Old Friends are Not Always Good Friends Ch. 01

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I was asked by a friend to write a story for her and was given limited information. The premise of the story is fact, the contents and story itself is purely a product of my imagination given what little I know of the real event. I hope you enjoy.

They’d been friends since childhood in Ireland and hadn’t seen each other since Laura moved to New Zealand with her husband Ian six years ago. Heather was coming to visit her old friend and her husband Patrick was with her. The plan was for them to stay a month, then they were going back to Ireland to start a new business together.

Laura and Ian were a very attractive couple. Laura was 5’6″ tall, slim and fit with a figure that turned heads wherever she went. Her hair was black and her eyes a sparkling blue that danced most of the time showing how much she loved life. Ian was 6’2″, a solid rugged man with light brown hair and blue eyes as well. It was obvious to everyone how Ian worshipped Laura and their sex life was still incredible. They both were borderline nymphomaniacs and fucked several times a week.

As they waited for the passengers to leave the plane, Laura leaned against Ian and he kept his arms wrapped around her. She let her arm drop and she moved her hand back to caress Ian’s crotch, feeling his cock pulse beneath his pants. He jerked back a bit, squeezed her tight and whispered, “What are you trying to do? You don’t want me meeting Heather with my cock all hard and obvious do you?”

Laura giggled, “I don’t care if you are hard for me or if Heather sees that. I want you to be ready to fuck me as soon as we get home. I need you inside me again!”

“I’ll fuck you all night, Pretty Lady, you don’t need to get me hard now. I’ll be hard by the time we get ready for bed.” Ian replied.

Laura pressed her ass against his cock and wiggled slowly, feeling how hard he was and her pussy got wetter knowing how she turned him on and he did the same for her.

Heather came bounding through the arrival gate with a shriek and a huge wave of her arms. She ran to Laura, hugging her tight, the sarıyer escort laughter of both women could be heard over the din of the busy arrivals. Heather was a striking red head with bright green eyes and a little taller than Laura at 5’8″. Her body was incredible, her legs long and shapely and very toned. Her breasts were causing quite the tension test on her thin blouse. The short skirt, just above mid thigh, showed off her firm legs to great advantage. Ian looked on appreciatively as the two friends got reacquainted.

Patrick came up behind Heather and Ian reached out to shake his hand and welcome him. Heather and Laura broke their hug and Heather immediately grabbed Ian by the neck and pulled him down and kissed him deeply, shocking him. Laura gave Patrick a hug and respectable kiss on the cheek so didn’t see what Heather had done to her husband. Heather pressed her body against Ian, feeling his cock which had not gone completely down begin to swell again and she moaned as she felt his thickness.

Ian had to turn away slightly and tried to make adjustments so his hard on was less noticeable. He offered to take one of the carry-on’s that Patrick was carrying and placed it strategically to hide his erection. Laura saw her husband’s predicament and giggled to herself thinking that it was from her attention just a bit ago.

They stood around waiting for the luggage, talking animatedly and the two husbands just watched the two beautiful ladies as they tried to catch up on six years in the first ten minutes. They finally retrieved the luggage and headed for the car. They loaded the trunk as full as it could be leaving one carry-on which went into the back seat. Heather wanted to know if she could ride in the front seat passenger side because riding in the back seat still left her car sick.

She got into the front seat and immediately turned around to continue talking to Laura who was sitting by Patrick. She had one hand on the back of the seat and slid her other hand over to Ian’s lap esenyurt escort and squeezed his cock tightly. Ian gasped, then coughed to try and cover the gasp.

“Are you ok Ian?” Laura asked.

“Yes, just had a little cough there. I’m fine.” He replied.

He dropped his hand to Heather’s and moved it off of his now very hard cock, placing it back on her own lap. Heather frowned slightly but quickly began talking again filling them in on the past few years.

On the way home they stopped at several of their friends’ homes to introduce Heather and Patrick around and at each house there was the customary beverage and light snack so by the time they did get home, everyone was quite full. It was a good thing because it was late and the two couples headed off to their respective bedrooms for some sleep.

Laura came to bed nude as was their custom and immediately snuggled Ian, her hand resting on his cock, which was rock hard and ready.

She giggled and said, “It looks like someone is ready to do some serious fucking!”

Between what you kept doing to me and that ‘friend ‘ of yours I’ve been hard almost the entire time!” he said.

“Heather? What did she do?” Laura asked as she squeezed his thick shaft tightly.

“You saw the way she was dressed! Her blouse was about to bust her buttons and her bra did nothing to hide her nipples!” Ian exclaimed.

Laura swung her leg over her husband, straddling him and lifted herself up, reaching down to guide his erection to her very wet pussy and slid down his length with one swift movement. They both gasped and she sat there quietly for a few moments savoring her husbands cock so deep inside her. She started to move her hips slowly in a circular motion and she leaned down to kiss Ian.

She whispered in his ear, “Do you think Heather is attractive?”

Ian lifted his hips up to get deeper into his wife’s hot dripping pussy. Groaning, he replied, “She is a beautiful woman, but I have the most beautiful lady as my wife and I want nothing more.”

Laura avrupa yakası escort smiled and began to move her hips faster, her full breasts riding high on her chest swayed and bounced just a bit and Ian was lost in the sensations of his wife’s pussy sucking and gripping his cock and her body’s lines and curves as she fucked him. The moans began to fill the room as they gave each other all they had and very soon they both exploded sending cum flowing from Laura’s pussy drenching Ian’s cock and balls. Collapsing on Ian, Laura snuggled close, keeping his cock tightly gripped in her still shuddering pussy and they fell asleep.

Down the hall in the other bedroom a scene very similar to the one Laura and Ian had created was unfolding with Heather and Patrick. When Patrick came out of the bathroom he found Heather kneeling on the bed, her heart shaped ass towards him, looking back over her shoulder, smiling at him.

“Come here and fuck me, fuck me now!” she ordered. ” I am so horny I need a good fucking before I can sleep.”

Patrick’s cock grew rapidly to his full 8 inch length and he moved behind Heather and with no hesitation plunged deep into her already soaked pussy, his balls slapping against her clit as he bottomed out. Heather groaned and pushed her ass back towards Patrick.

“Come on, give it to me, fuck me hard and fuck me now!” Heather exclaimed. “It’s been hours since I fucked that male flight attendant and I need it again, give it to me!”

Heather was a for real nymphomaniac and couldn’t go more than a few waking hours without sex. Patrick knew that when he married her and he loved sex so at first he thought it was great. However, Heather’s sexual appetite was stronger than Patrick could keep up with even though he was able to fuck her 3 or 4 times a day. On the days when he just couldn’t, Heather had started taking on lovers and would tell Patrick all about her trysts while fucking him again. Patrick didn’t mind because several of her lovers had hot wives that also played and he got plenty of action and on occasion they would have swing parties.

The horny couple fucked each other until they couldn’t fuck any more then snuggled together. Before falling asleep, Heather told Patrick, “I’m going to fuck Ian before we leave and maybe Laura too.”

“I’m not sure that they are swingers.” He replied.

“No matter”, Heather giggled, “I will have them!”

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