My Sisters Pt. 02: Bethany

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I had barely walked through the door to Beth’s place when she jumped on me. Literally. She ran across the room and leaped onto me. Fortunately I am a big bloke and Beth is quite slight, so I was able to withstand the impact. She wrapped her arms around my head and entwined her legs about my torso, and she hugged me like a boa constrictor.

“Danny Danny Danny Danny!” she said, so excited she could hardy get the words out. “Danny Danny Danny!” I just stood there being swallowed up.

She released the pressure of her arms so my head could find some air, but she remained locked to me by her legs. She leaned away from me and looked me in the eyes. She was flushed red and she had the widest smile I have ever seen.

“You’re going to fuck me, aren’t you?” she said. “You are, I know you are. Claire said. And wow, you fucked her, how wow is that, wow, you fucked Claire, that’s…that’s…Oh Danny Danny Danny Danny, I’m so excited, you’re going to fuck me, and in the ass! Oh wow, in the ass, I’ve never done that, well I have, but not with anyone else, you know, but you, you’re going to take my ass virginity, I’m so happy it’s you, my little brother. Oh wow!” And with that she paused to take breath. She sighed. “I’m so excited.”

“Hello Beth,” I said. “You can get down now.”

“Aren’t you excited, Dan? Aren’t you? And a million dollars! A million! That’s like, that’s…” and she looked at me. “Fuuuuck!” she cried. “I don’t know what’s more exciting, your cock up my ass or a million dollars. Yes I do, there’s no debate, one million dollars, Dan! That’s huge,” she said. And she jiggled up and down. “Mind you, little brother, the thought of having your big hard cock up my ass is also pretty exciting, I must say. Claire said you are big and you squirt a lot.”

“Did she?” I said. “What else did she say?”

“That you’re beautiful and strong and that I should let you fuck me for the money.”

“She said that?”

Beth grinned. “No, not really! I made it up. Hah!”

And with that she released her legs and jumped off me. And then I could take a look the glorious, lovely, mischievous person that is my sister Bethany. She is the most easy-going of the three sisters, most lively, most fun, and also the most unreliable, forgetful, and irritating sister you could ever hope for. She looks a lot younger than she is, she must be twenty six now, but she has a youthful vitality about her which can make her seem little more than a teenager. She’s still asked for identification at night clubs and bars, something she takes a delight in. She’s had string of boyfriends but none seems to last very long, I think she just wears them out. She’s bubbly, that’s what she is, she has a bubbly personality that finds the world an endlessly exciting and invigorating place, and she’s determined to explore every aspect of it. Including, it would seem, incestory anal sex with her brother. I wasn’t about to complain.

Beth had skipped away to the couch on the other side of the living room. She had a tastefully decorated house, lots of pastel colours and whites and creams, lots of fine furniture and fittings. She had done well in finance in the company she worked for, and they paid her handsomely. I think Claire helped her with the house decoration, she’s the sophisticated one.

“Do you want to see it?” said Beth.

She was wearing faded jeans and a loose white blouse, almost a cheesecloth, through which I could see a lacy white bra. Her dark hair was loose, cut to fall on her shoulders. She had a habit of flicking her hair around her face, and then peering at you through the fallen hair. Very sexy. If you like that sort of thing.

“See what?” I asked.

Beth jumped onto the sofa and did a couple of bounces, then stopped and looked at me. She started to undo the buckle of her belt.

“My ass hole,” she said.

Now that’s not a question I get asked all that often. You might think it would be, having the sexual orientation I have, asses tend to feature heavily in gay relationships, but surprisingly that particular question does not often crop up. Queries about cocks often do, and balls, and buttocks, but ass holes, well, they’re sort of there to be used and offers of viewing and inspection are far and few between. I don’t suppose it features much in straight relationships either.

Before I could answer Beth spoke again.

“You can’t touch. Just look.” She peered at me. She was slowly pulling the belt out of her jeans. “Yes or no?”

I stood looking at her. I still don’t know what the right answer should have been to that question, but luckily for me Beth decided for me. She was never a good one with a pregnant pause, she had to rush in and fill the void.

“I’m going to show you anyway, brother, I want you to see me before we fuck. You can’t do the job sight unseen, can you? And then I’ll be happy to know that you know where to go.” She grinned.

I burst out laughing. I laughed. And laughed. And laughed. The phrase ‘wet myself’ comes to mind but men don’t tend to do that, şişli üniversiteli escort only girls, but you get the gist. Beth watched me, slowly undoing her jeans. She was smiling so I don’t think she was upset by my behaviour. I slowly calmed down, but had to sit to avoid falling down.

