Not in This House You Don’t!

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author’s Note: all characters are over 18. Enjoy the sexy read and comment as you see fit!


Jeff was absolutely speechless. He was simply stumped by his daughter’s glaring offer of head. He just stood there by the desk looking down at her with blank eyes.

Her beautiful, gleaming blue eyes searched deep into his for signs of any resistance or disagreement. But there were none. And to just double check her hunch about it all though, she hooked a finger under the waistband of the briefs he had on and slid it back and forth. It was then she saw his wonder stick unfold with pizazz. Now she knew for sure she was home free!

“Good boy!” Holly slapped her knee chuckling. “I’ll take that as a YES then!”

Only minutes before, he had simply made a run to the bathroom across the hall to go pee when she darted into his room to check her email. But there up on the monitor, was the online personals ad he had been drafting while getting ready to dress for work. In it he tells of how his wife of years has cut back on sex lately and, most importantly, still can’t be persuaded bahçelievler escort into giving him oral relief because she feels strongly that fellatio is degrading to women.

He ends by joking that he’d be left with no choice and would need to look to his daughter for help if he didn’t get some replies soon. It was then closed with a nasty, little yellow winking smiley.

Jeff looked on in silence as his daughter rolled her chair over before him and wiggled down his draws.

“Look…you CAN make me stop, you know!” Holly laughed devilishly as she stroked him to his full five inches.

Jeff shook his head jestingly from side to side and finally lets out a bouncy laugh.

It was all Holly ever really needed from her father. She tore open a packet of condom and dressed his pecker.

“How big is this load?” she asked, lightly poking at his balls.

Jeff drearily whispered back. “Who knows? Four…four, five months!”

“I’m sorry….I’ve lost count really!”

“Jesus Christ!” she cried. “Don’t they hurt or something?”

Before bahçeşehir escort he could answer, she came in and put his dick through her lips and started pumping away. His turgid head was soon delighted to zingy, little rhythmic blows from her killer lips.

Now having turned eighteen just four days ago on Tuesday, Holly never had a boyfriend let alone sucked a cock. But she was online a lot and learned more than enough there to do one very properly.


“Oh God, Oh Jesus!! I’m going to blow, Sweetie!”

The sweet clanking of the stationery upon the desk behind her Dad as he shook and grunted, told her that she was doing a swell job and was on target for a hot nut. She took herself off him after a final couple more blows and held him tight.

Her father didn’t disappoint her at all. He smoked up that rubber good as the tip swelled with hot, taboo blasts of his baby-making juice. It seemed like his volcano dick just wouldn’t quit.

“Come on, Dad!” Holly cheered. “Fire off every last one of bakırköy escort them shitty bastards!

The tip got to almost the size of a turnip when Jeff finished.

He threw his head back in sweet, tired exhilaration as he began to catch his breath and get himself back together after the rapturous unwind.

“Shit–that’s one sick mouth you got there, honey!”

He leaned in forward to kiss his baby girl with juicy gratitude on the forehead as she bobbed around the fun, squishy pouch on her palm.

Jeff marveled at the spunky, budding beauty before him in quiet awe. It was just unreal that what he needed so badly had been right under his nose all this time. He knew he was undoubtedly the luckiest father on Earth.

He felt very strongly at the moment though that he needed somehow to repay her for her favor.

“Say, sweetie…..what do you say if you and I go hit the mall or something later?”

“I didn’t feel like going to work this morning anyway!”

Holly was cleaning him up with a tissue after having removed the brimming condom. She shot a pair of cheesy winks at him, trying to hold back her own laughter from her cheeky response.

“Look man, I might be a dumb, little whore who lets her own fuckin’ daddy dick her slutty mouth….but please don’t get me wrong, I am nowhere even close to being a low and filthy-ass gold-digger!”

“Even I’ve got my standards, Alright?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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