On Loan Pt. 04

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Many thanks to everyone who has been writing and commenting. We just got through the Thanksgiving holiday in the U.S., so I was able to get the final chapter of “On Loan” ready for publication.

I have been enjoying the response to the news that Stephanie is a McAllister. Love it or hate it, you all had your opinions and didn’t hesitate to let me know. I hope that the wrinkle in the plot enhances your enjoyment of the story without ruining it for you.

The other challenge was deciding which McAllister would be Stephanie’s first adventure. I had one all picked out, but when the time came, it didn’t feel right. So, I changed horses mid-journey and went another way. I’ll be curious as to which one you like the choice I wound up making and what you think of their encounter. I wrote it with a great deal of loving care.

The next story, you’ll be delighted or disappointed to hear, has nothing to do with the McAllister family. It’s a one-off short story and I can’t wait to share it with you. After that, I’m going to tackle the rest of the “Best Friends” story. I get email almost daily from people asking me to wrap that one up. Just when I thought you all hated it!

Many thanks to my friend Kat for her editing assistance. Any mistakes are mine.


The last thing on George McAllister’s mind now was his daughter, Stephanie. He had his face buried between the thighs of his delectable cousin, Margo McAllister Dusseau. A noted sculptor, Margo had been his lover since she turned eighteen. He had been so elated when he received her picture in the mail, indicating that she had joined the body McAllister. Their family had a long tradition of incest. He had a couple of experiences, but Margo was the one he wanted. He wrote to her immediately, and within days, she was in his bed. He had been her first and it had been so perfect for them both.

Thirty-five years later, George had never tired of his cousin’s body. He knew without being told that she was the love of his life. He supposed he had gone far beyond what he was supposed to feel for Margo according to the family traditions. Screw the traditions, that had been his attitude. He fell in love with his cousin, and he had never wavered in his devotion.

Margo’s back arched, her sign that she was about to cum. He loved her taste. His tongue flickered across the tender nub of her clit, as his fingers fucked her sweet fuck hole. He bent one of those fingers forward, as his lips closed on her aching bud. As expected, Margo came on his face, her juices squirting out. She responded to his touch, gave him what they both craved, her complete and total release. As her spasms subsided, he kissed his way up her body. He lavished love on the faint stretch marks left by her children, past her delectable nipples, and up to her sweet face. He let her taste the juice on his tongue and loved that she moaned. She was so dirty, but then again, so was he. They were well matched. They always had been.

George had been devastated when Margo had met and fell in love with her husband, physician Pierre Dusseau. He never spoke of it with Margo. He accepted that they weren’t going down the road less traveled. There were states where cousins marrying was accepted, but it would mean leaving the body McAllister and probably their families as well. He was startled when Pierre never joined the body McAllister himself. He didn’t pry, but he wondered if Margo had told him at all. He supposed it didn’t matter. Within weeks of returning from her honeymoon, he was back between his cousin’s soft thighs. He couldn’t bring himself to care about anything else.

Rolling a condom over his erection, George aimed at Margo’s juicy cunt and entered her. They both gasped. Margo was looking into his eyes as he started to thrust. He loved that. Her hazel eyes were like a kaleidoscope, never the same color twice. He always wore a condom with Margo, they kept to the family tradition as long as Margo was still even remotely fertile. Once that was no longer an issue, they could dispense with the latex. George was eager to feel her wet, moist cunt gripping his bare cock for the first time.

He had not been lucky in his own marriage. Marjorie DeWitt had been dazzling and he supposed himself to be in love with her. In reality, she never took up residence in his heart. Believing Margo when she told him she could love both her husband and himself in equal measure, George knew this hadn’t happened for him in the same way. Marjorie had reacted in revulsion when he told her about the body McAllister shortly before the wedding. She refused to join, but to his surprise, she didn’t cancel the wedding. He made it clear to her that he wouldn’t be faithful to her, something she said she accepted. Had she kept her word? Perhaps, the letter of it, but not the spirt. Marjorie had grown increasingly bitter with age. She knew when she slept alone, her husband was with another woman. She accepted it, as she did nothing to stop it. However, once their two children were born, she withdrew from him sexually. ankara escort He barely noticed.

