Once Upon a Boat

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You know those friends that have incredibly hot siblings? And you really want to do it with them, but it would be awkward because of your friend? Well, I have that gorgeous sibling – my sister, Maria. She’s younger than me by only a year and a half. All my buddies loved to come hang out at my house while we were in high school. Hell, they still came after we all left for college!

The summer before Maria left for her freshman year of college, my parents got this bright idea to buy a yacht. Seems a little off, right? Well, my incredibly wealthy grandfather had, unfortunately, recently passed away and left everything he had to his only son, my father. My grandmother had passed a few years prior, so my dad was the only person to leave the fortune to. Since they now had a 150′ yacht, they wanted me and Maria to go on a trip with them. The maiden voyage, they called it. Maria and I agreed, both of us needing a vacation from our small town lives.

Now, here’s the thing. Remember how I said that all my buddies think my sister is so hot? What they don’t know – what no one knows – is that I think she’s the most gorgeous thing on two legs. For a long time I thought it was just brotherly love toward my little sister, but as I got older, I began to realize that it was more than that. I won’t go so far as to say that I was in love with my sister; it was more of a raging lust. She really is beautiful. Her hair is black and curly, the opposite of mine. I inherited my mom’s fair hair and brown eyes, while Maria got Dad’s dark hair. Her legs are long and toned, just like the rest of her body. But honestly, it’s not all about her physically – she’s the sweetest, most compassionate human being on the planet. I adore her; we’ve always been really close.

So, one warm morning in July, we left our little town and embarked on a trip that would change lives. Well, at least mine and Maria’s.

The boat was breathtaking. Long and white, with cherry wood trim. My parents named her “The Wind Beneath My Wings”. Mom likes Bette Midler. We boarded her, and went to our separate rooms to relieve ourselves of our baggage, and afterward Mom and Dad gave us a quick tour. Sweat had made all of our clothing stick to our bodies, and Maria’s hugged her curves so tight I thought they’d burst off of her. I wouldn’t complain. My mouth watered and my nether regions twitched. I knew what I’d be doing that night. Mom insisted that we break a bottle of champagne over the bow of the boat as we pulled out of the slip. Waste of good champagne, if you ask me.

As we got on our way, I begged out of a card game, saying ataşehir escort I needed a shower. I was released, and hurried to my room. As quickly as I could, I got in the shower and sighed. I let my mind go blank, but, naturally my mind went straight to Maria. She wasn’t wearing much because of the heat, just a little tank top and a pair or bermuda shorts. And, as I said, the sweat had made all of it stick to her like a second skin. I let my penis harden, like it had been wanting to all day long. It got harder and harder and I knew I wouldn’t be waiting until later. I wrapped my hand around it, leaned my head against the wall, and started stroking it. Faster and faster… my hand was flying up and down the shaft until I came all over the wall. I sighed, hoping I’d make it through dinner without another erection.

I didn’t. We’d all dressed up for our first night on the yacht, and Maria was breathtaking in a little orange cocktail dress that set off her dark hair and tanned skin. Her legs went on for miles, helped by strappy orange heels. Dark hair curled softly over her shoulders, and her skin was dewy with heat. I almost cried. Fortunately, my parents made sure – inadvertently – my mind was kept off my luscious sister. I’ll tell you though, I could’ve sworn she was giving me the eye all through dinner. That only got me hotter. I squirmed a little, and she gave me a sideways glance and smile that would melt ice. I was so hard so fast I almost gasped. Then, I swear, she winked.

Finally, dinner was over. We adjourned to our respective rooms, tired from the long drive and heat. I heard Maria’s shower start and tried desperately not to think of her naked body…drops of water rolling down her flat belly…oh my God. I wanted her so bad! It really was a shame she was my sister or I’d be in that shower with her right now. I laid down on my bed and let my thoughts go wherever they wanted… and they were, of course, about my sister.

Apparently I fell asleep, because when I woke up, the sky was dark, but bright with stars out my window. I stretched, but stopped when I heard a noise. It was a soft one, like the quick intake of breath. My eyes darted around the dark room, and saw the silhouette of someone… a girl. My brain jumped immediately to Maria, and even quicker to denial. Why would she be in here…?

“Maria?” I whispered, stretching out a hand.

“Bryan, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t be here, but I couldn’t stay away.” she took my hand, and it was shaking.

“What’s wrong, Maria? You’re shaking like crazy.” I pulled her to me, wrapping her in my arms. Her whole kadıköy escort body shook. She pressed her body against me, her arms around my neck. “What…?”

