Odd Way To Meet

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For Women

This story began years ago when I was waiting to be drafted during the Korean War. I had finished college, my deferment was over and I wasn’t able to get a serious job since I would have to leave it soon. So I asked my local draft board to call me as soon as they could and I took a job as a bartender in an old hotel that doesn’t exist now. It was a summer place only, on a small man-made lake with swimming and boating. The main floor included a nice dining room that doubled as a night club with a small dance floor, a couple bars, a seldom used ballroom, the lobby and kitchen. The second floor had been remodeled so that the rooms now had their own bath rooms. The third floor had become just for employees, left as it was originally with rooms that shared baths down the hall. I was the bartender in the “day bar”, next to the highway, that was open from about ten in the morning through dinner. On weekends or if there was a reunion or big gathering using the ballroom, my bar stayed open later. Otherwise, drinks were served in the other bar next to the dining room, which became the night club after dinner. I should add that this was in the old, low mountains of southwestern Pennsylvania. Very attractive, scenic area.

As with many hotels, I’m sure, the clientele was mixed and included a number of unmarried couples. It was roughly 60 miles south of Pittsburgh and I believe some of these couples came from there, bosses and their secretaries among others. One evening I had a customer that I’ll always remember. Nice enough looking woman, perhaps forty (I learned later she was actually 37) although perhaps just a little worn, a little tough. She had a couple drinks sitting at the bar and talked with me. I thought maybe she was trying to pick me up but she was waiting for the guy she came with to come down from their room. I can’t remember the exact words but she let me know he was just someone she was with for the weekend. Then two weeks later came the big surprise.

The same woman showed up and told me that she wanted me to seduce her daughter. She claimed that her daughter, who had just graduated from high school, was going with a no-good guy, was having sex with him, and was mixing up the joys of sex with love. She was afraid her daughter would end up getting pregnant from this guy, who’d then disappear and her daughter would be left just like she had been years before. So she wanted me to have sex with the girl so that she’d learn that she wasn’t in love with the nothing guy after all. Even then I could see some weird off-kilter sense in what she was saying but it really wasn’t what you’d expect a mother to do for her daughter. Or to her daughter. I told her I wasn’t the right person for it. And I wasn’t. I was a square. A nice guy. I didn’t go around seducing girls. Oh, I had managed to have sex with several and enjoyed it very much. But she had decided I was the right one for some nutty reason. And then, she went out and came back with her daughter in tow. And she let both of us know that one of her friends was their and she was spending the night with him and we, her daughter and me, were to spend the night with each other because she had other uses for her room.

Odd. I felt for the girl. Her name was Jean. Nice enough looking girl. Had on a dumb outfit with too many frills so I couldn’t tell but seemed to be built normally. My bar closed that night at nine pm. Jean and I took a walk outside, down near the lake. Very romantic in a different situation. Dark, moonless night. Perfect temperature. Lights from the hotel reflected off the lake and gave us enough light to at least see each other. I let her know that I felt for her, that regardless of what her mother said I didn’t expect to seduce her, have sex with her. Not that she wasn’t attractive, I had to add, and that I’d enjoy it, but it was just a weird situation. She was obviously unhappy, sulky, probably feeling the whole world was falling on her or something. But she didn’t cry. She was going to get through this. I felt that somehow I was going to have to see this girl through until morning. She and I both knew that. I was just too nice to walk off and ignore her. So I suggested that we might as well sit down and talk and pass the time and then face any other problems as we got to them.

I had no idea what to talk about. I knew she had a boyfriend so I asked about him. Well, his name was Boyd. And obviously Jean felt strongly about him. He was a great guy and her mother just never liked him. Turns out he’s working in a gas station. Minimum wage or close to it. No plans to do much of anything else. I could see why her mother didn’t think much of him. Jean had some thoughts of college but wasn’t sure if she could, both financially and academically. I urged her to go for it. She could handle it if she worked hard. I started to gather that Boyd didn’t see much sense in college, for her or him. While I thought her mother was nuts, I was beginning to agree with her about Boyd. Jean could do better.

