Oldest Sister Falls Victim…

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of non-consensual or reluctant sex.


My sister and I tried our best to keep it a secret. Too much damage could be done if people found out. Our parents. Her husband. Her kids. My wife. Our friends. Co-workers. Our other sister. If anyone knew we were regularly having sex, our lives would be ruined. Everyone would be ruined.

It started innocently enough. She is five years older than me. She’s 45. I’m 40. From childhood there has been a flirtatious nature to our relationship. She’s a brunette with naturally curly hair. Big brown eyes. She’s 5’4 and has curves everywhere. Pouchy belly that she hides well and a nice plump ass. A hairy pussy that I discovered our first night together. But it was her tits. A 34D to be exact. On that little frame. For years, I fantasized about them. Masturbated to them nightly. Used her black bras as a cum rag for years. I knew it was wrong. I wanted to fuck my big sister. Thats as gross as it gets, right? I learned to keep my taboo to myself. She never knew. No one did. I admired from afar. We led normal lives. She got married. Had kids (her tits were made for breastfeeding). I got married. We were functional adults. For a time.

Things changed forever at her neighbor’s wedding. My brother in law was out of town. She needed a date. It was in another state. We’d have to stay over. The wedding was at a hotel. She asked me once and I said yes. She said it was a relief to not go alone. We’d have fun. She was looking forward to it.

I was dreading it. I had concerns. Could I handle sharing a hotel room with her? What if we got drunk? Images raced in my head in the days leading up to the wedding. Shamefully, my mind raced to dark places. I thought of her taking her bra off, letting those tits down and riding my cock until we both gave into the desire. I masturbated to these images, almost daily. I felt like a teenager again. Even sex with my wife, my mind went back to my sister.

The day of the wedding arrived. We met at her house. She was wearing black yoga pants and a long sleeve tshirt. Her ass strained those pants. Her tits ready to rip through that shirt. I wanted to remember she was my sister but I only saw lust.

About me. I’m a normal looking guy. Closely cropped short hair. Blue eyes. Slim build. Nothing special. Except for one thing. My Italian heritage blessed me with a nice sized dick. 8.5 inches when hard. My wife can’t get enough of it. She cums on it several times a week. She loves it.

So many times I imagined my sister riding my dick and squirting all over it. I imagined her moaning. Tossing her head back. Her tits shaking. Her ass jiggling. Succumbing to the passion. So many times.

We made it to the hotel innocently enough. It was time to get dressed. Me in my suit. My sis in a black dress that hugged to her tits and ass. Too much cleavage for my liking. I’d be staring all night. And it would probably be noticeable. Maybe it was on purpose but I forgot my briefs and was going with boxers. In a suit. Good luck. First boner I got, my dick would be swaying to and from.

We had a good time. Dancing. Music. Food. But it was hard. I couldn’t stop looking at her tits. I just wanted to steal away and jerk off. I tried to stay seated most of the night. I thought better of letting her see my erection. But that only lasted so long. It was her favorite song. It was fast. She wanted to dance. Oh come on, she said. It will be fun. I knew it would be more dangerous than fun.

We were on the side of the dance floor. No one was watching but I felt like everyone was. The alcohol started to take hold of my sister but for me, not as much. I was sober. We were dancing closer and closer, I felt her boobs brush on me. And I just couldn’t help it. My feelings took over. My dick was growing. By the second. I didnt try to hide it. I didnt try to avoid her fat ass shaking on me. I wanted her to know. Wanted her to know I had a big cock. A big cock that needed her.

She turned around. Started shaking her ass. Closer and closer. So close. And then, boom. My dick, raging hard, poked her ass. She felt it. I felt it. She turned around, giggling, her curly locks hanging in her eyes.

‘Haha, oh my. What the fuck was that,’

she said.

Before I could answer, she said ‘Bro, was that your dick? You’ll poke my eye out with that!’

I was stammering. Blushing. I couldn’t get any words out. The song stopped and we went back to the table. We sat in silence until she whispered to me ‘not really my little brother, huh?’

The night ended innocently enough. We recovered our senses. Back to being brother and sister. Then, it was time to go back to the room.

My cock was throbbing. I couldn’t stop thinking about it. She knew I had a big dick. I was already starting to dribble pre cum. We got to the room and I told her I needed to brush my teeth and take a quick shower. Really, I just needed to jerk off.

Before I could steal away, she said she had a question.

‘How ataşehir escort big is it?’ she said.

I tried to be coy. Acted confused, like I didn’t understand.

She was persistent. ‘Your penis’ she said. ‘How big?’ she asked.

