our fucking became more deliberate and Trish put her tongue in my ear. I reached my hand around to her anus and pressed my finger to her tight hole. She pushed back against it. I slid it down to her pussy and retrieved enough fluid to allow my finger to slide into her butt as far as the first joint. This didn’t go unnoticed by Teri.

Now Trish was rocking hard and I could tell that she was coming close to an orgasm. I kept up my pace and when I felt the first wave sweep over her and a rush of warm cum drench my cock, I thrust harder into her and after just a few quick hard pumps, I began to shoot my own seed inside her. She lifted her head enough to kiss my face and my lips as we came together while her not so innocent daughter stood at our bedside.

When our climaxes subsided I opened my eyes again to Teri still standing there with her ümraniye escort bayan hand in her crotch. I tapped Trish on her shoulder and when she opened her own eyes, I rolled my eyes in Teri’s direction. Trish turned her head and saw her daughter for the first time.

Slightly surprised, but not upset, she spoke to Teri. ‘Oh honey, how long have you been standing there?’

Teri didn’t answer the question, but instead asked, ‘Mom, were you having sex in your sleep?’

Trish wiggled her hips enough to cause my dick to throb again and replied, ‘Yes honey, I think I was.’ Then turning her face and kissing me, she added, ‘It makes for the sweetest dreams. Were you watching us the whole time?’

Teri didn’t know how to lie. ‘Yes mom. I thought you were sleeping and then you and Rob started to move and I couldn’t stop watching. Please don’t be mad at me.’

Trish amazed me again with her self control. ‘I’m not mad honey, but you should know that many people might be mad if it happened to them. Tell me what you watched and if you have any questions.’

Teri pondered for a moment. ‘How does Rob’s penis get so big?’

I remained silent since I couldn’t even begin to know how to handle this conversation. Here was Trish, lying on top of me with my dick in her vagina, proposing to answer her teenage daughter’s very specific questions about sex.

Trish thought for a moment. I’m sure she was wondering where this was leading. Then she sat up, still straddling my groin, wiggled her hips to keep me deep inside of her and replied, ‘There are many ways that a man’s penis can grow and become hard. Sometimes it takes outside stimulation like someone rubbing it or kissing it.’

Teri listened and her face went slightly flush. Had her mother known what she was doing to me?

She continued, ‘And sometimes a man becomes sexually stimulated just by seeing or thinking about a sexual image, even in his dreams. Is that right Rob?’

‘Yes,’ I answered, ‘and especially when the subject of my thoughts or dreams is a woman as beautiful as you are.’

Trish and Teri both smiled that warm and beautiful smile at me. Was I referring to Trish…or Teri? I think they both took the compliment personally. But only Teri knew that she had been the one whose touch had brought me to attention.

“Do you really kiss his penis to make it get big?’ Teri was controlling the questions now.

‘Sometimes.’ Trish answered.

Then she slid down my legs and kissed her way down my chest as she did. My cock slid along her belly and then between her soft flat breasts and up to her neck before she stopped. Then she held my soft member in her hand and displayed it for Teri.

‘See how it is soft and bends right now?’

Teri nodded with eyes wide.

Trish kartal escort began to kiss the head of my dick and then lick it. Was this really happening? She fondled it and then took it inside of her mouth and sucked on it. When she released it, it was starting to take shape. Teri watched in amazement. She put it in her mouth again and began to suck it in earnest. As she did of course it grew larger and stiffer. She pumped it with her hand as she slurped and sucked on it. Finally she took it out of her mouth and displayed my full hard on to her daughter’s watchful eyes.

‘You see honey? If you know what to do, it’s easy to get a man excited.’

‘And you sure know what to do!’ I stroked her hair as I complimented her technique.

‘Can I try it?’ Teri asked.

‘Oh no,’ I thought to myself, ‘now what?’

Trish held my dick and pointed it towards Teri. She looked at me for approval. I just grinned a stupid grin.

‘Lightly honey.’ She held it as Teri leaned forward and licked the top. ‘Now put it in your mouth, but be careful not to bite it. Try not to let your teeth touch it.’

Teri took about a third of my length inside and sucked gently. I could feel her tongue moving along the top. Trish pulled it out of Teri’s mouth, slowly and then put it back in her own mouth. She rolled her tongue all around it and as she withdrew it she left a lot of her spit on it.

‘It helps to keep it wet.’ She instructed. She held it again for Teri.

Teri again took it in her mouth, but deeper this time. This young girl was getting taught by the best, and she was already showing that she was going to be a great little cocksucker. Trish let her keep going and Teri kept it up with incredible enthusiasm. I was rock solid and beginning to think I might cum again. When she finally withdrew again, Trish leaned over and kissed Teri on her mouth and said, ‘That’s enough for now honey. It’s mean to do this to a man and not let him cum, but we’re going to save that for another lesson, OK?’

Teri, not really understanding the difference, agreed.

“That was really cool mom. And it made me get wet in my cunny.’

Trish let go of my cock and ran her finger up Teri’s slit.

‘Yes it did baby. And that’s what happens to a woman when she gets excited. But you know that, right?’

‘Yes. And it feels good when you touch it.’

‘I know honey, but we need to save that for later now too, OK?’

‘OK mom. Thank you for showing me. And you too Rob.’ She leaned forward and kissed her mom again. Then she leaned over and kissed me too. It was a more grown up kiss…on my lips and still wet from sucking my dick. I kissed her back and thanked her in return.

Then she turned and walked out into the living room. Trish crawled back up and kissed me.

‘Wow!’ she said. ‘I sure wasn’t expecting anything like that to happen! Are you OK?’

‘Are you kidding?’ I asked back. ‘How would I not be OK after having you teach your daughter how to suck my cock? Will you marry me? I don’t ever want to leave you…ever!’

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