Neighbor Rules – The Trial

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Author’s Note: I have written a lot over the years, but this is my first attempt at writing a story in the first person. Any mistakes, typos etc. are on me. This chapter, at least, moves at a bit slower pace than some of you like/want but this is how it came out when I was writing it. I do appreciate any constructive feedback. If the feedback is generally positive I will continue the thread.

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Taking a short break from my normal Saturday morning chores, I walked into the kitchen to grab a bottle of water and cool off, when I get there I see Renee on the phone talking with someone. Even listening to only half the conversation, always a bit of a challenge, it quickly became evident that she was talking either with Mandy or Leah. The three of them were best friends, confidants, constant companions, communicating either by phone or text several times a day. Not having any idea how long this call would last, I opened the fridge grabbed a bottle of water and headed back outside to finish cutting the grass.

Fifteen or so minutes later I looked up and Renee was on the deck waving at me. I shut off the mower and walked over to the deck. Renee said, “Leah has invited Mandy and I over for coffee this morning, can you watch the kids for a bit”. “Of course.” I said. It was a Saturday morning they most likely were not even out of bed yet, and if they were they were camped in front of the TV. We had two kids a boy and a girl aged 12 and 14 respectively, at this age watching them meant mostly making sure they didn’t burn down the house. I turned around and went back to cutting the grass.

Later that morning I came back into the house after finishing the lawn. The kids were in the kitchen rummaging through the fridge looking for something to eat. I left them to sort breakfast out on their own and I headed out to the garage to work on a couple of other projects that I had planned to accomplish that morning. After another hour or so, projects finished, I headed black into the house and went upstairs to take a shower.

I got out of the shower wrapped a towel around me and headed into the bedroom, there I see Renee sitting on the bed. “How are Mandy and Leah?” I asked. “We are all going out next Friday night, dinner and dancing.” Renee said with a bit of a grin on her face. I couldn’t help but roll my eyes at the thought of that. Not at the company or the dinner but the dancing, that was something Renee loved, and I tolerated. She added, “Trust me on this you will enjoy it.” Perhaps more begrudgingly than I really meant I told her it sounded like fun and being honest with myself I did like hanging out with the other two couples.

She stood up and walked over reached her hand into the seam of the towel, quickly found my semi erect cock and started stroking me gently. At the same time, she leaned in and darted her tongue in and out of my ear a couple of times, which immediately got me hard, whispering in a raspy voice she says. “Mike, trust me on this.” After that encounter I thought perhaps I ought to reconsider my view on dancing, at least in the short term. Just as I was about to reach out to start to pull her into me she pulls her hand away kisses me on the cheek and starts to leave looking back at me over her shoulder and says, “Hurry up and get dressed, we promised to take the kids to the zoo today.” About all I could do was mutter a bit under my breath and get dressed.

Over the next several days I pressed her for more information but all she would say was “be patient” and “trust me.” In the end I decided she was not going to share any more information, so I let it go, well as much as I could given the circumstances. I was, however. mentally counting down to Friday.

The three couples have been friends now for 4 or 5 years, the friendships started mostly around various school activities. We were all in our mid 40’s and were at a point where we were very comfortable with who we were. Over the years we have become a fairly close-knit group, and now we typically get together once or twice a month for various activities cookouts, pool parties, birthday parties, etc.

While there has been assorted innuendos and some occasional wondering hands between the couples for the most part the interactions between us has been at best PG rated. And while we have all been comfortable with the way things have progressed over the years there has been a subtle but ever so increasing level of sexual tension. I think most, if not, all of us have noticed it, but nobody seemed to know how to raise the issue to the broader group.

Eventually we managed to make it to Friday. I was downstairs waiting for her to emerge from the bedroom, she had quickly shooed me out of there once I had finished dressing. While she was finishing getting dressed I ran the kids over to their school for a dance/lock in evening. Returning home, I was sitting on the couch half watching a bit of the Red Sox game, my mind wondering at what the evening might entail. Hearing footsteps on the stairs I snapped back to the present and looking up and saw Renee walking down the stairs and she pendik escort looked great. She was wearing a simple knee length black dress, black heals and some simple jewelry.