Margo’s pussy was slick, her juices flowing as he pounded it. George was rougher today than he usually was with her. He had recently become a grandfather for the first time, and it was as if he needed to prove to them both that he was the most virile grandfather alive. Gripping her ass tightly, he knew he was probably leaving marks for Pierre to find. He really didn’t give a fuck. He drew her erect nipple into his mouth and teased it with his teeth. She was close to her peak and George knew it. He knew everything about his cousin’s body and loved her even more for it.

Marjorie had given him two wonderful kids, so he couldn’t really regret his decision to marry her. His marriage had been a massive disappointment in every other way. His son, Scott, was a thirty-year-old attorney. He had joined the body McAllister with relish once he found out about it. His mother knew and was disgusted. She poured her energy into Stephanie instead. While Stephanie had not been bothered by the knowledge of the family tradition, she had already been dating her future husband and showed no interest in it. Marjorie took that as a victory and never let George forget it.

His mind was not on any of these family dramas. The only family he was thinking about at the moment was Margo. She was never far from his thoughts. There were times he wished he had fought harder for her back when it might have made a difference. But had they taken that “road less traveled,” Scott and Stephanie never would have been born. George still had this small bit of Margo to call his own. He did everything he could to make sure it was enough for both.

His cousin let out a primal whimper as she came on his dick. His eyes rolled back in his head and his toes curled as she gripped him tightly. He pounded her even harder, barely breathing as he gave her everything he had. George had always been proud of his thick, eight-inch dick. The penis gods had been kind and he loved the way that Margo relished his length and girth. His balls started to tighten, and he knew he wouldn’t last much longer. “Cum with me, Margo love. Give me one more,” he murmured in her ear. Margo smiled sexily, then her body joined his in cumming, their cries filling the hotel room. He slammed into her body, just a few more strokes as his cum filled the condom. Her lips found his and they kissed hungrily. He finally collapsed on top of her lithe body, dying a little as he always did.

Margo Dusseau held her cousin and lover. He had been her first and she had been his ever since. She was deeply in love with her husband, as well. She never questioned the incongruity of her situation. Margo loved both of her children equally, so it made sense she could love both men. A true McAllister, it hadn’t really shocked her to learn of the family way of celebrating sexual coupling with family members. She supposed deep down she had always known of it. George had been the first, but he hadn’t been her only familial lover. A sensual woman, Margo loved being taken by the men of her family. She had given Pierre her word that she would restrict herself to the men of the body McAllister, but even he had no idea how many of them she had in her quiver.

For his part, Pierre had negotiated having lovers that were not family members. It had worked, although there had been hiccups over the years. Pierre had been careless and had gotten one of his mistresses pregnant. Margo had accepted it, even though it had been inwardly painful. She bit her tongue, because if he had been in the body McAllister, there would have been protection and the illegitimate child wouldn’t have happened. However, she knew he adored his son and she decided that the child was more important than whatever feelings she might have.

To her delight, both of their children had joined the tradition. Luc was the more sensitive of the two, she hadn’t been sure that he would do it. Minette was her mother’s daughter, there wasn’t a doubt in her mind. One evening, shortly after Min’s eighteenth birthday, Pierre and Margo had come home to find Luc’s car in their driveway and sounds of intense sex coming from Min’s bedroom. Margo had smiled with delight and hummed. Pierre was tenser, but he kept his word. He didn’t interfere. Their children had been at it all night long, no one had slept much. The next day, all acted as if nothing had happened.

A year later, Minette had shocked her by leaving the body McAllister. Margo never pried. Her children were distant for a while and it had been a difficult time for all concerned. Then she brought home a wonderful man, Ted. Margo supposed her daughter had found “the one,” but that relationship had fizzled. Min had then rejoined the body McAllister, followed shortly by Pierre himself. Margo rarely found herself surprised, but the latter had taken her aback. Again, as was her way, she didn’t pry.

Margo had fallen asleep. George was content to hold her until he grew too warm. He wriggled away from escort ankara her and got out of bed. His attaché case was near the desk. He sat down and started going over a contract when his cell phone rang.