I halkalı escort asked her if she and Boyd were having sex, as her mother thought. I never got a direct answer but as we talked on, it was obvious that they were. I actually began thinking that maybe I could seduce her. I had to be more appealing than Boyd, whoever he was. And it wasn’t like I’d be taking advantage of a virgin. So I agreed that sex was good and that she and Boyd probably loved one another. She was sure they did and indirectly also agreed that sex was very good. So we talked a little about love and commitment.

Boyd had committed to marrying her? Well, it turns out he hasn’t. She’s committed to it but while Boyd probably intends to, he really hasn’t yet.

I was thinking that it would be a big surprise to Boyd that they were going to marry. He probably hasn’t thought beyond the next time he could fuck her. So I talked a little about sex as part of love and how both parties want to make the other one happy. Some guys are just out for a quick fuck and it’s all over once they get their rocks off but guys in love make sure the girl gets her orgasm, too. Jean was quiet. Thinking, I hoped. We had a lot of time so I just waited. Eventually she sort of stated but was really asking about how guys make sure that girl gets her orgasm. So I talked about foreplay, how a guy can probably give a girl an orgasm just with his fingers, getting her ready before they go on. And while I was talking I added about condoms, that no guy in love would risk getting his girl pregnant and would always use a condom.

Here we were, an hour into this maybe and we’re being pretty explicit about sex. In fact, I don’t think I’d ever talked so much about sex with a girl before. I don’t know about her but it was turning me on some. So I mentioned oral sex. Girls often satisfy their guys with their hands or their mouths. Well, guys can do that too. Guys can give a girl an orgasm with their mouth and tongue. Then we just sat there for a while.

Jean finally broke the silence. She said that she could never be unfaithful to Boyd. I didn’t argue with her. I hadn’t mentioned her being unfaithful. I just kept quiet. After a long period of silence Jean asked me if I’d ever had oral sex with a girl. I told her that I had. I went on to tell her that from what I knew, there wasn’t a female in the world that didn’t enjoy oral sex. I mean, you get your high from an orgasm and you don’t have any fear of getting pregnant. So I asked if Boyd had ever had oral sex with her. She never really said but it was obvious he hadn’t. Nobody ever had. So I added that it would hardly be considered being unfaithful to have oral sex since it wasn’t something she’d ever shared with Boyd anyway. Quiet again.

Then she asked exactly what oral sex was. So I explained it. The girl has to cooperate because the guy has to get his face up between her legs so he can get his mouth to her. She has to move her legs up and out of the way, bringing her vagina up where the guy can get to it. And then the guy licks her, licks inside her, licks her clitoris, sucks on her clitoris until she has an orgasm. Then, if he’s smart, he sucks up as much of the juice she’s putting out as possible. Sexiest thing going. Quiet again.

Finally she asked me, “So you liked doing that?”

I said that I did. I imagine girls must like sucking a guy, too, since so many do it. And I liked licking a girl. And the girls have always liked me licking them. Quiet again.

Finally she says, “You could do that with me?”

I said that I sure could. All she had to do was take her panties off, lay back and cooperate and she’d have one of the great moments in her life.

She looked at me for a moment and then just reached up under her dress, lifted her butt up some and slid her panties down her legs. Then she lay back on the grass. I moved to kneel next to her, lifted her skirt up darn near to her shoulders, and got one knee between her legs. I then used my hands to push her legs further apart and got my other knee in there. I asked her to spread her legs really wide and move her knees up towards her shoulders. She did. It was dark enough that I couldn’t really see much of anything but her body in general. But I got my face down to her, used my fingers to feel through her hair and find her lips. Then, as I pulled them open very slightly, I got my tongue and shoved it into her and immediately began moving it around, licking and tasting her.

It was obvious that she was at least partly aroused. Just from our talking, I guess. She was fairly juicy and got juicier quickly. I heard odd noises from her, just “uhs” or grunts. I licked up a little and found her clit and flicked my tongue on it. The noises changed, more frequent and louder. Truth is, I was liking this. I have no idea why I should like licking pussy. But I do. It’s sexy somehow. And here I was giving a girl her very first taksim escort and obviously she liked it. In fact, she got so loud I wondered if they could hear us up at the hotel. Her hips started jumping and she started almost gushing. I managed to suck up a lot and then sat back on my heels.

