Not Quite the Brady Bunch Ch. 03

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Like clockwork Mike’s eyes opened at 6 am, or so he thought. It took him a few seconds to realize what was going on, to think back to yesterday evening and understand why he was being awakened by the feeling of a hand softly stroking his cock. His eyes focused in the dark room, just a sliver of light through the curtains from a street light outside illuminated the room, darker than it should have been at 6 am this time of year. He soon realized it was Emma, his 18 year old stepdaughter and new lover, lightly stroking his cock, waking him from a deep contented sleep. As his eyes focused he found her facing him, watching him as he woke.

“Hi sweety”, Mike whispered.

“Hi Daddy”, Emma whispered back, the rhythm of her hand up and down the hard shaft of his cock not changing. She reached her lips forward and kissed him softly. “I hope you don’t mind me waking you, but I couldn’t help myself” she said as she bit her lip playfully. Her hand slid down the shaft of his cock and caressed his balls.

Mike grinned, his eyes now accustomed to the low light in the room enough that he could make out the features on Emma’s pretty face. Her hair hair was still up in the pigtails that she had put it in when he had come home from school yesterday, though at this point they were a bit disheveled and uneven. Her heavy black eyeliner was smeared a bit, giving her a slightly dark look which seemed somehow fitting for the situation. Mike returned her kiss, “it’s fine sweetie, I could not imagine a better way to be woken up.” Mike looked at the digital clock on the nightstand which read 1:37, he had only been sleeping for a few hours, but enough to recharge as the stiffness of his cock would attest to.

Rolling a little onto his back gave Emma a better position to stroke his cock and she responded by sliding a leg across his, her damp and warm pussy pressing against his thigh, and getting a better grip on his shaft. He slid his arm under her neck and they began to kiss as she slowly pressed against his thigh and stroked his cock.

The two continued this for quite a while, kissing playfully, Emma giggling often, until Emma looked at Mike with a serious look. “Daddy, I want you to know, you can do anything you want to me, anything” she whispered. “I want to fulfill any desire you have. Any. I am yours.”

With that she slid down his body, pushing the covers off the bed beşiktaş escort and slid between his legs. She pushed his legs apart and ran her hand up the length of his shaft. Adding her other hand she slowly stroked his cock, then lowered her face and using the tip of her tongue licked lightly from the tip down the shaft to his balls. Her mouth surrounded one of his balls, sucking playfully. In the low light he could just see her eyes looking up at him from between his legs, but the sensation of this amazing young girls mouth sucking on his balls nearly drove him crazy.

He thought that was something until she let the balls out of her mouth and let her tongue slide further down, over the highly sensitive area between his balls and his ass, pausing just long enough to feel him shiver. Her active little tongue then slid down and flicked against his asshole. No woman had ever done that to him before and he responded with a gasp and a jump, making Emma giggle again then move her tongue faster around his asshole. All the time her hand continued to softly slide up and down the shaft of his cock.

Mike was in heaven. While he had never been a huge fan of handjobs, hell he could give himself a handjob, this was one of the most amazing sensations he’d ever had. He groaned softly pulling his legs back a bit and heard Emma giggle again as she continued licking around the rim of his asshole. Her tongue slowly slid back up and after pausing to playfully lick the underside of his balls, she gripped his cock firmly and ran her tongue up the shaft and back to the tip. Her mouth opened and her lips eased over the head of his cock and she slowly took the length of his cock into her mouth. She gagged a little as the head pressed the back of her throat, but as before kept her gag reflex in check and was able to take his full length.

Squirming now, Mike gripped the sheets of the bed. Emma was in full control and Mike could think of nothing he wanted more at that moment than to let this beautiful angel do what she wanted to him. He felt her slide up and down his cock slowly, then more urgently, could see her head bobbing up and down on his dick in the low light. Her hands slid up and gripped the base of his cock, lightly squeezing his balls and her mouth went up and down, her tongue swirling over the head each time she got to the top.

“Turn around beylikdüzü escort sweetie, let me taste you” Mike said through his moans of pleasure.

