Opportunity Knocks

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Chapter 1 Confession.

David Ellis was a very successful lawyer who represented a number of extremely rich clients and consequently had accumulated a large amount of money to his name. The only problem was that this success had necessitated him devoting a lot of his life to building up his business. He had married his high school sweetheart as soon as he had his first position in a law firm, nineteen years ago. She had given birth within a year of their marriage. Unfortunately relationships between them were strained due to them being placed second to his work, especially after he had opened his own offices 10 years ago.

Lately however he was endeavoring to make amends and had spent less time in the office, his wife Madeline and daughter Judy were appreciating the time that he was spending with them. Maddy had even taken to enjoying casual sex with him once again. They behaved as they had done in their first year of marriage, he would kiss and caress her whenever they were alone. He became aware too that Judy was developing into a very attractive young lady who had attracted a number of boyfriends. She was the image of her mother at the same age; a tall leggy blonde with a boyish yet curvy figure her fine chiseled features reminded everyone who met her of the Oscar winner Charlize Theron. His wife Maddy still retained her youthful figure except that after childbirth her breast had swollen to a beautiful c cup bra size. People often mistook them for sisters even though there was a twenty year gap.

Everything had been going well until he noticed an unusual transaction in one of his major client’s accounts; he then devoted all of his energy into finding out what was happening. Today he knew that he was going to resolve the problem.

David looked up from the paper work on his desk, there was no denying it, and someone in the office had taken over $120,500 from the Richardsons’ account. With the clues from the paperwork, it took him only a few minutes on the computerized accounts, to establish that it was his personal assistant John Flint who was responsible. He was disappointed, John had been with him for about five years and they had a great working relationship, he wondered what had happened to make John a thief. He looked through the door to his office and saw John staring at him apprehensively;

“He knows,” he said to himself and beckoned for John to join him.

“Sit down John, I have some disturbing news for you,” David said menacingly.

John nervously sat down and listened with growing horror as David explained how he had traced the illegal transactions and then gasped as David said;

“Now it is simply a matter of asking you if you are going to repay me or am I putting the matter into the hands of the police”.

John gulped and said,

“I’m sorry David, I took the money, because of my wife and daughter, they had to have this and they had to have that, cosmetic dental surgery, designer label clothes, jewelry, my salary just didn’t cover. My wife, unknown to me took money from a loan shark, when I found out they were at the point of possessing my home and had even threatened her with physical violence. I had to raise the money somehow and I found a way of taking it from our accounts.”

David sat back and said;

“So you are blaming your wife and daughter for the theft are you”?

On asking the question David remembered the last time that he had seen Ella Flint, she had come into the office prior to having lunch with her husband. John had been in David’s office when she had arrived; he was the first to notice her and beckoned her in.

He had studied her as she walked towards him; she was slim above average height, about 5ft 7″ he thought very attractive, olive skinned woman, her body was curvaceous even though her breasts were on the small side, her dark, almond shaped eyes coupled with the long jet black hair, hinted of Asian blood. She was wearing a white shirt blouse and a black pencil skirt slit at either side to mid-thigh, black stockings or pantyhose encased her legs and her shoes were stylish black, heeled with a strap circling the ankle, she was one foxy lady he had thought.

David had wondered how John had managed to interest such an attractive woman, he was short, balding and his stomache hung out over the waistbelt of his pants, hardly a babe magnet thought David.

John winced and replied;

“Not really, it was the only way I could think of to get the money and prevent either Ella being disfigured or losing our house. I was going frantic and that loan shark really meant business. I intended to pay it back somehow, even if it took me years.”

David thought for a moment, it was a lot of money, for someone like John but it would hardly dent his own account, John was an excellent P.A and he didn’t really want to lose him, at the same time he couldn’t just let it ride. There was the problem with John’s wife and daughter too, would they learn not to expect to live beyond their means and so lead to a repeat of the escort ataşehir situation and to David completely losing faith with John.