She lay there, naked from the waist down, her legs spread wide and now back down on the ground. She was just breathing hard for a moment. “Wow,” she finally said. “I’ve never really had anything that good before.” Then she lay there for a little more. “What’s next,” she finally said.

“Well,” I said, “I’ve got a condom and we’re in position. You want to?”

“Oh, God, yes. I’ve never wanted anything more.”

I had to get a condom out of my wallet, get my very erect cock out and roll the condom on, then get over her a little and get aimed at her. I pushed and managed to start spreading her lips with my erection, then pushed it in a little more. She gave a push with her hips, got her legs up around me and I was fully into her. Tight. Terrific. I began moving and she began moving and soon she was almost screaming. She really gets with it. Maybe it was her, maybe it was me, maybe it was the whole situation and the time and the scenery but it was the best fuck of my limited life.

Somehow, after, as we’re both laying there sort of partly pooped and partly turned on I mentioned that it really is a lot better to be naked. Well Jean was all for that. She practically pulled me along as we climbed to my little third floor room. She changed from a sulky kid into a horny woman that was avid for more sex. We were both naked in no time and I discovered that she had a great body. A healthy eighteen year old with a trim, athletic body. Maybe not quite a centerfold but, then, maybe good enough to be one. Lovely firm butt. Plenty of breast. Long muscled legs. Really long legs. Interesting to me, she didn’t act shy about being naked. Other girls have wanted the lights off. Ours were on. Or they turned or tried to cover their body. Not Jean. She was naked first. Shoes kicked off, dress up over her head, bra unfastened. No panties, they must be out on the lawn. She was as interested in seeing my body as I was seeing hers, maybe more so. She didn’t have time to be concerned with her body, she was too interested in mine. Touching me, feeling me. As were together then and later she tended to want to hold my cock a lot. Feel my whole body but particularly my cock. Just as I liked to cup her pussy, feel it, massage it and arouse it, slip my fingers in, my tongue in, she liked my cock.

Maybe it was because she didn’t know any better but she wanted to fuck again. Wanted to feel me in her again. “Filling her” as she said. So we did. Naked this time which is a lot better. Except for a condom. She wanted sex bad enough that she wouldn’t have paid any attention but I sure didn’t want to have her end up pregnant because of me.

She really gets into it. I had a single bed, almost a cot, and I thought I was going to get tossed off it, she was so energetic. I suggested that she get on top and pulled out. She let out a howl but scrambled around quickly and impaled herself on me again. I’ve had girls slowly grind their hips around, enjoying the feel of my cock in them. Jean was more like a rodeo rider, leaping and banging away, slamming me into her over and over. When she came it was like a surprise to her. She froze, sat up atop me and sort of spasmed, staring at me. “Ohmigod” came out a couple times. I could feel her juices leaking down onto my crotch. Then she gave a huge grin, leaned down and kissed me, smashing her breasts against me. It was the first time we’d kissed. I got both arms around her and held her close.

As I held her, her hips started to move slowly. I was still fully erect, up in her. She stared into my eyes and grinned and kept moving her hips. Obviously she was feeling me inside her, sensing my cock as she moved. She sat up a little, still using my cock to fuck herself. I got my hands on her breasts, sat up slightly to get my mouth to one and started sucking her nipple. She looked down at me and the grin changed some, becoming more of a horny satisfaction than just glee.

I came four times that night. She must have cum twice as often. At some point we went down the hall and peed and showered and started up with sex again. She sucked me, I got us into a 69 and got her into an orgasm. By then, I think I could last forever before cumming and we ended up moving into fucking again before I finally filled a condom for the last time. We actually did get some sleep. I woke up with her essentially on top of me in my little bed, managed to get out from under without waking her and went down the hall to shave and wash up and get dressed. I went down to open the bar while she was still asleep. She and her mother stopped by later before they left and drove home.

