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It took me a while but I finally figured out why on every other Wednesday my father didn’t feel well and retired to his room early. It was a routine like clockwork. He would come home and after the meal spend about half an hour watching the news. Then he would tell my mother that he wasn’t feeling well and go to his room. My mother normally spends time in the kitchen cleaning dishes but on those days she would follow him after clearing the table and leave the dishes in the sink. She would then come back out after about half an hour and continue with her tasks.

One weekend as I was finishing up my yard clean up duty outside my parents’ bedroom, I realized that one of the curtain hooks on their side door had fallen off, leaving the curtain hanging at such an awkward angle that it made it possible to look inside even when the curtain was fully drawn. I had a clear view of their bed and the thought came to my mind that I could finally see if my assumption was correct.

Next time my father wasn’t feeling well and after my mother went to the room, I quickly snuck out and went to the yard to peep in on them. There wasn’t that much light in the room to make it possible to see their features, but the dim nightlight made it possible for me to see my father on top of my mother and the middle of the sheet that was covering them bouncing up and down. My assumption proved to be true as I watched my father having sex with my mother. I was puzzled as to why he was doing it under the sheet, but somehow I was also relieved because this spared me from having to see him going in and out of my mother. Although I couldn’t stop myself from picturing his hard cock pressing the inside of my mother’s vagina, her warm and wet pussy engulfing his dick in its soft fold, her mouth ajar and her lips quivering at the sensations emanating from her privates. I tried to see her face to figure out what feelings she may be showing on it as he slid up and down inside her but her eyes was focused on the ceiling and his arm was shielding her mouth from my view.

I was afraid of getting caught. I didn’t know what I would do if they realized that I was watching them. I didn’t even know what they would do if they caught me peeping in. I knew what I was doing was wrong and I felt guilty at invading their privacy. I knew that it would be very difficult to face them, especially face my mother, if she found me looking at her when she was in such a vulnerable position.

I ran as I heard a slight noise. It was a cat or something. Whatever it was, it startled and unnerved me. I felt like I had been caught and I not only had to run but I had to hide from them. The prospect of facing my mom that night when she were to come back out was very uncomfortable. I felt so guilty that I knew even if she didn’t realize I was watching them, she would clearly see it on my face and that would be the same as getting caught. I had to hide from her and get a hold of myself, so I, too, retired to my room pretending to be not feeling well, although I didn’t tell anyone in particular.

I listened for her to come back out and relaxed when I heard her making cleaning noises in the kitchen. Everything was normal, I told myself to calm myself down. I knew that if she followed her routine of cleaning the dishes and going to either watch TV in the living room or to her room to sleep, it would mean everything was okay.

Instead she came to my room. I panicked and hid myself under the sheet. She opened my door and asked, “Are you okay?”

“Yes, mom. I am okay.” I replied. My words were getting stuck in my throat and that was a dead giveaway that I was not okay.

She came inside and sat next to me. She removed the covers from my face and felt my forehead. “What’s wrong?” She asked. “You came to bed so early.”

“I…uh…am not feeling so good.” I made something up.

She looked at me very seriously and after a long pause, she asked, “Why, was it so bad?”

I froze. I was caught. She did know I was outside her room. As a last ditch effort, I muttered, “What was so bad?”

She smiled and rubbed her hand on my chest. “What you saw a while ago.”

I pulled the covers back on my face in utter embarrassment. “Mom!” I exclaimed, not knowing what else to do. I felt ashamed.

She jerked the covers off and patted my cheek. “Come, Come. No need to be embarrassed. It’s okay.” Then she got up and she was gone.

I spent the rest of the night trying to collect myself.

I adalar escort felt uneasy for a day or two after that but when I realized that her attitude towards me was no different than before, I eased up. By the time my father didn’t feel well again, I had actually put it out of my mind completely.

As she followed him this time, she whispered to me, “Give me about five minutes to get ready.”

I wasn’t ready for that. I was actually shocked that she was letting me know, or rather she was asking me to come and watch them. I didn’t know what to make of it. But the thought that this time I could watch them without the fear of getting caught became somewhat exciting.

She had left the curtain open a bit more than usual so I could see easily the entire scene and there was more light in the room so I was able to see their features. When I made it there, my father was already pumping away. I felt a bit disappointed because I had missed the buildup part. He was still covered in the sheet but she had lifted the sheet from the side that was visible to me. She was holding it in her hand as it rested on his side. One of her legs was outside to make sure I was able to see some of the action and as my father moved, the sheet moved up with him, revealing all of her body to me.

