Neighbors Needing Neighbors Ch. 02

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I live next door to a woman named Roxy, a single mother with 2 kids. She is very nice and chatty whenever I see her outside. Her bubbly personality is a nice relief in this crazy world. Roxy is a bigger girl but very pretty. She has short, curly red hair, pretty brown eyes, and full lips. Roxy stands about 5 foot 5 maybe, with really nice, big tits. If I had to guess I would say they were in the 44DD category. She is a chubby girl with a plump big ass. I had never really been attracted to bigger girls but I have to admit I have thought about what sleeping with a girl like that may be like.

I return home one evening and sit in my car admiring the view. Roxy is outside wearing a low cut loose top with her big tits snuggled inside of it. She is planting some flowers in the yard, the sweat on her skin glistens in the sun. I finally get out of my car and go around the back of it to pass Roxy and say hello.

“Hey Roxy, the flowers look nice.” I say.

“Thanks Shaun, I think these will brighten up the front a bit.” She replies, smiling and looking up at me.

From this angle she gives me a nice view. Her loose top over her massive tits is displaying the most glorious cleavage just for me.

“No kids around to help you tonight?” I ask looking around.

“Nope not tonight, -I can’t believe it but both of them are spending the night out.” she claims.

“Wow, I bet that doesn’t happen too often!” I reply. “So what are you doing tonight with your freedom?”

“Oh I’m not sure, but probably just relax and watch the game. There will definitely be alcohol involved though. I know that.” she says grinning.

Suddenly an idea pops in my head. “You should come over later if you want some company. We can have some drinks, shoot the shit.”

She looks up at me and bites her lip.

“That sounds like fun. Let me finish up here and get cleaned up a bit and I will swing by later.”

“Great. I’ll clean up and make the place presentable.” I say chuckling.

I continue into my house. Of course I keep the place very clean so I won’t need to tidy up at all. I’m just not a messy person. I inspect the big living room. A big couch, smaller love seat, and a chair, all covered in soft dark suede. A huge TV hangs on the wall. Plants, paintings, the whole deal up in here. I walk through the huge kitchen in shades of espresso and cream. I go back down the hall to my bedroom and change. I decide to just go with some jeans and a tee shirt. I go back into the living room and turn on the TV.

About an hour later, the doorbell rings. I turn off the TV and get up to answer the door. I open it to reveal Roxy standing on my porch. She is wearing a red loose tee shirt type top. It’s cut low to show some cleavage. She too wore jeans, hers tight around her thick hips. Instead of a purse, she carries a 6 pack of some indie beer, which she handed to me.

“Hey, I bought these for tonight so I figured I’d bring them over.” she says.

I take them from her and extend my arm out to welcome her in.

“Thanks. Come on in I will crack these open.” I say as she slips by me. “Have a seat.”

She goes and sits on the couch. I put the beer in the fridge and take two for us. I pop them open and move to the living room handing a bottle to her and then taking a seat at the other end of the couch. We were turned facing each other. We talked about our jobs, her kids, lots of things.

We talked and drank and flirted for what seemed like a good while. One thing led to another and before I know it, I was taking the fifth bottle out of her hand and putting it on the table as I move in to kiss her. We start making out, both of us sitting up at first and then I move her back into the couch cushions and kiss her hard. Her hands are running through my thick hair and all over my back.

“Mmmm I love the way you kiss.” she moans “Can we just make out canlı bahis for a while?”

“Sure we can.” I mumble.

We kiss. Our tongues explore each other’s mouths. I kiss her neck softly as she moans in delight. She bites softly on my lower lip. Up until now, my hands had been on her back. I can tell she wants to go slow so I kept everything at ease, just moving my hands up and down her sides and back. After this hot make out session I decide to test the waters, and I could only feel those giant tits against my body for so long before I just had to try to squeeze one. I let my right hand slowly go to her side and softly brush her large breast up and down with my thumb. My hand slides up and I squeeze the side of her left tit. She doesn’t move it so I decide to go further and mound my hand into the front of her tit. It feels wonderful as I squeeze and my hand just engulfs her fat tit. I thought she may be shy about her body but it seems the opposite. She knows exactly what she has and loves it.

“These feel great” I say as I squeeze her big tit.

“Why don’t you get a real feel?” Roxy said as she sits up and reaches back to undo her bra.

