Nurse Jenny Lends a Hand Pt. 02

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The cute blonde nurse disappeared as the family traipsed into my room. Lots of concern and loving care as they asked how I was and what the doctor had said. I dutifully gave them a very edited report of my hospital experience. They certainly didn’t need to know about the extra special care Nurse Jenny had given me. While they were there, a doctor popped in to say that the tests would be back soon to confirm that the antibiotics were doing their thing, so I should be expecting to go home later that afternoon.

After an hour or so of the usual uncomfortable long pauses of not knowing what to say, the family said their goodbyes and arranged who would pick me up that afternoon, and they were gone.

A short while later and the blonde nurse, Leonie, was back. “Is everything okay Mr James? Jenny said to make sure I gave you a hand with anything you need.”

Her emphasis on the word ‘anything’ had clear meaning. The baton had been passed on to the next shift (though a rather diminutive baton it might be, so to speak). Having peed and cum earlier, that post orgasm need-to-pee had built up and I couldn’t resist her offer so said that I think I needed to use the toilet again. “Would you prefer a bottle? We keep a record of how much you pass.”

I paused briefly and then nodded a yes. “I’ll be back soon,” she smiled.

True to her word, I soon heard movement at the door. My fantasy brain had been hard at work, knowing that Nurse Jenny had made sure that Nurse Leonie knew all about me. My surprise must have shown as Nurse Leonie entered with two interns. Their name badges read Tegan and Sarah. They looked cute but surely were barely out of their teens.

“Hi Mr James,” she smiled, “I hope you don’t mind but we have some first-year trainees on the ward so I thought they would benefit from seeing one of the regular tasks we do. Do you mind?”

I had three women looking at me and didn’t think saying no was an option. I nodded assent and tried to smile. “Okay ladies, come and join us; pop around to the other side so you can see everything clearly.”

They moved in and I was lying in bed surrounded by two cute young nurses and the lovely Leonie.

“Okay, Mr James has kindly said we could use him for our little training exercise.” As she said this, she was dropping the pee bottle on the bed and snapping on her rubber gloves. “We often need to help patients who are not mobile and need to pee – that was Mr James because of his drip and his injury… do you mind if I call you Mark?” She’d turned to me briefly. I muttered an okay but was busy watching the two trainees, both cute but looking nervous.

“Okay, thanks Mark; Mark has a bit of an unusual problem that can make this task rather difficult,” she commented rather matter-of-factly, as she pulled my sheet back so that my legs were exposed, and then it dawned on me that my gown barely covered me or the panties that Nurse Jenny had dressed me in.

“Usually you can just slip the bottle onto the penis and leave it for the patient to do his business but, as you will see, Mark is a difficult case as his cock is soooo small!” Again, this comment stung my ears as the gown was lifted to expose me to the two girls. They giggled at the lacy panties and the small bulge my cock made in them. I hadn’t thought of this and gasped as they all leaned in to look at my lace-clad little member.

“So you need to show respect and politely ask him to spread his legs and definitely try not to laugh at how small it is. Can you spread your legs please Mark?”

She reached in and pulled the panty leg aside to release my cock and then took my shrivelled member between thumb and forefinger and brought the bottle to thread him in. I didn’t think he could shrink more! “Now make sure however little shaft there is that you can fit it into the neck as, otherwise, you’ll get a spill.” All the while she was acting on her statements as she fed me into the bottle. “Then you let him do his business. Come on Marky, can you do a little wee wee for me?”

The two trainees were leaning in and stifling a giggle as they took in the lack of size. I wondered if they had ever seen one smaller. The baby talk heightened the embarrassment as I took in the idea of these nurses talking about me in panties and my small cock to whomever they might on the ward. I know I was scarlet, and my bladder suddenly felt empty. But they just stayed there talking about nursing. I closed my eyes to try to remove them but that didn’t really help as I heard Leonie talking. “Some patients get nervous and really struggle to release but Nurse Jenny told me that Marky here doesn’t mind being given a hand to get things going.”

Suddenly the warmth of her hand was on my thigh and slipping up to my crotch. “Sarah, just hold the bottle in place,” and I felt her thumb and index finger wrap around the top of my shaft and balls, capturing them bahçelievler escort in one hand. “Being so small, his little peepee might fall out.” She squeezed and I felt him get harder and the bottle slid back and forth as if I was fucking it, each inward stroke put pressure on my balls but not touching the sides with my shaft. I spread my legs wide to give more access.