She must have sensed my presence because when I first looked in, she was a bit limp, but soon thereafter she became more animated. She pulled her knees up towards her chest. This thrust her pelvis up and made it possible for me to clearly see his cock going in and out of her pussy. I was fascinated. She also reached out and held her heels with her hands, allowing me to get a clear view of her tits as they bobbed with his thrusts. I couldn’t believe the incredible hard-on I got from looking at her erect nipples, her flattened stomach, her wet pussy, and her shapely legs. I could see the lips of her cunt stretching up against his penis as he pulled out and being pushed down inward as he pumped in. His thick penis was glistening in the light due to her juices soaking it wet.

It was over soon though. My father’s body jerked a couple of times as he climaxed. She could no longer keep her pelvis thrust up as his body weighed heavily on her. As her legs stretched across the bed, the sheet fell from her hand hiding everything from my view, almost like the curtain had come down on the show. I sensed a shadow spread across her face. Something told me I should go, and I did.

As I lay in my bed, I expected her to come out as usual, but for some reason she didn’t. I waited for the noise to start in the kitchen, it didn’t. I expected her to come to my room as she had the last time, but she didn’t. All I heard was the noise the house plumbing usually makes when someone is taking a shower. I closed my eyes as the scene I had witnessed played in my mind over and over. I was still hard under my covers and I reached in and held my throbbing cock in my hand as the projector in my brain played the picture of her writhing body on the screens of my eyelids.

I dozed off while still hard and still holding my throbbing cock. For a change, I didn’t want to masturbate and get rid of the burning liquid. I just wanted to lay there and soak the feelings in. What the feelings were, I didn’t know, but they sure were sweet as I looked on. I looked on my mother’s body, the sexy pose of her hands as they held those ankles, the breasts as they moved around, and the glistening cock as it must have sent those same sweet feeling that I was feeling through their bodies. In a way I felt connected to both of them because their feelings must have been the same.

I came back to earth when I sensed someone in my room. I didn’t hear her come in but when I opened my eyes I found her leaning against the dresser. I don’t know how long she had been standing there but I knew that she had been standing there for a while looking at me. I was still holding my cock and it was still hard.

Her neatly combed hair was still wet from the shower she must have taken and drops of water were falling onto her nightgown. Her hands were folded across her chest and just below her breasts, pushing them slightly up and giving them a fuller than usual look. I had seen those breasts earlier and it was easy for my imagination to see her standing their without the nightgown, almost like I could see through her clothing. She wasn’t wearing a bra as I could see her anadolu yakası escort nipples pressing through the wet nightgown. She also wasn’t wearing any panties either, I surmised, as I failed to see any panty line under the thin, silky material. She was deep in thought as she examined the nails on one of her hands. The shadow on her face was longer than it had been earlier. There was a frown on her brow and her lips were pulled in tight under some emotional toll.

I laid there holding my throbbing cock with my never-ending erection, contemplating whether I should keep holding on to it or let go as a respect for her presence. I didn’t want to draw attention to it, so I kept holding on and waited for her to say something. She said nothing. She stood there examining her nails, throwing a glance now and then towards me, but saying nothing. I guessed that may be she was waiting for me to say something to her, but I had nothing to say.

Finally, after an eternity and a half, she broke the silence. “So, what’d you think?”

“Think about what?” I whispered back.

“About what you saw?”

I contemplated an answer, but I didn’t know what exactly was she asking.

She waited for a while and then threw her hands down in what looked like exasperation. I sensed that she wanted me to say something in particular, but I had no idea what it was. I told her, “I don’t know what you want to hear, mom.”

She looked at me with tearful eyes. I couldn’t figure out the reason for such emotions, but I felt for her nevertheless. She said, “I want to know what you think, or rather I want to know what you feel after seeing that.”

As I looked at her and searched for an answer, I saw a tear drop down from her eye onto her breast. I found that to be very sexy. Then it came to me, the answer that she wanted. I knew what I wanted to say and what she wanted to hear. I let go of my cock, got up to a sitting position, looked at her long and hard and said, “I feel sorry for you mom.”

She looked surprised. “You feel sorry for me, why?”

“Because what I saw looked very unfulfilling for you. It seemed like you were not even part of that scene; that you were there only in body and not in spirit. You were just going through the motions.”

I knew I had hit the right nerve from the look of astonishment on her face.

“It seems you only became alive when I came there. Before that you were just waiting for it to finish so you could get to other things. Even then, it was over before you even had a chance to get started.”

She started crying. Her tears just poured out and her body trembled as she tried to control the voice from shrieking out loud. I rushed to give her support and she fell into my arms.

I held her tight against me to keep her from falling to pieces. She let her emotions out as I felt my shoulder getting thoroughly wet. She cried hard. I was holding a woman who seemed very emotional and it was apparent that she had kept her emotions repressed for a very long time.

After the storm subsided, I eased my pressure on her a little and let her relax. She wiped her tears away and eased herself into me. “You know,” She said, “No one has quite grasped my situation like that before.”