She follows this with lifting off her shirt and bringing the bra with it. I sit there and watch her big tits flop out. I immediately reach up both hands to fondle her. I squeeze them together, then apart, and together again before bending down and sucking a big hard nipple. She has these big nipples, lightly tan against her white skin. To say silver dollar nipples would be shrinking them a bit, but the tip was hard in my mouth. I kiss it, my lips pinching it a bit before I open my mouth and use my tongue to flick it. My mouth disconnects and I sit up and take my shirt off. I have to feel those jugs on my bare skin. I move into her and knock her back gently into the cushions. Her soft skin feels nice and smooth on my chest. I feel her hard nipples press against me as I kiss her again.

Roxy lays on her back against the couch. I am to her side a bit and I move my left leg between her legs so I am kind of straddling her right leg. I am making sure to gently move my leg back and forth against her jeans as we kiss. This action also makes her leg very aware of my big hard cock. My right hand is on her breast as we kiss and her hand is on my arm. I move my hand along her arm and we hold each other’s hand out as we kiss. I then move her hand with mine. I bring in into use and then down, placing her hand so my hard bulge fills it. I feel her lips form a smile as she starts to rub her fingers along my stretched jeans. We break the kiss and she looks into my eyes.

“Does this mean you think I’m sexy?” she asks.

“Oh I think you are very sexy.” I answer.

“I’ve seen the girls that come in here. I didn’t think I would be your type.” she says.

“The only type I have is beautiful and you are simply stunning.” I declare.

She grins and then kisses me hard. Her hands are on my waistline, unbuttoning me. She unzips with one hand as the other reaches in and maneuvers out my hard cock. I am looking at her face as her hand explores the full girth and length of me.

“Oh my!” she states simply.

I go back to kiss her but then lead her up as I sit back. Roxy gets up and onto her knees beside me. My cock in her hand, she kisses me while stroking it. Before I know it her mouth detaches and her head moves to my lap. I close my eyes as I feel her lips connect to the tip of my cock. She opens her wet lips and engulfs my cock head inside of her mouth. I look down and see her head bob up and down as sucks on my cock.

“I want to get a good look at this.” I say as I lay on my back.

I lie down on my back against the other side of the couch. Roxy is on her knees, bent down between my legs. I look down at her sexy lips as they slide up and down my cock. She looks up at me and our eyes lock. bahis siteleri I smile as she looks back down and takes my cock deep into her throat. Her nose touches my skin and her chin rests on my balls as my cock disappears completely in her mouth.

“Oh my god!” I state as she pops her head back up.

“You like my skills?” she asks grinning.

“I do.” I reply “Do you want to take this to the bedroom?”

“Sure.” she says.

I stand up and take her hand. Holding her hand I lead her to the bedroom. I lay her on the bed and place myself on top of her, our bodies entwined. We make out some more for a few minutes as our hands explore each other. I am straddling her as we kiss until I move down and suck her nipples and then bury myself in her big tits. I move lower and kiss down her big tummy and when I get to her jeans I use my hands to unbutton them. I open the fly to reveal some pink and red striped panties. I reach down with my lips and kiss the panties right above her pussy. I can feel her wonder button under the fabric so I pinch it a bit with my lips, teasing it before getting up and peeling off her jeans.

She slides off her panties and spreads her legs grinning at me. I take the hint, and move between her legs. My head lowers down and I press my lips against her wet pussy. My tongue comes out to lick up her juices because Roxy is dripping wet and my tongue dances around her soft pussy lips. I feel her clit and circle it with the tip of my tongue then I apply just enough pressure to elicit sensual moans from her head on the pillows. My arms wrap around her thick thighs as I eat her out. Her skin presses up against my ears. My lips collide and kiss her clit. Her breathing becomes more erratic, so I continue on my path until her body quivers around me.

“Ohhh Fuck!” she moans as I bring her to orgasm with my mouth.

I stop and sit up on my knees, smiling down at her. Her skin glistens with sweat and her big supple breasts lay flat against her chest. I take my fingers and slide them softly along her legs.

“Was that an orgasm for me?” I ask.

“Yes but don’t flatter yourself. I can cum easily from oral. What I really need is your big cock in me.”

I grin slyly as I bend down and kiss her lips. My mouth still slick with her juices, she gives her tongue to me in a passionate kiss. I rear back up kneeling straight and reach over in my nightstand for a condom. As I grab it she puts her hand on my arm.

“You don’t have to use that if you don’t want to. I can’t get pregnant anymore.” she says.

“Oh well let’s just forget about it then.” I reply as I toss the condom aside.

