One Night with Mom Ch. 01

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My name is Brandon and today is my eighteenth birthday. Normally, this would be a big family affair with my parents, older brother and three younger sisters, but circumstances have come up beyond anyone’s control. My brother is in the Army and returned to his duty station from a stint overseas. He is stuck at his base, which is about a thousand miles away, and is not allowed to be more than forty miles outside the gates.

He misses his family, which is understandable, but I wasn’t born into a family that can afford to travel at the drop of a dime. His time is short before going overseas again and my parents can only afford four plane tickets. After a lengthy family discussion, it has been decided that my father and sisters will go while I stay home with mom. I’m not about to complain about bucking family tradition, since we’re going to celebrate as a family when my dad and sisters get back.

Shortly after leaving for the airport, my mom says, “I’m so sorry, Brandon. I know you were looking forward to spending today with your family.” There is disappointment in her blue eyes, but I’m not quite certain what the source might be. It could be she is truly sorry that we aren’t at home as a family today or that we can’t all fly out, but most likely some combination of the two.

I smile at my mom to try to get her to cheer up as I say, “It’s OK, mom. It’s not like he planned to come back to his base to ruin my birthday. The Army does things on their own time, not ours.”

She smiles at my answer and brushes her blond bangs that have fallen over her eyes back. She says, “Well, Brandon, it’s your birthday. No sense letting these things stop you from enjoying the day. What do you want to do?”

I think for a moment, then say, “I want to play poker.”

She smiles at my answer, which I believe to be a sign of relief since it won’t cost any money. Those plane tickets put a tremendous strain on the budget. She says, “Good idea. I’ll get the cards.”

She gets up and walks to the bookcase where the cards are kept and returns quickly. As she passes me, she sets the deck in front of me and sits down. I move from the couch to the arm chair and take the deck with me.

After several games, I’m not doing particularly well. It’s a good thing there’s no money on the line, since I would have lost it all by now. There’s a smug look on my mother’s face, since she is generally the one that ends up losing most hands. I say, “You’re mighty proud of yourself, mom.”

I see her eyes shine with pride as she says, “Damn right. Nice to be on the winning side for a change.”

I take a moment to let that look sink in and I’m not exactly pleased by her response. This is my birthday. It might be petty to be upset over something like this, but I can’t help it. I ask, “How about we make it more interesting?”

I see her eyes go from pride to concern and know she is worried I want to make financial wagers. In a cautious voice, she asks, “More interesting, how?”

I quickly blurt out, “Strip poker.” I have no idea where that came from, but write it off to wanting to see her back out and call the game over. Sure, I’ve had the occasional fantasy about her, but not like anything will ever happen.

She does not answer immediately and you know she is weighing things in her mind. After several moments of silence, she says, “Fine, it’s your birthday. If that’s what you want, I’ll play. But no one can know, understood?”

I nod in complete agreement and say, “I won’t tell anyone, mom. I promise.” I want to ask if she’s sure, but refrain. I ataşehir escort bayan am too busy doing an inventory of the clothing we are both wearing to determine how many hands I have to win.

The first hand costs me my shoes. She laughs as I remove them and put them aside. I don’t like her laughing at my losing and want to win the next hand badly. Unfortunately, my socks quickly join my shoes.

The next hand finds me victorious and she quickly removes her shoes to show her bare feet. At least I don’t have to win a couple more hands to make things interesting. Except, I lose the next hand and remove my shirt. I only have my pants and underwear left and not in the best of moods. My luck is not with me as I soon find myself in only my underwear.

She smirks at me as she says, “One more hand and I win.”

I get a little angry and say, “You haven’t won yet.”

I win the next hand and she is forced to remove her shirt. She gathers her nerve and removes her shirt quickly. My eyes move to her bra, which conceals some good sized tits. They appear to be medium in size, which could be a lot of fun under different circumstances. I feel my dick twitch and bring my eyes back up. She does not act like she noticed that I was ogling her.

