Orgasm at 20,000 Feet

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“Here you are, sir,” my stewardess said in a voice like rum, leaning over to place my drink on the tray in front of me. She pushed her chest forward, mere inches from my face, as she gently placed the cup down. I stared down her top. Two heaving, tanned breasts met my gaze, firm and round and perfectly full, almost spilling out of her blouse before she stood back up.

“Thank you,” I choked out. She flashed me a broad grin and walked up the aisle, while I tried as hard as I could to watch her ass without being seen.

“Were you just staring at our poor stewardess?” Baoqing asked bluntly, her chin resting on her fist.

I looked up from my copy of The Master and Margarita. “What? No, of course not.”

“Do not lie, Matthew. You have already been betrayed.” Her fingernail grazed slowly up my thigh, caressing my stiff cock through my pants. I shuddered and gasped at her touch, electric in its intensity. She slid my finger up and down my shaft as she kept talking, her gaze locked onto my crotch. “A man’s mind is easily read. You really must learn to deceive better. It is as Francesco Vettori once wrote-“

“I know what he wrote, I proofread your thesis.”

“And yet you still do not learn. What am I going to do with you?” she asked as she swirled her finger in slow circles around the outline of the head of my cock, obvious through the fabric. A small dot of dark wetness was beginning to appear on my pants.

I hissed through gritted teeth. My hips bucked of their own accord, trying to force her to touch it more, grab it, caress it, stroke it. “I can think of a few things you could do, Bao…”

She smirked. “Maybe after we get to the hotel…” Her hand drifted back to her seat. “I do hope that you shall either keep your eyes off of strangers or at the very least hide your…excitement when we visit the beach. Not everyone is as forgiving as I am.”

“My eyes will be only on you, Bao, you know that.”

“I doubt that very much, but we shall see,” she sighed, but the left edge of her red lips was lifted up ever so slightly. I looked around. No witnesses.

I leaned in closer. The flight was half empty, and the two of us had the whole row to ourselves. I took advantage of our solitude. I opened my mouth and nibbled her neck, just above her black silk choker. Her hands gripped the armrest and she inhaled sharply. I sucked gently, bringing the skin of her neck against my teeth and tongue. “You are incorrigible,” she hissed, her amber phoenix eyes smoldering at me. I worked my way up her neck, biting her earlobe, caressing her ear with my lips and tongue. She quivered. “You are teasing me, aren’t you?”

“A little,” I whispered, unwilling to take my lips off of her.

She stifled a moan, biting her lower istanbul escort lip. Her head tilted back. “Are you having fun?” Through the thin fabric of her blouse I could see her small, brown nipples hardening, poking through, brazenly displaying her arousal. It seems I’m not the only one with a treacherous body…

“A little,” I confessed.

I looked up. Damn. I pulled back and opened my book. The stewardess passed by us, collecting empty cups and cans, but I hadn’t even tasted my drink yet. I wondered whether she suspected anything from Baoqing’s flushed cheeks, crimson against her peach flesh. She just smiled and kept walking, though. I looked down and realized that my book was upside-down. Spy material, I was not.

I flipped my book over and began reading again, while next to me, Baoqing pulled out her copy of Doctor No.

About an hour later, Baoqing piped up. “Did you bring the chess set.”

“It’s in the checked baggage,” I answered, not even looking up from my novel. She sighed deeply. Her hands were fidgeting. I reached over and took her hand in mine. “You’re doing really well, Bao, I’m proud of you.”

“It is not easy.” Her nostrils flared as she exhaled and closed her eyes. “Do you not have anything to do?”

“What happened to your book?”

“I finished it.”

“I told you to bring a bigger book for the flight. Let’s see what I have…” I ruffled through my backpack. “Do you want to play tic-tac-toe? I have a notebook.”

“No, that game is solved. If you know what you are doing, you cannot lose.”

“Do you want to…eat some Sour Patch Kids?”

“No, thank you.”

“Well, that’s all I’ve got. You’re going to have to find entertain yourself. I can’t help you.”

“Can I read your book?”

“Oh, come on, I’ve finally started it and now you want to take it back? Besides, then I’ll be bored. Nuh uh. You’re on your own.”

Her eyes narrowed at me briefly, her eye shadow the same shade as the Caribbean Sea below us, before she relaxed and smiled. “I shall take a nap then,” she declared, lifting up the armrest between us. “May I at least use you as my pillow?” she asked, unceremoniously plopping her head onto my lap without waiting for my reply.

“Well, since you asked so nicely for my permission first, of course you ca-oh wait! Fine, sure, take a nap, but you better tire yourself out before bed. I don’t want you up until 1 am begging me for a chess game.”

“That only happened once,” she muffled petulantly into my crotch. She rubbed her head against me, catlike, grinding her cheek against my lap until she was sufficiently comfortable to sleep. The friction soon stirred my cock back to life. Its growing hardness pressed avcılar escort insistently against her. I tried to maneuver myself so I wasn’t poking her face, but no matter how I turned, she moved along with me, happy to feel my excitement. I gave up. I tussled her hair and grinned. I really was lucky…

A sudden tug interrupted my reading. I raised my book and looked down. She still looked like she was sleeping, but I could feel her hand pulling on my khakis. A low, soft zip soon followed. “What are you doing?” I whispered, looking around the cabin. But she stayed silent.

