Old Maid to Milkmaid

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The Noel Files-04 — Milk-Made Milkmaid

By CD-B2 (Seedee-Beetoo)

? 2011 by CD-B2

Two men lay on the floor of the meeting room, gasping in ecstatic frustration. Their clothes were disheveled and damp from sweat. With every breath, every beat of their hearts, their exposed cocks pulsed and throbbed as though they had a life of their own. Each pulse drove the men closer to orgasm, and then mercilessly yanked them back from that precipice. Their minds were in danger of shutting down from the conflicting sensations, but they couldn’t stop what was happening to them. Their arms and legs twitched so that they looked like fish out of water. They were powerful men laid low by the pounding rush of cum that seemed to be eternally dammed up inside of their penises.

Sitting above them on the conference table, her stocking-shod legs crossed seductively and a wry smile on her face, was the woman who’d done this to them: Maria Columbus, Milkmaid of the Goddess Noel Fatale. She was topless, even though she wore a chic business skirt and high heels. With practiced ease, she cradled one of her enormous, but firm, breasts in one hand and pinched the nipple with the other. A solid, powerful jet of milk shot forth and hit the two men with the force of a fire hose, drenching them even further. Amazingly, their cocks inflated to half again the size of their current length and girth, and they both cried out in shock and intense pleasure. Maria smiled again. These two would make her Goddess happy. Her Goddess, who was even now on her way up to this very room. The voluptuous brunette with amazing breasts shivered at the thought of how she, too, had been transformed by Goddess Noel.


Two Months Ago

There was something about the city that hummed in her veins; something that made her push and push and push harder than anyone she knew to attain her goals. Maria Columbus was staring from her 7th floor office window, out onto the busy streets below her. She felt as one with the people rushing around on their way to and from places, busy with their lives and feeding the life of the city. She fed the city too, but she also felt nourished by its hustle and bustle and its powerful centers of industry and business. Centers into which her company, The Columbus Combine, was inextricably plugged. She was sole proprietor of one of the most hip, most sought-after advertising/P.R. companies in the country, and was determined to stay on top. To call her “driven” would be a gross understatement.

Maria was a willowy brunette, a bit too thin for her height but attractive in a sharp kind of way. She kept her hair cropped stylishly short, and made sure that any gray that dared show itself was immediately dyed within an inch of its life. She dressed in tailored business suits that made the most of her runway model-like figure. Sharp seemed to be her operative descriptor: sharp mind, sharp clothes, sharp features, and sharp tongue.

Her sharpness was something that kept her ahead of the curve on her accounts and two steps ahead of her competition. She always knew where to find the movers and shakers, and her quick thinking and fast mouth overcame all obstacles. All obstacles except one, that is, and overcoming it was the reason she was burning the midnight oil in her office tonight. For months now, she’d been trying to set up a meeting with the owner of a high-end beverage company, Enn-Eff Satiates, but she couldn’t even get them on the phone, let alone make it past the receptionist in their corporate headquarters. She was burning up Google and Lexus-Nexus trying to find out who she needed to target, but so far her searches only led her back to the same receptionist who blocked her every move. It was frustrating, to say the least.

Last week she’d gone down to their offices, a pre-war deco-styled building that she knew cost an arm and a leg to lease, in hopes of getting information from the receptionist. But the blonde bimbo had just stared at her in a way that made Maria uncomfortable (and that took some doing), like the bimbo wanted to sink her teeth into Maria’s neck and rip out her throat. She had left hastily, without so much as şirinevler escort a shred of information. The memory still gave Maria a cold chill down her spine.

Once back at her large downtown apartment, Maria doffed her business suit, letting the skirt hit the floor in front of the well-stocked bar in the living room. She stood there in her blouse and pantyhose, fuming at her defeat. “How can a receptionist who looks like that be so intimidating?” Maria wondered aloud. “Bitch.” She reached into the mini refrigerator by the bar and pulled out an imported ale — one of Enn-Eff’s recent offerings — and carefully poured herself a glass. “She’s just a gorgeous air-headed bimbo. I’ve brushed past dozens like her! What’s the problem with this one?” she asked herself.

She took a sip of the ale; it slipped smoothly over her tongue and her taste buds lit up with unexpected pleasure and sensations. Surprised, she held the bottle up and read the ingredients. She didn’t see anything out of the ordinary — except something called “Goddess Hops.” She’d never heard of that variety, but it apparently made a difference in the taste of the brew. She took another sip and the ale warmed her mouth and throat. Her head went light with a feeling that wasn’t quite dizziness; it was more like a shifting of something in her mind as the ale warmed her. That’s when she realized that she’d never bought any Enn-Eff Ale, let alone put any in her mini bar.