Without hesitation Emma slid herself around, straddling his face, her shins on his shoulders and quickly went back to work on his cock. She lowered her pussy down onto his face and Mike’s tongue began to swirl around her clit. Mike realized that she must have gotten out of bed while he was sleeping and cleaned herself because before they had fallen asleep he had filled her pussy with one of the biggest loads of cum he had ever produced.

Mike moaned into her pussy as she slowly but steadily slid his cock in and out of her mouth. He got into a rhythm and each time her mouth slid down his cock he would suck her clit between his lips. His hands slid down her sides and under her, fondling her small breasts, feeling her clamp down a little harder on his cock when he pinched her nipples.

Her pussy was dripping and her thin little hips were gyrating, nearly grinding against his tongue. Little Emma started to shake, he felt her hands gripping his cock harder, almost uncomfortably hard, but he wasn’t going to complain now. He was amazed at how little it took to make Emma cum, her clit was like an orgasm button. He sucked her clit harder and faster and he heard the high pitched whine that seemed to be the signal that she was going to cum.

Rather than pulling off his cock as her orgasm hit, she buried his cock in her throat. The sensation was amazing as the head of his cock was squeezed and her body convulsed with an orgasm. He tasted her pussy juice on his mouth as she exploded, her mouth slid off his cock and she screamed out “FUUUUCK YES DAAAAAAADDDDYYYYYY!!” as the intensity of the orgasm hit her.

After catching her breath for a few seconds Emma lifted herself off Mike and turned around, laying on her back beside him, spreading her legs. Mike saw the look on her face and without hesitation rolled over and slid between her legs. He sat up on his knees and taking his cock in his hand rubbed the head against her dripping pussy causing her to squeal with delight. The head slid over her clit and he rubbed his cock against her little nub making Emma squirm.

With a grin Mike let the head of his cock slide inside Emma’s warm pussy. He felt her pussy straining against beyoğlu escort the girth of his cock and grunted as he pushed the head inside her, holding it and feeling Emma clamp down. Mike pressed his cock in deeper, slowly steadily, savoring the feeling of her pussy gripping his shaft tightly. He grunted and moaned as waves of pleasure pulsed through him.

Emma lay back, her body twisting, hands grasping the sheets tightly while she pressed herself up against his cock as it sunk into her. She let out a loud cry of pleasure and pushed her head back into her pillow She felt him begin to slide his cock in and out of her, slowly at first then harder while he kneeled between her legs. Gasping for breath she reached for him “Deeper Daddy, please, Deeper”.

Mike smiled and slid forward, extending his arms and rising above her. Emma pulled her legs back and groaned as his cock sunk deeper inside her soaking wet pussy, his pelvis pressing against her clit and grinding . Emma wrapped her arms around Mike’s neck, clasping her hands behind his neck and grinding against him.

Her body began to shake again, Mike felt her pussy clenching his cock hard over and over as she began to cum again. She pulled down on him and her lips searched hungrily for his then her tongue pressed into his mouth as she moaned and squealed through her orgasm. At this point Mike was in heaven, Emma’s pussy was so wet and tight that his cock felt the pressure of her clenching around him but slid easily in and out as he fucked her.

Emma wasn’t done. As her orgasm subsided she struggled to catch her breath and continued to press up against his cock. As she recovered she started getting a rhythm again and fucked him hard. She drove up each time his cock came down into her and she pressed her legs open wider, urging him in deeper. “Yes Daddy, yes Daddy, I need your cum deep inside me” she panted.

It wasn’t long before Mike could not control it anymore. His body stiffened and he began to groan, his thrusts becoming more and more urgent. He let out a nearly breathless grunt as he thrust deep inside her and felt his cock erupt inside her. Collapsing on top of Emma, covered in sweat and barely able to breath he lay there as his cock emptied.

Emma giggled and wrapped her long thin legs around his waist, holding him inside her. “MMMM Daddy I love the feel of your cum inside me”. She moved her hips slowly and kissed him as he regained his breath. They kissed softly until Mike rolled off of her and pulled her head into his shoulder.

Kissing her forehead, Mike smiled. “You are amazing Emma.”

“Thank you Daddy” she replied. “Now get some sleep, you have to get up for work in the morning.”

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