As she got closer I got the distinct impression that she wasn’t wearing a bra that night. I thought to myself that was interesting, it happened occasionally when we were hanging around the house but usually not on our formal nights out. As Renee liked to say she was an “A+/B- student her whole life and she had the breast size to match.” Despite the two kids and her age, 44 her breasts had stayed firm and perky, so it is not always obvious when she isn’t wearing a bra.

From my perspective what they lacked in size was more than offset by their sensitivity, her nipples stood out about 3/4 of an inch when she was turned on and they were amazingly sensitive when you played with them. On occasion she has even been able to cum just by my sucking and nibbling on her nipples. She was tall, 5’10” or so, and lean. She had played volleyball in high school and college. After all these years she was probably within 10 pounds or so of her playing weight. She also possessed an amazing ass, and really knew how to use it to elicit the desired response from me. All in all, I had no complaints.

We were standing in the kitchen waiting for Steve and Leah to arrive, they had offered to drive this evening. They lived just a couple of streets over from our house she we usually took turns driving when we were all going out. John and Mandy on the other hand lived on the other side of town so we typically met them at our final destination.

As we were waiting Renee places something in my hand and says, “Here this is for you.” Looking down I saw a small black box with a simple Off-Low-Med-High switch on its side, it was currently set to Off. With a slightly puzzled look on my face I asked, ” What is this.” Renee responds, “It’s a remote control.” “For what?” I ask. “For a wireless vibrator” she says, continuing “I am wearing one now.” I look at her sill somewhat puzzled. “When the three of us got together to talk about tonight this is what we came up with as a way to add a little bit of spice to the evening.” I am pretty sure I had a shocked look on my face after she said that. After some initial stuttering I was finally able to ask, “So this is for your vibrator.” Renee blushed a bit and said, “Well no, it is for one of the others.” “Which one?” I asked.

“To be honest I don’t know. Earlier today we mixed them all up, so I don’t know who has my remote control or who yours controls. I just know that it isn’t mine.” Continuing she says “There are also three rules that we agreed go along with the remotes for the evening; first the only two settings you can use are off and low, second you can’t use it until we are all together, and third we like the notion that we don’t know who has our remote control, ultimately, I am sure we will figure it out but part of the fun for us is the not knowing. We want you guys to play along. OK?” I was thinking I am not sure how this will all work out, but I quickly agree to the rules. In the back of my mind I am thinking this is going to be a very interesting evening.

I had opened my mouth to ask another question when we heard a horn which signified that Leah and Steve were in the driveway waiting for us. I shrugged a bit to myself, put the remote in my pocket, opened the door and Renee and I headed out and got into the backseat of their car for the ride to the restaurant.

Ridding in the backseat my mind was thinking through all that has happened this evening, subconsciously I reach into my pocket and finger the remote thinking it might be easy now to see if I have Leah’s remote, but I had agreed to the rules for the evening and I did not want to do anything that might screw it up. I played it straight took my hand out of my pocket and enjoyed the ride.

We soon reached the restaurant and as we exit the car and start walking toward the door I get my first look at what Leah was wearing. Given all that has happened so far this evening it was probably not a coincidence that she was dressed a lot like Renee, mid length simple black dress, heals, etc. The one difference being, she appeared to be wearing a bra, I made a mental note to check on that later.

Steve and Leah met in law school and like us had two kids. Steve was smaller than John or I and lean. Despite his size he was fiercely competitive and always up for a challenge. Leah is 5’5″ and slight like Steve, she has longer black hair and a slightly Asian look to her features. While I was hardly an expert I would put her chest size at a C, and like Renee they were well proportioned to the rest of her body. She was also very outgoing and played the role as the unofficial leader of the three wives. Steve was a lawyer in one of the big law firms downtown and Leah worked for a non-profit.

As we are walking from the parking lot we meet up with John and Mandy. Not surprisingly Mandy was dressed very similarly to the other two ladies. We exchange pleasantries and head into the restaurant. John and Mandy had met in kartal escort college, John was a football player at one of the larger universities in the southeast and Mandy had been a cheerleader. John was 6’2″ and despite his age was still in great shape, he had played tight end in college and he worked hard to maintain his physical condition. Mandy was 5’6″, shoulder length blond hair usually pulled back in a ponytail, she had put on a few pounds over the years but still was very attractive. Her breast size was similar to Leah’s.

