Office (or SEX) Tour Pt. 03

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Big Dicks

…After the sensual fuck, I drifted to sleep. Suddenly my door bell rang.

I woke up slowly from one of the most sensuous dreams. In the dream, Rimi was lying behind me, her pubic hair tickling my butt as she rubbed her pussy against me and her hard nipples pressed in my back.

I opened the door. To my surprise, Rimi was standing at the door. Without wasting time she entered my room and followed me closing the door behind her and asked,”

Rimi: Did you sleep well?

Jitu: I slept great except for a dream I was having.

Turning around I drew her into my arms. I teased as my throbbing cock pressed into her soft belly before kissing her passionately, shoving my tongue into her mouth.

Rimi moaned. This was exactly the reaction she’d hoped for as she grabbed my ass, pulling me tight against her as she ground herself against me. Our tongues danced and battled with each other.

Finally pulling away, she struggled for breath as her body shivered. She had known when she arrived, she needed me again. She needed my cock filling and stretching her just as I had done few hours before and leaving another load of my cum deep inside of her.

Rimi: An hour is more than enough time for a good hot fuck,

I smiled as I dropped the towel I had wrapped around my waist. my cock hardened at that very sight of her sitting there. I recalled that she is in need of a quickie to enjoy.

She spread her legs and beckoned to me. Stepping closer, she stretched her right hand out around my neck and pulled me to her, crushing her lips against mine. Reaching down she wrapped her left hand around my cock and ran it up and down her slit covering it with her slick, oily juices.

Rimi: Come here, lover. Fuck me one last time before we have to leave. Fill my pussy with your cock. Stretch me. Fill me. Fuck me and fill me with your cum. Breed me and give me a baby.

Rimi: OOOMmmpphhhh…Do it, lover boy… OOmmpphh. Fuck me. Fuck me hard. Fill me…with your hard dick… OOmmpph, oommpph, oommph…

Jitu: So that’s the way you want it? You want me to fuck you hard. Maybe you’d like this then?

Rimi: Yeeessssssss … fuck me … fuck my pussy … fill it with your hard cock … breed me … knock me up…as you dreamed of…

Jitu: You are so fucking hot. Ohhhhhh, I don’t think I’m going to last long this way.

Rimi: Then fuck me hard, lover. Fill me with your cum. I’m so horny çatalca escort …and I found out I’m ovulating today. Fill my pussy with your cock…and cum deep inside of me …and give me our baby,

Leaning down, I kissed her neck as I pounded into her. She pleaded as she tightened her legs around my waist.

Holding her tight, I moved lower and latched onto her nipple, sucking it into my mouth before pulling away and then releasing it to pop back against her tit.

She cried out as her body began to shudder, pulsing around my shaft as her orgasm rocked through her. The sensation of the increased movement nearly brought myself to orgasm. But I restrained myself. Hold back my cum as I slowed down my thrusts almost to a stop. I realized i will last few extra minutes by allowing my cock to cool down in between fucks.

I pulled my cock out, slick and glistening. She knelt down and slowly stroked me, licking up her mess with a satisfied groan.

I rolled over onto Rimi’s spread legs, reached down, grabbing my erect dick began sliding the head up and down her slit, moving deeper and deeper with each pass. I looked down at her beautiful face with her eyes closed, mouth slightly open, making an O each time I reached a new depth. When I felt her hands grabbing my ass, encouraging me to go deeper along with her thrusting hips I said,

Jitu: Rimi bhauja, are you ready for more, do you want all of it?

Rimi: ohhhhhhh…Yes, stop teasing, drive that cock of yours into my cunt. Fuck me, please…

I pushed halfway in, drew back and went in another half inch feeling Rimi push back, not showing any discomfort regardless of how big my dick was. With a last thrust I was pressed against her pelvis. I groaned. I pulled all the way out and drove in, bottoming out again making her mew. Soon I was rhythmically pounding her, watching her massive breasts bounce with each thrust. Rimi moaned each time my head pressed into her cervix.

Jitu: Ohhhhhhh… yes you are so tight, God you feel so good…and hot…

After five or more minutes of hard pounding, she moaned,

Rimi: Ohhhhhhhhh…my God, you feel so good,Ahhhhhhhhh… but I want to get on top, Ummm I want to be on top of you.

I rolled over, my arms around the sweating body and pulled her up onto me, my cock jammed deep into her vagina.