My hand was taken in a warm grasp and I realised that Tegan was holding it. She pulled on it and soon my eyes were open as I knew she was taking my hand to her crotch. I could feel her heat as she thrust onto my fingers and I tried to wriggle them inside her. The crisp cotton of her uniform seemed to slip away, and I felt the heat of her pussy as she pulled me into her. Her thin panties had slid aside as she guided me to her lower lips and soon the heat of her pussy devoured my fingers and I tried to use my thumb to rotate on her clit. The constant stroking of my shaft had me hard and Leonie’s voice crept into my consciousness. “Oh look … he’s got hard. It is so cute! Goodness, almost four inches I’d say!”

The bottle had apparently gone, and I felt the firm grip stroking me and then the wet heat of a set of lips as he disappeared into Sarah’s mouth. “You have to suck hard Sarah to get anything out of such a little clitty but Mary likes her balls squeezed,” and she acted on her words, taking my balls in her other hand and crushing them in a grip I couldn’t believe was possible. It sent a chill through me and took my breath away, but the pleasurable pain was too much and I immediately squirted into Sarah’s mouth.

“Ohh!” she said and giggled, pulling back, “he’s cum so easily and there isn’t enough cream to make a coffee. Is that all he has?” My tiny eruption didn’t dribble down her chin like in pornos, but I was spent and seeing stars. Tegan was still rocking onto a couple of my fingers and my hand was wet with her juices and I felt her grip me as she moaned and then pulled away. I came back to Earth and looked up into their smiling faces. “Yes ladies,” Leonie said, “It isn’t always as straight forward as it may seem, but we try to assist our patients as best we can.”

Sarah busied herself wiping me clean and popping me back into my panties and then, giving my little shrunken button a pat, she pulled up the sheet. Leonie then turned to me and added, “Jenny said to make sure you remembered to use all the gifts she gave you as soon as you can.” She smiled and the three ladies were gone and soon I felt the real need to pee but quietly made my way into the toilet and finished the task. Shortly after that, yet another doctor came in to tell me that my results were all getting back to normal, and I would be discharged very soon and that I could get dressed.

It wasn’t long and I was in a wheelchair passing the nurse’s station where I got a cheery but professional, “Bye Mr James,” from Sarah as she brushed something from her lip with her little finger which she then wagged at me (the universal sign for a small cock), and then it was down to the departures where I was given a simple lunch and signed my discharge papers. My lift arrived and I was on my way home. A couple of recuperation days passed, and I was feeling a lot better. Every waking moment, and most dreaming ones, was filled with thoughts of Jenny and the gifts she gave me. My brain told me that I would be humiliated by her and that she would do whatever she wanted … and my fantasy brain said that was just perfect!

A couple of days of sick leave and that got me to the weekend, so I decided to make the call. I dialled the number. My nerves were jangling as I tried to figure out what to say when she answered. The phone rang and rang. I was sure she would be at work, or not available, and was just about to hang up when I heard, “Hi, this is Jenny.”

The lump in my throat was about the same size as the one in my pants, and my voice came out as a bit of a nervous whisper, “… hi Jenny, this is Mark … um Mary … I met you at hospital early this week.”

“Oh Mary! How are you feeling dear? All better?” She was so cheery and warm.

“Yes, much better thanks. I just wanted to thank you for your help.” I was sooo nervous.

“No you didn’t;” I could hear the cool laughter in her voice, “you wanted to thank me for the presents I gave you and to see me again, didn’t you?”

Her directness caught me off guard, but she was right. Before I could answer, she started with a series of rhetorical questions – she already had all the answers, “You enjoyed my presents, didn’t you? Especially my panties? They were still so warm when I put them on you. You sniffed them to remember my scent, didn’t you? You have been wearing them a lot since I last saw you … in fact you are wearing them, now aren’t you?”

There was a pause and I knew she wanted to hear me say the words, “Yes Jenny, they are lovely and feel so nice.”

“Is Mary’s little clitty a bit hard as she feels that soft material?”

“Yes bahçeşehir escort Jenny,” I murmured.

“It’s okay Mary. Are you stroking your little peepee while we chat?” She knew I would be. “And do you have the cute little plug in your boi pussy?”