I tried to diffuse it but I eventually told her. When I did, she tossed her head back and laughed. ‘Haha, yeah. My sister in law is a lucky bitch’ she said.

She wasn’t done. It had to be the alcohol talking. She said ‘my husband with the limp dick and my baby bro with the horse cock.’

Perhaps in the moment, I should have just gone to the bathroom and locked the door. Let her sleep it off. No harm yet. But I sat there.

And she continued. ‘Is it weird I want to see?’ she asked.

I said she was but I wanted her to see it so bad. I started to manipulate her, saying it was weird but if only if she saw it in person. A picture wasn’t a big deal. She agreed.

I went into the bathroom and stroked myself. Didn’t take long. My cock throbbed. I snapped a picture. I sent it to her. I waited in the bathroom. Waited for reaction.

She whistled. Said it was ‘huge’ and that I should be proud.

I came back into the room. She was still in her dress. I knew we were crossing lines and the relationship would never be the same but I didn’t care. I teased her. I said it wasn’t fair she saw my cock but I didn’t get any pictures. She was incredulous. What would I want to see?

When I told her, she laughed and said ‘honey, my tits and ass are fat. I’m old. You’re married. There’s nothing to see.’

I didn’t care. I pressed on. Hinted that I’ve always wanted to see. She slowly relented. And agreed. Into the bathroom she went. One by one, the texts came through. Pic in her bra. Pic in her underwear, riding up her ass crack. Pic of her naked tits. Pic of her naked ass. Pic of her hairy pussy. So hairy. Thought she shaved it. My mind was racing.

The bathroom door opened. She came out. Wearing her underwear and bra.

She said to me ‘your turn, get in your undies brother.’

I was blushing. Trying to get undressed without taking my eyes off her bra and tits. What seemed like hours, I was down to my boxers. My dick poking out the bottom.

I’ll never forget her reaction. Her eyes grew big and she smiled, ‘Is he always that big or does he just like me?’

I didn’t answer. I couldn’t. She moved closer to me. And closer. And we were within inches.

She whispered, ‘now what?’ I asked her if she wanted to do this. I told her we didn’t have to. But she did have to. Years of a loveless marriage. No intimacy. A domineering husband. She needed to be loved. Needed to feel good. She didn’t care that I was her baby brother.

Her bra came off. Her tits sagged. Down towards her naval. She had wide aereolas and big nipples that started to harden. Her pot belly slightly sagged over her underwear. She tossed her head back in anticipation. I knew what to do. I lowered my head to her tits and sucked them. I was clumsy at first, light headed with excitement. I steadied myself and went to work. She was panting. She thrusted her chest out and sighed. She was mine. She wanted it.

I lowered my hand to her vagina. Hairy. And now soaked. The room smelled like sex and I became an animal in heat. I slid two fingers inside her. Easily. And then a third. I finger fucked her while suckling those tits. She was grinding on me. She would have expolded right there but begged me to stop.

I thought she came to her senses. This had to stop. She has a family. But, no. The opposite. She wanted to cum on my dick. She pushed me on the bed. My boxers were long gone. My dick was rock hard. Oozing pre cum. She took my cock and gently rubbed her pussy lips. She positioned herself over my cock and lowered herself onto me. All of me. She took it all. She tossed her head back, her mouth open, and began to ride me. I gently massaged her tits and belly. She slowly grinded on me. It was sensual. It was loving. We both needed and wanted this. It didn’t take long. My dick exploded. She exploded. The sheets were a mess. She collapsed onto me. I held onto her and we drifted to sleep. It was the most powerful orgasm and most loving sex I ever had.

Post wedding. It didn’t stop. We couldn’t. It felt too good. As she said, she needed my dick. And I needed her. We spent more time together. No one suspected a thing. Brother and sister spending time together. What’s the big deal. Totally natural. Except we fucked at least once a week and sometimes more. Our feelings grew more intense over time. It wasn’t just sex. It was about the passion and love.

We carried this on for over a year. If my wife was suspicious, she never let on. Same for my brother in law. It was business as usual. We pulled it off. We are sleeping together. And no one knows. Success! Or was it?

It was Thanksgiving 2014. Looking back, it was my fault. I arrived at my sister’s house early. Her husband and kids were at the parade. We knew we’d be alone but we agreed to kadıköy escort wait until another time. Our older sister would be arriving to drop off the turkey. Too risky. Don’t blow it.