“Fuck,” he mumbled. The ring tone was a lullaby, which meant it was Stephanie. He took her call, noticing that the ringtone had awoke his lover. She lifted her head, gave him a naughty smile. Padding across the room, she knelt before him to take his cock into his mouth. He was barely paying attention to his daughter, when she suddenly said something that made him sit upright in his chair.

“I want to join the body McAllister,” Stephanie said, loud and clear over the phone. “It is something I’ve been thinking about for a long time. I discussed it with Jack and he’s in agreement.”

Biting his tongue against asking why, George tangled his fingers in Margo’s red hair, urging her to continue sucking his dick. “Does Jack want to join as well?” That bought Margo up short and she looked up at his face, curious. George shrugged his shoulders and pointed as his erection. Margo went back to sucking him.

“No, Daddy,” Stephanie was saying. “Just me. It’s time. I don’t know how else to explain it. But don’t worry, everything between Jack and me is just fine.” She paused. “I’m breastfeeding, that won’t be an issue for anyone, will it?”

George stifled a groan as Margo’s tongue starting swirling around his nut sack. She knew that drove him crazy, the minx. “I don’t think anyone will care. Mention it to anyone who contacts you and don’t be offended if they pass.” His hand found Margo’s hair again and he pushed his dick deeply into her mouth. He loved it when Margo gagged on his fat dick, then accepted him fully. “I’ll let the right people know in a little bit, okay?”

“Thanks, Daddy.” Stephanie paused. “I guess it goes without saying that I don’t want Mom to know. She won’t understand.”

George’s eyes were closed. The way Margo was throating him was driving him insane. “Let’s not worry about your mother, Stephanie. She’s not in the body McAllister. There’s no way she will know unless you tell her.”

They hung up shortly thereafter. George grabbed Margo and carried her back to the bed. “I need to fuck, Margo. Get on top of me, now.” Margo giggled as she obeyed. George was fully in control in bed and he fed her submissive side so perfectly. She straddled his lap after rolling on another condom and then pressed herself down over his enormous dick. Loving the stretch, she rode his erection to a couple of mind-blowing orgasms. Lasting longer this time, George pinched her pretty breasts, marking them up. Yes, he was being too rough again. He didn’t care. She was his tonight and he was going to use her in every way imaginable.

Afterward, George sent a text to the family member who controlled the list of the body McAllister. It contained only his daughter’s name. In a few days, her picture would appear in a plain white envelope to the members of the body McAllister. He wondered who would be her first? He wasn’t sure. The only thing he was sure of is that his sweet cousin Margo wouldn’t be getting much sleep tonight.

Over the next few days, the men and women of the body McAllister reacted with surprise and delight as her picture arrived in their mailboxes. Having supposed her to be like her mother, they had given up on her long ago. Now several imagined having her in their bed and liked the mental image it created. Stephanie started receiving some emails of interest and rather than accepting or turning anyone down, she started conversing with several. She was a careful person, liking to give each one careful thought. That all went out the window when she heard from one second cousin, in particular.

“What the fuck? Luc Dusseau? I thought he was gay?” Luc had been living with a colleague for a while now and it had caused a ripple of surprise in the family. A big, blond beast like his father, Luc was no one’s image of the ‘typical gay man.’ Then again, Steph had learned a long time ago not to pay much attention to stereotypes. Luc and his lover, Mark, seemed happy. They were both up-and-coming doctors at a major university hospital.

She hit the reply button and started typing.

Hey Luc,

I’ve been hearing from a lot of different family members, but I have to say your email is the biggest surprise. I thought you were gay? Pardon me if just blurting that out sounds offensive. I’m not one to beat around the bush. I hope everything is okay with you.


Checking the blog, Stephanie smiled when she saw that Amanda was doing an amazing job. How she found the time while also helping around the house and with the baby, Steph had no idea. Her husband’s young niece had become indispensable in her life. Jack had been fucking her for weeks now and they showed no sign of tiring of each other. Stephanie had struggled with the right thing to do, as she saw the bond forming between the two of them. The easy thing to do would have been to put a stop to it all. She knew ankara escort bayan them both well enough to know that they would have. However, she didn’t have it in her to break off their connection. She knew it would have caused them both pain, and Steph wasn’t that woman. Her own mother’s bitterness had taught her well, but not in the way that Marjorie would have expected.