“Oh Beth, you are priceless,” I said. “I don’t think I’m likely to forget where to go. It’s sort of what I do, remember?”

“Yeah I know, but, well, everyone’s different, aren’t they?”

“Not really,” I said. “An ass hole is an ass hole. Some are big, some are small, some are hairy, some are shaved, some taste sweet, some don’t, some are a joy to fuck, some, well, some just suck.”

“Oh,” she said. She looked disappointed. I felt sorry for her. She was just being nice, probably a little nervous herself, a little over excited. She was always on the edge of that anyway.

“Actually, sis, I’d love to see your ass hole. We may as well get acquainted,” I said. She smiled. I took a step towards her. “In fact, why don’t we just, you know, get on with it? No time like the present?” At that she jumped up.

“Oh no, not yet, we can’t fuck yet.”

“Why not?” I asked, puzzled.

She looked at me. “Because…”

“Because?” I asked.

“Dan. Don’t be cross, or angry, you promise you won’t be?”

“What are you up to, sis?”

She sat down again, and looked at me.

“Well,” she said, “after Claire rang and explained everything, I got to thinking that we should have some fun, you know, not just in-out-job-done-collect-the-money but have some fun in the doing of…it. You know?”

“That’s what Claire said,” I said.

“See! That’s what Claire said, exactly. And you had fun doing her, didn’t you?”

I nodded. “Sure did,” I said.

“There you are. So, same with me.” She looked at me through her loose hair. Her erotic glance didn’t work on me.

“So what are you saying, Beth?”

Beth stood up and walked over to where I was standing. Her unfastened jeans stayed in place, held up by her wide hips. She had undone the zip, giving me a glimpse of pink knickers. What is it with sisters flashing their knickers at me?

“I’ve, um, I’ve asked a friend to join us.” She peered up into my face. She gave me a big smile.

“A friend?” I said. She nodded.

“It’ll be a threesome. I’ve never done that. It’ll be fun.”

I stood staring at her. She tried the glance-through-the-hair look but I wasn’t having it, I put my hand to her face and pushed the hair aside so I could see both her eyes. I looked at them intently, trying to read them. She had beautiful eyes, like her sisters, dark brown and deep and intense. Beth’s also contained that edge of mischievousness, there was a little turn at the corners which suggested laughter, or amusement. She was a peach, my sister Bethany, and I loved her dearly. I felt the urge to fuck her, right there and then.

“What friend?” I said.

Beth smiled, and then did a little jump and she clapped her hands together.

“Thank you, Danny, Danny, thank you!” and she reached up and kissed me on the lips.

“I didn’t say yes,” I said.

“You didn’t say no, which means yes!” she said.

“Maybe,” I said.

“You’ll love my friend,” said Beth.

“What’s her name?” I asked. This was getting complicated. Fucking three women was quite enough, but four? Perhaps I should ask for more money from Thomas, he’d no doubt be highly amused at this turn of events.

“Lou. We’ve got a few minutes before Lou gets here, I said 12.30, so if you want to inspect my ass, it’s now or never.” And without further ado, Beth pulled down her jeans and bent over, right in the middle of the living room.

There’s a phrase about being between a rock and a hard place, this didn’t quite apply here because you could not by any stretch of the imagination call my sister’s knicker-clad bottom a ‘hard place,’ in fact quite the opposite as I was about to find out, but it was a moment where I had nowhere to go. Beth had trapped me, like a skilful chess player, maneuverer me to exactly where she wanted me to be. Clever girl, I thought, I have no choice other than to do exactly what she wants. So I turned my attention to her bottom.

There was a time, not so many years ago, that my idea of heaven would have been exactly where I was now… on my knees behind a girl in pink knickers who was bending over, thrusting her bottom towards me. This is a moment for clear decision-making, a make-or-break moment where you discover if you have read the mood right. Is it time for fingers, or nose, or mouth, or tongue? Should you stroke, or pinch, or lick, or slap? What do you do with the knickers… do you kiss them, lower them slowly, rip them off, push them in, pull them aside? What do you say while you’re doing all these things? Do you engage cock? And if so, at what point? And where do you put it? So many decisions! I guess I have got it right more often than wrong, which means I have had as many taksim anal yapan escort successful fucks as aborted ones. This moment wasn’t quite so momentous because there was a clear purpose to the activity, and it was not going to go any further. Well, not at this moment at least.