Easier said than done. The yoga pants. My weakness. She was standing over the counter. That ass. So big. So many times have I stuck my cock up her ass. Desire got the best of me. I came up behind her. She resisted at first. But then succumbed. I promised. Just let me eat that pussy real fast and then we’re done. She hopped on the counter. Pantless. Spread her legs. Took off her shirt and bra. Her sex filled the room. I watched as she brought her tits to her mouth and closed her eyes. Like so many times before, I dove in and munched that hairy vagina.

We didn’t hear anything until it was too late. Our older sister. 50 years old. They look alike except the older one has larger tits, a 34e. And bleached blonde straight hair. She’s been the boss of us for years. Domineering. Controlling. She was the alpha of the family. The door opened and she announced herself. Instantly, I jumped back. I was in sweatpants and my cock was huge and noticeable. My sister hopped off the counter and struggled to put her pants on. For the sake of reference, I now refer to her as Carrie. My older sister will be Rachael. Carried managed to get her bra on but not her shirt. And there it was.

Rachael stood there. Wide eyed. What the fuck, she yelled. She kept on. Rambling and yelling. What were we doing? She thought we had been acting weird for months. Was this really happening? We’re sick. We’re married. She felt nausea. She couldn’t believe this. Our family was ruined.

I was dumbfounded. I was terrified. It was over. Our lives were over. Carrie was more resourceful. Perhaps she really did love our new relationship. Perhaps she really did need my cock. She resembled a defense lawyer. Explaining. Justifying. Never denying.

Rachael wanted none of it. She was enraged and it showed.

She yelled out ‘Fucking shit, Carrie. It’s our brother. I don’t want to know anything more. This is done. I’m going to mom and dad. Now!’

With that, everything changed. Forever. Rachael turned her back. Carrie, mumbling to herself ‘no, no, no, no’ reached out and grabbed Rachael by the pony tail. Rachael was dazed. Confused. For years, she was the strong minded older sister. Everything happened too fast for her to process. Carried knocked Rachael’s head against the cabinet, momentarily stunning her.

Carrie pleaded ‘Rachael don’t. We’re both adults. Just let it go. You don’t understand.’

Rachael was steadfast. Again started to rant and hurl accusations.

Rachael tried to fight back, grunting and straining to get away from Carrie’s grip. With that, Carrie bounced her head off the cabinets two more times. I stood in shock. Like a zombie. Rachael slid down to the floor. Carrie standing over her.

Rachael looked up at her little sister and for the first time in their relationship, she felt fear. Carrie took Rachael’s chin in her hand and said ‘You won’t leave it alone but I guarantee you would do the same thing, Rachael.’

Rachael spat at her ‘You are a sick bitch. I’m never fucking my brother. I’m leaving and I’m telling. For your own fucking good.’

With that, Carrie’s instincts took over. She reached down and started furiously rubbing Rachael’s crotch, over her sweats. I looked at Rachael’s face. To this day, I still don’t know if I wanted this to happen or if I was just shell shocked. Rachael tried to call out but she was overcome by fear. Carrie held Rachael’s hands over her head with one hand and with the other, she stuck her hand inside Rachael’s sweats and began furiously rubbing.

Carrie wasn’t gay. Not even close. She had never touched another vagina before but this was survival mode. She did to her sister what she did to herself when she masturbated.

Rachael was nearly passed out. Her own sister was fingering her. She wasn’t strong enough to push her off and she wasn’t strong enough to control her body. Her vagina was getting wetter. By the second. She closed her eyes and tried to think of anything else but she was about to cum. With that, she started crying.

Carrie was in a trance. I remember her telling Rachael that she had a nice hairy pussy just like her. The flow of obscenities seemed to last forever. I still remember her babbling ‘yeah, Rach. That feels good, huh. Yeah? Yeah? You like that, huh?’

Rachael was openly sobbing but was resigned to her fate. Then suddenly Carrie stopped. She looked at me and called me over. I was literally in shock. Without realizing it, my dick was about to rip through my sweats. I shuffled over to Carrie. I’m not ashamed to say, I love her. Like a lover, not a sister. I would do whatever she said.

I approached my sisters. Carrie in her bra. Her chest heaving. Covered in sweat. Her left hand coated with Rachael’s pussy juice. Rachael was a mess. Her crotch was wet through her pants. Her makeup ran all over her face. Her hair bostancı escort was a mess. And I noticed that both her nipples were hard and poking through her shirt. She enjoyed it. Carrie raped her and her body got off on it.

Carrie said nothing as I approached. She yanked down my pants and underwear in the same motion. My cock popped free. Inches from Rachael’s face. Her eyes grew wide. Carrie laughed in a sinister way that I never heard before. She said ‘Don’t fight it, Rachael. Don’t.’

