Office Odyssey Ch. 02

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I finished up a few minor things at the office after Dana left. Satisfied with my day’s work, I locked up and got in my car, already feeling myself getting hard in anticipation of the fun I was about to have.

I arrived at Dana’s house just before 4:00. Parking right in the driveway, I got out and went to her front door. As I had instructed, she had left the front door unlocked. I entered and closed the door behind me, walking through the foyer to the living room. There I saw a beautiful sight.

Dana was waiting for me fully naked, on all fours in the middle of her living room. Again, this was in accordance with the instructions I had texted her earlier, but actually seeing the visual in front of me was amazing.

“Miss me, slut?” I asked as I began to unbuckle my belt and remove my pants.

“Yes, sir, I did. I missed you and your cock so much. My pussy is so wet for you.” Dana shook her ass for me, the ample globes jiggling and making me even harder.

“Good girl. I’m going to make sure that this pussy gets filled up with a big, creamy load. Maybe two.”

“Sir, I would love that so much. I’m craving it.”

I walked in front of her, allowing my hard cock to hover inches from her face. Her tongue played across her lips in anticipation. I grabbed a fistful of her hair and pulled her up into a kneeling position.

“Are you ready to suck some more cock?”

“Yes, sir, I’m always ready to suck your cock.”

With no more delay, I pushed my dick between her lips. She was soon deep throating me all the way with her lips wrapped around the base of my cock. I let go of her hair, knowing that she would take it from here. I took the opportunity to take in my surroundings.

Dana’s living room was relatively non-descript, with a typical set of two couches and a recliner. A few bookshelves lined the walls, mostly novels and the occasional history book. Several windows looked out onto the back and side yards of the house.

“Do you realize that you left all of the blinds and curtains open?”

Dana paused her sucking briefly and looked around.

“I… I can close them if you want.”

“No, no, I like it. I like the idea of the exposure. It seems like maybe you’re trying to get caught, Dana. You want people to know what a whore you are, deep down, I bet.”

Not allowing her to answer, I forced her back down on my cock, which was glistening with her saliva already. After a few more minutes of her throating me, I was ready for something else.

“Is that Alex’s chair?” I asked her, indicating the recliner.

“Yes. His favorite place to sit,” she responded, beginning to crack a sly smile.

“Get up and bend over the chair. I’m going to fuck you good.”

Dana complied, bending over the arm of the chair and presenting her ass and pussy to me for the taking.

I got in position and lined up the head of my dick with her waiting pussy, teasing her just a little before finally entering her. I pushed slowly all the way into her, bottoming out and holding that position for a bit, savoring the feeling of her warm depths.

“So… fucking… full,” Dana managed to say through her quivers and shudders of pleasure. “So… oh God you’re so deep!”

“You love it, Dana. You love having your married pussy stuffed with cock, huh?”

“Yes, sir. Yes, I do! I need it… ugh, fuck yes I need it.”

“And that’s not the only hole you like having used.”

With this last comment, I slid my thumb into her ass, just to tease her. She shrieked in surprise at the unexpected invasion.

“Someday, we need to get you double penetrated. I think you’d fucking love that. Two cocks pounding you at once.”

“Oh… oh my God! So fucking dirty.”

“But for now your holes are all mine.”

I continued to pound her pussy, savoring every moment. It was hot knowing that I was fucking Dana on her husband’s favorite chair, staining the fabric with our fluids.

“Where’s my cum going, whore?”

I knew I was getting close to shooting my load.

“Please cum in my pussy, sir. I want it to so bad!”

“Why do you want it in your pussy? Tell me the truth.”

“Because it makes me feel so dirty. Cheating on my husband and letting another man fill me with cum. Letting another man take what should only belong to my husband.”

I spanked her hard at this answer. She screamed in pain as I coupled this with a deep thrust.

“That’s only part of it. Tell me the real reason, slut. Tell me why you want my thick load in your cheating pussy, or I’m going to pull out right now and pump it into your fat ass.” I plunged my thumb deeper into her butt as I said this, getting another shriek from her.