We enter the restaurant and are quickly seated by the hostess at our table which thankfully, turned out to be a table near the back of the restaurant. I think we were all somewhat relieved that we were not in the center of the room given the circumstances, some privacy might help us feel a bit more comfortable. We placed our drink order, and all settled in for a nice dinner. I think we were all a bit nervous to begin with but once the drinks arrive we all begin to relax and enjoy the evening. Dinner progressed very normally aside from a few knowing glances between the guys and there were a couple instances where one or another of the wives gasped in mid-sentence much to the amusement of the rest of us. By the end of the dinner I was pretty sure that I had Leah’s remote but in keeping with the rules, I kept that info to myself. While I had been looking I was not sure who had Renee’s so it would seem that the other two guys were also following the rules.

As we finished dinner the ladies excused themselves and headed to the ladies’ room. The guys stayed behind and continued chatting awaiting their return, we all seemed to be enjoying how the evening was progressing. Before long the three wives returned to the table, at which point Renee suggested we move over to the attached night club for the aforementioned dancing part of the evening. Renee grabbed my hand and we started heading that way.

This was the first chance we had had to check in with each outer in private. “So” I asked “how are you doing?” “It was a bit awkward to begin with but as dinner progressed I started really getting into it and enjoying the teasing. I must admit that it is doing a great job of turning me on.” I smiled. “Do you have any idea who has your remote?” I asked. She shook her head no. She asked if I knew whose I had, and I said, “I think so” and smiled.

She shared then that the 3 of them spoke in the ladies’ room and they all agreed that we can now use the low and medium settings when we are in the night club. I looked at her and she just smiled back and squeezed my hand and we entered the night club. Looking over my shoulder at the other two couples it appeared they were all having what I assumed, were similar conversations. We ended up seated similarly to how we were at dinner, at a table off to the side of the dance floor.

After another round of drinks were ordered Renee grabbed me by the hand and we headed out to dance. Just as we got to the dance floor the DJ switched to a slow song. So, she put her arms around me and we started to slow dance. Almost as soon as we started to dance I felt her lurch and gasp in my ear. “Are you Ok/” I asked. “Oh yes” she replied “I now know what medium feels like.” She said and smiled. As we were dancing I felt her breathing start to increase, she was clearly enjoying herself. After another minute she frowns a bit and mutters “Damn” I look at her quizzically “I was just about to cum, when it was turned off. I don’t know yet who has it, but they are doing an excellent job of keeping me on edge without letting me finish. I am getting incredibly turned on”. She replied. Again, I smiled and shrugged my shoulders. At this point the song ended and Renee said she needed to sit down for a minute taking my hand we headed back to the table.

Once back at the table I slip my hand into my pocket and pull out the remote control. I had set it to low when we left the restaurant and left it there. Keeping it well hidden from view of the others I wanted to have some fun now. The first step was to verify that I indeed had Leah’s remote control. The first thing I did was turn it off and I left it off for 5 min or so, then while I was looking directly at Leah I switched it quickly to Medium at which point I see a visible gasp from Leah. Confirming my earlier suspicions, I slide the switch back to low and sit back and watch the others. I suspect at this point all the guys knew whose remote they had, but they were all being very discrete with their actions doing their best keep the ladies guessing.

Renee and I again got up and headed out to the dance floor. And just like the last time her vibrator was set to medium but was switched back to low before she could cum, getting her even more frustrated. I thought it was pretty funny which just get her madder. Following her continued frustration, we headed back to the table to join the rest of the group.

After 10 min or so Renee’s frustration had abated somewhat, and she began to get back into the spirit of the evening. After the break, as Renee and I were getting up to dance maltepe escort again, she did love to dance, I slipped my hand into my pocket and thought two can play at this game and moved Leah’s controller to medium and left it there. Doing my best to keep an eye on Leah while I was dancing with Renee I notice she is beginning to squirm a bit more visibly in her chair, after another minute or two I slipped my hand into my pocket and flipped the controller to off. Looking a bit frustrated she grabs Steve’s hand and leads him out onto the dance floor. As she passes us she catches my eye and gives me a little wink and a smile. As the song ends, Renee and I head back to our table.