With that she yanked Rachael by the hair and brought her mouth to my dick. I did call out to her to stop but she started tickling my ball sack with one hand. I stopped. I let it happen. Rachael was gagging at first. Carrie taunted her, saying it was a lot to handle. Eventually, Rachael stopped struggling and found her pace. She was sucking my dick. Carrie stood back and cheered her on. Rachael fluctuated from sucking to stroking my dick. She worked me over. Not sure if she really enjoyed it or just wanted me to cum so it would stop. I lasted only a couple of minutes and I shot a heavy load. All over her face and chest. Carrie cackled. She taunted Rachael. Asked her if she liked a big dick. Asked her if she still thought incest was gross. Mentioned that Rachael made me cum way more than she ever did (that’s true actually).

Carrie wasn’t done. Rachael fell to a heap on the floor. Carrie helped her up. Brought her over to the couch. Rachel was done. She offered no resistance. Carrie yanked her pants off. Her underwear were soaked through. Her vagina was a mess of matted pubic hair and dried juices. Then Carrie yanked Rachael’s shirt off. She unhooked her bra. Rachael’s tits were big. The biggest I had seen firsthand. Carrie commented that Rachael’s nipples were still hard. They protruded out by about two inches. Her nipples were massive.

Carrie called me over and I complied. I would do anything she told me to. She pried Rachael’s legs open and whispered ‘he is good at this bitch.’

I knew what that meant. I kneeled in and started eating Rachael’s vagina. She’s hairier than Carrie. Between that and all the dries juices, it smelled like something I’ve never experienced. But I didn’t stop. I kept at it. Rachael’s body betrayed her again. She spread her legs more, allowing me better access. She never resisted.

Carrie continued the verbal assault ‘oh, haha, yeah. Mmmm. Feel good, momma? You like it, huh? Yeah, momma. Let him eat that shit.’

And Rachael did. Her juices were flowing after a minute or so. Her eyes were closed and she tried biting her lip. She was prideful but her body wasn’t. She orgasmed. All over my face. Carrie cheered out. Yelling. Clapping. I pulled away from Rachael. My cock as big as its ever been.

Carrie didn’t waste time. She made Rachael and I switch places. I was now on the couch. Rachael standing over me. Carrie holding her up. Rachael looked at my dick. She knew what was next. She was hysterical. Begged and pleaded. But Carrie wouldn’t stop and Rachael was too weak to resist. She dragged her over my cock and forced Rachael to get on me.

As Rachael’s pussy and ass engulfed my dick, I closed my eyes. I didnt think of anyone. Not her. Not my wife. Our parents. Her husband. Her kids. I thought of no one. But Carrie. I knew she wanted this. So I let it happen. Rachael’s pussy was a mess. My dick sloshed around. Between Carrie taunting her and her vagina starting to enjoy my penis, Rachael built a steady rhythm. She was fucking me. Really good. She said nothing. Her eyes were closed. Her mouth open. You could hear my cock inside her. She leaned forward, not sure if intentional or not but her fat tits swayed by my mouth and I started to suck on her right tit. She continued to grind on me. Carrie remarked about her fat ass and the cellulite. More shame for our oldest sister. Carrie asked if she liked it. Asked if she would come. Rachael said nothing. She just kept fucking me. After a few minutes, I came. More than I ever came with Carrie or my wife. Rachael staggered off me, her eyes glazed over. She then rubbed her clit and it happened. She squirted all over me and the floor. She slunk down, partly sobbing and partly panting.

Carrie stepped back. She was content. She knew she had to do it. Best way to prevent Rachael from telling on us was to make her a part of our love fest. Carrie approached me and kissed me. Lovingly and longingly. My dick started to twitch and was soon hard enough for her to take me. Still covered in my one sister’s juices, my other was fucking me. Carrie leaned towards me and whispered ‘I love you.’

The present? Well, Carrie and I are both in the middle of divorce proceedings. Convenient enough. Irreconcilable differences. Our spouses still have no idea. The love is gone from our marriages. And being out of our marriages will allow us more time to be ourselves. The incest couple we call ourselves.

Rachael? The bossy older sister. Not so much anymore. Mentally, she didnt recover. She’s hid the truth from her husband and kids, everyone else. But its taken a toll. She’s 50 pounds heavier. She’s addicted to antidepressants. She’s a shell of herself. But damn, the woman controls my penis like no other. Carrie makes me cum a lot. Rachael makes me cum in bunches, she drains my cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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