“John, I suggest that you go home and talk to Ella and Amy, tell them the predicament that they have put you in, emphasise the fact that I could have you goaled for a long time. Tell Ella that I expect her to come and see me with you tomorrow to discuss any action that could be taken to make me not call in the police.”

David said to a now, very worried looking man.

John agreed to the suggestion and hurried home to his wife. Ella and Amy listened to his story without interruption, Ella realized immediately the dangerous position that they were in, if David carried out his threat, not only would her husband be imprisoned but they would lose the comfortable life that his job had made for them. Strange as their physical pairing seemed to outsiders, she loved her husband dearly. The overspending hadn’t been too bad initially; it was when she tried to cover it up from her husband by going to the loan shark, that it had escalated, beyond her control. Making up her mind, she turned to John and said;

“We will go in to see David and we will tell him that we will do anything to ensure that he doesn’t go to the police”.

John and Amy spoke at the same time.

“What do you mean by anything?” They echoed.

Ella looked at them both for a breath stopping moment.

“I mean anything, that he wants us to do.” She replied.

That night in bed John brought up the topic again.

“I know what you said but what did you mean about doing anything?” He asked.

“I meant that I will do anything that he wants me to do, and so will Amy, whether she likes it or not.”

Ella replied and went on;

“I have heard of women selling themselves to rescue their men, and if David wants my or Amy’s body or even both, as long as it gets you off the hook, he will have us, we have nothing else to offer. I don’t know him too well as we have only met occasionally at office functions so I do not know how he thinks but what else can any of us do to pay him off?, We do not have the money, the house is mortgaged up to the hilt to pay off the debt”.

She then asked him;

“Should he decide that he wants us for sex, how would you feel about it?”

John thought for a moment or two, he remembered how they had been involved with another couple when they were first married. He knew that in those days both of them enjoyed the thrill of seeing each other making love to another person and he remembered how his wife had made love to the other woman, once the men were exhausted, but what about Amy, he put that question to Ella who replied;

“She helped to get us into this mess so she will help to get us out; I only hope that David has some other idea on his mind.”

Though remembering how handsome David was, just over six foot, short brown hair, hazel coloured eyes and a body obviously well looked after, she thought it would not be too much of a sacrifice to be his sex partner. She had enjoyed the swapping with their old friends and to be truthful missed the excitement that it brought. She knew in her heart that if it hadn’t been for the arrival of Amy they would have gone even further down the path of sexual experiment and also admitted to herself that it had added some spice to their marriage. Amy, she thought will have to accept the situation and again it would not be too much of an ordeal with such a good looking man, far nicer than some of the pimply youths she had brought home.

Chapter 2 Resolution

David and Maddy were lying on their bed discussing the same topic; David had explained to his wife that he did not want to lose such a good worker as John but couldn’t think of a way to ensure that Ella and Amy would learn their lesson. He went to say that he knew that there was no money to be obtained, no property, the only thing they had, laughing as he said it, were their bodies.

Unknown to David, during the period in which he had devoted most of his waking life to his work, Madeline had spent a lot of time on the internet in sex chat rooms and had acquired quite a knowledge of deviant sexual practices. She had read of sex slaves and had wondered what it would be like to actually have one; she was also intrigued with regard to women making love to each other.

She not only surprised but shocked David when she said;

“Why don’t you make them use their only assets then darling?”

“What?” David exclaimed.

He was completely astounded by her suggestion and began querying her as to where from she had got such ideas. The more they talked the more he realised how frustrated his wife had been during his lack of attention, not only that but how she had changed from a demure wife into a sexually knowledgeable and inquiring woman who was interested in expanding her horizons. The talk turned to exact desires and he was once again shocked when his wife said that she was fascinated by lesbian sex kadıköy escort bayan and that she regularly masturbated thinking of making love to other women, wondering how they tasted and what it would feel like to have another woman licking her pussy.

David asked her again what or who had got her interested in deviant sex only to be told;

“Come and see, it is in the next room.” Replied Mandy and got out of bed.