“I… I want you to put a baby in me, sir! I want you to fill me with your cum and make me fucking pregnant. A cheating fucking kadıköy escort whore getting impregnated by her boss. I want you to coat my insides and fucking knock me up. Fucking make me a mom, your fat little office fuckdoll.”

“Good girl, telling the truth finally.” I gave her another slap on the ass. “Now I can cum for you. Here it comes, bitch. Savor this fucking load.”

I grabbed her hips and began to pump deep into her, as she moaned with pleasure. Soon I was firing shot after shot of creamy cum deep into her pussy. When my orgasm subsided, I pulled out and she began to leak onto the chair. She tried to stem the flow of cum, but it was quite a lot. I stood, admiring my handiwork.

Just then, Dana’s phone beeped, indicating a text. She checked her phone, and immediately jumped to her feet.

“Oh, fuck! Alex is getting off early. He’s going to be home in like ten minutes! You’ve gotta go!”

“That’s very bold of you to be telling your boss what to do,” I said teasingly as I moved to collect my clothes and get dressed.

“Will you punish me for it at work?” Dana asked with grin.

“Of course, slut. I won’t forget.” Now dressed again, I moved toward the door.

“Wait!” Dana rushed to me, still naked with her wondrous tits on display. She put her arms around my waist and pressed her chest to mine.

“I just want to say…” Dana trailed off, biting her lip uncertainly. “I want to say that I… I love… this. I love this thing we have. I love… being with you. The way you make me feel. I love…”

She looked up at me with something close to adoration, as she searched for the right words. I leaned down and locked my lips to hers, embracing her deeply as our tongues dancing around each other. Our kiss lasted probably a full minute as we passionately expressed our affection for one another.

“I love this too, Dana. I’ll see you soon. You need to go get cleaned up.” I gave her one more peck on the lips before turning to leave. I quickly got to my car and pulled out of the driveway, heading back home to enjoy my evening.

When I arrived home, I saw that I had a text from Dana.

Two minutes, it read. You missed him by TWO MINUTES.

The following day, I got to work early to get a jumpstart on the day’s tasks. Surprisingly, I saw my boss’ car in the parking lot, even though she typically didn’t come in until 8 or 9. When I got to my desk, there was a handwritten note stuck to my computer screen.

Come to my office when you get in this morning. – Chelsea

I had a brief flash of panic. Could it be possible that she knew about what Dana and I had been doing in the office? No, I told myself, that can’t be it. It wasn’t uncommon for Chelsea to leave me notes like this, just to make sure that I saw them first thing in the morning. So, I sat down my bag, turned on my computer, and made my way to Chelsea’s office.

Chelsea was in the middle of typing an email when I knocked on the doorframe to announce myself. She paused her typing, looked up at me, and gave me a quick, tight-lipped smile. As a quick note on Chelsea’s appearance, she was Korean-American with a slightly chubby, round face. She was fairly short, with ample tits and a great ass that she tended to show off with her tight jeans. Overall, she was not what anyone would call drop-dead gorgeous, but definitely had a sexiness about her that had contributed to more than one fantasy of mine.

“Tyler, good morning. Come in. Could you close the door and have a seat?”

“Sure,” I responded casually, trying not to panic. Having closed the door, I took the seat across the desk from Chelsea.

“So…” she began, folding her hands in front of her on the desk. “From the look on your face, I think you might know what this is about.”

“I… I mean…” I stammered.

Chelsea opened a drawer to her right and pulled out a large white binder, flipping through the pages until she found what she was looking for and placing it on the desk in front of me.

Section 4.1B – Personal Conduct Code, the heading read.

“Do you need some time to re-read it? Because based on what I saw on the security camera from yesterday, I think you might.”

The fucking cameras… I had forgotten all about Chelsea having those installed recently.

I had nothing to say, really.

“I’m sorry,” I mumbled.

“Of course, you know she’s married, first off. I heard enough talk about that on the footage. But more importantly, you cannot be doing things like that on company property. Simply unacceptable.”

I didn’t have any response, so I continued starting down at the desk.

“I could fire you for this, easily. It’s just a gross abuse of my trust, when I designate you as supervisor üsküdar escort for days I’m not here, and also an abuse of your position, having a sexual relationship like this with an employee. This can’t happen.”