“I am sorry about that,” I said as I rubbed my hand on her back.

“Why are you sorry about that?” She gave a slight laugh. I knew she was coming out of her gloom.

“Never mind. Tell me, did the shower help?”

“Yes,” She cried again. “I felt clean enough after that to face you.”

I pulled myself far enough to look into her eyes, lifted her chin up with my hand and gently kissed her on her lips. “Listen, you don’t have to worry about facing me.”

“Thanks son,” she said as she put her head on shoulder again.

I held her tight again. I knew she wanted to be held. She was not making any effort to pull away. I knew I wanted to hold her because I was feeling great at being her pillar of support. I was enjoying her warmth transferring from her breasts to my heart. I was enjoying the feel of my hands caressing her back. My strokes were long and calculated, making sure they traveled the entire length of her back, from her shoulders to her butt. I was reveling in the contrast between softness of her hard shoulders and firmness of her soft ass.

It was during one of those caresses that my hand pulled her nightgown slightly up and my other hand ataköy escort held it up. Soon I found my hand feeling the skin of her butt and the sensation was so electrifying that I slid my hand under her garment and started caressing her bare back. The contact between my warm hand and her even warmer body was sensational. So much so that soon I was running both hands over her back, her butt, her hips and even down the side of her thighs, trying to soak in every wonderful feeling that I could.

And she let me!

I found that to be extremely arousing. There I was, feeling my mom up and down and around, and she was letting me. She was melted into me as if she was under a magical spell and I was feeling this strange surge of sweetness coming from every pore of my body that I was going out of my mind.

“Do you know what else I feel, mom?” I asked with a trembling, quivering voice that must have betrayed the underlying torrent of sexual energy.

“What?” She said in a drawn out, dreamy voice that seemed to be coming from such a long distance.

I gently placed my hands on her buttocks, firmly held her in position, slightly shifted my body so that I could place my rock hard cock between her naked thighs and pulled her into myself as hard as I could. “This!” I screamed.

She gave a muffled cry as she bit into my shoulder. This sensation of pain mixed with the extremely sweet sensation of pleasure gave me an incredible sweet and sour feelings all over. When she opened her legs a little to allow my penis to makes its way deeper, I went crazy.

I jerked her away from me and yelled, “Hold that pose!”

I tore off my shirt, pulled my pants and my boxers, placed myself against her as before. She struggled to take her nightgown off as I pressed my cock against her pussy, grabbed her behind and pulled her into myself with all the might I could muster. When she freed herself from her garment and placed her breasts against my chest, I almost fainted from the overwhelming sensations overtaking my brain. Our skin to skin contact was so incredible that I wanted to absorb her into myself.

I turned her around and pushed her onto the bed. I jumped between her legs and with trembling hands, spread them apart and raised them towards her chest. I leaned over her and positioned myself on top of her with my cock poised over her pussy, her thighs caressing my sides, her heals resting on my back, my hands positioned around her head and her hands between us fumbling for my cock and guiding it to that hole where I had once resided.

As soon as I felt the moist warmth of her cunt touch the tip of my steel shaft, I pressed. I pressed with all the energy I had to spare. I pushed myself so hard that I must have torn her open. I pushed myself in and I pushed myself deep. Her pussy was so wet that I slid in without any effort. It was as if she had hungered for me all her life and I had been searching for that place since birth. When we finally came face to face, it was an instant before we became one, before I became part of her, I became her. We joined with such perfection that when she grabbed my face and placed her lips onto mine, it was as if I was kissing myself. I could feel both sides of that kiss. I could feel my saliva and her saliva coming from the one and the same body. My fluids gushing out of my penis were mixing with her fluids dripping from the walls of her vagina, and it felt like they were forming a circular delivery system, mine going into her and coming out, as hers coming into me and going out.

We couldn’t decide what was more important, kissing each other in an effort to swallow each other or fucking each other in an effort to completely encompass each other. So we did both, we kissed and fucked at the same time. Our tongues intertwined as our bodies danced together to this intense music of sexual rhythm played by our wildly beating hearts and our out of control breathing. We fucked, we bit, we made love, we chewed each other, and we fucked with such energy and such wild abandonment that it rocked the core of our beings.

When we came, it was for the ages to remember. I shook violently. She trembled ferociously. I shot my sperm out so hard that it must have drilled holes in her vagina. She had such a violent orgasm that she broke my cock in half as she clung on to it with her pussy and clung on to me for her dear life. She must have bruised my body as she tried to weather the storm. Once again we proved to be perfectly compatible in the intensity of our orgasms and the violence they wrought.

It was only afterwards, when we were hugging gently and kissing lightly, that we realized that we could have woken my dad up. But, as it turned out, he was more oblivious to mom’s presence than he was to her feelings.

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