David followed her into the next room and watched with bated breath as she logged onto the internet and into a chat forum. He noticed that she had easy access and used a web name Mad1. Madeline told him that Randy2 was also a woman about the same age as her and that it was she who had introduced the lesbian topic to Maddy. He noticed also that she seemed to be well known for as soon as she came up in the room three users greeted. He watched for about fifteen minutes as his wife chatted very explicitly about sex acts with total strangers she was using a voice typing programme and her spoken words not only surprised him, as he hadn’t thought that his wife would know of them, they also caused his penis to harden. His body stiffened with amazement when he saw one of her hands move from the desk, to between her thighs and raise the hem of her short, silk nightdress, she began to caress her panty free, hairless vagina, a habit she had got into after she had been shaved for a possible C section to give birth to Judy, his eyes opened wide when she said;

“Yes I am rubbing my cunt and I am getting all wet, would you like to see me?”

He saw that it was a reply to a question on the screen from Randy2.

It was then that he realised that he didn’t know this woman, it certainly wasn’t the innocent girl who had not allowed his hands to wander above her knees, when they were courting nor was it the virginal bride who had refused to have the lights on when they made love. He wondered why she hadn’t displayed this side of her over the past few weeks when he had been trying to rekindle their previous happiness.

He looked at the screen and saw that two of the chat room members had begged his wife to show them her finger fucking herself and would she use the dildo as well. He wondered exactly what his wife had been doing over the past few years on the internet and was shaken to see her reach forward and turn on a web camera;

“You had better step back unless you want to be seen by my fans.” She whispered.

David moved back into the shadows and watched dumbfounded as his wife began a lewd display of toying with herself; not only did she use her fingers but she had pulled a large black penis like dildo, from a draw in her computer desk and proceeded to slowly move it up and down the slit of her vagina and teasingly introduce it into her moist snatch, all the time she kept up telling the chat room members how it was affecting her. In a small window on her monitor David watched the scene exactly as the others were; he was pleased to see that Madeline had angled the camera so that her face was not visible. By this time he had taken his rigid tool from his pajamas and was rubbing it slowly up and down.

He was startled out of his almost hypnotic state when he heard is wife asking out loud;

“I have a man with me tonight, would you like to see me suck him off?”

The positive replies came thick and fast with one stating “At last we will see your face.”

Maddy looked at David and whispered,

“Go and get that costume mask I wore at the New years Ball, it is in the hall closet.”

David knew which one that she was talking about and hurried away to get it, he wondered where his wife had learned to give head, she certainly had never hinted at doing it before. On his return Madeline put the mask, made of black lace over her face; it covered her from her nose up to her hairline. She them motioned for him to come to her, without even worrying about their audience, David moved into a position so that he was sideways on to her and he almost came, as she took his penis into her hand, he managed to control himself and his lovely wife slowly moved her head forward and began to lick his tool.

This was something that he had never experienced before; of course he had read about it and had seen it on X-rated movies. The thought of his shy wife doing it again sent his libido soaring and he had to control his urge to shoot his load into her face. It was a first time for Maddy too; she had seen it on the internet and had read of it and how to do it from the erotic story sites that she frequently visited; she now had a chance to put the theory into practice.

She took her husbands penis in her hand and bent her face towards it, she saw that David was close to climaxing and strangely, she realised that her own orgasm was not too far off either; normally she had to use the dildo for quite a few minutes before it did the trick but tonight she had been bubbling on the edge, ever since the topic of the Flints had led to her discussing her internet escort bostancı activities with her David.