Beth reached behind with both her hands and pushed a finger under the elastic of her knickers. I swatted her hands away.

“I’m quite capable of that, sister,” I said. Beth wiggled her bottom. “Coming down now,” I said. That would not have been a winning comment on other occasions!

I slowly eased the knickers down Beth’s bottom, exposing inch by inch the soft pink skin of her buttocks. It was a delightful sight. Like Claire, and Jilly, Bethany was a beautiful female specimen which meant that every part of her was perfect. I had found this to be the case with some men too, and it doesn’t matter what your sexual orientation, beauty is beauty and all you can do is look and marvel at it. Admittedly my preference at this stage would be for a gorgeous and swollen cock to appear sitting pretty atop two shaved, perfectly spherical balls, but my sister had none of these attributes so I was more than happy with the appearance of the dark, inviting gap in which my chosen target was hidden, and then, moving down, the first traces of pubic hair from around my sister’s pussy. Mental note to self, just for interest’s sake – how shaved are my three sisters? I knew Claire retained some hair, I had seen that just a few hours ago. It looked like Beth did the same, no doubt I would discover more shortly. And if all went to plan I would be right into Libby’s cunt in a few hours’ time, so all would be revealed. I could of course just ask them, but where’s the fun in that?

Beth was wiggling her bottom again as I pulled the knickers down further, and as I got to the part where I would have exposed her pussy completely, she brought her hands round and put them on top of mine.

“Far enough! You can see the rest later! Brother. Now just stay there, I’ll do the rest.”

She slipped her hands onto her bottom, positioned them about halfway down, and then slowly pulled her buttocks apart, exposing her anus (what a horrible word!) fully to my gaze.

As I keep on saying, my sisters are beautiful women, and every part of them reflects that beauty. Bethany’s bottom, anus, ass hole, was also a beautiful specimen. It was a perfect little whorl, slightly darker in colour than the surrounding skin, but not markedly so like some I have seen, it sat in its own little valley between her bottom cheeks, and there was a lovely run of smooth skin leading down to her pussy. She had a few hairs there but not many, everything was entirely visible. Some ass holes have little skin blemishes, like little growths, but Beth’s did not, hers was perfect in shape and dimension and appearance.

“Well,” she said, “what do you think?”

“It’s delightful,” I said. “A lovely ass hole, Beth.”

“You still want to fuck me there?” she asked.

But before I could answer, another male voice spoke.

“I tell you what darling, if he doesn’t, I will,” it said.

I looked round. There was a man standing just behind the sofa, tall and blonde, wearing a skin tight black shirt and black leather jeans.

“Hello sweetie,” he said, “you must be the brother? I’m Count Louis, most people call me Lou. Anything I can do for you folks?”

There certainly was. His cock was as big if not as beautiful as mine and it slid in and out of my body for the next hour. Beth was a bit of a spectator as Lou and I fucked each other, she would join in when she felt like it or she had something to contribute, or offer, like a hot wet pussy to park a cock when it was not in an ass or a mouth. There was sperm all over the house, and the clothing. It got a bit messy when Lou found the squirty cream, but Beth put a stop to that with a well-aimed flick of the towel aimed at Lou’s cock. He screamed, then came all over the bathroom mirror. Lou made me lick it off which I thought was a bit unfair, but I got my own back when I tied him up with his own belt and then peed all over his face. Beth’s face-sit finished him off, he became meek as a lamb after that.

This was all good fun and Beth was right, a threesome can be wonderful, but I was conscious of the time and that I hadn’t yet achieved what I had come here to achieve. Beth’s ass hole remained resolutely unfucked and my million dollars was no closer. It was time to remedy that situation.

I found Beth sitting in the living room listening to her ipod. She was lying on the sofa wearing a bra but no knickers. Lou was in the bathroom having a bath, surrounded by bubbles and a dozen plastic ducks which he was swimming round and round his cock, which remarkably was still erect. I started to wonder if he had some of my genes, because my member had remained hard all afternoon, despite all the ins and outs and comings and goings. I left him to it and returned to Beth. I sat taksim bdsm escort on the edge of the sofa and smiled at her.

“That was fun,” I said. She looked at me, then pulled the ear pieces out of her ears and put the ipod on the coffee table. As she moved her legs opened and closed, and I was interested in watching her pussy move as she did so. It was an impressive pussy, very pretty, very compact, very well-tended, and despite the action it had only recently been engaged in, it was a calm pussy, not swollen or red or wet at all. Beth saw me looking at her and opened her legs wide.