“I…there’s something you should know, Bry. For a while now, I’ve been feeling something. It’s not what I should be feeling. God, this is hard.” Maria’s body was pressed so hard against mine, her breasts pushing into my chest. I felt myself begin to stir. Knock it off! I told myself.

“Hon, I think I know what it is. I feel the same way.” I whispered. She raised her green eyes to mine.

“What do you want?” she asked.

“You.” I smiled. Her eyes widened. Then she grinned. Finally, I took her beautiful face in my hands and kissed her. That set her off like I’d never dreamed it would. She pushed me down on the bed roughly and climbed on top of me. I tangled my fingers in her hair, pulling gently. We made out passionately while our hands ran over each other’s bodies. I was finally able to caress those curves, that beautiful ass, those fabulous breasts. Flipping her over, I straddled her and stripped off her shirt. My breath stopped when I saw that she was wearing nothing underneath her tshirt. My lips moved down her neck to her boobs, my hands full of them.

She gasped when my mouth locked over her nipple and ran my tongue around it, kneading the other breast. Her back arched up toward me, and I slid my arm underneath her, pulling her body closer to me. I got my shirt off somehow and rubbed my skin against her, hearing her moan as I did so. With my mouth full of her nipple, I moaned. She moaned again as her breast vibrated.

Quickly, I got up. My pants were off and I was straddling her face before she knew what was going on. She opened her eyes, and my dick was in her face. I grinned down at her, and opened her mouth with my fingers. She sucked at them, and I shoved my dick between her lips. I fucked her face hard and fast, and she took it down her throat, swallowing it. I was so close to cumming, but I stopped, because I wanted to cum in her pussy.

I pulled my cock out of her mouth, then moved down to her wet hole, and shoved my tongue into it. My fingers followed quickly, getting deep into her sweet passage. Her hips bucked wildly as I quickly brought her to orgasm.

“Stand up, Maria. Now.” I whispered. She looked a little concerned at my change of demeanor, but obeyed me. “Lean over the bed, put your hands on it.”

She leaned over, hands on the bedspread. I spread her legs, and ran my cock down her asscrack. She shivered. I leaned over her back and whispered into her ear as I bostancı escort rubbed my cock over her ass.

“Are you ready for my cock in your pussy, you slut?”

She shuddered, and I felt her pussy drench on the head of my cock.

“Ah…” I sighed in her ear. “You like that, do you, whore? Yes…” I humped her as she quivered and nodded frantically. The tip of my head entered her slightly and I could feel her push backward to get me deeper. “Don’t move, bitch. I’m in charge here.” She hung her head, and I moved farther in. As I ground in, she stayed perfectly still. “Good girl…” I breathed.

And then, suddenly, I shoved myself into her, hard. I buried my dick as far in as I could, and I began to fuck her. She whimpered, and I stopped.

“What’s wrong, my whore?” I asked, concerned.

“Ooooh fuck Bryan… don’t fucking stop!!” she whispered. I chuckled, and started up again, my balls slapping onto her ass. She began to moan louder and louder, and I slapped her ass.

“No noise, bitch, you want to wake Mom and Dad up? You want them to know that you’re fucking your brother? Do you?” She shook her head violently. “That’s right, you don’t. Now, get back on the bed. On your back.” I mounted and shoved my dick back up into her. Grabbing her legs, I pulled them up over my shoulders and rammed myself into her. Her hands gripped the bed so hard, I knew she wanted to making all kinds of noises, which was incredibly hot to me.

“Bryan… Bryan…” I heard her whisper. Leaning down, I kept up a slow rhythm while she spoke.

“You can’t cum in me. I’m not on the Pill… cum on my tits, please. All over them… cover me with your cum! Pleeeeease…”

Now, who am I to say no to a request such as that?

“Of course, my little cumslut, of course. I’ll put my seed all over you… cover you with your brother’s semen…”

I sat back up, and began fucking in earnest again. Her tits jiggled like mad and I felt my orgasm coming quickly. I pulled out of her delicious pussy and moved up her body to where I was straddling her stomach.

“Watch, fuckslut.” Her eyes were glued to my hand moving up and down my rock hard dick. “Oh God I’m cumming you fucking bitch…!” And I did, like never before. Long strings of cum flew out of my dick and onto my sister’s beautiful boobs. I came harder just watching that happen. It was incredible.

When I finished cumming, I fell on top of my little sister, hugging her.

“How was that?” I asked. I laughed at the way her eyes widened. “So you enjoyed having your brother’s cock up your pussy?”

“Oh fuck yeah, Bryan!” she exclaimed, running a finger in between her tits, where most of my cum had accumulated. She got a bit on her finger, then, watching me, sucked that finger into her mouth and cleaned my spunk off of it. I raised an eyebrow, and she grinned.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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