She kissed the top of his penis and tasted the pre-cum glistening at the tip, it tasted a little salty with and had an oily texture, she felt David shudder, he groaned as she licked along the length of his shaft, moving up and down the rigid yet surprisingly soft flesh; she opened her mouth and carefully took his prick into her mouth using her lips and tongue she stimulated the swollen member, it was hitting against the inside of her cheeks. She made no attempt to take it down her throat as she knew that she would need time to learn how to do that without gagging but she took in as much of it as she could; at the same time, she kept up the rhythmic thrusting of the black rubber dildo into her own body, raising her further and further onto that plane when she knew that she would be rewarded by a shattering climax. To her the physical sensations of feeling the ridges on her fake penis contacting her clitoris were equaled by the lascivious thoughts of being watched by unknown admirers; now having her husband’s rampant cock thrusting into her mouth added an extra sensual thrill. She felt the tremor start in her belly, caused by those nervous shocks spreading from her vagina, whose walls started contracting around the hard rubber shaft, impaling her. Frantically she speeded up her thrusting and remotely realised that David had grasped the back of her head and was matching her thrust for thrust, his penis banging into her cheek, the ridged knob sliding between her stiffened lips.

“I’m coming Maddy, I’m coming.”

She heard him shout as he felt his testicles begin to explode, shooting milky fluid down his pulsating prick into her eager mouth.

His body jerked and she felt the first spurt of semen flood into her, as his twitches released more and more of his seed, her own body responded and she was engulfed by a massive orgasm. She fell back into her chair, David’s deflating rod, plopping out of her mouth trailing strings of cum which fell onto her silk covered breasts, and it was joined by gobs of the white liquid flowing from her mouth down her chin and onto her body. She had tried to swallow it but her own climax had caused her to gasp allowing the life-giving liquid to escape.

Dimly she was aware of messages flooding her monitor’s screen, words such as; “awesome, fantastic, cumtastic, fucking great,” filled the messages. She recovered her composure sufficiently to post her goodbye and signed off.

David sat down and looked at his wife in bewilderment;

“How did you get involved in this cyber sex scene, who told you about it, why are you doing it?”

The questions rattled out of his mouth like bullets from a machine gun; Madeline ignored them and pulled the wet dildo from between her thighs, she looked at him and put it slowly to her mouth, her tongue snaked out as she cleaned her juices from the black shaft. David’s manhood immediately reacted to her sluttish actions and began to swell as the blood rushed into it. He moved towards this stranger who inhabited his wife’s body, sank to his knees between her legs, and pushed his head towards, her hot wet cunny. Like his wife David had never indulged in cunnilingus but even though a novice, he knew from reading sex books, that women loved having their pussies eaten.

He started to lick up and down the moist slit, he found that the taste of his wife’s juices was not at all unpleasant, he nuzzled further forward into her snatch, opening her body to his tongue, his lips closed over the unsheathed bud of flesh and he felt his wife judder as he nipped it lightly with his teeth.

“Yes David, Yes, keep tonguing me, oh yes,” she cried;

As the rapture spread swiftly through her body, her hips bucked against his face as a tremendous orgasm wracked through her body.

David drank in her juices as he continued to lap deep in her vagina, Maddy grabbed his hair and pulled his face up to hers; she kissed him frantically, tasting herself on his lips and face. With gentle hands she guided his rampant penis into her body.

“Fuck, Fuck me hard darling.” She cried.

The two of them crashed against each other, rebounded and crashed again and again lost in the lustful embrace until once more he felt his balls swell and spew forth his seed into her womb. Maddy had locked her legs around his hips and pulled him into her as she too experienced a magnificent climax.

The two of them remained locked together for a few moments before his penis slipped out allowing his cum and her spendings to seep out of the inflamed lips of her vagina.

“That was sensational Maddy, why didn’t we do this before?” he asked in a gentle whisper.

“When we first met, I still had my Mother’s teaching in my mind, she said that sex was dirty and that “nice” ladies only allowed their husbands to do it in order to have children. What a fool I was.”

She answered.

“When you were too busy building the company I was lonely, even when you did come home you were always too tired to do anything but sleep. At first I was glad as I didn’t have to do the “dirty” thing. Whe I went onto the internet one day I found a strange e-mail, they call it spam I believe.” Madeline continued.

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