Two weeks later I got a phone call. Jean wanted to come back for şişli escort a weekend. Well, I wanted her to also so she did. She came back four times that summer. I got a notice from my draft board, was called to report in September. Which was convenient since the hotel closed on Labor Day. I had to report in Pittsburgh so I arranged with Jean to spend the night before with her in a local hotel. By then Boyd was a thing of the past. She had enrolled at Pitt. Everything her mother wanted had happened. And that last night was something to remember forever. We even shaved each other. The next day and for weeks later at the reception center and on into boot camp, my being shaved caused lots of comments. But it was worth it. We’d spent a total of ten nights together but I can’t believe anyone could have had more or better sex in ten nights than we did.

When I came home after boot camp I called her several times but never got her. A year or so later the same thing happened. When I got discharged two years later I tried again. Never got to her. Well, with time everything changes. I realized that. I missed her but life goes on. I ended up moving to Southern California, thousands of miles away. I had a good job with a sales rep firm, made lots of friends. One Saturday I was at the beach, as I usually was. A bunch of us played volley ball. The losing team had to move off and let another team take its turn, so I was laying on a towel, watching the game. I saw this lovely female body in a minimal bikini moving towards us. There are plenty of female bodies around so it was nothing unusual but I watched her coming closer just because I liked to watch lovely female bodies. Then I began to realize that she was coming to my small group.

She walked right up to me, stood at my feet. It took me longer than it should but I finally recognized her. “Jean!” I said, sitting up. She grinned and lowered herself so that she was straddling me, her bottom sitting on my thighs. “Yeah. It’s me.” she said. We both sat there looking at one another. Her breasts were practically touching my chest, our faces were maybe a foot apart.

“You’re as beautiful and sexy as ever.” I said. Because she was. If anything, her body had improved over the last few years. “What is it, it must be four years since I saw you. How’d you ever find me?”

“Your mother told me. Then your friend, Lew, told me where you’d be.“

“And you’re here. Wow. Well I’m glad to see you.” I put my arms around her waist.

“Can we go somewhere?” she asked.

Well, it turns out she’s decided to move to California. She graduated and has some job interviews lined up. And the place we ended up going, at her suggestion, was my apartment. She was ready to pick up from where we had left off four years earlier. In fact, she asked if we could start over, repeat that first time again.

I’m standing there in my living room, facing this delectable female, almost naked in a minimal bikini, who is asking me to have sex with her and I know that’s what we’re going to do. I’m just to ornery to give in too easy. “You know,” I say, giving her a quick kiss, “we can’t have a first time a second time. I mean, there’s only one first time.” She acts like she’s going to object so I go on. “That first time you were an angry, sulky kid in a big puffy dress that completely hid your terrific body. I didn’t act out of passion. I was sort of leading you along with an exercise in logic.” She looked almost angry and started stepping away. “But,” I quickly went on, “if what you’re asking is, will I eat you, I certainly will. I want to. You’re the most desirable female possible.” Then I pulled her close and kissed her for real. She responded, holding me tight and kissing me back.

We ended up naked on my bed, feeling each other and getting more and more aroused. As always, she has one hand wrapped around my cock. I hold and kiss and lick and suck on each breast, then kiss down over her stomach and get between those long, lovely legs to aim at her cleanly shaved pussy. Her delicious, beautiful, cleanly shaved pussy. Still shaved, years later (I wasn’t). She was even more delicious than I remembered and I was reminded again how strongly she reacts to sexual feelings and then orgasm. I thought her thighs might bust my head as they put a strangle hold on it as she gushed her fluids into my willing mouth, waiting to suck up as much as I could. Then, sitting back, I slid a condom on, leaned over her and started pushing my way into that hot, wet, wide open vagina, still as tight as the first time. It’s as if her insides were waiting for me, trying to suck me in further and further. Really, it’s like her vagina had muscles spasming to pull me in. And her hips are pushing up, trying to force me in. Then those lovely long legs came up around me and locked me to her as we squirmed and grunted and kept shoving against one another in any way we could manage.

Later, after admitting that it was even better than the first time, we mutually decided she would move in with me. We went to her motel to pick up her things and check out. All she had at the moment was her bikini. We discovered that it was too late, she owed for another day. So we grinned at each other, went back to her room, and used her bed. Stayed the night there. We more than repeated that first night.

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