Her email signal chirped. Luc had replied. With a click of her mouse, Stephanie read his reply.


While I reject most labels, I’m proud to say I’m bisexual. I’ve been with mostly women over the years, but Mark was too yummy to resist. We’re very happy and he’s recently found out about the body McAllister when he moved into my place. He accepts it, although he hasn’t joined. He’s gay, he knows I still crave women and the body McAllister is my outlet for that. I hope to hear from you soon. I’ve always wished you had joined, so receiving your picture in the mail was a welcome thing.


Stephanie sat back and read the email again. She supposed the body McAllister filled all sorts of holes in the lives of her relatives for a myriad number of reasons. Stephanie had been curious when she was eighteen, but it wasn’t until her husband started spending time in his niece’s bed that she decided to go for it. While she wanted to be a magnanimous wife and just allow their affair to continue, she knew that wasn’t going to work for her long term. She didn’t want to fuck her way through her family, but she did want something of her own. Only time would tell if it was all it was cracked up to be.

Luc Dusseau, though. She closed her eyes and brought up an image of her tall, handsome cousin. He had the blond good looks of his Dusseau relatives, as far from the McAllister genes as one could get. Towering over the rest of the family, the Dusseau men were a whole other league of handsome. Luc would have the advantage of being a relative, but not looking like one. She hadn’t considered that aspect, never figuring that Luc would even be interested. Now that she knew he was, she squirmed a little, then clicked the reply button.


That makes a lot of sense. I suppose that we all have our needs and fortunately, the body McAllister exists to fill them. I had the chance to join when I was eighteen, but decided against it at the time for a lot of reasons, the primary one being that I was dating Jack already and didn’t want to rock that particular boat.

One thing you need to know is that I’m breastfeeding. If that bothers you in any way, please don’t hesitate to tell me. This doesn’t have to happen right away. But the more I think on it, the more I would like it to happen.


Several emails flew back and forth. Stephanie’s wet pussy told her that she had found the right relative. She didn’t waste any time agreeing to an encounter. They figured out a date and she sat back, satisfied. Luc was a hunk, checked every box she had and more. Curious about his bisexuality, she wanted to learn more about that aspect of his life if he were willing to share.

Her baby started to cry in his bassinette. She retrieved him, cuddling his sweetness close. As Ren rubbed his face against her chest, she smiled and sat down to feed him. Loving her alone time with her son, she closed her eyes and relaxed as he nursed. She could hear some faint sounds of moaning down the hall. Tonight, was Amanda’s night with Jack and it sounded like they were getting off to a great start.

Down the hall, Jack had his lovely, lithe niece pressed against her bedroom door. Her legs were spread wide apart and one was hooked over his shoulder as his tongue buried itself in her sweet cunt. Amanda was his, inexorably so. Jack would never know why he was such a lucky bastard. His niece obeyed his every whim. There hadn’t been anything yet that he had demanded from her that she hadn’t delivered. Her submission to his will was the sexiest thing he had ever encountered in his life, and he made the most of it. She had raced him up the stairs to her room and he couldn’t even wait the few steps it would take to get her to bed before he ripped off her yoga shorts and started tonguing her rapidly.

Amanda moaned loudly as her uncle’s mouth made love to her cunt. It had been a few days since they had the opportunity to be together. The demands of little Ren kept them all jumping, but Steph had kindly offered them a night to themselves and Amanda was taking her up on it. She gripped the door with her hands, trying to find something to dig her fingers into. She was perched on the tiptoes of her right foot with her left leg thrown over Jack’s shoulder. Amanda trusted him never to let her fall and could completely lose herself in the sensation of his oral assault on her pussy.

“Jack,” she gasped. Her uncle was the best lover of her entire life, period. She had been with married men before when she was single and had an itch that needed scratching. This was the first time with a relative and a wife that was aware. To be honest, she never thought of Jack as married or of any of this as cheating. Steph brought the two of them together and was okay with their affair continuing. To a certain extent, Jack was hers as well as Stephanie’s. The situation suited them all quite well.

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