“I… I get it. I understand.”

“Unless…” Chelsea continued her train of thought. “Unless, of course, you can give me a good reason to let you keep your position and continue your arrangements with Dana. Maybe do something for me. Just a few little favors here and there.”

I looked up at Chelsea, shocked at what she was implying. Surely my own boss wouldn’t do something this unethical, would she? Some sort of blackmail? I swallowed hard, unsure of what to say.

“Dana is a smart girl,” she continued. “She wouldn’t so flagrantly cheat on her husband for just anyone. There must be some major benefit to her. Maybe you’re just that good? So good that women just can’t help themselves?”

“Well, I don’t know about that…”

“Quiet. You don’t need to talk until I say so.”

I have to admit that, despite the stressful situation, I felt my cock twitch in my pants at her dominant tone.

“Based on the video, I think one of those major benefits is that piece of meat in your pants. I want to see it.”

“Are… are you sure? After the whole personal conduct thing?”

“This is the last time I will tell you something twice, or we’re done here and I can just report you to HR. Show it to me. Take off your pants, and show me your cock.” Chelsea had her tough boss face on now, and it was getting me incredibly hard coupled with her command for me to expose myself to her.

I stood from my seat and removed first my shoes and socks, then my pants, letting my stiffening cock spring free. Chelsea raised an eyebrow with a look that showed she was mildly impressed.

“Pretty big. And not even fully hard yet. I guess I can why Dana would jump on that. Take your shirt off too.”

I complied once again. I was now completely naked in front of my fully clothed boss, sporting a increasingly-large erection.

“Stroke it. Get really hard. I want to see that.”

I started to stroke slowly up and down the shaft, alternating looking between Chelsea’s chest, showing plenty of cleavage, and her face, which had a look of dominance and determination as she forced me to show off for her.

“You’re staring at my tits, but I think it’s… this that you really like, right? My ass is what really gets you going, with all those tight jeans I wear?” Saying this, she turned and bent over against the wall, shaking her ass seductively and causing me to gasp involuntarily while I pleasured myself.

“Is that what you think about? Fucking me in the ass? Giving it to your boss right up her backdoor? I know it is. I know you’re an ass man. It’s a common fantasy about a boss, really. Taking a person in authority and violating their tightest, most intimate hole. Making them submit their body to you for the ultimate pleasure.”

“Oh God, yes,” I managed to get out through the wave of pleasure that was enveloping me.

Chelsea moved to my side of the desk and stared down at me stroking before she placed a hand under my chin and forced me to look in her eyes.

“That’s not how it’s going to fucking work with me. You’re going to earn every single thing I decide to give you. And I’ll make sure you work for it. Keep fantasizing about fucking my ass, because it’s going to be a while before I let you have it. In fact, your cock isn’t going anywhere in me for right now. I have a better use for you. Get on your knees.”

I instantly did as I was told, dropping to my knees in front of her, still stroking. She turned away from me, bending seductively as I heard her unzip her jeans. She slowly, teasingly removed them, exposing her big round ass to me, clad now only in a lacy black thong. She removed her top and bra as well, but I barely noticed as I was mesmerized by the globes of her shapely ass right in front of me.

“I didn’t see you going down on Dana during the video from yesterday. That means your tongue should be well rested.” Saying this, Chelsea removed her thong as well and sat on her desk with her legs spread open, revealing her well-trimmed pussy to me. She beckoned me toward her with one finger, making it very clear what my task was. I moved into position between her legs.

“You’re going to eat my pussy until I tell you to stop, and you’re going to do it well. Really get your face in there and don’t be shy or hesitant. You can touch yourself while you do it, but don’t lose focus on me. And if you get cum on my floor, I swear I’ll make you clean it up with your tongue, so I recommend controlling yourself. Understand?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Good answer. Now fucking get in there.” She punctuated this last tuzla escort command by grabbing my hair and forcing me down to her pussy. Despite my shock at how things had transpired in the last few minutes, I was aware of the fact that this was one of the hottest things to ever happen to me.