Her voice was teasing and demanding at the same time, but I managed to eke out the words, “I am touching it, but I don’t have the dildo … in me.”

“Oh dear, how disappointing! Of course, that’s not a dildo silly, it’s a butt plug – my dildoes are much bigger than that,” her tone was playful but firm. “Stop touching yourself and go and get the plug and slip it in, then come back to the phone; I’ll wait!”

I knew she meant it, so it was another, “Yes Jenny,” and the phone was down as I rushed to my bedside table where I had kept her gifts. Slipping her panties down, my cock sprung up to attention as I lubed the slightly larger plastic cock and bent to slip it inside me. It was smooth and I felt little resistance, but I had practised this a few times already this week. Once into its base, my sphincter gripped the little neck and a warm glow grew inside me as I slipped her panties up over my hardon and dashed back to the phone.

As soon as I picked it up, I heard her, “Good girl … and so quick too,” she giggled. “Does that feel better?”

“Yes …”

“Good, now I want you to start stroking your cute little cock through my panties and make it cum in them; start stroking my girl … just thumb and one finger. Of course, that is about all it takes with your cute little button, isn’t that right?”

“Yes Jenny,” I gasped as I was stroking.

“You can call me Nurse Jenny because I am here to make you feel better. Does stroking yourself through my panties make you think about what my pussy would be like Mary? Keep stroking! I could tell you, if you asked nicely?”

“Please Nurse Jenny, tell me about your pussy,” I managed to stammer as my stroking pace increased and the soft material clung to the damp head of my cock.

“Good girl for asking so nicely. My pussy has a nice triangle of trimmed brown hair just above the shaven lips. My pussy lips are thick, fat and juicy that I love to have French kissed by an attentive partner who knows how to use a tongue. My clit stands up like your little cock when you have cum. Of course, your little peepee could slip between my pussy lips and it would look just like a hotdog with the thin little sausage wrapped in soft warm wet …”

“Ugghhh! Oh God!” I came listening to her description, her voice dripping sex as she gave details of all I had dreamed about for days. Nurse Jenny was totally in my head.

“Ahh good girl! Keep stroking until you are empty. Did you make my panties nice and creamy? I hope so because I want to see them later, so don’t take them off. Go and get dressed and I will text you my address. You can meet me in one hour; don’t be late!”

And she was gone! My cock softened in the wet panties and I wiped my fingers on the lacy trim. My after-orgasm brain started to kick in; what was I getting myself into? I didn’t care; after all she had already done, I had to see her pussy and whatever humiliation she put me through, I was sure it would be worth it. On later reflection, I am not so sure, but that was several hours earlier.

Only a few seconds went by and my phone beeped the arrival of a text. A quick glance said it was about a twenty-minute drive, so I had better get moving. True to her words, I didn’t change, just throwing on some slacks and a shirt and slip on boat shoes. I grabbed my keys, wallet and phone and headed to the car. How I got there in one piece I don’t know as I was daydreaming the whole time, all the possible fantasies I had ever considered could be coming true. I struggled to bring Nurse Jenny’s face back from memory although her crisp uniform and casually direct manner were very clear in my mind.

I was soon at the address, an inner suburban home with a smart, older look and well-trimmed gardens. It seemed to suit her. I pulled into the drive and was just getting out of the car when I heard her voice, “Hello Mary, don’t come in, we need to go shopping first.”

I looked up in the direction of her voice and saw the lovely tall Jenny, only not the Nurse Jenny I met in hospital. This was Hot Jenny walking down the path in tight black pants that showed off her long legs and a sexy semi-see through blouse in light blue. Her nipples stood dark and erect on her ample breasts, as they bounced, unencumbered by a bra, with every step she took toward me. The four-inch heels, and glimpse of stocking, completed the vision of loveliness and it must have showed in my expression.

“Come along Mary, mouth closed and door open!” The teasing humour in her voice was music but it brought me back as I ran around to open the passenger door for her. She stopped beside me and reached out to touch my arm as she leaned in and placed a soft warm kiss on my cheek, “Nice to see you again. Come bakırköy escort on, let’s go.”

She was soon in the car and I was reversing. “Umm, where to?” I asked.