Returning to the table I position my chair, so I can keep an eye on Leah and Steve who are still on the dance floor. At this point I slid the controller to low and looked for a reaction, seeing a slight shutter I smiled to myself and sat back and enjoyed the game. When the DJ played another slow song, Steve took Leah into his arms, I moved the controller back to off and left it there. At which point I looked over to see what Renee was doing and I see that John was talking to Renee and she was nodding her head. She stood up and leaned into me and whispering in my ear “John and I are going to dance, I am pretty sure he has my remote.” A million thoughts run through my mind, but I just smile and tell her to have fun.

As I am watching Renee and John head out to dance, Steve and Leah returned to the table where Leah sat down, and Steve headed off to the restroom. After a couple minutes watching the others dance Leah comes over and grabs my hand and says let’s go out and dance. I figure why not and happily follow her lead and we head out to the dance floor. As we start to dance I notice that Renee and John are on the other side of the dance floor, and Renee seems to be saying something to John. Just then Leah leans in closer and says, “You are doing a great job keeping me turned on.” I give her my best “I don’t know what you are talking about look” and in return she gave me her best “I am not an idiot look.” At which point all I could do was smile.

I look up and see that Steve has returned from the men’s room and is leaning over and talking to Mandy. I see her stand up and they both head toward the dance floor joining the rest of us. I smile it seems that all the tormentors are now dancing with those they have been tormenting all evening. As I looked around the room at the other two couples and Leah it appeared everybody seemed pretty content with the way the evening was progressing.

Returning my focus to dancing with Leah I slip my hand into my pocket and move the switch back to medium. She just smiles, and we continue to dance. With almost perfect timing the DJ moves to another slow song we moved in close and placed our arms around each other and enjoyed moving to the music.

Remembering my earlier comments discretely as I can I run one of my hands along the back of her dress, yes, she was wearing a bra. Not being fooled at all by my move she whispers in my ear “Yes sorry that is the one difference between what I am wearing and what Renee is wearing.” Smiling she continues, “I can’t get away with not wearing one as easily as Renee can.” Remembering the thong, I saw laid out on the bed as Renee was kicking me out of the bedroom I immediately began imagining how Leah would look in one.

After a minute or so I noticed her breathing was increasing and she held me even tighter. As the song was nearing the end I felt a small shudder and she almost went limp in my arms for a moment or two. As she regained her composure I asked if she had cum. She tilted her head slightly looked me in the eye and just smiled. I moved the remote back to low as we walked back to the table. She turned and whispered in my ear, “Thank you.” At this point I wasn’t sure of she was thanking me for the dance or for helping her cum or for turning the vibrator down to low, so I just nodded.

Walking back to the table Renee and John met us on the way. Looking at Renee she looked happy but perhaps a bit frazzled. Just as the 4 of us return to the table we are joined by Steve and Mandy. Steve suggests “I think it’s time we all head home.” We all quickly agreed and settled our tab and started heading out.

We all stopped in the parking lot said our good buys to John and Mandy and the four of us headed off to Steve and Leah’s car for the ride home. Again, Renee and I were relegated to the back seat.

As we were pulling out of the parking lot I felt Renee’s hand squeeze mine tightly and noticed she was biting her lip. A couple of minutes later she slid a bit closer and reached over and unzipped my fly and reached her hand in and began stroking my cock. It did not take long given all the sexual tension generated this evening for me to be rock hard. At this point she leaned over pulled my erect cock out of my pants and took me fully in her mouth. Now I started biting my lip, I wasn’t going to last if she kept this up for much longer. I glanced up and saw that Leah had turned around in her seat and was watching intently. Our eyes met and all I could do was smile. I tried to reach my hand up under her dress, but she just pushed it away. Just as I was about to reach the point of no return we pulled into our driveway, quickly sitting up Renee helped me put everything back where it belonged and get me zipped back up.

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