Rimi put her hands on my chest with her thumbs rubbing my nipples esenyurt escort and lifted herself all the way so my head was just parting her lids and dropped down hard. She pulled her ass up again and again thrust down hard. With each thrust she torqued her pelvis against my cock, as if she were milking it.

While Rimi was gyrating on my penis, I reached up and had my first feel of Rimi’s perfect breasts. My hands could not even fit around them they were so large, but they had no sag at all and proudly jutted out. My thumb found her erect nipples and I felt Rimi respond by grinding into my cock with more intensity. leaning up I sucked her right nipple into my mount and used my tongue to bath the entire pink, swollen areola and nipple.

Feeling that Rimi leaned down into my mouth and pounded her pelvis against me,

Rimi: Ohhhh…yesssss. Suck my titties…that feels sooo gooood.

I grabbed her ass with both hands while alternating between nipples, feeling her butt flex hard against my hands. When my middle finger found her anus, Rimi groaned and pushed back against my finger. I pushed it in feeling my cock through the thin wall between her rectum and her vagina.

Rimi’s thrusting became more urgent and proceeded the grind against me as hard as she could before she collapsed on me after a series of staccato pants followed by a low guttural groan. Rimi asked while still moving up and down on my cock.

Rimi: Oh..oh…oh, yes, that was very nice…you have a beautiful cock. I felt you, I felt you against my cervix. That was so amazing. Now, it’s your turn. How do you want me? You ready to fill me with your cum? Please don’t pull out, empty your balls in me.

Rimi cooed while twerking her ass at me. She sucked in breath as I drove my cock into her.

Rimi: Ooooohhhh. …I get pounded from behind…Ssssssssss…you are going to fuck me from behind, you naughty!

I nodded,I grabbed her hips and pulled her off my erection, slid out from under her and letting her get up and kneel on the bed, leaning forward and sticking out her smooth, round ass into the night. I gently pushed her back onto her hands and knees. I reached between her thighs, nudging them as far apart as I could to expose as much of her sweet lips to me. I stood up on the floor and slipped myself back into her, driving my full length forward into her dripping slit. I drew out and thrust again, etiler escort getting back into my rhythm from earlier.

Jitu: Fuck, that feels so good,

I took a firm grip of her hips with both hands, pressed my cock forward against her pussy opening and it slipped effortlessly inside because she was so wet and receptive. slamming my cock into her as I focused now on my own orgasm after she’d had hers. The new found aggression in me let me to raise a hand, slapping her on a cheek and leaving a great red handprint on her ass as she cried out between thrusts.

Between the heat of her entrance, the moans working their way through her throat, and the thrill of fucking

Jitu: I couldn’t hold myself back anymore…Ohhhhhhhhh… GOD… that feels so good… and you’re so wet!! This is amazing… I am going to cummmmmmmm so quickly!

Rimi: Stay inside!…Cum inside me!…AAAaarrgghhhh … going to cum, Jitu… Gonna cum around your cock. Do me … fuck me … so close … so fucking close already … so fast … needed this so bad…

I felt the walls of her pussy tighten around my cock triggering my own orgasm.

Again, I obliged. Within seconds, I felt my waist shudder as I blew myself off inside of her, thrusting my full length into her as I came, groaning all the way. She groaned with me, grinding her ass backwards to shove me as deep inside as she could.

Jitu: Me tooooooooo … AAAAAAGGGHHHHHHHHHH!

Rimi: Stop, stop!…Fucking hell, that felt good, but I can’t take anymore!

I grabbed her ass cheeks and thrust my hips repeatedly into her pussy from behind. I looked down at her pink asshole and thought what it would be like to stretch that out…that one thought and Rimi still twerking her tight cunt on my cock put me over the edge and with a gasp, jetted my cum into her ovulating womb. I quit thrusting and savored the way Rimi’s rotating pelvis milked all the cum out of my balls.

She screamed as she felt bolt after bolt of hot cum sear the inside of her pussy, coating its cervix walls and seeking the entrance to her womb.

Overcoming by the sensations we clung to each other as we spiraled into each other. Time seemed to stand still until my softening cock slid from her pussy.

She laughed, getting up slowly and sitting on the bed sheet next to the small pool of cum. She breathed, forcing herself to get back up and dressed as I did the same.

With hurry she left my room. I was still laying on bed. She gave me a flying kiss and winked…

Rimi: I have a surprise for you…Stop… stop!…Unh…Don’t dare to move…I will call you and let you know…Bye Bye..Umhhhhhhaaaaaaa…

I was just thinking and thinking…what’s the surprise will be!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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