The next hand brings another victory and she removes her pants quickly. There is nothing sexy about her panties at all. They cover everything and I have to wonder if she trims her bush. My cock is no longer twitching as it has become rock hard. I don’t bother concealing my erection, since that would be impossible wearing only underwear.

My mom says, “Eyes up here, Brandon.”

I force my eyes up her body slowly until I am looking into her blue eyes again. There is no sense of shame or embarrassment on my face. I notice she does not look bothered by the fact that I was just staring at a part of her body no son should have any interest in seeing.

The next hand ties the game as she says, “Damn, Brandon. How the hell can you keep winning.”

I smile and say, “Just lucky, mom. Now take something off.”

There is little choice, I know she is about to remove her bra, since there is no chance she is going to remove those panties. She hesitates and her face turns red before her hands slowly unhook her bra. She holds it in place for a moment, then removes it and does not bother trying to cover up.

I guess she thinks there is no way to cover her tits and play cards at the same time, so might as well get it over with and on to the next hand. My eyes are locked onto her tits and they are clearly C cup in size. Not that I have much experience with varying sizes, but have seen enough porn to get a good idea. Her nipples are darker than her flesh and stand out against the paleness of her tits.

I have no idea how long I stared at them, but my mom finally says, “You know I’m going to win the next one.”

I bring my eyes up and see defiance in her face. There is no sign of worry about losing the next round. I say, “If your so confident, why not make the next hand more interesting.”

There is no sign of worry at all as she asks, “What do you have in mind?”

I notice the sun is just starting to set as I say, “Loser has to do whatever the winner wants for the night.”

She says, “Fine, but get ready to give me one hell of a massage and a bunch of chores.”

You deal the final round and lay your cards down face up as you mom says, “Damn. How the hell did you pull that?”

I smile in victory and say, “Don’t know, mom, but a bets a bet. You have escort kadıköy to take you panties off and do whatever I want for the night.”

She doesn’t say or do anything right away, but eventually says, “I know, damn, I know. Whatever happens, this is just for tonight. Don’t expect to do this ever again and no one can know.”

I smirk as I ask, “Do what ever again, mom?”

She looks down at my crotch struggling to get free of my underwear and says, “You know damn well what I mean. I agreed to do anything you wanted. I should have put some limits on it, but I didn’t. That’s on me. I won’t bother to ask if you think doing those things with me is weird. You have an erection and I’m the only woman here.”

I say, “Can’t exactly hide it. I want you to wait before taking off your panties.” I stand up and remove my underwear to reveal myself fully to my mom. As I sit back down, her eyes are staring at my dick.

She says, “Well, Brandon, looks like you are blessed with that thing.”

I say, “Damn right, mom.” I know exactly what she is talking about. Fully erect, I have an eight inch dick with a rather large circumference. Every boy knows just how big they are and those of us that are bigger than average take pride in what we have.

She gives a slight grin as she says, “At least it won’t be a boring night.”

I nod in complete agreement and say, “Stand up and take off your panties.”

She stands and my eyes lock onto her pussy. I just have to know about her bush. It may be odd, but I don’t care. She slowly removes her panties and I can just make out the top of her hair line. It’s nowhere near enough to have an answer and I have to wait while she plays with me. I’m not about to get upset, since I will see all of her soon enough.

Her hands move slowly and I am rewarded with seeing her pubic hairs tightly trimmed. It is so close that it gives the appearance of having been shaved completely within the last couple of days. I continue to watch and see part of her pussy lips revealed and it makes me glad that I chose to remove my underwear before the show started. My mom can be quite seductive.

The panties slowly move further south as I watch with great delight. She keeps moving her legs in the perfect motion to give me peaks at what lays between her legs. It is tempting to take her right now, but I will myself to wait. I may have a quick turnaround, but I don’t want my first release to be inside that particular hole. That will have to wait, since I know exactly what I want.