I grab my thick cock in my right and rub the tip all up and down her wet pussy. I apply some pressure and the tip penetrates her pleasure threshold. A little harder and the head disappears inside of Roxy’s slick cunt. I pull it out and tease her by rubbing it against her lips before sliding it in again. This time her juices have lubbed me up so my cock slides in past the head to a spot about halfway down my shaft. I pull out one more time. By now my hands are on the bed, my wrists touching her thick love handles. I pull my cock back again and then slide it in slowly. My cock slips in, past the head, past the halfway mark, to the base of my long cock.

Her pussy feels so warm and delightful surrounding my cock. I look at her face and it mirrors mine in pleasure. As I kneel between her legs with my cock buried deep in her cunt I bend down and kiss her lips. Our tongues collide as I start to apply some rhythm to my hips. My cock starts to slide in and out of her gushing wet pussy.

“You are so tight.” I declare as I fuck her.

“Fuck me hard Shaun.” she shoots back. “Fuck my tight pussy!”

I smile as I slide up onto my knees; my cock still entrenched in her. I stick straight up and reach down to grab her giant tits. My bahis şirketleri hands slide down her tummy to rest on her inner thighs and I hold then there as I start to thrust slowly. My tempo increases and my cock slides in and out, massaging the inside of her pleasure cavity. Pretty soon I am jamming her wet pussy hard and fast. My hands squeeze her thick thighs as I fuck her. She is moaning louder and louder as my pace quickens. Her tits bounce up and down with her body.

“Oh fuck, fuck yes. Give it to me Shaun!” she shouts.

I oblige. Slamming against her fat ass and pussy as my cock creates friction and heat. My balls are slapping against her ass cheeks. Sweat gleams down my chest and arms. Roxy has her eyes closed moaning in delight. She opens them and looks into mine.

“Let me ride you.” she whispers.

“MMmm baby yeah.” I moan.

I slide out of her and move to my back as she slides up and to the side. My hard dick stands erect and she grabs hold of it sticking it in her mouth. Her mouth is a warm cave of wonder as her tongue slides along the bottom of my shaft. She takes her head up as she moves up and slips one leg over me. With one hand she guides my cock to her glorious hole. She leans into it and slides down my shaft. Her warm, wet pussy is a welcome place I had started to miss.

Roxy bends down and we kiss some more as she starts to grind on me. Her hips move like some symphony as my cock slips and slides around inside of her. She sits up and gives me a great view of her tits hanging down. I bend up and lock my lips to one of her nipples. I suck one, then the other and then look up at her pretty face and we kiss some more. My hands find their way to her big tits and I squeeze them as she bounces up and down on my cock.

Roxy rests as she puts her hands on my chest and gently pushes me to my back. With her hands on my chest as leverage she starts to grind on my cock. I can feel her clit rubbing against my shaft as she conducts a dance that will lead her to orgasm again. I look up at her face and her eyes are closed as she concentrates on getting the right rhythm, grinding to her finish line. Her breathing becomes more erratic. Short small breaths pass her lips along with hurried moans.

“Ugh, ugh, ugh. Oh fuck yes, yes, yesss.” she hisses.

Her little sounds emit as I feel her body begin to quiver again.

“OH Shaun! OH FUUUUUCK!” she cries out as she reaches her plateau.

Her body shudders in delight on top of me. She collapses down onto my chest and we kiss again. Her big tits glide around my sweaty chest.

“You want to cum in me?” she asks.

“Let me take you from behind.” I tell her.

Roxy gets up and rest her hands on the bed. Her ass is sticking out and she slowly moves her head down and her ass rises up in the air. I kneel behind her and squeeze her ass cheeks. As I squeeze I maneuver the tip of my penis to her dripping wet pussy. The product of her orgasm lets me enter her with ease. I start pumping hard right away; hard and fast. Roxy is grunting into the pillows as I jam my thick hard cock deep within her. Her big ass cheeks cushion my hips as I thrust. Her warm tight pussy cradles my thick cock with every pump.

“I’m gonna cum.” I say with my eyes closed and my head back.

“Do it, cum in me Shaun.” I hear her whisper.

I give one final thrust deep inside of her as my warm cum spurts out and fills her pussy. I linger deep in her as load after load unleashes from my cock. I finish and then collapse on the bed beside her. She lies on her side and looks at me and I reach over to kiss her sweet lips.

“Do you want to stay the night?” I ask.

“That depends on if we do more of that.” she replies with a smile.

“Well I certainly don’t think there will be much sleeping.” I tell her as I run my fingers along her sexy curves. “You have a sexy body.” I tell her.

She smiles at me, “Thanks Shaun, you make me feel all kinds of good.”

I pull her into my kiss and we make out till we’re ready for round two. Round two of what I’m hoping is a lot more this night.

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