“Don’t worry, I’ll tell you the way. Just head back to the main road.” A brief pause as I left her street and then, with her hand finding my thigh, “Are my panties comfy or a bit sticky and wet?” Her hand crept to my crotch, so I knew which pair of her panties she was asking about. I just went red-faced; “Aww that’s so cute, you’re embarrassed … but you are here, so I think you rather like it, don’t you?”

Her hand was caressing my crotch as I mumbled, “Yes, very much.”

“Good because we are going to have some fun!” I couldn’t imagine what was going to happen, but I was rising to the challenge, and she noticed. “Oh good, there he is.”

She smiled as she fondled. She sat back, lithe and sexy and her pants showed the faint outline of suspender clips on her thigh. My mind drew pictures. Her hand just stayed there, gently owning my cock, as she gave directions and we pulled into a small shopping centre about ten minutes later and got out of the car.

“Come along, we just need a few things,” and she took my hand and led me into the mall. It was clearly upmarket and had all sorts of boutiques all clustered. We walked and I followed in her wake, picking up on the wonderful perfume she was wearing and thinking how passers-by would see me as the luckiest guy around with this gorgeous woman.

“Here we are,” she smiled as she turned to look at me and pulled me into a shop. The front window simply had “Close to You” in a stylish font. We walked in and I quickly realised this was a very chic lingerie store. Jenny must have felt my hesitation as she looked around at me, “Come along silly. They don’t bite … well unless you really want them to.” She smiled and pulled me forward.

It was a good size store with only a few customers browsing and another attractive 40ish woman was at the counter. She recognised Jenny immediately and came straight to us.

“Jenny! How are you? So good to see you,” and they hugged.

“Hi Sue, doing well thanks. I just popped in for a couple of things.” It was then that Sue’s lovely face turned in my direction, “And who is this?” She looked me up and down in appraisal. It was uncomfortable; at least I thought so until I heard Jenny’s next comment.

“Oh, silly me. This is Mary; she’s my new sissy and she needs a bra and panties set.” I gasped at the words and how loudly they were said and that I was only referred to in female gender, but Sue just smiled and watched me, now professionally assessing me. “I’m not sure of the bra but she likes my panties size. She’s still wearing them from this morning.”

I didn’t know where to hide and, scanning the store, I noticed a couple of elegant women either just smiling or taking a direct interest in our conversation. “Hmm, she looks a little flushed Jen. Let’s take her to the fitting room.” And I was guided and towed to the back of the store, passing one of the customers who made eye contact with me and gave a knowing smile; through the racks of lovely looking apparel we went to a curtained area. Moving in and Sue closed the curtain behind us and then she was all business.

“So Mary, have you been fitted for a bra before? Do you know your size?”

I had no answer – curiosity had meant that I’d tried some lingerie as a teen but not much since. I had tried panties and loved how they felt but any bras I could get my hands on were all too big. I just shook my head. I’m not in top shape but not fat, though I have always had a bit of man-boob that seemed to run in my family. I was teased as a kid at school and home by brothers because I had sensitive nipples, which girlfriends and my ex used to have fun playing with and always got me hard; we’d had fun with panties but it had never been a big thing for me to wear a bra and I certainly hadn’t thought about getting a bra fitted.

“Mary could be a B cup Sue. I saw her at work.”

“Well I will measure anyway. Pop your shirt off please Mary,” she added. I was in stunned silence. “Perhaps she’s a little nervous? Is this your first fitting dear?” she smiled at me. Again, I could only nod. “How about a glass of wine to relax while we sort things out for you? Andrea…?”

She had called the name over her shoulder and from the rear of the store a younger version of Sue walked in with a small tray and a couple of glasses of champagne. Again, buxom and beautiful and about 25, she smiled at me as she offered the tray. She casually glanced over to Jenny, “Hi Jen, you’ve brought someone new for us to help. Thanks.”

“Hi Andrea, yes, this is Mary – my new sissy,” she added as she took the glasses and gave me one. I took a large gulp. “This is all pretty new to her, so I thought we’d start with some nice lingerie.”

“Good idea.” She turned to me, “You’ll look and feel wonderful Mary, I promise. I’d better get back out into the store. See you both later.” And she was gone.

A few sips more of the champers and I started to feel the bubbles do their thing. It crossed my mind to wonder what Jenny meant by ‘we’d start with some nice lingerie’. I hadn’t realised but Sue had busied herself while Andrea was there and now had a tape and notebook at the ready.

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