I gasped. Her hand gripped my tumescent cock. I gulped. Her long, deft fingers wrapped around my shaft, caressing it to its full hardness. I squirmed in her grip. Should I stop her? What if we got caught? What was she planning to do?

Clumsily, she pulled my manhood out of my pants, freeing my cock. I savored the feeling of exposure, of exhibition. I felt so primally virile, like a fertility god to be worshipped. She kissed my shaft, gently, quietly, unseen by everyone, unknown to all but me and her. My eyelids fluttered. I was wet clay in her hands. Was she really going to…? Her lips engulfed my cock. A puff of breath escaped my surprised mouth. She was, she really was. Her warm, moist mouth tightened around me. “You’re teasing me, aren’t you?” I asked, keeping an eye out for any passengers who might catch us.

“Mmmhmm,” she mumbled, her mouth full.

“Are you having fun?”

“Mmmhmm…” Her tongue spun around my cock, swirling around its length, its tip flicking across mine. She suckled my shaft, slowly trying to milk my orgasm out of me: a long, torturous, teasing orgasm. She knew me well. Were she not on top of me, my cock would be out and exposed. Her head and mess of straight, black hair hid my manhood from view. To anyone walking by, it just looked like she was taking a nap on top of her oddly flustered boyfriend. Someone could walk right by and not know that Baoqing was fellating me in public, sucking my cock until I would cum inside of her perfect little mouth. Only I knew what she was really doing, and just how well she was doing it…

I closed my eyes and surrendered to the pleasure. I rested my hand on her back, rubbing her encouragingly, mentally planning how I could repay her. My cock throbbed between her soft lips, pulsating against the inside of her tight little mouth. Her head, almost imperceptibly, bobbed up and down along my shaft, but her tongue was the real star, slurping and licking my cock passionately as though she were starved for my cum, for my orgasm. I grabbed her ass tightly and was rewarded by a squeal of delight.

“Sir, do you need anything?” asked the stewardess, who had şirinevler escort apparently spent the flight practicing her latent teleportation abilities. Where on earth had she come from?

“N-no, I’m, I’m fine,” I stuttered. I squeezed Baoqing to get her to stop for a second, but while her head had stop moving, her mouth hadn’t. I coughed to cover up a groan I couldn’t contain. She was sucking me furiously, forcing my orgasm out of me. My cock buzzed with ecstasy. I didn’t know how much longer I could last inside of her.

“Are you sure? Does your friend need a pillow?” she asked.

“She’s fine. We’re all fine here, thank you,” I said aloud. In my head, though, I screamed a constant chorus of “Leave, leave, leave, damn you, leave.” I was close. I could feel the pleasure building in my cock, the pleasure growing larger and larger.

“Alright then, just ask if you need anything,” she instructed. I was never so glad to see someone walk away in my life.

“I’m close,” I whispered. “I’m going to cum…”

She moaned softly, a delighted noise of eager expectation. Her head bobbed ever faster, ever deeper. Her hand reached down and began to stroke my balls as they tightened in preparation. My orgasm rose up within me. My teeth tingled. My skin buzzed as I came inside of Baoqing’s mouth, my cock spasming between her lips, my hot cum gushing into her mouth. I held onto her body tightly as I bucked my hips, irrumating her, forcing my cock deeper down her throat. I groaned, unable to stay silent any longer. Her lips sealed around me as she diligently swallowed every last drop from me, gently sucking out the last of my cum, thirsty for my taste. I was left breathless, panting heavily, my heart pounding as she cleaned me up.

She softly tucked away my wilting cock back into my boxers, and zipped me back up. She swallowed loudly and brushed her hair out of her face, a wickedly mischievous grin upon her reddened face. “How was it?” she asked, licking her lips.

“You’re amazing, Bao… I really am lucky to have you.” I kissed her forehead and held her cheek in my hand, gazing into her big, beautiful, brown eyes. She beamed back at me, and my heart fluttered.

She cuddled against me, resting her head on my shoulder and her hand on my chest. “I know you are.” She looked up into my eyes. “Just consider that a preview of this week’s entertainment, Matthew. This should prove to be a very fun vacation, yes?”

I kissed her on the forehead. “Absolutely.”

The intercom pinged cheerfully. “Ladies and gentleman, this is your pilot speaking. We are beginning our descent to Jamaica.” I buckled up as he continued speaking. This was going to be a marvelous vacation, indeed…

* * * * *

Thank you for reading! Please vote and comment; I love to receive feedback from readers, and I’d greatly appreciate any comments or constructive criticism you may have. I’ve had this idea for a while, ever since a friend of mine told me that she did this to her boyfriend, so I’m glad I finally got the chance to write it. I hope you enjoyed the story!

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