Before she could do anything, though, Maria felt a sensuous heat radiating from her as the drink passed through her body. Her knees felt weak, and as she tried to steady herself against the nearby bar, she something really odd: her nipples were hot, almost burning hot! Not only that, but her pussy was tingling. She wanted to touch herself, but her brain was locked in indecision. Nipples or pussy? She did nothing, though, because she knew that if she moved her hands she’d collapse. Her grip on the bar was the only thing keeping her grip on the here and now. What was in that ale? She couldn’t be drunk off two sips, could she? Had she been poisoned somehow? Drugged? She wanted to move, but she was locked in place not only by fear, but also by the sensations starting to course through her body and mind.

Impossibly, Maria heard high heels clicking on hardwood flooring in the hallway outside her front door. It was impossible because the hallway was carpeted. The sound stopped at her door and without warning the deadbolts, all three of them, began unlocking themselves. The security chain slid back and flew off the track. Maria was terrified, but couldn’t move, couldn’t speak, couldn’t even tremble. Her brain had seized up and all she could do was grip the bar for dear life.

Then the door opened, and Maria’s eyes grew wide with shock as the receptionist from Enn-Eff stood in the doorway, her hands in the pockets of a sumptuous fur coat. Her blonde hair, covered in a fur hat, seemed to be blowing in its own wind. There was a cruel yet beautiful smile on her red lips as she surveyed the scene in front of her.

“I’m a ‘bitch,’ am I?” the receptionist’s voice was even more intoxicating than the ale Maria had just drunk, dripping with honey and sexuality. It was unlike the voice she had used when she was turning Maria away from the Enn-Eff offices. “I’m an ‘air-headed bimbo,’ am I?” With otherworldly grace, the receptionist crossed the threshold into the apartment. Impossibly the door closed behind her and all the locks, including the security chain, locked themselves again. “I’d be careful next time you insult a bimbo, sweetie. Some of us have very good hearing,” the blonde said as she removed her coat and hat, revealing an elegant dress with a plunging neckline and a slit that went from ankle to hip. The high heels that adorned her feet were six-inches high and she moved in them as if she were born to it. “Plus, you never know who that ‘bimbo’ might actually be.”

The receptionist moved to the still-frozen Maria and leaned down to whisper in her ear. The breath that fluttered against Maria’s ear sent a shiver down her spine.

“My name is Noel Fatale and I own şişli escort Enn-Eff Satiates. And very soon now, I’ll own you, too.”

Maria’s eyes went even wider as she realized that the person she had spent weeks trying to get to was the very same person that she had tried to bully and antagonize her way past. This beautiful creature with eyes as cold as glacial ice owned the company she was trying to woo. She realized something else, too: the sensations she was feeling were intensifying. Her body practically pulsed with sensual heat now that Noel was standing behind her. And what did it mean that Noel wanted to own her, too?

“You’ll find out soon enough, my sweet thing,” Noel replied as if she read Maria’s mind.

“Wha…what’s ha-happening…?” Maria croaked out. Her own inelegant voice shocked her, contrasted as it was with Noel’s sweet, sexy purr.

“What’s happening to you? You’re coming alive, my sweet little morsel. You’re feeling your nerves increase their sensitivity in your pussy, clit, tits, nipples and all your erogenous zones,” Noel explained.

“H-h-how…?” Maria tried to ask.

Noel ran her hand lightly up Maria’s bare arm and was rewarded with a body-wide shiver and a low moan from the brunette. “‘Goddess Hops,’ dear. They’re in the ale you just drank. They come from me. Or, rather, they’re fermented in my sexual essence. It’s a process that I know you can’t begin to comprehend. Suffice it to say, I brew special treats for people I feel are worthy of being collected for my purposes. Lucky you.” Noel blew gently into Maria’s ear and the P.R. maven nearly collapsed onto the floor as an orgasmic scream ripped itself from her throat.

“Good,” Noel commented warmly. She slowly ran her finger down Maria’s spine, over the hollow at the small of her back, through her ass crack and ended up by lightly touching her nylon-covered pussy. Spasms wracked Maria as though an electric current arced over her body. “Kneel,” Noel whispered. Maria’s body dropped to its knees, independent of any mental command from her. Her mouth hung open, slack, and her eyes began filling with tears even as her pussy began to fill with her sex juices. The pulses she felt earlier were increasing in intensity and frequency and felt like internal waves crashing against her pussy and nipples like dams or levees. With each crest, her mind lit up like a flare in the night. With each crash her nipples, breasts and pussy throbbed unbearably.

“I meant what I said about owning, you, my little morsel. You’re going to be my pet, my toy, my tool. And you’re going to love every minute of it. Say ‘thank you, Goddess Noel’, sweetie,” Noel commanded.

Despite the drool that began to slowly drip from the corners of her mouth, Maria offered some resistance. She refused to speak.

“Oh. I see you need a bit of encouragement,” Noel said. “Turn and face me.”