Eating pussy was something I truly did enjoy and did frequently, despite what Chelsea had seen on the tape from the previous day. Tongue-fucking a woman’s ass was another of my favorite activities, and I hoped I would get a chance for some of that as well.

I plunged into my task of eating my boss’ sweet cunt. She held me there for the first minute or so, but soon realized she didn’t need to. I was more than happy to get my tongue deep into her, with no regard for the mess her wet pussy was making of my face. I alternated deep, plunging assaults on her hole with lighter, more nuanced attention to her clit. She seemed to enjoy it, as her moans built more and more. This continued for around ten minutes before something new happened.

“Mmm yes… yes… mmm oh fuck, now stop. Back up.”

I was a bit surprised she wanted me to stop, but I did as I was told.

“Lie on your back.”

After I had done this, Chelsea straddled my chest so that she was facing me. I could feel her wetness on my chest as she rubbed her clit.

“I’m going to sit on your face and you’re going to get me to cum. I do squirt sometimes, just to give you fair warning.”

She didn’t ask me if I was OK with that, just told me that it could happen, very matter-of-factly. I was a bit nervous when she said it, never having had any experience like that before with someone cumming on my face. But I certainly liked doing it to women, so I figured it was time I learned what it was like.

Chelsea moved up to sit on my face, shoving her pussy down onto my waiting tongue. In this position I really had no control over anything, and she took advantage of it to really fuck my face and ride me hard. She alternated between forcing her pussy down and then letting me have some short breathers, rubbing her clit furiously during the breaks between using my tongue. After one particularly long bout of licking, Chelsea pulled off and moaned hard, clearly on the verge of cumming.

“Such a good boy… so good. Good boys get to eat my ass.”

Saying this she shifted forward, so that the next time she brought herself down on my tongue it was her asshole, not her sopping wet pussy that I was forced to eat. I was in heaven, having fantasized about just such a thing numerous times. Granted, I didn’t usually imagine being dominated and used quite like this, but it was still such a turn on.

I tongue-fucked her tight ass for all I was worth, putting even more effort into getting really deep than I had with her pussy. She clearly appreciated the effort, moaning uncontrollably as I penetrated and licked her backdoor vigorously. She was going wild on her clit as she rode my face, panting and grunting as she climbed toward her orgasm.

“Cumming… I’m cumming… oh my God yes I’m f-f-fucking c-cumming… Ohhhhhhhhhh! Yes!”

Chelsea’s orgasm seemed to be a big one, though she didn’t squirt all that much like I had been expecting. It was still a new experience for me, having my face as the target for it, but I actually kind of enjoyed the dirtiness of it.

At some point during Chelsea’s orgasm I had absent-mindedly let my hand wander to my raging cock, which hadn’t actually received much attention from yet but was still on the verge of exploding.

Chelsea stood up, still visibly shaking from her orgasm, and saw what I was doing. She gathered up her clothes as she watched me. We stared into each other’s eyes as I got closer.

“Remember the rule,” she said sternly. “No fucking cum on my floor, or else. Stroke that load out for me right on your chest and stomach. Show me what kind of load you would give me if I decide I want to use you for more than just your tongue.”

That was too much. I felt a massive orgasm wrack my body, causing me to spurt several shots of thick, creamy cum right onto my own stomach and chest. It took a while to catch my breath after it was done, and Chelsea, now mostly dressed smiled down at me approvingly.

“Very nice load. I think I’ll consider that for the future. Now get up, get dressed, and get the fuck out of my office. You need to get to work. There are tissues for cleanup on my desk here.”

I did as instructed, cleaning my load off and then getting dressed again, needing to somehow re-center my brain to go do normal work like any other day.

As I was exiting, Chelsea stopped me.

“Oh, and one more thing. This is not something that anyone else will hear about from you, understood? Including Dana.”

“Yes, of course.”

“On that note, would you send Dana to me when she gets in. We need to have our own discussion.” Chelsea was already back in work mode as she said this, resuming the email she had paused at the beginning of the session. She said this in a very businesslike manner, but if my treatment was any indication, her intentions with Dana were anything but professional.

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