“You like?” she said.

“Academic interest only, sis,” I said. “You have a lovely cunt.”

Beth smiled. “I know, bro. You have a lovely cock. I suppose we can thank Mum and Dad for that?”

“Have you ever seen Mum or Dad’s…no, I’m not going to ask that!” I grimaced.

“Don’t be mean,” said Bethany. “I’m sure they are both…exceptional. Look at us!”

She smiled then became serious.

“I think it’s time you fucked me, little brother. We’ve done just about everything else.”

I nodded. I fetched the camera and took a few photos, then sat down on the sofa again. Beth sat up.

“How shall we do it?” she asked.

“Well, darling…” It was Lou, who appeared stark naked with a plastic duck tied with a ribbon to his still erect cock. “I suggest you flip over onto your tummy, lift your beautiful hips and open your legs, I can lube you up, and brother here just has to slip in and Bob’s your uncle.”

Beth looked at me. “That’s not very…romantic,” she said.

“Romantic?” said Lou. “What, you want to make love with your brother?”

Beth reached out her hand and grasped mine. She gave it a squeeze.

“Yes,” she said. “Don’t you?”

There I was again, between Beth’s rock and a hard place. Remind me never to play chess with her. I could hardly say no, and yet Lou’s suggestion was all I really wanted. It would serve the purpose.

But I needn’t have worried. Beth, the pregnant pause hater, came to my rescue again.

“I know,” she said. “I know exactly what I want.” And, check mate, we did exactly what she wanted.

Beth disappeared into her bedroom, then reappeared wearing a delightful summer dress, the type that turns eyes in the high street. It was very short and was blue with tiny white flowers on it. She walked into the living room and casually strolled to where I was sitting. I, by this time, was wearing Lou’s leather jeans, which, I am proud to say, were a little big on me. Lou was sitting at the dining room table, a mere spectator.

When she got to where I was sitting, she turned so her back was facing me, she raised her arms and dropped something from her hand. It was a thin material which floated to the floor.

“Oh dear,” she said. “How clumsy of me!” And she bent down to pick it up, bending at her waist. As she bent, her dress rode up and I was faced with the beautiful sight of Beth’s bottom clad in a pair of black lacy knickers. They covered her bottom but as she bent they pulled into the crack between her cheeks.

“Lovely,” said Lou.

“Shh,” said Beth. “You’re not in this so be quiet!” Lou put his hand over his mouth. I could see that his cock was alive and throbbing. Mine was starting to respond. Bethany’s bottom really was a sight to see.

“I really am a naughty girl, aren’t I?” she said, standing up. I could hear a muffled sigh coming from Lou as Beth’s bottom disappeared under her dress. She turned to face me.

“Kind sir,” she said. Lou made a spluttering noise, but Bethany ignored him. “It is unacceptable that I should be so bad and naughty and irresponsible and go dropping litter all over the place. What do you think should be done about it?” That was my cue.

“Madam,” I said. “You need to be punished. Severely punished.”

“Agreed,” said Bethany. “Severely punished. But who is to punish me?”

Before I spoke I could hear Lou whisper ‘pick me pick me’ but luckily Beth didn’t hear.

“I am the man for the job,” I said, grinning.

“Very well,” said Beth. “You it is. And what punishment do you think I deserve, kind sir?” Beth was looking me hard in the eyes. I could tell she was actually getting excited by this game. What was it? Was it the word punishment? Was there something I didn’t know about my sister? There was no time to find out, I only had half an hour to be on my way to sister number three. But I couldn’t play anymore.

“Beth,” I said quietly, “I’m going to blindfold you, I’m going to take you to the dining table, I’m going to tie you to it, I’m going to spank you, then I’m going to fuck your ass, long and deep and hard.” All the while she was looking me in the eyes. Her lovely eyes were twinkling. Her breathing was getting faster too.

“Please, Dan,” she said, and she leaned forward and kissed me. “Do all that.” And I did.

First the blindfold. The thing Bethany had dropped was in actual fact a thin scarf, which I used to tie round her head as a blindfold. Once she had sworn that she couldn’t see anything I lead her to the table and pushed her down on it face first, quite roughly. She moaned. I pulled her hands to the far corners, and then kicked her feet apart so they were level with the table legs. As if by miracle Lou appeared by my side holding four more scarves, heavier ones this time, and longer.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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