She removes her panties completely and kicks them to the side. She says, “I guess you like what you see.”

I don’t bother bringing my eyes up to look at her face. I say, “You’ve got that right, mom. Now turn around and show me your ass.” That last word slipped out by accident, which causes me to worry that I just destroyed everything.

She turns for me slowly and playfully. She must know that I am an ass guy, since she is taking far longer to turn than she did to remove her panties. As one of her cheeks come into view, I lean forward to get a better look. Slowly one cheek turns to two and the crack of her ass is clearly visible. There is some sagging, but I don’t mind. This is the first time being able to see ass that isn’t on a screen since my past girlfriends had no interest in me seeing that part of their body.

She stops and I say, “Get on your knees so I can see your asshole.” It wasn’t much of a slip this time. I figure if I can get away with ass, then asshole should be fine as well.

She gets to her knee, bostancı escort making sure they are spread far apart to give me the best view possible and slowly lowers her chest to the ground. I watch with eager anticipation as her crack slowly widens and both holes become visible. I glance at her pussy for a moment, but then focus all my attention on that other hole that no girl has ever come close to showing me.

I get out of the chair and walk over to where she continues to maintain that position. I get on my knees so I can be as close as possible, then place my hands on her cheeks. The feeling of her flesh in my hands. There is no fight from her as I feel warmth fill my body. I look at her asshole as I slowly push her cheeks apart and see it open just a little. Seeing that made the warmth increase.

I know that I can’t do what I really want while my hands are on her cheeks, so I say, “Grab your cheeks and spread them.”

She does so and her asshole opens a little wider than I was able to accomplish. I place my face close to her asshole and inhale deeply. The combination of scents from both of her holes is intoxicating and I remain there for several moments, never taking my eyes off her slightly open hole. I held back from what I wanted to do next, since that might ruin everything. I take one more deep breath through my nose to gather in as much as I can, then reluctantly stand up.

Looking down at her ass, I say, “Now get up and turn around. I want you on your knees so you can suck my dick.” I no longer concerned myself with the language that I am using. I don’t believe there is anything I can say that would get her to stop.

I continue to stare at her ass and see her spread her cheeks even further. Her asshole opens a little more and it is calling to me. She releases and positions herself so she is on her knees as she stares at my dick.

She looks up at you and says, “I guess you like the look of my asshole, Brandon, because that thing looks bigger than ever.”

I smile as I say, “I love the look of it, mom. Now suck me dick.”

She does not immediately open her mouth. Instead, she says, “Let me know when you are about to cum so I can do something special.”

I nod and see her lips part and her tongue makes contact with the tip of my dick. I let out a soft sigh as the sensation is beyond anything I have ever felt. She starts to take my dick into her mouth and then starts to move her head quickly back and forth. With every movement she makes, I feel a shock run through my body. I can find no words as the sensation is beyond anything I could have ever imagined.

The way she is working my cock, I know I am very close. I say, “I’m going to cum, mom. Oh, mom, I’m going to cum.”

She brings up her hands to work my shaft and pulls your dick completely out of her mouth, but keeps it wide open. I let out a groan as I explode in the strongest orgasm of my life. The first string hits her in her open mouth, followed by the second, which results in her mouth being completely full. Then she aims my shaft so her tits take the remaining shots.

When I stop twitching, which far longer than I have ever experienced, I look down and see her mouth is still open and remains full. She closes her mouth and swallows my cum in one gulp, then opens her mouth again to show me she no longer has any of my cum. She takes the entirety of my now limp dick into her mouth and slowly releases to ensure there is no cum left for her to drink.

I collapse onto a nearby chair and watch as she rubs my cum all over her tits. I wish I can get hard right away, since this is very hot. She is paying careful attention to her hard nipples to ensure they are more than just completely covered. She smiles at you the entire time and gives the appearance of enjoying giving me the show of a lifetime.

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