Maria’s body shuffled around on its knees to face the incredibly beautiful blonde. Her mind screamed at it to stop, but there was nothing she could do and she soon found herself looking up into the ice-blue eyes of Noel Fatale. Her mind suddenly drowned in waters so deep she wasn’t sure she’d ever see the surface again. Noel reached down with both hands and, with thumbs and forefingers, found and pinched Maria’s burning nipples. A guttural moan escaped Maria’s lips and her body bucked hard, pushing into Noel’s grasp. Noel increased the pressure and, perfectly balanced on her left foot, raised her right to gently tap Maria’s clit through the pantyhose with the tip of her pointed shoe. Three taps. Three pinches. Maria’s eyes rolled up and her tongue lolled out of her mouth.

“Say it,” Noel softly commanded again.

“Thank you, Goddess Noel,” Maria said.

“Good, my pet. Now feel it,” Noel commanded as she released her hold on Maria’s nipples and returned her right foot to the floor.

At the words, a powerful orgasm ripped through Maria’s body, nearly knocking her to the floor. She screamed her voice raw.

“And we haven’t even gotten to the good part!” Noel commented. The beautiful blonde smiled and grabbed Maria’s nipples again, suadiye escort pulling her up to a standing position. With movements that would put the sexiest burlesque artist to shame, Noel spun, removed one of her sumptuous breasts from her dress, and smoothly popped her own nipple into Maria’s mouth. Maria’s eyes went wide as she realized liquid flowed from Noel’s breast into her mouth – and down her throat before she could try to stop herself from swallowing. “Drink my milk, pet. Feed on my milk. Feel my milk nourish you even as it fills your mind, pushing out everything but my power. Feed and become mine!”

Maria felt her mind reeling, and the more she tried to hold on, the faster she became overpowered by the incredible creature before her. She began greedily sucking at Noel’s delicious breast, drawing more and more of the goddess’s milk into her. Noel pulled her breast from Maria’s mouth, leaving the brunette making suckling motions and whining like a puppy too soon weaned from its mother’s teat.

Noel placed her hands on top of Maria’s head and with contemptuous ease forced the overwhelmed woman back onto her knees. She maneuvered Maria’s head under her dress and up to her pussy. Maria, still making sucking motions, soon found her mouth against Noel’s deliciously pungent pussy. She sucked and sucked and was soon rewarded with a dense stream of…milk! It was the same milk that had flowed out of Noel’s breast! Maria sucked even more greedily, driven senseless by the powerful creamy milk.

“That’s it! Drink! Drink! Become more and more mine!” Noel shouted, her sexual release building. “Drink my milk!”

Maria drank as much as she could, and with each gulp she felt the pressure in her own pussy and nipples increase. Her mind burned like a forest fire of lust for the perfect Goddess whose pussy she was blessed to be sucking and licking. She couldn’t think of anything but obeying and pleasing Noel! Without warning, Noel’s pleasure hit a crescendo and her pussy exploded cum all over Maria’s face, drowning the entranced brunette with a force that literally knocked her to the floor and dazed her to near unconsciousness. She lay on her back, limbs akimbo and too weak to do more than gaze lustily and lovingly up at Noel.

Noel quickly recovered from her orgasm and peered down at her new pet. “Now. A bit of alteration and you’ll be fit to serve me well.” She waved her arms over the prostrate form in front of her and Maria’s body convulsed. She felt her breasts and nipples boil with sensual heat unlike anything she’d known before. Her sex juices started seeping faster and faster through her panties and pantyhose. Suddenly, the dams broke, and milk spurted from Maria’s nipples in geyser-like streams! She looked down at her breasts and felt her bra and blouse tighten. B-cups became C-cups, which unbelievably became DDD-cups! Bra and blouse gave up any measure of control and burst from Maria’s chest. The rangy brunette’s body had become lush, voluptuous, Rubenesque. Her now bare breasts heaved and milk sputtered from her erect nipples with each breath. She lay in a pool of her own juices.

“Stand, my Milkmaid. You are now and forever mine and you will serve me as I see fit.”

Maria stood, her body quickly adapting to her new proportions. She smiled at her owner, Goddess Noel Fatale. “As you command, my Goddess,” her voice purred.

The leggy blonde smiled down at her new Milkmaid. “Tonight I’ll teach you all about your new body and what to do with it. From now on, you’ll pleasure me and I’ll drive you to the brink of madness and back many times. You’ll conquer in my name. You’ll destroy minds and empires in my name and each drop of milk that flows from your breasts to ensnare your prey is a gift from me; it connects you to me and through you, anyone whom you capture is mine.” Noel leaned down and deeply kissed Maria the Milkmaid, whose pussy gushed with another orgasm and whose nipples spurted more milk. She nearly passed out in ecstasy.



High heels clicked on the boardroom floor. Noel Fatale entered. Maria Columbus the Milk-made Milkmaid immediately dropped to her knees and gazed up in lust and love. Noel’s hand grazed her face and sent a shudder through her body. Goddess Noel looked at the two men with engorged cocks writhing at her feet. She smiled, then snapped her fingers. The men’s cocks exploded with repeated orgasms.

“Mine,” Noel growled happily.

The End

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